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    1. Meeting Dale at Disney World, Flying a Huge Kite, and Getting Lost in the Hotel

      by , 09-12-2017 at 04:03 PM
      08/06/2017 -- Can barely remember earlier bits of this, though they involve a game or app on my phone and driving back and forth between two retention pond areas on a freeway (probably I-4 near downtown) where the app guides me down onto small islands in the retention pond, followed by being on the grounds of a high school style track meet where I am dodging the racers and trying to avoid bullying jocks. But details are not clear, and things soon change.

      Meeting Dale at Disney World. I am kind of tired and worn down. I'm not sure where I am staying, and I am not sure but I may have even missed his trip, though I hope not. He seems to be staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge or something like that, and as I am trying to find his room, the numbers are doing their usual changing around, making things more difficult. But about that time, Dale calls out to me and leads me over to his rooms. It seems he has booked another large suite with several rooms, though there seem to be other people we don't know interspersed in some rooms in between the ones we're in. It's still a little odd.

      So we're talking and visiting, and I find his mother is along on this trip as well, and getting ready for a final trip out to one of the parks or something with Dale. I;m too tired, and not up to going out, so he and his mother head out, mentioning on the way that Kevin is still in bed. So he's his usual under the weather, just sleeping and going o the bathroom, and I've got a headache and a lot of stress, and just hope KEvin will stay out of the way so I can take a nap. I wander into one of the overly air conditioned rooms, hoping to be able to find a spot in the sun to lay down on the floor and take a nap.

      I find my spot in the sun, but for some reason there is no heat. Though we are several floors up, out our back door (one of those glass French doors) is a full meadow on our level (and how they do this for every floor is a puzzle lightly in the back of my mind even during the dream.) I still have a headache, and want to nap. I am also still feeling worried and confused, and am praying for guidance and closeness with the Lord, and having to fasten the door shut with one of those gate-style pieces of metal that you drop into a hole in the ground. The problem is that this doesn't provide a good seal, so the cool air is blowing in, while also meaning anyone who was walking along could open it again.

      And of course, this is when Kevin walks in, loud and boisterous, when I just want to take a nap. I try to explain this, but he just can't stop talking, and after a few minutes I get up and stagger from the room, heading away from him and into one of the other rooms to try to get some sleep. But Dale and Betty are just making it back, and Dale is flying a large Chinese kite of some sort that was used in a recent (in the dream) Disney movie. This thing is like a silk banner, perhaps four feet wide and something like 20 feet long with a dragon screened onto it. He is pulling the thing along as it flaps in the breeze, while making puffing sorts of sound effects and humming a song from the movie that sounds vaguly like Toot, Whistle, Plunk, Boom. And in the process, his 'kite' is drifting over and covering one of the front desk people.

      So I'm back outside the hotel, trying to find the room again (which is now on the second floor), and I know the room number I am looking for, but halfway down the hall the numbers change drastically, like I'm on another floor entirely or something. I have to turn around and head back down the hall, now looking on the other side, because obviously further down the way I was going is completely wrong. I find the rooms, but there are even more outsiders in between the two or three rooms of the suite that are ours, and I am worried about both where we are going (I am now homeless) and how long the airline flight is going to be (I'm worried about my blood pressure and flying), and even how much stuff I have in the hotel room and how much time it may take to pack it all up.

      Next thing you know, someone is playing with a long (two segments, each about 6 to 8 feet long that are somehow fitted together) whip-like thing, it may be Kevin. Anyway, he drops the thing when he gets a slight CRACK out of it. I know that is what is supposed to happen, so I grab the thing and start swigning it, but I don't really know how to use one, so first I knock over a small vase or something. Then there is a huge (but friendly) creature that wanders around the place that is a cross between a large gorilla and one of the slow moving dungeon monsters from Runescape that you can ignore in the dungeons because they don't attack or anything, and I catch it with the whip, though I manage to not hurt it in the process. This is good, because even with a placid nature, if I'd hurt it, it could have really hurt me back, quite easily. Then with another swing, I manage to knock a huge, but fragile statue of the same beast off it's pedestal, and I finally realize I am dangerous with the darn whip, and unscrew the two parts and give them to Kevin to pack up.

