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    1. Fragments: Locomotion Routes in Orlando, Ubering Main Street, Knott's Security, Weird Stuff

      by , 07-04-2017 at 04:48 PM
      06-30-2017 -- Three tonight, all rather fragmenty. (Well, some of them are longer fragments than usual, but I'm still lumping them together.) Third starts (as far as I can remember) at the BP Nazarene church. I'm poking about a little, but some people are giving me some hassles, so I just walk away, down Page, then the side street that takes me out near Orangethorpe. Somehow I walk down the block a bit further, until I turn the corner onto another street, heading back toward Page (Stanton, perhaps.) By this point it is getting a little strange, because I seem to be laying out route lines in Locomotion, putting in tram stops about every four spaces.

      Soon I am hitching a ride from Carl Baumer, Starting from next to where the first route ended, heading across and down another side street to Page, ending at a shopping center where I am asking Carl to drop me off. He thinks it is to go to a tire company, but I don't really know what business I am looking for here. I just know I am looking to start a third route where the first ended and the second started, this one going down to Page, then to the right, until it largely completes the pattern I've been setting up.

      I am also pausing, glancing around, at an auto repair place I've seen in many dreams that has gotten constantly worse at fixing problems or selling me good cars and cycles, and glancing at a spot in the middle where I am trying to place a station, but having problems of getting it to place, and then finding I'm placing the wrong thing, and its an ad or something, instead of a tram stop.

      Don't know how the change happens, but the next thing I know, I'm now driving Uber (no idea what vehicle) and have a little old lady in my car who is telling me to ignore the GPS and just follow her directions. She must know what she is doing, because following her instructions, I now find myself driving her through the Fantasyland paths at the Magic Kingdom, where you can't usually take cars.

      But about the time we reach the Hub, it has changed to where I am pushing the lady around in a Publix shopping cart, and I stop and remove her because I think Disney will object to people using Publix carts on their property. I am trying to explain this to the lady (hoping she won't object, because a young family has already taken the cart and loaded their two young girls in it), but she's like "Of course, now come on, we're going to miss the Wild West Show," leading me over into Frontierland.

      As we walk along, the speakers are making odd announcements about people dying, and lawyers, and other strange things that have no place in a Disney park. Continuing along (now back in the car) we are passing Margaret, who I am surprised is still alive (its been a long time), and I roll down a window to call out hello to her, but she turns her nose up and ignores me. I think about making a comment about ol' Laser Lips.


      06-30-2017 -- Somehow playing around with (and building) some sort of rolling marble game, where I am trying to tilt a board to make a marble reach different points. There is a tiny hint of stuff about the TARDIS, and patterns painted on the board in a strange red ink that appears and disappears, depending on where you are in the game, and hints of buses or trains as well.

      Somehow I then find myself standing around at Knott's Berry Farm, late at night. I don't seem to be really doing anything, so I may be security or something. Vince Williams is here, and is speaking to me about two things. The first is that his van is locked in the parking lot, and there is no way to get it out. (There is a pole system something like the one used at House of Imports), and it seems they lock the parking lot up at night, but don't warn the employees of that fact. The second is that he is muttering something about idiots who set up the bus systems where two buses run in opposite directions on the same street, but each has a different route number. I think about explaining I laid out the system, and it was just coincidence that the two routes are running on the same street, so they shouldn't have the same number, but I don't really feel like bothering.

      Meanwhile, I say I think we can get him out of the lot, and I grab a sort of crowbar that is sitting around in the warehouse I am guarding, and approach the pole gate. I remember from my time with House of Imports, a locking system where the crowbar releases a latch within the pole that allows you to open the gate (the real system was nothing like this), and I've soon popped the latch and let Vince out. He's rather happy. Myself, I am hoping I haven't triggered any alarms or gotten myself in trouble.

