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    Hai Der!

    1. Jail sentence

      by , 04-22-2018 at 09:33 PM (Exterminate)
      I was convicted of a sex crime and dealt 3 weeks in prison based on flimsy charges and an unfair trial (Just a dream, nothing like this happened irl). The dream started right as I arrived at my cell. My mother was tearfully accompanying me to my cell and she lingered for a bit before the staff made her leave. It wasn't really a prison, and it wasn't really a jail. It looked and felt more like a mental institution to me. My cell was located right behind the front office of the building, behind a bulletproof glass and the front desk employee. The cell was fairly large, with an open door to the other cells, a bathtub, and a chair. Quite unusual indeed. The floors were carpet and the only wall was padded. The was a few children in the area, as well as a few elderly folk, and one or two people in their forties who seemed to be checked out of reality. The kids were playing, the old folk were chatting away as old friends, and I was sitting in a chair moping about how unfair the trial was, and how I didn't even get to change my clothes. I was only going to be here for 3 weeks, but I so didn't deserve to be here. I thought I'd focus on my dreams during this time and dream of the freedom that was soon to come.

      A few days passed, and a good friend of mine decided to visit. I don't know him in my waking life, but we sure knew each other in this dream. He was a black man with a goatee and dreadlocks. He was very kind and honest, and he had a passion for music. He agreed that the trial was not just, and he wanted me to know it by singing me a song he had written about me. He started with some beatboxing, and I tried to talk him out of it. His singing would surely get the two of us in trouble for disturbing the environment. As he started the song I stopped protesting. He sang a familiar tune, but it is not one I recognize whilst awake. However, he had the words changed to reflect my situation and used my name in the chorus, so that was neat. As expected though, he did get caught and was evicted by the staff. He was banned from the building for a total of 3 weeks plus fines for "damages" and "crimes."

      I reflected on what had happened, while sitting again in my chair moping about my life (how depressing..). Those aforementioned kids mentioned earlier started taking and playing with some toys I had sitting on a table in front of me. I protested at first, but then realized I really didn't need them anymore and I let them have the toys. Fast forward to an evening that I am not sure is that one or a later one. I was alone in my cell. Everyone else was asleep, nobody was near. I was soaking in the bathtub still in my clothes. The water was draining, and I looked to my right to see my dog lying next to the tub. I thought it quite peculiar that they let me have my dog with me in prison. The tub then changed appearance. The side of the tub became the back of a sofa. The dog had then gotten soaked by the draining water from the tub, and then made a scene that caused the staff to come check out what was going on. I was afraid my dog had caused me to get a longer sentence, but after some explaining they seemed to buy the idea that it wasn't my fault.

      Fast forward to the next morning, where my dogs were no longer present and a nurse brought me a small bowl. I first thought it was a bowl full of meds that was being passed to everyone, but before I could really question it the nurse stuck something in my mouth and pressed it against my gums. It had a very distinct taste. I asked the nurse what it was, and what purpose it served as I tried to keep it pressed against my gums. She said it was just a ginger lolipop to act as a breath mint since my breath really smelled...I knew the taste was familiar! I didn't protest to the bad breath and explained to her my poor dental hygiene is an issue that builds on itself. If you aren't in the habit, then your teeth start to rot, then it hurts to get in the habit until you get the teeth worked on, which in turn hurts and costs money, etc.

      The scene shifted to another evening. It shouldn't be long now before my sentence would be over I thought, as I sought out a bathroom to relieve myself. The other prisoners, or patients as it seemed, were all getting ready for a dinner that was being served in the other room. The thought came across my mind that maybe my sentence was not 3 weeks and maybe this wasn't a prison at all. Maybe it really was a psych ward and I would be trapped here for the foreseeable future. I quickly dismissed the thought until I heard a ruckus from the other room. There was a discussion on television between Billy Graham and another person of importance about my particular situation. It got quite heated and very political, and somehow it escalated all the way to the United Nations. I walked out of the bathroom and when I went outside it was a different building I was in. There was 3 stories and it was very open with many windows. I took a seat at a long conference table as I listened to those in the room discussing the situation. The original patients were all gone now, and I was surrounded by people in business suits. Someone had declared that this issue was to be taken seriously, and to defend against those who would argue in the negative. A group of assassins entered the building and I associated them with the group Talon from Overwatch. A fight broke out and I saw a massive Roadhog appear by me to protect me. He had to have been at least 8 feet in stature, and very wide. He was so realistic I was paralyzed in awe. He used his hook to grab hold of an enemy and I woke up.
    2. A couple dreams, mostly a casino with powers, and driving a girl home(sort of)

      by , 09-01-2012 at 08:44 PM (Exterminate)
      I remembered a dream when I first woke up, but I forgot it now.
      I woke up, tried a DEILD and got a lucid dream. Unfortunately it was a short and forgettable one.
      I then tried another WILD, and went into sleep paralysis, kept my eyes closed, but felt myself in my old bed from my old house. I broke out of SP into my own normal bed, and went back into a dream
      Casino, with powers

      Me, my parents, and my brother were at a casino, with our two dogs, and a lot of luggage. I never actually saw my family in the dream, I just know they were present. I remember chasing around a friend from a minecraft server I play on, and then I put on a ring that made me invisible. At this point I walked around and noticed the girls bathroom, I went inside, still invisible. I went into a corner and poked a girl on the shoulder to get her attention. I expected sexy time, but instead she got scared, shouting "who's there!" and backed into the same corner I was in. She squeezed up against me but then quickly stepped back because she felt something that wasn't visible. I try using the ring to phase through the wall, but it didn't work. I pointed it at the sky to fly away, but nothing happened. I willed the ring to take me out of there, but failed again. I walked around the poor woman, left the bathroom in shame and entered the mens restroom because I had to pee. I am standing there going for like 2 minutes, then someone else comes in. I turn to see who it is, but then my stream starts going everywhere! I ask for help, but receive none. Instead of cleaning the mess up I just went to the urinal and finished.

      I woke up, noted my stupidity, then went back to sleep and into the next dream.

      Same casino, helping a girl

      So this girl I know from our church comes up to me and asks me to help her with her car. Not knowing what to do, I spend like 2-3 hours going to the garage and parking cars randomly. I finally get bored and go back into the casino, ask her where her car is, she replies either floor 36, or floor 42, this casino was not that tall... Anyway, we grab our stuff (from the last dream, it is a lot) but leave the dogs there. I get in the passenger seat, the girl gets in the driver seat, and my brother gets in the back. Turns out she wanted me to hold the passenger door closed while she drives home, since it won't stay shut. She offers to pay me $1000 so I say yes, so she takes off. The door proves to be really hard to keep closed, and we come up to this intersection called "Kyante st." and she tells me she was going to have Kyante help her, but he was busy. She drives up to the front of her house, which is like literally 2-3 blocks away from the casino. She thanks me for helping her, curtseys, then goes inside. She didn't pay the $1000, and we were left here, with all of our stuff, having to walk back to the casino...
      I look at the house, and it is a HUGE house, on a culdesac with a few other really big homes. So she is rich, in a rich part of town, but can't afford to fix her car, or pay us the $1000...
      Inside the house I see another church friend, who happens to have a nice, large house irl.
      So now me and my brother start gathering what we had, I look for my jacket that had things in it, I fear I left it in the casino, I find it(Also spotting a radio with earbuds on the dash that I gave to my dad irl, but to this girl in my dream), stuff some things inside, me and my brother both have our hands full with stuff, as the we walk back to the casino, and the dream ends.

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