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    1. Adopted While at Disneyland

      by , 09-16-2017 at 04:56 PM
      09-03-2017 -- Pat and I are in a house somewhere, in two separate rooms, but both trying to play the same computer game. Problem is, neither of us can manage to log in. Both keep entering what we think is the correct password and both keep bouncing. (When the wrong password is entered, the program just quits, so we have to relaunch.) Eventually I check carefully on the password and it seems to be something like 'play and spell' when we've been typing 'play and sleep', almost the same letters, but a different order. So we finally get it right, and are both able to play.

      So about this time it is turning into the usual Runescape-based game that I am frequently playing in my dreams that includes running around to farm patches hidden away in the distant back of the game world in an area with a bit of a Morytania vibe, trying to find the nearly hidden herb patches that I need to pick, or at least tap. At the same time (also as usual for these dreams) it is becoming more and more live action, living the game, rather than just playing on a computer screen, and finally the location is starting to change to Disneyland. Strange but fun.

      So soon I am running around Disneyland, planting seeds, picking herbs, and running around some of the restaurants at the same time. At some point I find myself getting quite hungry, and find myself on the outskirts of River Belle Terrace, talking about being hungry, and remembering the Mickey Mouse Waffles from the past. [I thought this was just a dream item, since I only knew about the Mickey Mouse pancakes, but a quick google search turns up the info that the waffles are real, too.] Anyway, there is an employee at the restaurant who seems to be a version of Greg S., even if I don't remember him all that well after all this time, who, even though I do not have enough money, decides to sell me a waffle for what I do have, so I am enjoying it.

      But somehow something has come up where a family I know from around the parks has decided to adopt me and take me home with them. This is a strange thing, even in the dream, and there is a daughter in the family who may be somewhat upset with this, either because she does like me, or because she doesn't. I am unsure which. So at this point the dream is half taking place in Disneyland, and half in these peoples' home. They kind of look somewhat like the Bests, but they aren't. Their appearance is just very similar. I wake up in the master bedroom, between the two parents (nothing is going on, that's just where they seem to have had me sleep the first night) and move on to the breakfast table.

      Just waiting for the daughter to get home and find me there to see how she reacts, and she is surprised, but doesn't seem to care. There is a son who largely reminds me of Bynner, who is not allowed to eat Chex cereal because it disagrees with him. The grandma is there, keeping an eye on everything. He knows he isn't allowed to eat the Chex, but he still kind of bites on the box and inhales to suck up just a couple of the cereal pieces and eat them. The grandma is horrified at the poor manners of this, but I find it hilarious, and do the same thing. In a way, there is a sort of a vampire vibe to it. We're laughing uproariously, while the grandma lectures us on manners and proper deportment.

      The next thing I know, I find the family has gone for a walk through the neighborhood, and I am trying to catch up with them. There may be dogs involved in the walk, itself, or there may be dogs at the neighbor's house they end up visiting at ... I can't quite remember. I am surprised to discover the neighbors are the Bests (which is why I know my family looks somewhat like them, but aren't them), and they are very surprised to find that 'my' family has adopted me. Odd stuff.
    2. Taking Mom or Pat on my Motor Scooter, Eventually Traveling at Disneyland

      by , 09-12-2017 at 04:17 PM
      08-19-2017 -- What I can remember, lightly, since I should still be asleep. Driving somewhere with mom or Pat (thing it starts as mom, changes to Pat) perhaps grocery shopping. Stop for a quick stop at a Denny's (with what may be an Uber passenger) because I need to go to the bathroom. Usual mess in the restroom. Group of punks went in right before me, part of toilet missing, but the parts that are there are clean, so I have to half crouch above the bowl, but it actually works halfway decently. Someone gets around the lock somehow and enters the cubical with me. I kind of expect trouble, and end up chasing some dirty looking woman out, but she may not have actually meant harm.

      Eventually get back to the car, worried it might have been towed because I took longer than expected, and drive home to the Hickory house, where I have to avoid a bike or motorcycle in the driveway. Am kind of asking whose it is, then realize it must be Melody's boyfriend. Mom agrees. Playing with a cat, then a whole bunch of cats. Nice kitties who want and get lots of petting. Soon time to head out for a second trip, perhaps to the grocery store or something. But somehow I get distracted, and am now back from the second trip and getting ready for a third trip. Or maybe not. It's all kind of fragmented.

      Eventually leaving the property again, now on my old scooter, with Pat on the back of it, going down a couple of steps slowly, which jostles her a bit, but I'm at least trying to avoid it. Driving down a long, gravel driveway like Grandma and Grandpa's older place in Washington, when there are a bunch of other people around, following us, and commenting on it. Scooter starts up whisper-quiet compared to a real motorcycle, and someone is commenting on it, while I am just trying to avoid having the cycle spill in the gravel.

      Go down through a couple of small hills and some sand, turn a corner, and find the way half-blocked by street construction. One guy goes around a crane, but then another hauls away the board I was supposed to drive across, and I have to call out. It eventually swings back, and I perch the cycle on the swinging board, trying to keep my balance until it swings over another board which returns to the main road, and I drop a couple of feet and end up with the back of my cycle in some water, but manage to get out of it, and people are chuckling and joking about it, but all seems to be fine.

      Somehow we're now at the entrance to a sort of shopping mall, and Tim Goodwin was one of the people with us, and he branches off to get ready to do his current work (which seems to be retail) at the mall, while Pat and I continue on. No idea where we are going to this time, and for a while Pat disappeared, but we now seem to be in Disneyland at the Rivers of America, because even though it is the middle of the night, we seem to be climbing onto the top of one of the Keel Boats, and quite near us the Columbia is sailing around, with an attractive blonde who looks a little like Anne (but isn't) wearing a cross between and Indian garment and either a Sea Singer or a Tetsu ports outfit, while practicing a song and dance. I point out the costume to Pat, while wondering about a connection between Runescape and Disney, then get out a camera and snap a picture of the beauty, who is a little shy, but doesn't seem to mind too much.

      As we are pulling away from the dock, I catch a glimpse of some animal trying to jump aboard and look down to see a cougar or bobcat down on the dock, jumping at the top deck and just barely missing. I comment on it, and Pat doubts it until she sees it herself, then is a little worried, but the cat just barely misses again, Meanwhile, a small dog jumps on board the lowest deck without problem, and runs up to the top deck (of what is now a half Keel Boat, half Paddle Wheeler. Meanwhile, we see the Mark Twain in the distance, and they are singing sea shanties on it (more of a Columbia thing to do, but it's a dream, lump it), and Pat leans out to take a picture of it, while the person in uniform on the other boat makes some sort of comment and pulls out his own camera, and soon leans out over our boat to hand Pat a Polaroid of him taking a picture of her taking a picture. Nice bit of show there! Fun if weird, combination of stuff.
    3. Runescape Farming (and Other Games) Turns to Flying thru a Balloon Convention, Flash Flood in P-Lot

      by , 06-27-2017 at 11:40 AM
      06-17-2017 -- No idea where I am or what is really going on. This dream was earlier in the night, and I have had more time to forget it, and it made less actual sense, anyway. Somehow I am standing in front of a sort of farm plot that looks like a Runescape allotment patch, and I am sort of planting plants or pulling them up or something, except I think I am mystery shopping (or at least laying out my route for mystery shopping, which makes no sense. Doubly so, since I am stopping at every fourth plant, like I am laying out a tram line on Locomotion. Just very strange.

      As I'm working on this, a friend walks up to me (it's probably Nick Vasile), asking me questions about electronics bits and things, and I am carrying a bunch of stuff with me. I have a computer, keyboard, drive, monitor, the whole line-up in my arms, and I also have a large white something (book? Drawing pad?) that I have found or purchased or whatever. The location stays largely the same (the farming patch is just there) even though the focus of the dream is changing, and I find that I am at a balloon convention or possibly a clown convention (I only see balloons, no other clown 'arts' being shown or talked about, but some people are wandering in clown makeup.)

