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    1. The Guadalupe Airport

      by , 06-08-2014 at 02:19 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #212: The Guadalupe Airport

      Im in a cafe talking to an art student in his early 20s as he walks out the door. Im complimenting him on some piece of digital art that I saw in his online portfolio when I realize that I cant remember his name. I ask and he says, Its Bradley, as we shake hands. I think that this is a student in my 3-year-old sons class, somehow all grown up.

      Bradley leaves and I just stand there, confused about how this much time has passed. After a brief mental struggle, I realize that these facts just dont fit together and
      I become lucid.

      I spend a few moments looking around at the DCs in the cafe but they all seem fairly generic. I dont have goals in mind and Im anxious that Ill waste the experience, so I head through the first door that I see, winding up in a bathroom. Somebody flushes from one of the stalls. I am not spending a lucid dream listening to people flush toilets, I think, and head back out through the bathroom, back through the cafe, and out into a mall.

      Im feeling less passive now and I try hard to remember what my goals were. Somehow I dredge up that a Task of the Month is to keep repeating whatever a DC says to you. I approach a balding, blonde-haired guy with glasses in his early 40s. Hes wearing a t-shirt that says something about the Windows registry and hes looking at me like he wants to tell me something.

      Talk to me! I say.

      He happily launches into an explanation of something about computers, but hes speaking too rapidly for me to follow. I eventually start catching him mid-sentence. If you have a memory block that and I babble back If you have a memory block that!

      He scowls at the interruption. You know what? I dont think youre actually into this! And with that, he turns and walks away, looking offended.

      I continue on, drifting through the crowd. I spot one guy thats unusually tall and for some reason get the nasty impulse to mess with him. I kick him in the right shin and he falls forward, stopping just short of hitting the ground. Then he rises back up, looking angry and annoyed. Sorry, that was stupid, I say, scurrying away from him. He floats after me for a moment but I make an effort to think about other things as I evade him, flying down an escalator to the first floor.

      I move through a relatively empty hallway, worrying for a moment about whether Ill be able to remember whats happened in the dream and take a moment to reflect on how cool this is.

      Now Im back in the main thoroughfare with the crowd. I spot two attractive women nearby, both Indian, one in her mid-twenties, the other in her mid-forties. I fly past them and they say something about going to Las Vegas. I want to impress them for some reason so I boast that Im having a lucid dream and could travel to Las Vegas instantly. They laugh nervously and sort of edge away.

      I say something like, Here, Ill show you! and start flying away, slightly out of control. Theres an open chunk in the ceiling and I pass through it, turning and flailing a bit. Somehow I find myself flying along an airport runway at night. I hear Happy Birthday Guadalupe! by The Killers playing over what sounds like a clock radio and I worry that a morning alarm is going off. I fly up to a tall column of carved stone in the middle of the runway and reach out to touch it
      as the dream ends.
    2. Runway

      by , 04-14-2014 at 04:00 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #200: Runway

      Im walking out through the exit of an airport when I realize that Ive left my cell phone inside, possibly on the plane. I want to turn back to get it but Im feeling disoriented and cant find my way back inside.

      Now Im walking along the runway as planes taxi back and forth around me. I know that this is a bad idea but I cant figure out what else Im supposed to do and I wonder why they make airports so confusing. A plane rolls by on my right, uncomfortably close, and as I cringe away from it,
      I realize that this is all a dream.

      Calmer now, I walk along the runway toward an odd series of doors set into a metal frame. The frames set up right next to a long patch of grass and seems to lead nowhere, but when I walk through one of the doors, now Im standing in the lobby of an ornate hotel.

      Theres a fancy, circular bench covered in some sort of red pillowtop. I walk around it to the foot of a grand staircase. For some reason I decide not to go up and I walk down a hallway around the side of the stairway. I realize that a group of people including my cousin SU is following close behind me. I dont turn to address them but instead continue on slowly and deliberately, enjoying the vivid, stable feel of the dream.

      I come to a large glass window and I move toward it to phase. As I approach, I vividly see the reflections of SU and the 2-3 others behind me. I take the phase slowly, marvelling at the detail of not only the reflections behind me but the sensations of the phase itself. The glass feels like a cool, insubstantial liquid as I pass through it.

      I make my way into a busy, two-floor restaurant. Its a fancy place and I stop to study it. I notice that the waitstaff is all women in their late 20s or early 30s wearing a long brown ponytail.