      So I am now gathering my stuff together, and just wandering around, and come across a small young lady who quite reminds me of Allison from the Adventurers Club, and she makes some kind of comment that seems to be an AC pucnh-line, as well, which has me trying to respoind in kind, just to try and figure out if she is from there, and if I know her ... because whereever we are now, we seem to be some distance from Florida. Anyway, she turns out not to be from the AC, but still is some kind of actor, and for some pleasant reason wants to be my friend, so by the end of the dream, I'm walking with her and smiling.
    2. Shootout in New York City

      by , 09-12-2017 at 02:54 PM
      07-28-2017 -- Starts slowly. Driving around Orlando, trying to figure out how to get certain places. Taking what is probably to 408 to it's end over by UCF, but calling it one of the odd-numbered toll roads like the 417 or 429. Eventually somewhere more over near downtown, wandering around with Dale, and perhaps KPSB or Nick W. Maybe. Anyway, there is somebody that is somewhat punk-ish, but I still think or still hope is OK, and Dale ends up painting their picture, and does a remarkably decent job at it, so they don't destroy it or tear it up, but let him continue. Meanwhile, a cat gets its head stuck under a rock, and four or five other cats and kittens help to move the rock enough to free it and save it. Cool.

      Meanwhile, there are a couple of girls, seemingly somewhat homeless or something, possibly with several kinds of various ages that they are trying to care for, and I am helping them put some groceries in a fridge, while a couple of older ladies come by who seem to be trying to help them out a bit. They seem to be trying to provide significant help, because they have bought 5 or 6 prepaid trac-phones for the girls to use, which seems like a fairly good investment for a couple of girls who they've just run into on the streets. Problem is, the girls seem to be involved with the punk and his friends, who are also punks, and who no longer have anything to do with people I know.

      The punks are seeming to get more threatening, and because I dare even talk to the girls, are starting to push me around slightly and act like they may be starting to steal some of my stuff. Anyway, things move on a bit, and I have hiked through the downtown area for a distance, until I run into several of the girls and kids again, near the hospital, where they seem to be trying to get some help, trying to sign up for benefits or something, while seeking minor medical aid. A bunch of us are sitting in the area, and being called on one at a time to speak forth our relationship, and I end up calling out something like concerned bystander, and am trying to help out by explaining the ladies who helped them out with the prepaid phones in the hopes that it will help them get benefits. But the guy in charge is explaining how the biggest need is for a stable address where they can get mail which is not owned by the council. (Yes, my dream is starting to sound British here.)

      Eventually I leave the hospital, and head back to the area where I started in, and am starting to gather up my things, but a couple of the punks are coming back and becoming a problem again. I try to get rid of them, both by sending them off to the hospital, and by warning them that the girls are my friends, and they will be mad at them if they pick on me, but they continue lightly shoving me, and making grabs for some of my stuff. By this point, I've packed all my stuff up, and am wearing two large backpacks (one of them a European-style hiking pack) and pulling two large suitcases, and am simply trying to get away. I've got my Corolla parked around the corner, but they have at least one motorcycle, so I don't want to lead them to it, but want to lose them, first, then get in the car and drive away.

      There are a couple of uniformed cops standing around, and I am considering going to them for help, but I decide against it for now, and move a block over and head down the road a bit. At one point I put a little distance between myself and the guy following me, but then a lady gets knocked to the ground by the crowd and he helps her back up, and says something about being an Uber driver. I ask him about it a few minutes later, and he admits he is not, and says he just said that because I was an Uber driver. Odd stuff.