      The large white thing is now something clown-related, but still I have no clue what, and I am being warned by a couple of friends that the person who is in charge of the whole thing is somebody that doesn't like me. So I end up wandering off and just leaving my stuff sitting there, as I wander through a lot of the building, seeing a few people twisting balloons, and a couple of people giving lectures, and just wandering around a bit.

      I spot the guy who is in charge (he looks like a thinner, younger Ronald Cross [who is/was probably a perfectly nice guy ... I don't know because I never had a conversation with him ... but something about his face always looked unhappy, in or out of clown make-up] and manage to avoid him, but it is getting more and more crowded, and to have more room, I start kind of jumping up on walls and things, and kind of flying around the place, maybe about fifteen feet in the air. Soon I'm being confronted by the guy who is in charge, and he is infuriated that I am flying around the place, because only he is allowed to fly around here! Since I am a far better flyer than the hypocrite, I decide to just ignore him, fly higher, until I am up in the ceiling, and he's struggling to follow me, and then just fly back to my stuff and leave.

      So I make it back out of the building to the farm patch (which is finally not a farm patch, but a bunch of dealer tables set up outside) and am trying to gather my stuff back up together and stick it in a large backpack, and I turn out to be just in time, because a couple of people are poking through my stuff, thinking it is stuff being sold by the dealers, and I kind of have to pull it from their hands and explain "Um ... that's already mine, sorry." I'm trying to get my stuff together quickly enough to get out of there before the guy who doesn't like me can catch up, but Nick's computer has had a system crash, and he needs my help to copy over part of the system from my computer to repair his. Problem is, we may not even be using the same brand of operating system, which is just making things more troublesome.

      Add to that, we're outside, and it has just begun to storm, with fairly heavy rain and lots of lightning starting to flash. I'm trying to pull the computer stuff under a small awning, and thinking it really is time to get out of here, when the punk leader shows up and starts making threats (yet is worried about the lightning, even as he tries to make light of the danger), when we are interrupted by somebody reporting the storm is causing mass flash flooding that is on it's way, and he points at a small hill a short distance away where I parked my car when I arrived this morning, and mentions anyone who is parked over there better get their cars moved before the flood waters arrive.

      So I grab all my stuff best as I can, and start to fly over there, looking for my car as waters begin flowing into the area. You would think the hill, being higher ground, would be safe, but no such thing. The car park that was a flat collection of marked spaces this morning has turned into a multi-floor parking structure with all but the very top level being inside the hill, underground. Secondly, there are a tremendous number of cars, and like in another recent dream -here-, to fit them all in and save space, they've kind of been shrunk down. The waters are pouring in, the structure is being destroyed, and actually the whole scene looks a lot like that other dream, except this time we aren't in any danger, just our cars are being ruined.

      So as I fly through this ever-more-flooded mess, looking for my car, the structure is getting deeper and deeper, and each time there is always another level to go down. The water is kind of reversing the shrinking process on the cars, but not properly, so you end up with cars that have returned to their normal size for most of the length of the car, but then perhaps the entire engine compartment will still be six inches deep, six inches tall, and about a foot wide, warping out to a normal-sized car. I'm having no luck finding my car because there are so many gray Toyotas in the world, so I start using my keys to try and beep the car, and each time I do, in the distance I can see a plume of water spray into the air. I approach the spray and finally find my car, in the deepest level of the structure, filled with water (hence the spray) and only half-unshrunk, and I pull it free and start trying to pull out the shrunk portions of the car and kind of shake it back into proper size and form. Weird.
    4. Exploring Haunted Secret Passage House, Cross of HP/DW/BtVS

      by , 06-13-2017 at 07:22 PM
      03-25-2017 -- An ever-morphing cross between HP, BtVS, and DW. A group of us (an odd mixture of regular people, Harry Potter and Buffy characters) are exploring a large old house that I've explored before in many dreams. Sometimes things remain normal, sometimes they get a little strange, but this one got odder than usual. I'm sort of a Xander-like character, just the normal guy that stuff kind of happens to/around.

      The house seems to be morphing into a kind of a cross between Grimmauld Place, the house from the Classic Who episode Ghostlight, and the hotel from the Shining. There is a very evil, corrupting feel to the place, and an odd variety of ... creatures ... are popping out at us, trying to scare us and frighten us, yet over time you almost get the kind of feeling that they are past victims, themselves, now trapped in the place.

      At one point, we're exploring one room, and Tonks steps on an area where the floor is weak, and it collapses under her, dropping her into a room in a lower level of the house. The problem is, it is not only a lower level, but also is somehow located in another time, so while we can see her, and are trying to rescue her, we're having a really hard time reaching her. Thankfully the Doctor (the 10th Doctor) arrives, and manages to bridge the gap, so to speak, and rescues her from the evil cat-girl who was after her. So now we're wandering the halls of the horrible place together.

      The corrupting influence is still there, but now it is kind of muted, and not as strong, and we realize the TARDIS's telepathic circuits are kind of holding the evil influence at bay. Because of this, the Doctor has got it on a sort of old-fashioned looking pallet jack, and is wheeling it around with us. One of our members is being referred to as 'Dog-Boy,' and I can't help but wonder if it might be Xander, with a hint of the Hyena possession coming out, due to the evil spirit of the place.

      Soon we find ourselves in a large room, perhaps a kitchen or a living room, I'm not sure which. One of the beings we're fighting against seems to be a slightly sweet, slightly sassy girl with a sort of a Victorian appearance, who is actually rather cute, and I am sort of falling for her. In the house, only seen under the low lighting of flickering candles, she looks almost completely normal, but then I catch her in direct sunlight pouring in from an uncovered window, and suddenly the makeup on her face shows a completely different image, of a very evil looking clown with razor-sharp, long, demonic teeth.

      Doesn't stop me or change how I feel, though. I look her in the face, and explain I am a sometimes clown, too. She doesn't believe me, and I start explaining about the face I designed for my clown. In real life it was a classic white face appearance, with small purple highlights around the eyes and the lips, but in the dream I was explaining it as a rich, violet purple face with white highlights around the eyes, which would probably look rather frightening, itself.

      I am explaining how I did a lot of work with balloons, while she is playing with a yellow balloon poodle (sans head), when somebody randomly asks "Hey, where's Dog-Boy?" One of the other enemies, a bit of a mean one, just starts laughing, and says he was killed three days ago, and we never even noticed until now. Personally, to me it only feels like we have been here a few hours, so I'm figuring it was much more recent, but it is still a terrible thing, and as he's still laughing like a loon, I decide to take my revenge on him. I grab a pink bee-body (a kind of twisting balloon) and try to inflate it to pop it at him, but my balloon is full of holes, and won't inflate. So I ask the evil clown girl if I can borrow one of her red ones, and she lets me. The problem is, no matter how big I blow the thing up, it just will not pop! I'm getting more and more frustrated with the thing.

      Others are discussing what might have happened to Dog-Boy, and I take the opportunity to spent a little time kissing my evil clown, while also trying to think of a way to save her. Somebody makes an odd mention that kind of indicates that Cat-Girl and Dog-Boy got together for a short time in another time, and had a kid. While others are trying to figure out the logistics of that, I suddenly grasp on an idea of time travel, and saving even the earlier victims of the place, by maybe traveling back in time, saving them and taking them all to another time to safely live out a good life, then bringing them all back to this time for the ending of it all, letting them all have most of a good life.

      I start to search out the Doctor, wanting to explain my plan to him, and find him right outside the front door of Draynor Manor, somehow managing to exit the door that is usually entrance, only, and approach him with my idea, but as I run the idea through my mind, trying to figure out the best way to explain it, I can just picture him, ever-more-clearly, muttering about fixed points in time, and how it can't be done, and by the time I reach him, I just kind of glare at him, reproachfully.

