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    1. Adobe

      by , 11-10-2014 at 05:52 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #254: Adobe

      I’m driving through a city, looking for some place to park. My dream family is here with me -- a dark-haired woman is my wife, my young daughter is in a car seat in the back, and there’s maybe a 2nd child (a son?) as well. We’re exhausted and homeless, living out of our car. I pull into a parking space next to a hill and sleep for a while. A cop car pulls up soon, though, and we have to move on.

      Now we’re driving down a dusty freeway that’s under construction. Workers wander back and forth, while a thick cloud of tan dust obscures my vision. I can barely see 30 feet in front of me and I’m really scared that I’m going to hit someone. A worker walks right in front of the car and I swerve, barely missing him. I’m so afraid that I’m going to kill somebody and I panic myself into…

      … a false awakening. I believe that I’m anotherdreamer and that I need to write this dream down before I forget it. My surroundings are alien to me, though, and I’m feeling super lazy, way too tired to get out of bed to journal. Something seems odd, though, and I flow into…

      … another false awakening as myself! :canislucidus: I still feel really tired and lazy, but this time since I’ve “really woken up”, I decide to do the right thing and journal. I grab my DJ and walk into the bathroom, but as I’m holding the DJ I notice that the journal isn’t as thick as it usually is. (I keep a pen jammed in it.) I try the nose pinch, blow through, and
      now I’m lucid. I walk back into the bedroom and my vision dims until I’m in the void.

      I rub my hands together, recalling the idea to try a little singing the next time I’m in the void. I sing a line about how “this is a lucid dreeeeeeam” and my voice comes out like half-badass/half-joke rock like Tenacious D. After some more singing and hand-rubbing, my vision comes back and I’m in my bedroom closet. I walk back out to the window and try some air guitar. It’s lame at first, but after a few tries, I hear some distant chords of electric guitar that actually sound pretty good.

      I look out through the bedroom window onto a nighttime desert scene. As far as I can see there are rows of adobe buildings lit by neon signs. It looks like fun, so I phase through the window and hulk-jump off the side of the house toward the buildings. I do some mid-air guitar playing during this jump, too, and kind of flail my legs around like I’m trying to do some kind of rock star jump thing. I land between one set of restaurants and buildings on a dusty street, then hop into the air again.

      While I’m up in the air, I decide that I want to try summoning Dreamer to hang out at one of these places to talk and pig out on a bunch of dream food. Out loud I say, “Okay, I know we’re supposed to meet here…” and then “Don’t be late!” I nag. When I land, though, the DC waiting there is a woman I don’t recognize, tall and pale with short brown hair, a pierced nose, and multiple piercings on each ear. She starts speaking to me in this really caustic, unpleasant American accent, berating me about my guitar playing.

      “Your guitar playing was all bullshit,” says the woman. “That wasn’t even you!” She walks up to me, continuing to scold and complain about my guitar playing, telling me that my playing sucked, etc. I find this pretty annoying but for some reason I don’t think to just leave.

      I don’t find this DC appealing, but I decide to turn things around by saying, “There’s no need to be so weird about it. If you wanted to have sex with me, you should have just asked.” As I say this, she takes on a different countenance, her hair darkening, her body growing a little shorter, a little more athletic-looking, and a softer, more attractive face, probably mixed-race. She approaches me and we kiss. We awkwardly lose our balance and do this not-at-all sexy fall onto the road. I make an attempt at escalating things to sexytime, but my vision has faded out. There are a few more seconds of void-kissing before
      the dream ends.

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    2. Patronus, Part Two

      by , 09-23-2014 at 01:17 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #239: Patronus, Part Two

      I’m reading a comic book with Wife about spies on a dangerous ocean voyage. There’s a lot of discussion about an acronym MBME and what it means. The meaning keeps changing, which makes me feel vaguely suspicious, but I don’t become lucid yet.

      Somehow we become a part of the story and wind up in an RV that we decide is a classroom for my son E. We meet with one of his teachers for a while and at the end of the meeting I start gathering up all of my stuff. Stack of papers. Backpack with my work laptop. Our test iPad from the office. I’m exasperated that I brought so much stuff and left it lying around everywhere, and the whole thing overall feels strange. As Wife and I duck out of the RV, I consider my situation one more time and
      I become lucid.

      We’re outside in a grassy field. I still have the goal of summoning my patronus with Dreamer, which I misremember as wanting to summon the patronus with Wife. “Come here, let’s summon my patronus!” I tell her.

      “Oh, okay!” she responds. I take her up in a hug and kiss her for a moment. Then I extend my left arm out and expect a patronus to form.

      There’s nothing at first, but I say, “Look, there’s something,” and now there are wisps of silvery, smoky mist flowing from my fingertips. The wisps coalesce into some little critter who leaps to the ground behind a passing DC. I lose sight for a moment and start looking around to see where the patronus has gone.