      We wander through a flea market-like area where I am glancing at some used books, but it is getting late and the place is shutting down and locking up, so we have to reverse directions and get out of there, which leads back to walking back the way we came, near where all this started. The one punk is still keeping an eye on me for all the other punks, and I am getting desperate enough to consider approaching the cops to ask for help. If they can distract and hold off the punks for a few minutes, I might be able to get my car and drive away. The problem is, though the cops have not stopped us from walking back into the area (strangely), they are in the middle of blocking everything off, and are holding machine guns in their hands at the ready.

      I realize that something is going down, and glancing up, see another machine gun sticking out a window, but notice it is a cop holding it. Things are obviously getting very tense, and suddenly something seems to break, and more and more shots start ringing out. Cops are firing up into the buildings towering around us (this is starting to look far less Orlando, and far more NYC) and people are firing down from the buildings into the cops. I see a couple of cops shot, and collapsing to the ground, bleeding heavily. There is a seemingly homeless woman who is calling out, demanding to give her back her gun, as she could use it better than the person who currently has is, and it seems she may be under cover, but she's shot down. By this time, several of us innocent bystanders are cowering on the grounds. I am actually underneath my backpacks and suitcases, which probably makes me a fair bit safer.

      More people are being shot, and several of us are just huddling here, but several others are grabbing us, and pulling us under and inside some of the buildings, hoping to get us out of range of the shooters. Some of the people have been shot, and are bleeding as they are being pulled along, but the ones pulling are hoping they are only minorly injured. Others, like myself, are unharmed, but either in shock or playing dead, and just being pulled along. Big sections on buildings are swinging up or down on large hydraulic systems, opening or closing access to large areas, and we are worried because we don't know what is happening.

      One lady (older than the teen girls looking for help, but seemingly younger than the middle aged ladies who were helping) who seems to be in her late 30s or early 40s sees me being dragged along there, and seems to be worried about me, and she is kind of cute, so I am considering getting up and speaking to her, but that's about when I woke up.
    3. Freeway Problems and the Lauderdale Accident

      by , 11-13-2013 at 07:53 PM
      11-10-2013 -- Driving in an area that is a cross between Downtown Orlando and I-5 in California. It is one of the dreams in the busy freeways / construction zones category that I often have. I was heading north for a few minutes, approaching Downtown Orlando, then turned around and found myself heading South, just to find I was on I-5, approaching the Anaheim Plaza exit. There is a train track running parallel to the freeway, and I am somehow pointing out places where the tracks would switch, and theorizing on how the switchings would affect freeway traffic. (Since they are parallel, but unconnected, in real life it would have no effect, but this is a dream, after all.)

      I wave to a cop on the freeway shoulder who is a friend, and am listening to Z88.3 on the radio. Soon I continue on the road, and I-5 has turned back into I-4, and then (as I am still heading south and I-4 runs more east/west) find myself on the Turnpike, instead. I am heading far south, though I am not sure if I am doing mystery shopping or delivery work. Soon I find myself down at an automotive shop next to a gas station around Fort Lauderdale or so. I am puttering around this seemingly abandoned shop, and come across a bag of some kind of chemical that is used in repairing cars, and since it just seems to be sitting there, I stick it in my backpack.

      I wander around a little bit, and find myself on a slight hill, looking at a short (about four feet tall) fence separating me from a gas station with another auto shop as a part of it. It is a station where I have often been in dreams before, and I have also had work done there before on my scooter. I try to climb over the short fence, though my knee is giving me troubles, and I also get a little too close to a kid in a red baseball cap, which seems to make the adults in the area (his parents?) a little nervous. But I ignore them and move on. As I approach the gas station, I find out that they are working on my scooter once again, and are warning me that they probably won't have it ready until tomorrow. I have no money, and no other transportation, and I'm thinking to myself that I guess I will be spending the night sleeping in their parking lot. The guy then tells me "And you can't stay here!" Darn! But on the other hand, my car (yes, it is now a car) is ready.