      I remember some snatch of an earlier Task of the Month that I think has something to do with wearing green. As I recall this, all of the waitresses turn to look at me for a moment, all of them now dressed in green pants and a white dress shirt. I notice no transition to the green pants. Its just as if this is what theyve been wearing the entire time. I know that Im not remembering anything relevant about any task, so I let it go and the waitresses turn their attention back to the other DCs in the restaurant.

      I walk up the carpeted stairway to another row of tables full of nicely dressed DCs enjoying dinner. It doesnt look like theres a free table in the whole place. I walk along for a bit, wanting to explore further, but
      the dream ends.
    3. Enjoy the Silence

      by , 03-08-2014 at 09:48 PM
      One notable thing about this dream was that I had it very close to the beginning of my sleep. Burke's MIT article gave me the idea to do a really determined MILD before bed and it certainly paid off here!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #191: Enjoy the Silence

      Im sitting in an airport terminal, waiting for a flight. A few seats over I spot Kurt Klimanski, a guy who did some lucid dreaming youtube videos several years ago. I think hey, great opportunity to talk about lucid dreaming with someone while I pass the time.

      As Im getting out of my seat to approach him, I notice the dreamlike way that I glide out of my chair and question whether Im having a lucid dream right now. Hey,
      turns out that I am!

      I move toward him but the chairs are all in my way. Mildly annoyed, I float past the chairs and land next to him. Hey, the guy from the video, right? I say. Kurt Klimanski looks up. Im actually having a lucid dream right now.

      Oh, okay cool, man, he responds, bobbing his head up and down.

      He starts talking about something LD-related but I feel myself slipping into the void. I grab for his hand but miss and wind up scrabbling at the carpet. Hes still talking, seemingly oblivious to how hard Im trying to hang onto the scene. This goes on for a bit but eventually I fall into the void.

      Im relaxed here, though, and adopt a swimming motion to move silently through the darkness. I get the sense of motion and catch imagery that looks like Im swimming past a series of huge, slowly turning pages in a book.

      Then Im pulled into a false awakening. Its super realistic, but I have a strong sense that Im still dreaming. I open my eyes and even feel the sensation of them opening, but I still know its all an illusion. I should still have my sleep mask on but I have relatively clear vision of the darkened room around me. Wife sleeps silently beside me.

      I look up at the ceiling and see two large, projected circles filled with stars there. The two star circles slowly rotate in opposite directions. The effect is hypnotic and beautiful.

      I watch for a good while, surprised that Im able to maintain this much stillness without the dream falling apart. I almost feel like Im getting away with something by just sitting here watching. I feel like my dreaming brain still believes that it has me fooled. I lay there for a while enjoying the experience until
      the dream ends. This time my eyes open to the pitch blackness of my sleep mask.
    4. Travel Buddy

      by , 11-18-2013 at 09:37 PM
      Successful teleportation with closed eyes... my first of these! Great new skill to have. (This was the third of three lucid dreams from this morning.)

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #165: Travel Buddy

      The sister of a good friend has been kidnapped and Ive gone on a mission to rescue her. (False memory: no waking life friend, no sister) Shes being held in a place that looks like a mental hospital. Im hazy on how we get to this point, but shes hurt or disabled, and I wind up carrying her slung over my shoulder, pursued by a handful of guys in suits. The hallway were in dead-ends at a locked door, but I crash through it.

      Now I'm running along a metal walkway around the outside of the building which ends at a railing. I'm fifty feet up and trapped. Theres another walkway I could jump to but it feels hugely risky to do this while carrying another person. Im wondering what to do when I realize that
      the whole thing is a dream.

      The whole scene goes quiet -- the pursuers are gone and my companion is now standing on the walkway beside me. I realize that she isnt my friends sister or in fact anyone I know at all. My reaction to this is to think Awesome! and begin randomly making out with her for a moment. After just a bit of this she sort of loses interest and wanders away, quickly disappearing. I gaze down at the street below and as I try to look closely at whats down there, I unintentionally teleport to street level.

      I find myself standing in a vacant lot. From the sidewalk, a very attractive woman with a pixie haircut is calmly watching me. Im still feeling a little amorous so I hurry quickly over to her. Hi! she says. What did you want to say to me?

      I feel a little sheepish because it feels obvious that she already knows. I was looking for sex.

      Okay, she says. I could do that if you want. But before you decide what to ask for, you need to know that I can help you do anything you want me to. She really emphasizes this last part.

      Even though she doesnt say it outright, I get the sense that I get only one chance to make a choice. Can you help me get to the Great Barrier Reef? I ask, referring to Task of the Year.

      Yes! she says. I can help you with anything! We have to take an airplane to get to Australia. She hurries down the sidewalk and I follow her. Day quickly turns to night as we approach a squat, black building that looks a bit like a dingy train station.

