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    Hai Der!

    1. The last 38 seconds.

      by , 01-18-2020 at 03:03 PM (Exterminate)
      I was semi-lucid throughout the dream. I was kindof aware it was a dream, but it was basically a layer two. Most of the dream was spent with me walking circles around an fps map with a gun that could auto-aim as long as you're pointed in their general direction. There was only one opponent at the time so I didn't really get any action. I eventually found myself in a central point of the map where several people were gathered. The scene shifted as I was now in some sort of 2 story home with several tables about and people of all sorts waiting for some event to begin. I used telekinesis to break some glass and shift about some plates and cups off the tables, causing general destruction. The physics were all weird, so things were hard to move and they didn't fly very far. Sometimes they'd just slowly drift in the air. Some people were disturbed, but most people were just bothered that I kept making a mess. One old lady was different. She had a look on her face like something wasn't right. She recognized that this isn't how reality is meant to be at all. She asked me what was going on with her hand. She had a ring wrapped around her middle knuckle, fused into her hand. I told her she must be dreaming and that she would be able to control the dream if she realizes that fact. I then go downstairs to leave the home and as I get near the door someone on the floor grips my ankle and I can no longer drift away. As I look around I notice a full blown yonko from one piece ready to attack me while I'm trapped. I manage to make it outside with them chasing me. I start making slow progress into the air to escape, but I'm still dragged down by something. Unsure if it was the person who was still holding me or something else. I then noticed two more yonko appear as well as these enormous versions of the same yonko appear on the horizon. These things were unbelievably tall. Like bigger than any mountain you'd ever see tall. I kept getting beat into the air by the yonko as they took turns smacking me with their full might. They then all hit at once and I flew straight through one of the giant yonko and left a hole in them as I woke up.

      Which yonko they were idk, but I'd assume big mom first; then big mom, kaido, and blackbeard. This whole last scene from the moment the old lady asked me what was going on until the dream ended only lasted about 38 seconds, or at least that was the final thought I had as I woke up.
    2. Overwatch and a lucid!

      by , 12-19-2017 at 03:03 PM (Exterminate)
      So it turns out I have been doing this all wrong for around 3 months. I have been setting an alarm after 5 hours' sleep, and have only been writing dreams down sporadically. Around 3 days ago I started watching a ton of videos by a youtuber named Tipharot. He mentioned it would be better using a vibrate alarm around 6 hours after sleep, not just 6 hours after getting into bed. He also recommends trying multiple techniques to get a lucid dream. Well this morning I turned off my loud alarm that would sort of jolt me awake a lot of times, and I just told myself I'd wake up after 6 hours / 5 am. I did set up a backup vibrate alarm for a bit after 6 hours, but I woke up naturally this morning.

      Had a particularly bad session of Overwatch, so I went on discord to discuss my frustration. There were people saying Overwatch sucked at the moment because streamers were showing exploits in the game of mercy getting guaranteed critical hits any time she moved, and Junkrat keeping ult change if he just spammed it.

      I kept trying to hit tennis balls with a shovel? I wasn't successful and people kept laughing at me. I attributed it to me being new at it and the tennis balls being all dented.

      I was going with the flow of a dream, and tried doing reality checks at one point, but they all failed. I was driving in a car and things started appearing around me. I asked if it was a dream, plugged my nose, tried putting fingers through palms, and none of it seemed off. A bit later down the road I snapped out of it and said "Wait. yes, this is a dream." I was a bit worried that the RCs hadn't worked, but I was focused mroe on stabilizing the dream, since it was very low quality. I just tried seeing more things. I got out of the car and rubbed my hands together. I smelled my armpit, I licked the ground, I even ate some grass. This did all stabilize the dream, but it wasn't extremely vivid. I guess it felt pretty real, but I have had much more clear and vivid dreams in the past. I walked inside this store and thought about my goals. I decided against searching for a dream guide, given my location and circumstance. I looked around the store and decided to grab an icee. I filled it up and walked up to the cashier. I knew I could just walk away with it, but I wanted to try a tip Tipharot taught. I said to the person "Thanks for the icee, the car is out front." She just sort of blankly responded with "Oh yeah..." and walked away. I noticed on my way out that the two employees looked like the same person.