      I guess I am half driving it to the payment counter, and half making a delivery, because I pull up to a spot that is not a parking space (like the diagonal white lines that aren't a parking space, but mark off extra space next to a handicapped spot) because I am only going to be here for a moment, either making the payment, or making a delivery, but the guy goes nuts, and tells me I am not going to park there, even for a moment, and he doesn't like my attitude, and they probably won't use our services any more because of this! He's really mad, and it is ridiculous overkill. For some reason, Graham Murphy is standing there, and is agreeing with him, and I'm figuring I guess Graham isn't really a friend.

      I say I will move the car, and am walking toward it, but the guy won't allow me to. He is now searching through my backpack, and finds the bag of chemicals, and claims it is his, and is now after me for stealing, as well. Graham, meanwhile, has taken my car keys, and is moving my car, himself. I call out to him and tell him that he doesn't have my permission to do so, and he just took my keys, so it could be considered grand theft auto. Not going to have him charged, of course, I'm just saying .... Finally, I have had enough, so I push past the guy and make my way to my vehicle, which now seems to be a cross between an ice cream truck and a Mears handicap van. Graham is sitting in it, I guess I am driving him back to Orlando. The kid in the baseball cap is also here, and is asking me for a ride to where he is going, which is a bit north, probably around the West Palm Beach area. Graham explains he isn't really against me, he was agreeing with the jerk because he didn't want an argument, and was just trying to get us out of there quicker. How do I get into these things?

      So I am heading north on the Turnpike, until I suddenly find myself driving in a mall parking lot, wondering how the heck I got here, and why I am here ... I should still be on the Turnpike until West Palm Beach. I drive to the edge of the parking lot and turn on to the street. I am approaching the light, and right on the other side of the light is the entrance to the Turnpike. Problem is, the light turns red. I put on the brakes, but they are kind of soft, and I come much closer to the car stopped right in front of me than I would like ... on the other hand, I do manage to stop on time, so it's all good. Problem is, the car that is in the next lane over. It is also trying to stop, and going too fast, and in trying to stop, it clips the car in front of me, and sends it into a spin, and while it is spinning, it hits me. Graham gives out a curse, angry about more delays. So we have a three car fender bender, that was in no way my fault.

      I get out of the van, and am getting out my digital camera to snap some pictures of what happened, but Graham immediately begins to drive the van through the intersection and out of traffic. What was the entrance to the Turnpike is now a small, out-of-the-way cul de sac. Now understand, I planned to move us out of the way, but wanted to get a few pictures, first, to help make it clearer what had happened. So now the three damaged cars are all sitting in this little cul de sac, and I am taking pictures while waiting for the cops to show up. Another guy tells me not to bother, because he is taking video footage of the whole thing, but I still plan on taking my own pictures. One of the cars contained a lady and a kid, and they are leaning against their car (I think the one that got clipped) and there is an elderly couple who were in the car that started the whole thing.

      I glance back at the intersection, and find that there has been another accident, and this one is really bad. There are some severely mangled vehicles, and I can see them stuffing bodies in body bags as cops direct traffic, and fire trucks and ambulances drive off. I tell the people around me that it may be a while before the cops can get to us, but remind them at least none of us got hurt. Meanwhile, the side of my van shows an advertisement for coffee machines and supplies, and there is a lady standing there that wants me to come in to her place of work an install a coffee machine right now. I'm wondering about a company that does both courier work and coffee services in the same truck, and trying to explain I am not a part of the coffee side of the business.
    4. Runescape, Security, Redneck Cooking, and the Locker Room

      by , 11-16-2012 at 07:29 PM
      11-15-2012 -- Started out with a very long, very repetitive Runescape bit, one of those scenes that seems to go on forever, and makes you wish you were awake? Something about picking a berry off a lergberry bush, and refilling an ectovial, then waiting five minutes for a game tick and doing it again ... and again, and again, and again ... very boring. There is also a tiny hint of a toll booth, though nothing too detailed.

