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    Zechariah's Dream Journal

    1. My mother's flying machine.

      by , 09-07-2012 at 01:29 AM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      I meantioned in a forum post, I've been experimenting with apples and apple juice for a couple days and have had some great success with the number of dreams that I'm able to have in one period of sleep. Last night's first dreams started out like this;

      My mother and I were visiting her friend in Europe. We had stopped in a cafe' and had lunch with whoever her friend was, I don't remember the breakfast scene but somehow I knew what her friend looked like. My memory of the dream starts with us about to head back to America. But before we started back, my mom wanted to show me around this little town of diners that were all replicas of iconic eateries around the world. They had some very pretty looking places, I specifically remember one my mom pointed out. It was three stories high, and more yellow than the yellow brick road. I'm just getting to the good part now though, for some reason, we were doing all of this in a high tech motored parasailing vehicle! We flew over europe for awhile, but then set off over the waters back home. (In the dream, I guess you could internationally travel within just a few minutes. I wasn't think very hard. It was just a fun experience). Near the end it became a little less fun when I realized I didn't have much of a hold onto the vehicle. The straps were hard to explain, but I think at one point I ended up literally holding myself up on rigid strings.