      "What?!?" he demands, at the way I'm looking at him. "Never mind," I mutter, and start to walk away. But he demands to know why I'm looking at him like that, and I explain the whole idea, and as I expect, he starts muttering about fixed points, and impossibilities, and starts to get angry at me, and accuses me of either being possessed by the evil spirit, or perhaps not even being myself at all, but a replacement that has been foisted on us, and I just re-enter the manor, to see what little I can do for the poor past victims.

      As I get back to the kitchen or wherever it is that most of us are now at, a strange cross between Rory and Angel is in the process of hanging a huge pack of firecrackers on the wall of the place, while an equally odd cross of Amy and Buffy is wielding a crossbow and trying to shoot the firecrackers to light the fuse. The idea is to set them all off, which will start a large fire on the wall, which will quickly spread to the entire evil house, burning it to the ground, and destroying all the evil victims within it. I am trying to block the shot, keep it from happening, and figure another way out of things, but I'm just not having any luck.

      Just before they manage to send the place up like a roman candle, an earlier version of the 10th Doctor bursts through the back wall, accompanied by Rose and Jack, all three carrying big, shiny, advanced sci-fi weapons, as the Doctor confronts the smallest, meekest, shyest member of our party, and exposes -them- as the one who has been replaces and is working against us (instead of me, as he accused earlier) and says he managed to take my plan and make it work, so now everybody has managed to be saved. Which is when I woke up.
    5. Living Video Game Turns into Adventurers Club, and Joining Army

      by , 10-07-2015 at 10:19 AM
      10-02-15 -- This one was all over the place, and there were probably a few scenes back even further than I can remember here, but we have what we have. The first thing I can remember with any clarity, I am staying in a house with roommates, and it is probably Rosemary's. I can remember vague impressions of David, and somehow Shannon has been doing something to get himself in trouble, so he's kind of been locked in a side room or something for a while. Meanwhile, I am wandering the house looking for some kind of food, but can remember nothing of what kind.

      Anyway, I soon find myself watching some of the others go off running around the track at Savanna, and Shannon is trying to bug me to do so, as well. I explain I am not a runner, and there is no way I am going to join him. Meanwhile, the first of several girls dressed in a uniform that reminds me of Beauxbatons (but isn't) comes along, and is asking me to do something or support something, though I can't quite remember what. I'm not interested. A second asks, and a third, and it looks like more are on the way, and I suddenly lose it, and am yelling at her. I explain how, when I am badgered, I lose all interest in EVER helping with something, and liken it to the whole LA Fitness debacle. Everybody is looking at me in shock at how I blow up at this cute young lady.

      Except Shannon. He decides he is going to fight her. Things are shifting to a live-action video game that seems to be a cross between Runescape and Zelda. He is off fighting her in a PvP battle and is doing unexpectedly well against her and all her friends, and seemingly, more and more people after that. He explains that he is dual weilding, but he is not using Excalibur in his left hand as most people do. It seems every fight begins in a new Zelda-style dungeon, and by using Excalibur, you prevent the use of a sort of magic that can identify cursed items. With his being able to identify cursed items, he is able to instantly use a certain potion when he finds it, which allows the discovery of the map of the dungeon level, which makes beating his opponent and getting lots of great drops a breeze.

      So he's bragging about how many others he is beating, and the great loot he is getting. And somehow we're all a team, even though he is the only one that is playing, and we're getting some of the drops, and he is asking each of us to give him one of our good drops, since he is doing all the work. Now this seems very fair to me. The problem is, I haven't gotten any good drops, but just a single mini golf putter, and two balls.

      I decide since that's all I have got, I'll give him one of the golf balls. Problem is, I am in an office and am supposed to file some paperwork to do this, but I can't find the proper forms anywhere, and I think I can't find Julie Davey to help me with them. So I'm going to have to go the less proper way, which seems to involve some sort of runes. I know the symbols that identify me and him, and I use an arrow symbol in between (--->) to indicate 'giving.' Problem is, the golf ball is purple, but I really think it ought to be red, so I drop a sort of dye tablet into a small glass container of what seems to be water, and it bubbles and froths for a bit, and I drop the golf ball in.

      Problem is, either the water wasn't water, or the dye wasn't dye, because it forms a powerful acid, and it all bubbles away until I am left with a few drops of acid, and no golf ball at all. This angers me, so I throw down the glass container. Unfortunately I now find myself standing in my second bedroom in the Hickory house, and the few drops of acid have turned into about a pint or so, and I've just thrown it all over my floor, where it starts to ruin the various books and garbage and such it comes in contact with. Dirt is bubbling up out of the floor to make a slight mound liek an ant hill, and I find it has somehow brought in a bunch of ants, when I'd previously managed to get rid of them. It's quite a mess.

      Somehow with almost no transition I am in an Adventurers Club-type setting, discussing this with Virginia, while Bob is walking with us, and I am worried that she isn't really going to want to talk with me, because of all the Club mess and the friends I'd lost there due to the Gathering debacle and RAH and more, but I am kind of explaining where I stand, and since she is religious and conservative and I am the same, and since she was a teacher, and I support teachers (actually Bob was the teacher in real life) she doesn't actually have a problem with me.

      As we're talking, there is somebody else also starting to interact with us, and it seems to be Steve, the lead from the Monster House television show. He's somehow got me sitting at a desk, filling out the paperwork to sign up for a new Disney annual pass, which is quickly warping into the paperwork to join some form of the military. The problem is, he is guessing at a lot of the information, so is doing things like marking me down as a Democrat, and calling me by the wrong name abbreviation, so I am having to go through and try to correct the mistakes, and hoping that doesn't invalidate the forms.
    6. Runescape and the Call Center

      by , 07-02-2014 at 04:57 AM
      06-30-2014 -- Playing semi-live Runescape like in many recent dreams, and like most of them, doing herb runs and farming in the Port Phasmatys area, and kind of chasing ghosts around in a weird version of penguins, with just a hint of flashbacks to the Frozen RS dream and the Russians / spies RS dream. I seem to be playing right next to Neville Longbottom, and am helping him to try and figure out his part of the game / dream. At one point I knock over my ecto-vial, and am scrambling to get it upright and recapped before enough leaks out that it activates, but I find myself sitting in a cross between a car and a bed, scrambling to get little tiny blue pills (about the size of an eye glasses screw head, which is quite tiny) back in the bottle.

      Soon I find myself kind of being possessed, and I find I am following an almost Maleficent-like witch [no, I haven't seen the movie, or even any trailers for it] through a cave, over a red carpet. I'm trying to break free of her control, and she is trying to get me to the place of the sacrifice before I can. I guess I manage to break free on time, because I soon find myself sitting at a desk, continuing to pick up the tiny blue pills, and I start to find white and pink ones as well. I can't believe how many pills I have managed to drop.

      It turns out I am sitting at my desk in a call center, in front of a 60" (or so) monitor, and Rosemary, my supervisor, comes stalking up to me, angry because I am playing Runescape, and ordering me to stop and get back to work. She stalks off, but I have no intention of stopping. It is a break, or perhaps my lunch, and during those times my time is my own. [in real life, while my time would still be my own, their computer equipment would not be my own.] Still, Rosemary pulling my computer away from me disconnected me from the game. Worse, I have been logging in for weeks using a special in game item or control, an it seems it just expired and disappeared. And now I can't find anything to double-click on to log in! Darn it!