      Eventually things change, and it somehow feels like I have been doing this as part of a security shift, somewhere up in Maitland in the Lake Destiny area. Somehow I am walking away from the post to try and catch the 42 bus line (from Buena Park) but while I am between bus stops, I miss both the East and Westbound 42s. Darn it.

      I think about doubling back, but eventually continue west like I was walking. Eventually I find myself in the area around Apopka where Edgewater changes its name and actually goes under Orange Blossom Trail, by where the OPC plant is. I'm getting tired and out of breath, but I eventually reach a small no-name convenience store that is closer to Orange or OBT in my home area (this area isn't very close to reality, but I dream about it a lot.)

      I want to buy a powerball ticket with powerplay, and am trying to pull out three dollars, but I have these huge rolls of bills in my pocket, and it is hard to get what I want off them. With big wads of bills, you might think I'm rich, but they're all ones with maybe a single five, so they are probably just tips for making balloons. Anyway, I manage to peal off three ones for the guy in the store, and for some reason he gives me a bunch of quarters. Turns out he doesn't sell lotto tickets, but he hopes I'll be just as happy to play his slot machines. But that's not what I want, so I leave the store in disgust.

      I think I am now in a somewhat run-down area in Apopka, walking around a small warehouse-like building, where I am being annoyed by a couple of teen punks who seem to be kind of redneck. They are badgering me, asking me if I want them to pea in my soda or something. Uh ... no! Somehow I find myself talking to my mom about the security shift I just worked, then I walk around a corner and find myself in front of a house where there is a small black pick-up.

      I end up talking to a combination of Ron D. (a past roommate), and Randy, one of my current roommates. I'm hungry, he's hungry, and I manage to talk him into going out to eat, but he's also extremely tired, so I have to drive. We climb into his pick-up, and all the time he is talking about all these strange, fancy redneck foods he wants to eat. Stuff like possum roadkill in a balsamic vinaigrette reduction with a nice bowl of free-range cow-pie stew or the likes. [Can't remember any of the exact food items, but it felt very like the Capital Steps bit on Scottish Cooking.] Very insane, very funny.

      I have some problems driving his truck, and the clutch doesn't seem to want to work all that well, but it isn't too bad. Soon we find ourselves driving up Wymore in Altamonte, getting close to Altamonte Blvd, when we find a redneck bar that he likes. Somehow we are driving the truck inside the restaurant, but there are no parking spots inside. I have to open a small door in the north end of the building and drive out to find a parking spot, though as I exit I am suddenly on the south side of the building.

      As I walk back in, there's a young redneck kid who is playing some sort of game that involves him trying to slap me without me being able to slap him back. Very weird. I find Ron, and we go from just getting ready to order, to suddenly having just finished our meal, and trying to get our check. I'm heading back to the south to get the truck, and as I dodge around a male and female server, they turn into a doctor and nurse, and I find myself in a hospital somewhere.

      I need to use a restroom, so I try and enter a restroom / locker room combination, but the door is locked. It is locked, but somehow I can open it, anyway, and I step into the locker room. One of the lockers in the corner is rocking slightly, and moaning, and I realize a couple of the hospital staff are having some improper fun that they don't want to be caught at, which is why they locked the door. How they are both fitting into a locker and finding the room to do what they are doing, I don't have a clue.

      Anyway, they figure they are alone because of the locked door, and they start to open the locker and come out of it. I just take a seat on a bench and kind of stare at them, waiting to embarrass them when they spot me. But they only have eyes for each other. So they make it out of the locker and just keep going at it until I make some sort of comment (something along the lines of 'very nice' or something), then they turn red with embarrassment.

      I walk up to my own locker and start trying to remember my combination. I manage to remember 5, and 10, but what was the last number? Oh well ... I just start turning it back the other way and listen for the slight click, and then pull it right open, before I wake up.