      She explains that, Theres no direct flight to Australia from this airport so well have to stop at <some name> airport. The place doesn't really look like an airport, but I believe what she's saying.

      Cant I just teleport to the other airport? I ask. (For some reason, teleporting right to the Great Barrier Reef does not occur to me.)

      Go ahead! Try it now, itll work! she says, rather excitedly. I feel incredibly encouraged by this. I close my eyes, imagine the other airport, open them again, and now Im inside a huge room in a new airport! Theres a big flight departure board covered with lots of illegible information about the flights going through this airport.

      Shes standing nearby grinning and she says something congratulatory and mentions that we need to catch our flight. I assume that I can just teleport to the next location, though, and I immediately close my eyes again. I get a sudden little jolt of fear that Ill mess up somehow. In particular I fear that I'll open my real eyes, so I kind of lose my nerve. The room goes into this half-haze, she disappears, and I feel like Im losing the dream.

      I paw at the scenery nearby and after a bit the scene comes back. Unfortunately my travel buddy seems to be gone for good. I wander around a bit more, walking through a bathroom and mentally writing something on the wall. I find this interesting at first but start feeling a little frustrated when the letters and words wont stay the same.

      I roam the airport a bit longer, but eventually the dream fades.

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    5. Donkey Kong Junior

      by , 07-29-2013 at 10:39 PM
      Very well-meaning but flawed attempt at the North America Task of the Year. (The King Kong one!)

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #128: Donkey Kong Junior

      I falsely believe that I have a young niece named Emily that's arriving by plane. I'm waiting with Dad in the airport for her and all of the passengers have gotten out with no sign of Emily at all. I'm becoming fretful. Dad isn't very worried and is loudly telling me stories about how thoroughly the new cereal he is eating "cleaned out his colon". I'm very embarrassed by how loudly he's talking and decide I'd rather go look for Emily.

      It's like the old days when you could meet someone at the gate, and I'm allowed to stroll right through the jetway and onto the plane. I walk up and down the rows of seats, but there's no sign of her. But when I double back I find her waiting by a bend in the jetway. She's about 11 or 12, short, blonde, a little pale. I realize that I have never seen her before in my life and
      become lucid.

      There's one of those little doors that leads out to the runway, and I walk through it and start flying toward a city that I see on the horizon. Night either falls quickly or I suffer some kind of memory gap here, because I land at a parking lot in a cluster of buildings. There's some sort of party going on with loud music bleeding out into the parking lot. There are a lot of people milling around in the parking lot itself, and some of them start following me.

      I spot my friend "RF" as part of the nearby group and I tell him to "check this out" as I approach one of the parked cars. I decide that the car is as light as an inflatable balloon, lift it, and turn it over on its side.

      RF looks stunned and asks me how I did that. I tell him that you just pretend something is the way that you want and you usually find that it is. I become sort of boastful and start showing off. "Look at this car. If I decide that it tastes like cake, it will." I take a huge bite out of one of the tires and it's pretty good! Tastes like a fairly decent birthday cake. Several other people in the crowd join in, taking bites out of the car here and there. I spot my high school friend "Alf" in the crowd, and he makes some remark about how cool this is. Pretty soon, a huge crowd of DCs has surrounded the car and started to devour it. It's cool to watch them consume the car but also vaguely disturbing. Reminds me a bit of a Walking Dead zombie feed.

      RF and I walk away from the car along the sidewalk, reaching a building with the mural of a skyscraper painted on it. I suddenly remember the North America "Empire State Building" Task of the Year. The mural doesn't look quite like the Empire State Building, but I decide that I'm going to start climbing it and then turn it into the Empire State Building as I go. I tell RF this is for "Task of the Year" and he says "Go for it." I latch myself to the mural like Spider-Man and start climbing up the wall. It feels really forced at first, but the more I get into it, the more it feels like I'm scaling the side of a tall building.

      And now here I am, clinging to the side of the Empire State Building, the wind pulling at my clothes and body. I'm trying to remember what the Task of the Year even involves.
      (I'm supposed to transform into King Kong, climb to the top, and fight with the military.) I feel a little frustrated with my memory, so I decide that I want to get inside and think about what I'm supposed to be doing. I either enter an open window or phase through a closed one, winding up in a small, quiet marble elevator lobby.