      Anyway, he's driven off, and nothing has happened to me, and I soon find myself in Rosemary's place, and Vince, who is another of the roommates shows up. It is now a day later, and I want to ask him about the situation, and if he got in any trouble the next day, but don't want to tell anyone of the situation, so I'm like "What about ... was there any ...?" "Nope. No mention of it." Meanwhile, I seem to be eating a piece of hard lasagna noodle with spaghetti sauce spread on it, and when Rosemary walks in and sees it, she is freaking out. As I said, only fragments tonight.


      06-30-2017 -- First one is even more fragmented. I am in a warehouse, working security, but it is late at night and dark, and most of the staff has already left, so I am trying to watch something a bit sexy on TV. Unfortunately, there seem to be a few people who are working all night long, and I feel like they are trying to spy on me, so I turn the TV off. A couple of the guys are being rude and obnoxious, saying odd things, making odd threats. It kind of reminds me of Ray Burke a bit, but seemed more wrong and threatening.

      Somehow I more or less think I am dreaming, but can't think of any way to test it, so I am kind of wandering around, feeling up the occasional attractive female if I can find her alone, but not daring to be too pushy about it, since I am not sure I am dreaming. One girl is pleasuring a guy, so I pull her skirt down, planning to do a bit of pleasuring, myself, only to find under her skirt is a bit of a metal chassis, rather than legs and human skin and stuff. Very strange.
    2. Creating a Notice-Me-Not Charm for some Sexy Fun

      by , 06-11-2014 at 08:49 PM
      01-05-2014 -- [Lots of long dreams last night, but I couldn't remember anything of them. Last bit of sleep in the morning I dreamed this short scene, and it was the only thing I could remember, though in a fair bit of detail.] I am in BMs house and it is late at night. I am in the living room/kitchen area, which looks much like in real life, except there are no bedrooms off the kitchen area, all are down the hallway. For some reason my computer is in the living room, hooked up to a TV through a very poorly laid out set of wires so that I am in no way sure how it is hooked up to the TV. Somehow it is playing a TV show or perhaps a music file, and it is coming out fairly loudly. I am very worried it is going to wake JM and he is going to come out yelling and screaming, so I am scrambling to turn the thing off, but even though I shut down the computer, the TV is still playing the noise, and I am having difficulty finding how to shut it down.

      I finally manage to shut it down, and decide it is time to go to bed. I head down the hallway to the bedrooms, but it is growing larger and larger until the hallway is maybe fifteen or twenty feet wide and quite long. In the middle of the hallway, itself, sits a large king or queen bed, and as I walk past it, BM steps out of a room dressed in a nightgown. I have always had a thing for her, but with her sleeping in a bed in the middle of the hallway and tons of people staying in the house, I don't see how I can find a chance to do anything, so I continue walking to my room. My room is about where it ought to be, but instead of being one lone room, it is the first in a long row of rooms along another long hallway I have seen in other dreams.

      It feels like there are a huge number of relatives staying over, something like 6 or 7 families, each with two or three kids. As I make my way into my bedroom, I find there are three young ladies (late teens, very lovely, probably just barely legal) waiting in my bed for me, pulling me down, caressing me, and swarming all over me. One of them seems to have a very pretty face, and some small but pretty breasts, but a mass of scars on her body, which kind of gives her a mottled appearance much like that of Darth Maul, except in tan and white rather than red and black. From all the scars I wonder if she had to either receive or perhaps donate bone marrow or something, being opened up all over her body to access her bones. Anyway, even with the scars, she is attractive enough, so I would be more than willing to cuddle with her as well as the others. Only problem is, I am worried others will come by and see us, since the rooms seem to have no actual doors.

      So though it is not a Harry Potter dream, I take a page out of his book and start to slowly create sort of magical walls around the bed, sort of creating them with a sort of notice-me-not charm in their making, so nobody outside the walls can actually see the bed or the people in it, and therefore cannot see us having our fun and interrupting it. It is taking a fairly long amount of time to create these 'walls' surrounding the bed, but I am more than willing to take the time, as I am convinced once I have completed the shield, I can somehow kind of copy and paste it, and instantly duplicate it around the bed BM is sleeping in, and enjoy my time with her. I even half know I am dreaming, and hope I can instantly put it up in other dreams, having taken the time to create it in this one.