      I wanted to try this jedi mind trick again, so I walked up to another woman and said "Oh yeah, you were going to give me your shirt, weren't you?" She just called me a pervert and ran away. I tried summoning a portal to escape but had no success. I said aloud "Portal!" No effect. I then said it in my head- no effect. I took a bit of grass and threw it hard on the ground and shouted portal, but nothing showed up. I saw red and blue lights coming around the corner and I woke up.

      More Overwatch
      I couldn't see much. Almost everything was pitch black, except some people and objects. I got my bearings and found I was playing a variant of mei from Overwatch. I was racking up kills in no time, as I found nobody could see me, just as I couldn't see my surroundings. I came face to face with a widowmaker who had a new weapon. It was some sort of freeze ray that shot a slow projectile specifically for taking out meis. She fired almost all her shots into thin air. She was facing 90 degrees away from me and couldn't find where I was. I made myself visible, and she missed her last shot on me. She became furious, grabbed my neck and started yelling about my hero choice, my performance, the game, etc. I couldn't help but just smile, which made her more mad. I tried saving the moment using shadowplay, but then the dream ended. (Saves the last 3 mins game footage if you have a newer nvidia graphics card.)

      My dreams were fairly difficult to recall, and were of a lower quality, but I haven't been dream journaling much and I am just getting the hang of it again. Quality should improve soon.
    3. Todays dreams: Meeting dream guides and a false awakening

      by , 11-09-2012 at 07:28 PM (Exterminate)
      Meeting my dream guides!

      So first off me and my family were at this house and some people came to the door. There are various girls without clothes on. They were just standing there in their underwear. There were 2-3 other guys with them. I run to my bedroom, trying to escape these people because something did not seem right. I sit there listening for about a half an hour. It turns out they are from this game show. It was all improv. Someone comes up with the topic and the rest discuss it without a script. I put some clothes on, and start to leave my hiding spot. Just before I open the door one of the girls from earlier starts talking to me from the other side. She says "You done with that tissue? *Giggle*" Implying I was masturbating. I tell her I wasn't doing anything immodest, and she laughs it off. I leave the bedroom and go back to where everyone else is. I don't want to play their stupid game, so I look around and see some small balls on the ground. They look like water balls or bouncy balls or something. I guess there was a challenge or something with them. I would put one or more in my mouth, move them around a bit, then spit them out. They would then be awkwardly shaped like a potato or something, then I would smooth them into balls. They were jelly-like, which lead me to believe they were filled with water. I noted at this time that I was a child in this dream. Some then tried taking us (Me, my brother, and someone I have never seen before) away to some place. I tried escaping but failed. At this place a girl strips me and says "His butt seems to be the only thing salvageable. The rest isn't really for show business." I start to worry about how bad of a situation I may be in. Suddenly this girl comes in, probably about 22, black. She has about 5 children, various ages. They were mostly in their teens. The woman drops these kids off, with a nervous look on her face. I start yelling "Something isn't right here, let us go!" and eventually run out of there. As I am walking...I suddenly think "Am I dreaming?"

      "Hell yes!" (I never RC, I just know) So I look around, trying to find something to do. I looked at my surroundings and found myself in a desert. I couldn't see much around me except a highway. Various cars are zooming by. I focus in on a motorcycle that has two women riding it. I then run into the motorcycle as it gets near my location and as I recover I state my intention to locate my dream guide. I talk to the driver of the motorcycle and ask her name. She replies that she does not remember. I look around and notice a shelter nearby. It looked kinda like a horse stable. I also noticed that the mobile home I live in was also nearby.
      The other girl has recovered now and is now standing nearby. I ask the rider of the motorcycle if she can be my Dream Guide and she replies no. I ask the other and she said that they come in a pair, if one is to be my Dream Guide then both must be. So I ask the one if she knows what a dream guide is, and she gives me a face that basically spoke "...Really? Of course I know." So we are now inside the mobile home and it looks like someone packed up. there was boxes and furniture still inside, but none of the occupants seemed to be anywhere in sight. It was a strange and saddening sight. It seems my parents just kinda...left after us children were taken. I think it interesting to note however, that the home mentioned earlier where the game show happened was at a place I don't recognize. I don't know if we lived there in this dream or if we were there for another reason.