      “Look, he’s so cutie!” says Wife. I turn to find my patronus, a silvery, wispy little bunny, hopping around in the grass under the RV. He turns back to look toward us and his little nose twitches. He returns to nibbling at the grass.

      Wife says a couple more things about how cute he is, and I notice that the ground is becoming insubstantial. I think that maybe I rushed around too much in this dream, and
      it soon ends.

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    3. I Melt With You

      by , 09-19-2014 at 12:13 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #237: I Melt with You
      I'm standing high up on a viewing platform, looking over a view of the sparkling ocean below. Wife and my son E are standing nearby, looking silently out over the water. I realize that this is a dream.

      I look back and E has disappeared. Wife doesn't react, and I tell her, "Don't worry. This is a dream."

      She nods, smiling slightly. "Mm-hmm..."

      I look out at the ocean again, resting my hands on the metal railing, which is cold to the touch. The sand of the beach down below has been replaced by a formless gray. I look back. Wife is still there, but a big chunk of the ocean is missing now.

      I move toward Wife, cutting my eyes around the scene, more and more pieces falling into gray. Even the platform goes to gray. Soon there's nothing left but Wife and a vertical strip of ocean and sky to her left.

      I wrap my arms around Wife and start intensely kissing her. Before long my vision goes entirely gray but I can still feel the sensation of kissing her. I run the fingers of my right hand through her hair, following the moment through until
      the end of the dream.
      Tags: child e, kiss, ocean, void, wife
    4. The Bag Lady

      by , 06-06-2014 at 05:51 AM
      This lucid is from the morning of 5/19/2014. (I think so at least. I'm embarrassed to say that my records got spotty right here.)

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #211: The Bag Lady

      I’m high up on a hotel walkway that encircles an atrium. The room’s huge and bustles with people. I see a group of familiar people from my life seated in plush, comfy-looking chairs and realize that I’m dreaming.

      I walk up to “Cyclone”, a friend from high school that I occasionally catch up with. I try to explain to him that I’m having a lucid dream. He’s trying to respond but I’m confused and unable to understand what he’s trying to say. As I grow frustrated by this,
      the dream fades into a false awakening.

      I get up from what I believe is a hotel room and walk out to the street. I’m someplace that looks like New York City and it’s early morning. I walk out onto a brick-lined path toward another building. Maybe 30 feet away, there’s a bad lady standing near a little planter that looks like it contains a vegetable garden.

      She seems to notice me and comes staggering over. I hope she won’t approach and try to scurry cowardly away. As I do this, she lets out a blood-curdling scream and starts flying after me. I feel a combination of embarrassment at my wimpy reaction and outright fear that I’m about to get mauled on the street. Her hand grabs my shoulder and I think that come on, this has got to be a dream. What a relief that
      it is in fact a dream!

      The bag lady screams in my face and grabs at my chest and shoulders with clawlike fingers. I’m not feeling very calm at this point, but I try to calm her down by saying “Shhhhh…” and raising my hands in as nonconfrontational a gesture as I can manage.

      She seems to settle down and I notice she looks a fairly normal person now. She’s in her late 30s, wearing a hood and shawl. Kind of cute-ish, even. Her teeth are still bared but now she just looks like she’s upset rather than truly demonic. For some reason I start kissing her, and she seems to calm down completely.

      I hear another scream from nearby and I see a second dangerous-looking bag lady quickly approaching. Time to go. I make for the building entrance, a simple looking glass door into what looks like a darkened school hallway.

      As I make my way down the hallway, nobody follow. That’s a relieft. I emerge from the hallway into what looks like ground floor fo the hotel atrium I’d been in before. I wonder if I can make my way back up, but
      the dream ends before I can find out.

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    5. Carnival Chain

      by , 05-14-2014 at 12:51 PM
      This lucid is from the morning of 5/11/2014.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #208: Carnival Chain

      I have a false awakening where Wife is bustling about the room getting ready for something. I’m groggy and not seeing anything too well, but I follow her as she heads out the door. There’s some kind of event that we’re supposed to be getting ready for, but I have no memory of what it is. I do remember wanting to have a lucid dream, though, so I feel frustrated that I’m expected to get up.

      I follow Wife for a bit and suddenly we’re outside by some docks. She’s dressed in a white sundress that I’ve never seen her in before, holding hands with our two children “E” and “R”. She looks beautiful. I wish that I could go with them but I’m almost too tired to move.

      I tell her that I’m going back to bed, which she seems to accept. Somehow I stagger back to the bed and as soon as my head hits the pillow, I attempt to WILD. Right away I get the sense of motion and I can’t believe how quickly it’s working. I go with the momentum and experience a moment of massive acceleration before
      emerging in a mid-morning carnival scene that I know is a dream.