      There's an elevator waiting here, and I step inside. It only goes up to "9", and I wince that this is not nearly high enough for the Empire State Building. I press "9", assuming that there will be a new bank of elevators I can take at that point which will bring me all the way up. The elevator begins its ascent and I pace nervously, worrying that I'm buying too much into the mechanics of the dream. I can't remember whether I'm supposed to be ascending normally, climbing the building, or what, so I just go with it.

      The elevator doors open on "9" and I step out into a lobby that looks much like the previous one. There's a bulky, square-jawed maintenance man in overalls here. "Hey!" he shouts. "You're not supposed to be here!" With that, he winds up like a baseball pitcher and throws a large crescent wrench right at my head. It clonks straight into my forehead and drops into my right hand. My forehead tingles a bit, but there's no serious pain.

      Somehow I now have a wrench in both hands. I feel angry with the guy for attacking me. "You're an asshole!" I inform him and throw both wrenches at his stomach. They bounce off of his torso and he doubles over, glaring at me but not seriously hurt. I feel a little bad and have no interest in going to war with this guy, so I dash into another elevator, stab at a button without looking, "knowing" that it leads to the viewing platform.

      Again I wait, and soon the elevator opens up to an open-air room that looks a bit like a bell tower. There's a guy in a lab coat here explaining some scientific breakthrough about lycanthropy and animal transformations in general. I run past him along a plank to a balcony. Now I want to transform into King Kong. I look to my left and there's another skyscraper, even taller than the "Empire State Building" that I'm standing on. On top of this other building stands the cheesiest-looking Godzilla-style lizard monster I've ever seen, and I can't help but chuckle. Looks like all the movie monsters are out and about today.

      I start hopping about like a gorilla and imagine myself transforming into King Kong. In my craziness, I manage to leap off of the building. Rather than a fall, there's an odd transition and now I'm just running along a tree-lined street below, roaring like a gorilla and pounding my chest. The chest-pounding feels a little phony but the gorilla roars are amazing. My hands and arms look big and gorilla-like, but I'm not nearly large or hairy enough to be King Kong. I feel more like a big, strong, long-armed dude with a gorilla roar.

      Some DCs rush up to attack me, but they're all just regular men in casual street clothes. I shove them away, remembering that I need to get attacked somehow and win, but I'm very confused as to the details. I take a few swats at these DCs and amusingly, they go flying off whenever I hit them. I know that something's off with all of this, though, and that I need to be a lot bigger, I need to be up on top of the building, and I think I need to fight something tougher. The details are really hazy, though, so I just lumber around for a while longer amusing myself until
      the dream ends.
    6. Woodrow the Giant

      by , 07-04-2013 at 01:51 PM
      Finally broke that dry spell! This was a really fun one. Emotions got the best of me at the end, but it was great while it lasted.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #113: Woodrow the Giant

      I'm in a first-person shooter video game where I'm entering an airport. One of the people I'm with slips some kind of blaster into my pocket as we're walking through airport security. Won't that set off the metal detectors? I think of all this as just a game, though, so I give it a try.

      An alarm sounds, surprisingly soft but unmistakable. I keep walking, just in case they think it was someone else behind me. As I head into a broad, bustling concourse, I see a few security guys heading toward me from different directions. They're dressed in plain clothes, which makes them seem less official and more menacing. I change directions and they change with me. I know I'm caught. One guy has his hand on his right hip like he's ready to pull a gun, so I decide to be first. I pull the banana-shaped blaster out of my jacket pocket and start shooting. My first shot catches the guy right in the chest and he crumples to the floor.

      I immediately realize that this isn't a video game, but a dream. I remember goals: meet Art at the Alamo and Tasks of the Month. Since this is already a video game scenario, I think that it'll be easy to pull Art in. "[NewArtemis], I know you're right there behind me." No response. By now the other security guys have drawn their guns, although they oddly have not fired yet.

      I shoot one more of them and he collapses to the ground. Still, nobody returns fire. "[NewArtemis], a little help!" A woman walking nearby turns around. She's wearing jeans and has dirty blonde hair, not at all the usual hair color for Art's DC, but it's definitely her!

      "Hey there!" I say, thinking that it'll be fun to have her take care of the last of these security guys. But when I look for them, they're gone -- everyone is walking through the airport concourse like nothing has happened. I turn back to Art. "You dyed your hair...?" I half-comment, half-ask.
      (I sincerely doubt this.)

      "Hey," she says, with a wry half-smile, ignoring the whole hair thing.

      We hug and I say, "Okay, that's Basic. You feel like punching Woodrow Wilson?" (Advanced Task of the Month.)

      She nods. "I'd love to punch that guy."
      (We have never discussed Woodrow Wilson, so I'm likely projecting here.)