      Anyway, at this point I ask my newfound Dream Guides to teach me a new dream skill. The one Dream Guide says "Hmm...Human cloning is not an easy task, so lets start smaller." I found a pen nearby, so I offer that we can do something cool with it. The Dream Guide then grabs a pillowcase and folds it. She then opens it back up and puts a golden rod inside it. She folds the pillowcase back over the rod and starts rubbing the materials together real quickly until sparks start to appear. She says "First you must generate electricity before we can proceed to the next step." She hands me the items and I start rubbing them together like she did. Sparks start flying, and she smiles. I start looking at the sparks: White light so bright..My vision starts to blur, and I get a little sad. The dream is ending. I "Wake up."

      FA about my last dream

      So I think that I woke up, feeling mixed emotions on my previous dream..I am sitting in front of my laptop, talking to my brother about my dream. On my laptop was a wiki that had everything about my previous dream. I found it amazing that I hadn't even written my dream down yet, but this wiki knew everything about the dream. I'm talking about lists, pictures, maps, everything. I was talking to my brother about the wonders of having some Dream Guides, and the sadness that the dream ended, but I am just as happy about it now as I was then.
      We, as a family, went to this garage. The place seemed quite familiar from my dream, because in the dream there was this garage door inside the house. I looked around and was excited. I figured I'd visit my dream location. We go inside the garage door, but it is...just a garage. Nothing special. The dream ended shortly after.

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    4. Lucid dream house

      by , 09-09-2012 at 03:11 PM (Exterminate)
      So first I remember me, my brother, my mom, and my dad in a car, going down a highway, at night. We were like the only ones there. This car seems pretty new, and has 3 buttons on the roof in back. Me being curious, I press one, making the car go nuts, and a cop car and fire truck turn their lights/sirens on, and I think it is my fault. They rush past us, so I guess it is unrelated, but my dad who is driving pulls off into an exit assuming he will get pulled over. When they go past him, he gets back on the highway but says something to the effect of "Damn it, I lost him. I have never lost a suspect in my _ years of this job.." So I assume he is like a cop as well? He goes in the general direction much faster, but there is like this bridge, half there. After about half way, there is just nothing, as if a world is not loading chunks on minecraft. There are these guards with rifles standing on either side, and my dad asks them if they saw anything, which they reply that they didn't. My dad replies "Stupid guards!" then looks into the void in front. I see like 12 tornadoes form in front, and engulf the guards, mom, my bro, and my dad. I guess it overtook me too.

      Next thing I remember I am lucid seeing a little girl, walking beside my dad, with another older girl walking in front. Turns out that little girl is me. I then take place of the girl, yet I am wearing my waking life's clothes. I recall looking forward at our house, and it is fairly sized and wonderful. We live in a mobile home in real life, so this was quite a change. I age myself a bit because I don't want to be some little girl, so I turn around 14-16. I look around the house and I love everything I see, big living room, looks like we are just moving in. I remember seeing this room with a bunch of stuff scattered about, and realize this must be my dream dad's office. Instead of helping I decide to explore, and walk outside the room into the living room. I figure I may as well watch some tv, see what my mind can make of it, but just then my bro-wait, sister? grabs the remote and says "I am going to test watching memories on tv." She changes the channel and thinks of a memory, but nothing happens, it just changes normally. I say "I can do this." and take the remote, think of when my cousin had a sleepover at our house once, and hit random numbers on the remote, expecting my memory to show up..It didn't, just normal programming. I make another attempt, and it doesn't work either. I get a little depressed, and change the channel back to what it was before. What I see is some fitness paid programming, except the girl in it is showing her breasts, which doesn't interest me, I guess because I was a girl.
      I remember in the office thinking "I wish I could take pictures and see this in real life." We all went outside, and I looked back at the house, thinking that top room must be my oldest sister's room, if only I could take a few pics, then my mom is in the car, ready to go, and my dad calls her susan, which was real strange to me, as that is not her name in real life.. My oldest sister, which I guess is my mind's representation of my oldest brother, was seated in the car, in a dress, my older bro was in the back seat, my dad driving, and my mom in the passenger seat. I do not recall when I put on a dress, I guess a little after the age change, but my oldest...sister, tells me "Where did you get that dress, it looks a little small. Unless it just 'appeared' in your closet one day which happens to me a lot." Another comment she said was "Ugh, can't wait to rent out my room and get my own place." The dream ended somewhere in the car.