      I'm sitting here grumbling to myself about the situation, as a bunch of new employees are being walked into the office, and one is being sat right behind me. She is vaguely attractive, but has an almost overly-cheery attitude, kind of like Kathy Najimy's character in Sister Act, and is bugging me, saying I ought to listen to 'Miss Rosemary,' and I should be reading a book, or maybe a magazine about gay-lesbian-bi issues or something, and I snap. I snarl at her, and tell her I have probably read some 50k books in my life, far more, I'm sure, than she ever has, that I have no interest in reading any of her liberal clap-trap, and how my break time is my own, and I will do whatever I darn well please with it!
    7. The Adventurers Club and the Shopping Mall

      by , 07-02-2014 at 04:19 AM
      06-24-2014 -- Playing Runescape in the usual Port Phasmatys area, teleporting with the ecto-vial, and farming herbs and other crops, then suddenly find I am driving in what seems like the flower tract (between Dale and Stanton, over by Boisseranc) with an unidentified friend. Seems like a cross between Joe (GK forum), Calvin D. and Benny C. I am sitting in the car, trying to pour a small bit of water out of what seems to be a cross between a neti pot and a remote control, but the water keeps pouring out of the wrong place, and it seems the thing is badly cracked. I'm trying to find some way to fix it, but it is no good, and I am probably going to have to throw it out.

      The other person gets back to the car, and starts to swirl around liquid in a sort of test tube, and I'm like "Does this remind you of anyone?" We both grin and call out "Maddie!" Somehow things smoothly shift to where I am now standing in the Adventurers Club (where I just arrived) and there is a show going on. I am not surprised for a second, but then remember they closed the place down about five years ago. But then I recall a recent article in the paper about them bringing it back, so my surprise fades.

      I come across Bonnie C. talking to some curly-haired woman, and I overhear something about myself and Rob from Muskogee, and I ask "What about Rob from Muskogee?" Bonnie starts to explain that because of some sort of rumors that were flying around the club, Robert thinks I hate him, and may not come around anymore, when of course I actually think he is quite a decent guy. There is a library show starting, and Sheila (as Pam) is waving people into the library. I think I see Tim, Karl, and possibly Graham helping her. There are also some new performers, and they are all dressed in white robes and performing the actual show, and I start to worry that they aren't really bringing back the club, but just using the people and costumes to introduce something new into the same location.

      Bonnie goes into the show, but I stay out in the main salon, and something just doesn't seem right. I wonder if I am dreaming, and try to stretch my fingers, but it doesn't work, and I am almost able to convince myself I am not dreaming when I realize that my fingers are all twisted and I can't straighten them, and that several of them stop after one segment or two. Sure looks like dreaming to me. I try to fly, and manage to slightly hover ... yup ... it's a dream! I wonder if Anne is around? The show has ended, and people are streaming out. I see the red-haired Canadian maid, but no Bonnie. I really want to talk to her about these rumors, and where they seem to come from, but when I check in the library, she isn't there, either. I may have to go looking for her.

      I head out the entrance, and find that it leads out into a large shopping mall, and I see no sign of her anywhere. So I step back into the revolving door and focus on using my dream powers, and as I step out, I force it to put me out near Bonnie. I'm disappointed when I don't see her anywhere, but wait, there she is in the distance, walking this way, but it seems like she sees me, and heads off in another direction. I try to cut her off, but no good. I'm annoyed, but reach into my backpack and pull out my Runescape ecto-vial, and decide to use it to teleport away. However, since I am not playing he game at the moment, I am not going to be able to instantly refill it, so I am trying to pour out maybe about a third of the liquid, so I can use it a couple more times.

      I find myself in a different part of the mall, near an exit, and step outside. I see a police car parked at the curb, with the name of a city police department on it, but I can't remember what the city was. I step back inside, and wonder how the vial decided where to teleport me, considering I wasn't actually in the game, but then I notice a couple of planters with strange, almost flytrap-like plants in them, and wonder if that was why. Interesting.
    8. Fragments: Runescape Coaster Tycoon, James Bond, Doctor Who, Travel in China, and Taking Out Trash

      by , 06-11-2014 at 09:13 PM
      01-26-2014 -- Cool sort of crossover between Runescape and Roller Coaster Tycoon three. I am playing a live action version of Runescape, and I seem to be doing a new quest or diversion that seems to involve another gnome who looks very similar to the sculptor who does the God Statues, but this one is a slightly beatnik looking painter. He is in a building that seems to be built upon the roof of his mobile home camper, and it is sort of odd because I have to fly up to the top of the camper to manage to get in the building, since it doesn't reach to the ground. (Sort of floating building.)

      So I enter into the building, and am looking forward to doing some painting with this gnome for some nice, valuable crafting experience. The thing is, the gnome is very unfriendly, doesn't feel like he needs any help, and is pretty much screaming for me to leave him alone. He more or less tries to chase me from the building and tries to run me off, but I get angry, and as he chases me down the hall I grab a bucket of paint and just kind of toss it at a door and he suddenly stops and is amazed at what I have done, and becomes much more friendly.

      At that point things start to change, and I find I have to paint a large, slate gray roller coaster that I kind of ride in slow motion as I choose what colors to paint various sections of the track. First I throw a large bucket of a light purple paint, which coats the whole thing, sort of a background color that will show through anywhere I don't paint another color. Then I ride along the twisting and turning track, slowly painting alternate sections of the track red and blue.

      There were also other weird bits about having some minor problems breathing, and filling up some strange small glands with a glowing white light that somehow seemed very reminiscent of the 'meteorites' from the Doctor Who episode Spearhead from Space that contained the Nestene Consciousness, and I eventually found myself eating some Oreo birthday cake cream cookies. Yum!


      01-27-2014 -- [First dream of the night while 5-HTP is blocking off REM sleep, very choppy and very little detail, but probably the neatest dream of the night if I could remember it. Sigh.] 007 dream, but I am working with the spy, I am not the spy, myself. Hints of time travel, and some neat chase dream stuff, but most of it I just can't remember. Somehow we are trying to save somebody, possibly Bond's wife, or possibly a Doctor Who companion, but if we manage to save her, it is likely it will mean the death of Prince Charles' Camilla, which means we may have government problems if we do this.


      01-28-2014 -- I find myself doing some foreign travel with an odd composite group that is part Rosemary's family and part Joe and Cindy's family. We are in either China or Japan (not enough to see to tell what is going on), though all the signs are in English, and as we wander around finding food to eat, and interesting things to look at, I am discussing the entire trip with Lexie and Jimmy. Cheryl is not too friendly, but we're traveling the world, so she can't be too upset, either. We're just about to start heading west a bit, and I am planning further site seeing and explorations, especially in Germany and England, and things are sounding nice.

      But as I continue to walk west, I find myself approaching Cinderella Castle, wandering along the parade route, and come to realize I wasn't in China, but probably It's a Small World. Everybody else has disappeared, and I find I am wandering around the Magic Kingdom. (Not sure Disneyland or Disney World, though the castle did look more like Cinderella than Sleeping Beauty.) I wander over to Main Street, hoping to listen to one of the Refreshment Corner pianists, but it turns out the entirety of Main Street is being refurbished, and is closed down, so I start to wander over toward Frontierland or Adventureland, instead, just kind of poking around, and wondering if I will run into any performers I know from the Club doing Streetmosphere.


      02-27-2014 -- [Short one with not much detail.] Find myself at the Hickory house, and though there was probably more going on, all I can really remember was that I was taking out some trash, carrying it back to the alley. I knew that there was recyclables to take out, and was planning to remind my roommate to get some, but then I realized one of the bags I had just taken out sounded like it was filled with aluminum cans, and was quite light, so I may have already taken it out for him, even though it wasn't in the proper recycling container.

      I knew I had a couple of pizza boxes that I wanted to take out of my bedroom, so I went in to get that, but as I shifted through stuff, I kept finding more and more pizza boxes, including two that were actually still full. I sat those aside to eat. Meanwhile, I kept building up a larger and larger stack of pizza boxes, soon maybe 12 to 15, and I was surprised and horrified because I honestly only thought I had three. Then there was a knock on the door, and it was my landlord Rosemary, who just glared at me when she saw the pizza boxes and I tried to apologize. I explained to her that I really thought I had been keeping up with taking them out better.

