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    Zechariah's Dream Journal

    1. A monster from my childhood. The crazy lady was right this time.

      by , 09-09-2012 at 09:01 PM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      This dream started out down the street from my house. I was going for a walk around the block like I do nearly every day. Nothing seemed out of place, and the begining has very little to do with the rest of the dream. I walked my elementry school that's down the street from my house, and as I passed the front office- my oldest friend Marykate Pennington walked by on the other side of the road. I said Hey! what's going on? She said Hey! I just got back from Washington. And she started telling me about her trip. (Everything seemed pretty accurate, she had been living in Washington for a few months.)
      We walked down my street and I felt very very weak for some reason. I told her to go to my house and ask my mom to make her some food and we'll catch up in a bit, she didn't look so good either.
      I walked past my wife and her sister Amie laying on the sidewalk on the corner accross the street from the school, and I layed down next to her. We talked for a minute, and I fell asleep even though I wasn't sleeping. She poked me a couple times to see if I was awake, and I was awake then but I was going to turn around and yell BOO! But I tried to jump up and found I was too weak at this point. I lifted my head but then it feel back to the ground. Then I laughed and told her what I was trying to do and that I didn't feel good, then we began walking back to my house. On the way back down my street, I noticed that a few of my neighbors small brick walls had been broken on the edges. A few bricks layed on the sidewalk with no explination, like something big had plowed through them.
      As I got closer to my house, I noticed a short elderly lady standing in front of the church across the street from my house. (My house in real life is on the corner surrounded by three churches and a school. It's a weird corner.)
      The lady was pointing up in the tree shouting, "MONSTER, MONSTER, IT'S THERE! IN THE TREE! Why wouldn't anyone listen?!"
      I started walking towards her while looking into the tree, and just then a huge green worm like creature; probably twenty feet long and three feet wide leaped from the tree and with supernatural speed ran through the church's courtyard. "What the fuck!?" I yelled, still weak- I was holding on to things to keep myself moving. It circled the church and rapidly multiplied into an enormous green Cthulhu looking beast. As big as the building and much too quick for anyone around it to escape. It had dozens, maybe a hundred limbs and each was as big or bigger than the first worm I saw. It made me remember a dream that I had when I was little, I have seen what that worm was doing before.
      But in the dream years ago, nobody found out what it was. There was a mysterious death in the church yard with a huge grooved ditch going through the grass. I now realized what it was, and I knew the old lady was aware of that past dream as if it was a reality. I looked up at the beast as it flailed it's limbs and grabbed another man and woman right behind me and slammed the woman into the cement directly in front of me. I knew her, she was the mother of my next door neighbor. It pained me to see but I had to go, she was dead. My wife and I reached my house and informed my family. I was standing in my kitchen panicking when I saw icons come up in front of my face like a game. I needed to choose and option of what to do next, but I didn't know what to do. They didn't even have names on them. That was the last thing I remember about this dream. It was fucking epic now that I'm awake thinking about it, but very intense while I was in it.

      One thing that's baffling me is how my mind continued a story from so many years ag at that church- and randomly brought it into a huge monsterous conclusion last night. It's beautiful.