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    Hai Der!

    1. A distraught movie character time travels in search for her missing husband.

      by , 07-23-2019 at 01:42 PM (Exterminate)
      I went to find and talk to someone my oldest brother was in love with. My goal was to ask her if she had feelings in return. She gave me a blood bag and told me she did not like him.

      Someone jumped from the 5-6th story of a hospital. there were about 3 witnesses. A boy around 11-12 was on the same level as her and took responsibility for calling 911. Moments later a bunch of fireworks "resumed."
      Someone's house caught fire from the fireworks and they ran up instead of downstairs

      I was a female movie character and was running away from a villain with my husband. As we ran out of the hospital the entire thing collapsed toward us. I was running away from it, but my husband grabbed me and pulled me into a pool for cover. The pool was too shallow and provided little protection. He died, but I survived. I wasn't the same. I had severe tinnitus and felt I had debris in my right ear. I think I lost hearing in left ear completely. I felt like I had an emotion change. I warned those around me that I might now be evil.

      I entered the past trying to find my husband. I was in a home my parents used to live in before I was born. I tried talking to those present but they ignored me. It was as if nobody could see or hear me. I shouted at the top of my lungs in desperation. My mom took me aside and asked me who the hell I was and what my intentions were. She freaked out and told me to stay away from her kids. I tried telling her I was their kid, but she didn't buy it. I found out through conversation that everyone present was younger than how I saw them in front of me. They could hear me now, and I asked everyone how old they were. I determined I was in the year 1994, a year before I was born. I gave my mom the details of the name of the person I lost. I couldn't think of his last name, it was never said in the movie. I looked him up on imdb and gave the movie name.

      My oldest brother "woke me up" and complained that I slept on his request to find his lover. I told him I did in fact meet with her in a dream, but she wasn't interested. He insisted on going down there himself and asking. We went down to a high school and found this woman who worked there, but again she turned him down. She offered him a solid handshake and wished him luck in his future searches. She then gave me a giant stuffed teddy bear. She said they had to get rid of them and felt I would like it.

      I was a passenger in a car going down a dark highway. The road had many sharp inclines and declines. It was so bad you couldn't see the road ahead as you had to go up. Then it would go down so sharply you felt as if the car would tumble. I noted how scary this road seemed and as I did the road got smaller and the surroundings got darker and rounder. We had entered a limestone cave. There were parts of the cavern road that only had one lane cause that's all there was room for, and we had to hope nobody was coming the other way. We ended up at a small room with old cars. It was so cramped you could barely fit our car inside. There was about 6 cars parked around, and an exit on the other side. It was decently well lit, but I had a feeling I needed to get out. When I did the driver of the car tried to make it around the cars parked there and through the exit, but the exit was blocked by some of the parked cars. I dragged and pushed the cars out of the way. They were 1920s model Ts. Very nice, and easy to move. I noted there was a workshop down here with so much dust on it nobody had probably been down here in ages. It was weird though, cause we took the highway to get here and there was no exits off the highway, it led 15 miles straight to here.
    2. 9/27: Innocent man's stories 9/28: Prom

      by , 09-29-2012 at 08:08 AM (Exterminate)
      Innocent man's stories

      Our old house is where the whole dream took place, but it was all based off of stuff near/in the further away garage.

      Me and my brother were sorting through the old garbage that was scattered about, and found some newspapers and other research papers in the garage. I read all up on this guy who used to own this house, and how he was murdered by the government for his crimes. He was this really bad guy. Eventually I meet him, he comes to the garage and tells us all about his past, his side of the story. He explained how he never hurt any human or animal with his experiments, and finally succeeded in his goal, which was either: Cure to cancer, regeneration, or time travel. The press literally destroyed him for what he was doing, so when he finally succeeded, he gave the final result to some scientist, and told him to do whatever he wanted with it. He could either become extremely rich, or destroy it. He then said he faked his own death, even removed himself from various points of publicity. Basically he made it so he didn't exist. I then became the blabbermouth, and told my mom, and like 2 other people. The news spread so much that pretty much the whole world knew his story. The dream ended here.


      Okay, so there was maybe 2 dreams before this, but I don't remember what they were all about, and I have a feeling they transitioned from one, to the next, to the final one. I recall looking out a door and seeing maybe 40-50 high school age students dressed in fancy clothing waiting to get inside a gym I suppose it was. There was a guard who would let none in. I was already on the inside, so I just went to the center of the room and sat down. There was 5-6 others in the room, all girls. They were playing some really girly game..One would ask trivia questions to all the girls, and they would answer, then the girl gave the rest detailed reports of what kind of aunt's they would be. I just felt embarrassed to be there.

      I find it funny when I dream I am in a public school..I was homeschooled all through school, and am currently in college.

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    3. 9/13 two dreams, Watcher falling into the river, Stuck in flooded school

      by , 09-25-2012 at 01:58 AM (Exterminate)
      I remembered more details about the first dream when I woke up at 5:30 but couldn't find my journal to write it down :c My second dream is being written days later, as I have been too lazy to write it down.

      Watcher falling into the river
      I have a conversation with my mom and brother about movies, and my mom tells me about this one movie I need to see, something about a highway and a watcher. So I watch the movie, understand what she is talking about, and some things happen that I don't remember. Next thing I know I am standing on a bridge which is part of a highway. Huge semi trucks, vans, cars, you name it come towards me. I am standing on a bridge with a bunch of vehicles coming near, what am I doing? Trying to get myself killed? I have a handheld transceiver in my hand talking to someone about what vehicles are coming near. They come close to me, and I walk along the road to dodge the trucks, and I do this for a few minutes. I forget why, but I end up jumping or falling off the bridge. I see the water coming closer, and closer, and I know I am about to die. I am about 3/4 of the way down and I get picked up by the wind and drift towards the shore. Now it is going to be painful too. The wind carries me into the air, further down the way, and I just keep floating on the wind..I end up landing on a hill with a bunch of stuff on the ground kind of like drops from a player who died on minecraft. Turns out my brother just died here, respawned and see I took his stuff, he throws a fit, and I start laughing hysterically that I landed right there, safe and sound, where my brother was. I think it is safe to say I was insane at this point, then I thought "I can just /spawn to get out of here!"

      Stuck in a flooded school

      Okay. This is a weird one. There was a 10-12 story building, which I assume was a school of some sort. 5 or 6 people were present, including myself. We were at the top of the building, and I saw this arena where my older brother and a friend were going to do a friendly wrestle. We went downstairs to the arena. Underneath it was another staircase that led to a refreshments spot. I got hot chocolate, and my older brother got hot milk. Someone else grabbed a soda. Then behind the refreshments was something strange.
      My older brother hit some sort of a dispenser and the whole room flooded. Someone opened a door and the water rushed out. Somehow the whole building was flooded. I remember walking out of the building with the floors still wet, and someone was dead. If once was not enough, time for a restart! That's right, the dream reset, but this time with a bit more detail. When the room flooded, turns out I opened a grate that flowed the water through the whole building, except for that room. It didn't take long for tons of people to know what was going on. Someone shut off the water, meaning the water just had to drain for a couple of hours. Various times we checked the water level. At one point I looked out the window and saw that there was hundreds of people around outside, as if there was a special event. I caught a view of two women in the nude and got distracted by that for a few minutes, but then there was a dream skip. All of us that were in the building started going downstairs, and everything seemed fine, but we opened a door on the 3rd floor, and a girl that was with us drowned by tons of water flooding our way. We waited it out on the fourth floor for a while longer and eventually escaped. I remember recounting all that happened to an official, and that it was an accident.

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