      [Funny thing is, I really did have to take out the garbage as soon as I woke from this one, and I do have a roommate that I have to remind to take out his recycling. I also did have to take a couple of pizza boxes out, but I swear it was only two, not the 23 or so that Rosemary once caught me taking out, when I had kind of gotten lazy about removing them.]
    9. Dark Elves at the Campfire - a Runescape Quest

      by , 06-11-2014 at 08:54 PM
      01-04-2014 -- [Small scene is all I can remember of the night.] First bit I can remember, I am sitting at what seems like a cross between a sort of campfire and one of the pits you deposit memories in for divination in Runescape. But instead of memories, I seem to be ladling runes out of a sort of pitcher and into the pit. I spill one on the edge of the pit and it kind of looks like the runes look in the game if you drop one. The first part of the dream seems to appear in sort of game graphics, though it is turning more real all the time.

      It is sort of like half a Runescape quest, and half real life. There is a young teen whose parents have been killed by Shadow Elves, and he is stuck in the woods and needs to manage to stay hidden and survive, or they will kill him, too. Half the time I am the teen, the other half I am trying to set things up to save him. I know I have to build a fire, but I have only some full branches and a few pizza crusts. But I find myself fearing the branches won't catch quickly enough, so I decide to use the pizza crusts as kindling. I am weaving the pizza crusts in and out among the branches, hoping they will burn long enough to catch the actual wood on fire and get a good fire going.

      But as I am laying out the wood and crust things are changing. I go from being the one doing it to watching the little kid do it, and it is changing from him using the crusts as kindling, to him trying to use the fire to cook a pizza so he can eat. One Shadow Elf who seems to have turned his back on the evil of the Shadow Elves is deciding to help the kid, and he comes into the camp and adds an entire slice of pizza to the fire, but as it has more weight than just the lone crusts, it causes the pizza to stretch and separate, and a portion of it kind of falls off the rest and slides into the fire.

      There are bugs crawling out of the ground, coming up to try and bite people or maybe steal some pizza. One of them somehow turns into a small dog that is jumping all over the kid, while another gets fought off and squished. Meanwhile I grab a glove and concentrate on it until it turns into a sort of a whip which I use to attack a couple more of the bugs. Very strange stuff.
      Tags: bugs, pizza, runescape
    10. Leveling a Character then Becoming Death and Helping Homeless

      by , 06-11-2014 at 08:41 PM
      01-06-2014 -- Playing a game that seems to be a cross between Runescape and Realmz. Somehow I have just rolled up a new character, and am doing some farming (planting herbs or plants) and fighting in a graveyard that feels like it is in Morytania. I am mostly fighting off small and weak skeletons one or two at a time, and they are not strong enough to be a real danger to me, but I stumble into a fight which has five or six of the skeletons and a thing that looks like one of the grim reaper figures from Gauntlet. My characters are so small and weak at this point that one touch kills us, and we respawn at a little space not too far away. I find myself hoping we go up a level soon so I can choose one of the 'affects all enemies' spells for my magic users to help with battles like the one I just lost.

      Anyway, I do a little more farming and dodging ghosts, and also start to gear up in some of the random armor drops I earned, just to give my character(s) a little more chance to resist, before returning to the graveyard and starting to fight. The individual skeletons are still no danger to me, and this time when I trigger the larger fight, the battle between me and the boss figure is a little less damaging, and throughout a long and dangerous fight I manage to hold my own. Though my hit points get down to almost nothing, I finally manage to kill him off, then start picking up tons of armor and trying to look through it.

      Soon after, I somehow find myself moving along a modern street (probably in Fullerton ... at least that is what it looks like) riding a bike, and seeming to be trying to give Kevin B a ride. But I am getting a weird sense that something is going to be going wrong, and using the excuse that I am tired and need a break, I have stopped in this parking lot and am taking a breather. I don't know exactly what is going to go wrong, or even how I know, but I just have a sense that I need to waste some time. Kevin is urging me on, and I finally express what it is I am feeling, and he doesn't like it, but he allows me to waste a couple of minutes. We are in the parking lot of a place that has an outdoor pool (and probably an indoor pool too) that is probably a YMCA.

      Eventually we continue on, and soon Kevin and I find ourselves at a sort of homeless shelter place, though very quickly Kevin fades out of the dream. Looking around, we find the homeless people who have come here for help are being mistreated, treated almost like slaves, given no food unless they follow evil and offensive orders, and almost none if they do. The rich guys who run the place are taking almost all the money that has been donated and using it for themselves, while spending a couple of pennies on the dollar to take care of the people they are abusing. I am getting madder and madder as I watch this, and decide to do something. I grab the guy who seems to be in charge and throw him out of the trailer, then start handing out three times the food they've been being given to the people waiting for help, hoping to improve things.

      But it doesn't seem to help enough, and I quickly discover the guy I thought was in charge was only an underling. Turns out the real leader is still there, and seems to be pulling a gun and planning to kill me. Seems if I want to take care of this I need to do more than just toss one guy out of a trailer. I decide if I am going to do this, I am going to do it right, and I wave my hand and create a long, dark cloak around me, a scythe appears in my hand, and I turn half-transparent as I stalk the guy and back him into a corner. He pulls his gun on me, but I laugh and tell him that isn't going to do him any good. He fires twice, and the bullets disappear into me, but I don't even feel them. I grab the gun in his hand and wrestle with him until he is pointing the gun in his own face and force him to pull the trigger, but there is only a small click. I guess he used all the bullets.

      So I try to break his arms and legs by giving them sharp jerks in directions they weren't made to go. But I guess he is double-jointed or something, because it does no good! Finally, I decide on less pleasant methods. On the table is a stack of razor blades, all wrapped in little cardboard sleeves, and I grab one, throw away the sleeve, pull the guy's head back by the hair, and draw the blade across his throat. He drops, limp, and I assume he is dead. I turn to help some of the others in the area with more food, then turn back to where I had just been, and find the guy sitting there, cuddling a slightly cute homeless looking girl. He didn't die, he fainted from fright. It seems I didn't use enough force, and though I drew a slight bit of blood from his throat, it was nowhere near enough to cut a major artery or pierce his throat and cause him to die.

      The girl in his lap was originally one of the homeless he was supposed to be helping, but she decided to give herself to him completely, betraying all the others that needed help, to get more of it herself. She is sitting in his lap muttering about the horrible things she will help him do to all their victims which now seem to have turned against him. I stalk up to her angrily, but she can't see me. Only he can, unless I specifically will somebody else to see me. So I make myself visible, and warn her that her 'boyfriend' is now marked for death, and unless she wants to join him, she better get away now. Far away! She screams and runs off. I pick up the razor blade, planning for another, deeper sweep, to finish the job, but a bunch of black people come running into the room, searching for me. They know I am here, and are going to try and find me even though they can't see me. I don't know if they are trying to find me for a good purpose or a bad one, so I drop to the floor as they feel their way around the room, then just get up after they walk past me, and again start to walk toward to bad guy.
    11. Harry Potter: Rithmatist

      by , 12-31-2013 at 08:15 PM
      12-28-2013 -- I am Harry Potter, and while doing a Runescape herb run, I have discovered that I have the ability to bring chalk drawings to life, like in Brandon Sanderson's teen book The Rithmatists. I have been working on it for a while, and am finally starting to get it all working, and decide I am ready to start teaching it to my friends.