      I glance around for Wilson. "Let's do it," I say to Art, and then call out to the crowd: "Woodrow Wilson! I know you're here!" We walk along the concourse for perhaps twenty feet when I spot a huge man to our left. Somehow, even with everything around him brightly lit, he's hidden in shadow. The man is at least ten feet tall, probably closer to twelve, and he's flanked by two normal-sized men who don't look like they're doing anything in particular.

      "Is that you, Woodrow Wilson?" As soon as I say this, the man's face is illuminated and it's definitely Wilson -- long, expressionless face, glasses, the whole bit. Weirdly, he's dressed in the style of a Catholic priest with a cassock and clerical collar. He strides toward us quickly and moves up very close to crowd me.

      Wilson doesn't attack but just stands there towering over me, no expression on his face, his eyes unfocused. I've lost some emotional control and I'm starting to feel fearful. Art circles around on my right, grimacing a little, her hands balled into fists. She can help me, but I know that for Task I know that I need to hit the guy. I try to calm myself down while imagining myself leaping up and doing some kind of superman punch. I'm freaking out a little bit, though, and
      the dream falls apart.
    7. Gladius and Darkness

      by , 01-19-2013 at 04:40 PM
      This lucid was long enough that I became legitimately concerned about remembering it. This worry wound up being a bit of a downfall, but it still took me in interesting directions.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #57: Gladius and Darkness

      I'm experiencing deja vu as I walk through an airport terminal, sure that I've dreamed of this place before. I note all of these little details that I believe my mind left out of the dream version of this place -- the color of the carpeting, the man arguing at the ticket counter, the way that the ceiling curves into a dome in this room. Then I hear the sound of hurried little footsteps. Someone tells me "E is looking for you!" (E is my oldest son.) Now I'm lucid.

      I hear E shout playfully from somewhere further down the terminal: "Looking for Daaaaddy!" I know that we're playing hide and seek. I eagerly set off, loving the idea of playing like this in an LD. I move through the terminal and wind up in a series of twisting, narrow office hallways. Other children run by me, possibly engaged in their own games of hide and seek.

      As I'm moving through these hallways, a little hand swipes the back of my leg and E declares, "I got Daaaaddy!" I move toward E to scoop him up but he laughs and runs in the opposite direction. I follow but almost immediately I've lost him in the hallways.

      I wind up back in the airport terminal and wander through there a while longer before coming to a craft table. Wife is standing at this table wearing a smock and molding some sort of clay. I walk up to the table but she doesn't acknowledge me. I grab a piece of clay and tell her, "I'm having a lucid dream." She responds in essence that I should "show her" what that means. (I don't remember her exact words.)

      As I begin molding the clay, it starts foaming and fizzing until the entire surface is covered in a layer of foam. I wipe the foam away bit by bit and underneath is a carved image of a human face. Wife looks astonished. I tell her, "I'm telling you, being lucid is the way to go."

      She hands me a round piece of glass. "Make me a picture of a Christmas tree." I nod, take the glass from her, and rub my hand across it once. Instead of a Christmas tree, I produce a little stained glass picture of an eye.

      Wife looks at it. "Nice. But that's not a Christmas tree. I thought you said you were having a lucid dream."

      A bit baffled, I shrug and say, "I don't know what to tell you." She goes back to her crafts and I walk further along in the airport terminal. I'm loving the experience of being lucid again and I suddenly fret that I'll forget everything that's happened. I try to recall everything that's happened up to this point, but this destabilizes the scene. Everything collapses into darkness.

      I remember that Xanous had talked about handling "dark scenes" by acting out some action like riding a bike or running. I want to perform a Task of the Year, so I will myself to have a gladius in my hand. (The gladius is a sword of ancient Rome.) I swing the sword back and forth in the darkness, imagining that I'm locked in a dark tunnel underneath the Colosseum. I can hear the crowd now, and I know that the gates will open any moment to let me out for my match. I'm nervous with anticipation. I try to remember whether I have to kill for this task, and think that I do.

      I see a blob of light forming in the corner of my vision. I'm filled with fear and nervous tension. But just as I'm bursting with anticipation, the crowd noise dies down and the blob of light forms into a high window in the hallway of a university. My vision is badly distorted around the edges, almost as if I'm wearing a shredded contact lens.

      The window is about 15 feet above me, and I float up to it to start phasing through the glass. The phasing is difficult and awkward. It feels like I'm dragging my body through thick plastic wrap. I finally make it through and then I'm flying over a park in the mid-afternoon. The dream feels thin now, and I fly only a short distance before
      waking up.