      Last comments: I remember my look as a little girl, I was blonde, with long hair, no freckles. My older sister had the appearance of an emo girl, with a piercing in her lip, straight black hair, quite attractive. Also, in my dream we were all skinny, instead of overweight we are in real life. Also, I remember using the hand rubbing technique when in the living room, and other various times to increase my senses, it actually worked.
      Is it normal to feel sleep paralysis/vibrations in dreams? Because I felt it for a moment as I was rubbing my hands.

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    5. My first two lucid dreams! <3

      by , 08-23-2012 at 06:54 PM (Exterminate)
      I was sort of depressed that I could not recall any dreams from the night before. I woke up about 6:20 judging how no-one was awake, and I never heard the alarm. 10 minutes pass, then the 6:30 alarm goes off, wakes my brother up(As you can likely guess, we share a room), it causes a lot of noise.. I decided it would be a good morning to try a WILD. I laid down for a few minutes(felt like 20-30) then felt really relaxed. I start saying "I WILL have a lucid, I WILL have a lucid." After about two minutes sleep paralysis hit, and I thought of my living room, said to myself "stabilize lucidity", and the lucid dream starts.

      First lucid:
      I was standing in my living room. It was so clear and vivid that I couldn't believe it. I thought to myself how I was lying in bed just a moment ago, and now here I am in a new place. A new world surrounding me. I walked into my parents' room, there I saw a light bulb in a socket on the wall which didn't belong there. I unscrewed it, then held it in my hand trying to light it up as it was in its socket a second ago. I failed..I then went around the corner to see my dad playing Zynga's Frontierville (a game which he has never played before), he asks me how to obtain a whip then I lose interest. I go back to the living room, close my eyes for a second to change scenery, and woke up.

      Seems to be a mix of layer two and layer three lucid dream since I got pretty distracted by what my dad was doing. I wonder if I woke up due to my dream time being over, excitement, lack of goals, or because of my waking environment. Like I said, me and my brother share a room, and since he was already awake, he started making noise. He also had the light on right above me which may have prevented a deep sleep.
      I fell back asleep after like 45 minutes. Not sure just what this dream started with..

      Second lucid-A mansion, with prisoners:
      I appear to be in a lab with like 4-5 scientists around me. I am a guinea pig for a new piece of technology that would allow you to enter into lucid dreams at will from a waking state. Sort of like doing a WILD, but with technology, making it more akin to EILD. I get this chip that you hold in your hand, it supposedly makes you lucid. So I go into what looks/feels like a tanning bed, hold the chip in my hands and fall asleep quick.
      I "wake up" in this huge mansion of sorts. I seem to know in the back of my mind it is a dream, but I lose focus on that and get involved with the story instead. I moderate a minecraft server, and it seems a bunch of my friends from the server are in a prison, apparently being kept there by another player and antagonist on the server called EnderMilk. After some effort, I find him, but try to keep my distance. I phase through a wall to see the prisoners, and they look so helpless. I try to find a way to help them. I go back inside the mansion through a window, but the dream destabilizes and I wake up for real.

      Well, two lucid dreams, even if they were kinda short-lived it is a start!

      After looking back on these experiences, it seems the second dream was more of a mix of layer zero and layer two just barely. This is one of those experiences where people think they dream of being lucid rather than actually being lucid.

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