      Hermione is getting nowhere, because she is just simply incapable of believing that chalk drawings can come to life ... it doesn't fit her view of the world, even if she can see the proof of it in my own attempts. Ron is getting slightly further, managing to make his small drawing of a butterfly float a little unsteadily by somehow crossing his drawing with wingardium leviosa, but it is a very limited success. Neville is turning out to be the expert of the group, quickly surpassing even me, as he manages to bring his chalk plant drawings to life. He is really something.

      Flash forward in time a little bit, and we are running around, fighting off Death Eaters in a setting that seems very reminiscent of the Chinese Bakery dream I had which either never got entered, or perhaps was only a fragment. The location and feel seems to combine the Death Eater fight with more hints of Runescape, and just a bit of the whole spy thing from Covert Affairs (a show I just started watching today). I am doing an herb run while under heavy fire from the Death Eaters, next to a large building.

      I suddenly see a large chalk-drawing pumpkin-like vine sneaking up on one of the Death Eaters from behind the building. Rather than come directly at him, it has grown to circle the entire building in just a few seconds, and pounces on him from behind, wrapping him in vines and somehow not just capturing him, but starting to take him over.

      The scene is shifting to become more sort of the Calico Square in Knott's Berry Farm, as Neville's chalkling has kind of taken on a complete life of its own, and is grabbing real life plants, animals, and even people, and mutating them into a half-whatever, half-chalkling creature, creating a new species. Thankfully it seems to have a sort of a sense of morals. While it takes over any plants it wants to, the animals it takes over seem to be damaged or abused, so that it's new species may give them a better life, and it is leaving us alone, but only taking over, mutating, and controlling evil humans like the Death Eaters. We're still a little nervous about what Neville has done here.
    12. Runescape Falling Stars, Doctor Who, and the Kitchen Maze

      by , 12-24-2013 at 09:37 AM
      11-27-2013 -- [Dreams are weird! Slept all night, many hours, dreamed almost nothing, or at least nothing I could remember. Was sitting in bed this morning, mostly awake and relaxing. Drifted off for a couple minutes, and had the following crazy, all-over-the-place dream that is longer and more detailed than almost anything I have dreamed for a week or two.]

      So I am standing around at the Falador west mine, trying to do some mining when a blue structure that looks much like the TARDIS appears next to me, and several vaguely monkey-like aliens start spilling out of it like some sort of bizarre flash mob, and seem to be ready to attack me, except suddenly I hear this whistling sound getting louder and louder as a shadow appears on the ground, and everything shakes as a falling star crashes to earth right next to me. This thing is quite large, and I think it has to be at least a size 8 or 9. I run over to make the tag and collect the bonus xp when there is a second bang, and a small star (size 1 or 2) slams down right next to it. I am wondering if I am going to be able to collect the bonus xp twice. But as I try to touch the second star, things shift.

      I find myself on a small, sandy hill, kind of sinking into the sand, trying to keep my balance, and as I glance at the mini map, I find I have shifted perhaps a quarter of a screen over, and start trying to make it back to where the two stars just landed, except something seems to be trying to keep me away. It's really weird. I finally manage to force myself back to the right spot, except the stars are gone, the alien flash mob is gone, and the blue TARDIS-like box has turned into a cross between a large robot suit and an astronaut's outfit. I'm kind of walking around it when a government agent who is dressed kind of like a 30s hard-boiled detective, and looks kind of Mel Gibson shows up. He thinks I am the alien who arrived in the suit, and is trying to force me back into it so he can lock me in it and cart me off to experiment on or something.

      I am wrestling with him, trying to get away, while explaining that I am not the alien, when the truck that we are standing behind starts to move. He throws me to the ground, hopefully so that I will be unharmed as the truck passes over me, but since it is very close to the ground, he may just be trying to get me ran over. Sigh. But thankfully the truck only moves a couple of inches, then stops. I stand up and find myself standing next to what almost seems to be the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo, and as I turn, I see my online friend Maddie, who seems to be pulling a t-shirt over her head. "Hey, I'm almost nude, changing clothes here," she snaps at me, and I turn my back to her, while turning red.

      A few seconds later she taps me on the shoulder and as I start to turn around, I find myself in a sort of maze of dark, narrow passages in what seems to be a food storage area in a sort of large restaurant kitchen. I am winding my way through shelves of food supplies and prep tables and the like, avoiding a slightly glowing yellow goo on the floor that I am trying desperately not to step in. Dangerous, icky stuff. I manage to walk out of the area backward, while still managing to avoid stepping in anything, and find myself in a large, wide open warehouse loading dock area that is still quite dark, but lights are just starting to flash on all over the place as people come running in trying to find out who has broken in and why.
    13. Three in a Night: Water Parks, Computer Games, and Lumbridge Rebuildathon

      by , 11-13-2013 at 07:48 PM
      11-09-2013 -- [This one ties in with a dream from a few months ago that I am referring to as the Downtown Orlando Spy and Gun Event, which I know I dreamed, and wrote down, but I guess I never got posted because I can't find it anywhere. Hopefully that dream will also be online at some point. Meanwhile, this was the first dream of the night, and only barely remembered, so we'll see how much of it I can pull out of my mind now.]

      I think this starts out as a typical being chased around a hotel by thugs or management dream, with a hint of Dale vacationing in Florida, as well. Think it goes on for a while, but not in any sort of detail that I can describe. Then it switches to where I find myself in a water park that is a sort of cross between the one just outside the entrance to the Magic Kingdom in more than one of my dreams, and the one that I sort of find after I make it back through the building in the gun and spy dream mentioned above. I am climbing up hillsides, then sliding down long, enjoyable water slides a few times, before I realize I have to go and pack or something.

      It turns out we are staying in an odd Disney hotel complex where the hotels are kind of connected by water slides as one of the ways to get around. Somehow I have ended up passing through one of the hotels on the way back to the one where Dale and I are staying, and in the process, I have kind of half-stolen a couple of water bottles, and am hiding them in my pockets, like the gun in the previous dream. Am trying to to be seen with them, and not to be searched, and am kind of ducking into a sort of side canyon that reminds me of where you can pick the tail-feather off of the fire phoenix in Runescape, and am hoping to avoid problems. Meanwhile, I also find myself right at the mall entrance to May Company at some point, which just doesn't seem to fit in anywhere.

      Anyway, it was a cool dream, and long and detailed, but I can't remember anything, so I guess it will have to go down as a fragment.


      11-09-2013 -- We are is a sort of a courtyard which seems at times to be somewhere new, and at times to be the Church of the Nazarene parking lot area in Buena Park, or right by Carolyn's house in Orlando. There is a creature or force here that is kind of making us do things, though it isn't anything that we can actually see. One of the things I am being pushed to do is to build a tall block wall, which kind of makes me think of the Lumbridge rebuildathon. Anyway, whatever this thing is, it watches us and kind of spies on us (eventually with cameras) but the wall that it is making me build is at the edge of it's view or range, so it can barely see me, and I can take it slightly easier, and am considering climbing over the fence and going away.

      I continue working on the wall, and at some point dad and some others are also here working on it. I find myself worrying about bills and wondering how to pay them while I am unemployed, and thinking that dad might give me some money to help out, but I don't really want to go that route. It's a bit of a quandary. I think there is a small bit about helping dad retrieve a bill that was dropped in some sort of underground sprinkler system or something, but it was a really brief bit. Somehow dad is soon taking me out for a McDonald's-style sundae at a fast food restaurant while Carolyn is calling me on my cell phone and trying to arrange to meet me to give me something.

      I explain where I am, which is either across the street from the new wall at the church, or perhaps across the street from her house (with even hints of BAMs house), and she says she'll be there in a minute, but she never shows. I meant across the street from PCUMC, but I find myself wondering if she might have thought I meant her church, and may have gone there. She was on a lunch break from the school, so she may not have had much time. Meanwhile, I am now outside the wall, sitting in the street, eating my ice cream, but still worrying and wondering about whether the camera on the building can still see me.

      Somehow things shift to finding myself entering a kind of battered class room and preparing to take a seat. There is a cute kitten that will approach me, which surprises me, because it won't let anybody else near it, since one of the students went kind of wild and started attacking the various animals. There is also a wild monkey here, and several other animals. The student who went kind of wild seems to be Riley from BtVS season 4. There is also a kind of pushy, weird version of Xander who seems to be trying to keep and hide either gems, or perhaps fruit in a box of candy. Xander wants it, and wants to keep it away from us, but it isn't his. Meanwhile, I seem to be pouring a sort of peanut butter drink into a tall, narrow bottle. Very strange.


      11-09-2013 -- Starts on a sort of jungle island, where there are a few snakes slithering around, but not as many (and not as dangerous) as the usual dream. These are kind of calm and peaceful. This seems to be a sort of live action computer game cross between Risk and Pirates, and has tie-ins to many of my other dreams. We are kind of moving from the east to the west in a large chain of islands in the ocean. One island is two half circles connected by a small land bridge something like this (|=|) and even though we are approaching from the east, we land on the west side and make our way across the island and the land bridge to the east side. Reminds me of one of the islands in Warlords:Battlecry 2.

      We continue further west and come to a long, slim sand covered island where we spend some time, and find that we're having some car problems. Somehow we are driving cars through the water between these various islands, and we have some issues. We're pirates, and we have to have kind of old vehicles, but one of the cars is a very new yellow sports car which just doesn't fit right. Another is a pick-up truck, which works well enough. The third is an old, beat up car that fits well enough. Problem is, it is seriously breaking down, and while we don't need to use all three vehicles, we certainly need two. The one car is really beyond fixing, but they are arguing about the sports car.

      Finally I put on a sort of pirate t-shirt, and decide that shows I am a pirate enough, and just grab the sports car and start to drive it off, people diving for it to try and get in, or maybe stop me. Somebody flags me down and explains we have been invited to eat before we continue on, and they are leading us to a large buffet-style dining room with many lines that reminds me of the cafeteria at the Indiana Wesleyan University at the FCM conventions. Somehow I am a little leery, and refuse to eat immediately, though I do go through the line. The food is incredible, with some fabulous looking steaks, thick and juicy and cooked to perfection. There is also lots of other great food. Problem is, now there is a long line of people waiting, and since I didn't take food when I had the chance, I either have to stand in the line, or wait. So I take a seat outside and wait for the line to shorten again.

      Eventually it is really short, and I go back in, but now almost all the food is gone. I am still able to fill a plate, but there are no steaks, none of the great food, just sides and stuff like mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. The best thing still available is a fairly bland pulled pork mix. I am hunting around the various tables looking for a clean plate, clean plasticware, and a clean plastic cup to get milk in, and wishing I'd served myself the first time through. Idiot!
    14. Dream Bits: Runescape, Disney, Balloons, and More

      by , 11-07-2013 at 08:40 PM
      10-22-2013 -- In a strange, live version of Runescape with a bunch of other people, there is a sort of group or mob of enemies to fight, including some dragons, some weird lava monsters, and a bunch of other big, powerful enemies, and a group of about 20 of us are getting ready to take them on. We start fighting against them, but the battle isn't going too well for me at first. I am trying to fire magic at them, but at first I am too far away. Eventually I make it close enough, and am close enough to manage some decent shooting at them, but soon I find I am running out of magic and energy, and my shots are doing no good.

      The others with me continue firing, and for a while are doing well, and managing to damage the enemies, but soon they are also running out of magic and energy, and are starting to die to the opposing forces. Soon we're standing around discussing how we probably all want to get another 5 to 10 combat levels before we bother trying again!

      Somehow things then shift to the House of Imports, where I seem to be working a shift, even though it is modern times (I worked there more than 20 years ago). My shift should have ended after 10 hours, but I realize I have been working more than 14 hours, and am probably going to be yelled at, so I better get my butt in gear and get clocked out. The dealership is quite busy, with a bunch of people looking through the showroom, and crowding the short stairway down to the lower level where the time clock is, so I rise a few feet into the air, so that I am just above everybody's heads, and fly down to the time clock to clock out. Nobody seems to notice or care, and it doesn't seem like a big deal to me that I can fly, either.


      10-17-2013 -- [Unfortunately couldn't remember much even when I dreamed it, then waited four days before entering it in, and now even more is missing. Oh well.] Somehow I am wandering around at a school or a store, slight hints of department stores at malls or perhaps Marshall. Wherever it is, I find myself wandering into a bathroom, and am trying to find a clean, stocked stall to use. Could even be in a locker room at a pool. Soon I find that I have just boarded a bus, and am trying to pay my fare. Unfortunately, I have dropped my change everywhere, and have to bend down and scrabble for my coins.

      Eventually I find myself in Disneyland, walking from the hub down Main Street, heading for town square, same area I have been walking through in a lot of dreams, recently. I pass Sharon H. and am heading for the corner shop next to the magic shop which had collectible plates and figurines and things in the last dream here (yesterday with a lot of AC stuff in the dream) and for some reason my pants are too large and keep trying to fall down around my ankles.

      I reach the store, and am just kind of standing around, talking with Dale. Nothing too big or exciting, just chatting. But as we are watching, one of the people working in the shop seems to be putting together balloon decorations and placing them around the store. Thing is, she is using some unusual balloons, rounds, odd shapes, very strong colors, and occasionally other things. One sculpture that almost seems to be a Star Wars creation is topped by what seems to be a small white garbage can, but it fits perfectly and looks just like whatever it is supposed to be. There are other figures that look like they are made of gold balloons, but unlike most gold balloons, these are so strongly colored that they almost give the impression of being solid gold, though they aren't.

      Another creation is actually a very impressive model of Aladdin's Genie, but this one is obviously made out of blue balloons. They are wandering around the interior and exterior of the store, putting these things up in various places as displays, and decoration, and they look very good and Dale and I are both quite impressed with them.


      10-16-2013 -- I am running around Rosemary's place, and oddly enough I find that I can get my voice back as long as I am speaking in a slightly deeper voice. I find I can sing as well, as long as I deepen my voice from my previous tenor to a nice, strong baritone. I end up running around the place able to finally talk and sing and make myself be heard, but it does make my throat slightly sore, and I find I am a little worried about it. Soon, following the suggestions of others, I decide to go visit the doctors.

      I soon find myself at a cross between the Doctor's office that Terry and Grace used to run, and a dream clinic that I have frequently visited, wandering into areas that guests aren't allowed in, but that I had been invited into by Terry, Grace, and Kathy in the past. The problem is, they no longer work here, and the doctors that do are a little unhappy about me wandering around ... though not enough to actually say anything.


      10-16-2013 -- Out on a long cross country road trip with Chris Vopat, where I am riding in the back of his pickup truck. This is bad enough for the long trip and the distance we're traveling, but it becomes even worse as a volcano a few miles away erupts and starts shooting lava down its sides and hot ash into the air, which is quick to ruin the air quality even where we are, a few miles away.


      10-16-2013 -- At an Adventurers Club reunion type of thing, but it is not being held at the Club, which has long been shut down. I run into a couple of performers who seem to be doing some bits, but I have missed most of it, and have no clue what is going on. Then I run into BC, and she has been here for almost the whole thing, and mentions that Anne has been doing stuff from her odd version of the Vagina Monologues (see past dream here), which it seems she has now made a regular part of things whenever she is doing AC reunion stuff, which doesn't make any sense to me.

      We sit and discuss this, but more and more as we talk, I find myself thinking of taking a trip to California and visiting with Dale. Somehow he is here for a visit, or perhaps only just left, and I am really in the mood for a visit to California since I haven't left the state in something like a decade. I am not sure how, but I know somehow I can get there. But I have no money for tickets to the park. I am trying to think of ways I can sneak in (possibly involving friends on the monorail), but then I remember that Keith works there, and he can probably sign me in a couple of times, which should solve that problem.

      Somehow thinking about that brings it about, and I suddenly find that I am in Disneyland's Frontierland area, walking back toward New Orleans Square and Critter Country. As I walk along, I see a couple of Adventurers Club performers, either on their own, or perhaps working streetmosphere, and I am thinking it might be fun to go watch them sometime. Meanwhile, I find myself walking into a western-themed restaurant that, for some odd reason, serves egg drop soup from large bowls.

      Turns out Dale has been debating trying the soup for ages, but he is never brave enough to do so, and I am kind of pushing and encouraging him to give it a try, but he really isn't sure he is willing to do so. I give up, and am about to wander off and go walking through the park, when a large group walks in. They are mostly women, just a couple of men, and though I can't identify specific people, it seems to be a group from Pine Castle. They are playing a strange game to choose a person, something of the nature of Rock, Paper, Scissors, but completely different. They have wandered in and surrounded me at the exact right time for me to win, and since I won, I am expected to provide small presents for everybody, but I have no money, no gifts, and they are all kind of disgusted with me. Doesn't seem fair, since I never asked to be a part of their game.


      10-13-2013 -- I am somewhere that is halfway in the midwest somewhere, and halfway in England. I'm walking down the street on foot while a friend is on a skateboard, or perhaps a bike. In the street is a police car, and a cop is just stepping out of it and is keeping an eye on us, but he isn't actually doing anything, so we just try and ignore him. I head down a street that seems to be a cross between a hill in Omaha, and Dale in Buena Park. I reach about the point where Athenian Burgers was, and find Carl and Mary Baumer there. They seem to be thinking about treating me to a meal.

      Instead I find myself walking down La Palma (or perhaps Orangethrope, or some random street in Omaha) discussing job possibilities. I am kind of down and depressed, and Carl (who is slowly turning into dad) is trying to cheer me up. He asks the guy who has given me a place to stay (should be Joe Lane, but is strangely looking like Marv Goodwin) what he thinks, and Marv says that I am probably going to fail at everything, but yeah, I ought to try, anyway. Dad is about ready to kill him, but Marv just drives away on his fork lift. So we walk on down to the corner, and I seem to be on the southwest corner, at Magnolia and either La Palma or Orangethorpe, but as always for Buena Park, my compass is off.

      Anyway, dad leads me to what seems to be a cross between a truck yard, a warehouse, and an office building (feels a lot like the TAMS property), where he does their tires, and has contacts, and is sure he can get me a job. But they turn us down. He's a little upset, and we cross the street to a corner shop that is a cross between a restaurant and a liquor store, where dad sits down at a picnic table out of the way on the side of the building to have a cigarette. He's out of breath because of the smoking, and I'm out of breath because of my weight, and there are some toughs who are being slightly threatening, but don't really care enough to be serious about it. I'm not sure but it is possible that Paul and Irene Broden come by after that and buy me dinner at the Chinese restaurant.
    15. Runescape and Doctor Who Quest Leads to Phone Problems

      by , 08-10-2013 at 03:58 PM
      08-10-2013 -- Kind of a cross between Doctor Who and a Runescape quest, though much more has faded than I would like. Sigh. Anyway, early on there are some bits where the 10th Doctor is running around, but eventually he seems to more or less disappear, though somehow he is still speaking to me and giving me advice as things continue, some sort of mental connection. He may be in danger, or perhaps I am. I find myself in a large building, wandering around, and trying to get things done.

      Somehow I have this giant flute, sort of. It is about five or six feet long, and kind of hard to play. It has five or six holes in its length that allow the playing of five or six notes, and I know I am supposed to play all the notes in order as part of the quest. But it is so big, it is kind of difficult to get it to play the notes, and takes a lot of air. I manage to play the first four notes fairly easily, but the fifth note is very difficult, and I seem to be getting nothing but air. It is also getting harder and harder to hold the thing, and I am finding it more and more difficult to remember which end to blow in, and it keeps trying to roll over in my hands, and can't be played if it is upside down.

      I finally manage to blow enough air to get the fifth note, and continue on to the sixth, which takes the same hard work, and as I finish blowing, a small, glowing ball of 'stuff' pops out of the end of the flute. Something jamming it up might be why it was so hard to play the last couple of notes. The ball is about two inches in diameter, and glows a light blue, and seems sort of goopy if you get what I mean, when I kind of scrape off the goop I am left with almost a small sort of amulet or medallion with a sort of a logo or crest on it, and it is the new crest that I have earned to represent myself with the finishing of this quest.

      I soon run into Dale, who seems to have been working on the construction skill, because he has built a large new home, but is worried because he hasn't built any furnishings for it, though he has decked it out with tons of flags and banners and some pennants showing his colors, crests and accomplishments. I get a whisper from the 10th Doctor that I ought to see about adding some new flags and pennants to my rooms making use of my new crest, and Dale is a little hesitant about this, not knowing anything about this odd Doctor Who quest that has somehow found its way into Runescape.

      We seem to be discussing this at church in Buena Park, and I am guessing a service has just gotten over, because we are in the process of leaving, and dodging around slow moving people who are just standing around talking. When I reach the parking lot, I find myself approaching my Jimmy, which is pulling a small trailer, along the lines of one a landscaping company might use. It seems I am not used to pulling it around, because my parking takes up not two spaces, which I would expect, but four (2x2), because I couldn't get the trailer straight.

      I load up and start to drive out of the parking lot, but I seem to have sat my red cell phone on the roof of the truck as I was climbing in, and forgot it there because while I am driving out the driveway along the side of the church, it falls off the roof and comes apart as it hits the ground. I curse to myself, put the vehicle in reverse, and back up 10 or 15 feet to where it fell off, and get out to pick it up. I find a bunch of people are standing around in the road just chatting and talking, and one of them is a slightly odd looking fellow, looks like the young teep with the thin mustache from Babylon 5, the one who looks slightly odd. He is fiddling with my phone and trying to tell me how badly I broke it, and he gets mad as I take it away from him.

      It has sprung apart, and inside it looks more like a hard drive or something (with the ribbon cables and things) and it seems he has been twisting and wrapping the cable in odd ways that couldn't have happened in a simple fall like that, and has been messing the phone up far worse. He seems to think because I dropped the phone, he has a right to take it and do what he wants with it, and I don't have any right to pick it up again and try to fix it. But I take it, straighten out the ribbon as best I can, and try to fit it back together. It isn't perfect, there are now a couple of cracks where things don't fit together as perfectly as they used to, but it stays together pretty well, and starts up when I turn it back on, though there are some glitches on the screen that remind me of the night it fell in the toilet, before it dried out inside the next day. Still it seems to be working all right.

      I climb back into the truck (which somehow involves having to pull it down from where it is floating perhaps 10 feet in the air, so I have to drag it down far enough to climb in) and am trying to situate myself and get it in gear, all while holding the phone in my hand. I manage to get in and get moving, and turn out of the parking lot onto Page. As I am driving along Page, this crowd of people stays with me, and the punk who wants the phone keeps trying to get it from me while riding along in his wheelchair. Somehow the damaged phone has half turned into a damaged room to the truck, which no longer fits tightly, so he keeps sticking his hand in and trying to steal the phone from me. He is annoying me enough that I half try to run his wheelchair off the road.

      Soon I turn onto Stanton, and am heading toward the Buena Park Mall, just moving along, when suddenly we are all walking rather than driving, and as I feel my pocket, I realize my phone is missing again, and turn around just to see the same punk playing with my phone and trying to take it apart as bold as you please. I take it back from him yet again, remind him it isn't his, and he doesn't have the right to steal it from me, and give him a spanking to try and get the idea across!
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