      I’m not pleased with the vividness of the scene, so I rub my hands together and then stare at them, trying to draw out as much detail as I can. It takes a few frustrating moments but finally fine details start to emerge. One oddity is that my hands are covered with cuts and scrapes like I’ve been fighting or working with something sharp.

      As the scene comes into better focus, I see that Wife is walking here with me at the carnival. We pass a sandwich vendor who stops us and begins an emphatic explanation of what it takes to make the turkey sandwich. He says that the “traditional” sandwich of “turkey on a donut” is outdated and that rye bread is the wave of the future. It sounds crazy to me, but I try to grasp the details, hoping for some flash of insight. It never comes, though, and
      the dream fades.

      I hold on for DEILD, and in a few seconds I’m back in the carnival scene. I take a few steps but something seems to be stuck in my throat. I try to sort of gag and clear my throat, but it’s still there. I feel like there’s some kind of waking life problem and remember that I’m sleeping on my stomach. I have this vision of the pillow pressing on my throat and in a few seconds, I’m out of the dream.

      I flop onto my side, get ready for DEILD, and re-enter the carnival scene a few seconds later. Wife’s here with me again, and says something flirtatious. I’m feeling very interested, so we make out for a bit before getting down to some sexytime. I’ll spare the details here, but it's interesting that after the "festivities" the dream continues long enough for us to wander around the carnival a bit more.

      the dream breaks, and I DEILD in one last time to the same carnival scene. Wife and I pass by a carnival barker who’s inviting passerby to try out the “lucidity machine”, a large, boxy contraption that he says is guaranteed to make you have a lucid dream for only “4 quarters”.

      I encourage Wife to try this out. “But you’re already having a lucid dream,” she replies.

      “Yeah, but you’re not.”

      She wrinkles her nose. “Four quarters seems kind of expensive.”

      “It’s not real money,” I tell her. “Please just try it.”

      I’m exasperated by all of this. Wife shakes her head and continues to skeptically study the device as
      the dream ends.

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    6. The Hybrid

      by , 02-20-2014 at 03:51 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #187: The Hybrid

      I have a false awakening in a strange bedroom that I think is some kind of condominium. Wife is here along with my two young kids E and R. I wonder whether I can go back to sleep and try to have a lucid dream but then realize that I’m having one right now.

      I charge toward the window but feel someone short grab onto my arm. “Who is that?” I ask, looking down to find my 2-year-old son R clutching me. “It’s [R], Daddy. I want to go with you. Daddy, let me go with you!” For a moment I consider it, but once I think about my Task of the Year goal (turning into a fish-man and acting out The Little Mermaid), I decide no way. I’m way too nervous about bringing one of my kids’ DCs into the ocean.

      R’s grip slips off of me as I phase through the window. I feel a little guilty for a moment, but I remind myself that this isn’t really him. I’m wound up in my backyard during what looks like mid-morning. I jump up into the air, imagining that there will be an ocean where my eastern neighbor’s yard ought to be. But when I get up there, it still looks like waking life.

      I have some momentary flight trouble, but I psych myself up with a few phrases until things are going the way I want them to. I fly west for a bit, slowly turning southward and expecting to see water until… I see the ocean just ahead of me!

      I pop up into the air and then plunge straight downward into the water, happily swimming about beneath the waves. The water’s darker than I’d like, but I try not to get too nervous or worked about this. I imagine my lower body turning into that of a fish, swim around that way for a bit, then look down to check my handiwork. It’s close, but not quite right… each leg is still there but all scaly like a fish’s body with a fin on the end.

      I look away again, swim around a bit more, trying to make it all feel natural. I check again and it’s looking better, just about right, but now I’m feeling paranoid about my breathing. I feel like I can’t breathe underwater and need to surface. Panicked that something is wrong with my breathing in waking life, I push for the surface and fall into the void. I keep doing repetitive swimming motions, though, trying to hold onto the dream. After a while of this, I wonder if I’m making swimming motions in bed. This finally transitions me into...

      … a false awakening where I’m lying in a large bed next to Wife. The room’s not my own, though. I recognize this as the condominium from the beginning of the dream,
      and realize that I’m still dreaming. I roll over to Wife’s side of the bed and start getting frisky. She murmurs sleepily but when I tell her that “this is all a dream”, she becomes more engaged. We make out for a little bit, but the dream hits the void.

      After a moment, though, there’s a transition into an office environment. Wife’s still here with me so we continue making out.

      Spoiler for Sexytime:

      the dream ends.
    7. Be Still My Beating Heart

      by , 02-04-2014 at 03:29 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #184: Be Still My Beating Heart

      I’m walking through a parking lot into a mall, recalling an earlier dream where Dad had brawled with some pellet gun-wielding high school kid in a parking lot just like this one. As I enter the mall, I recall my intent to have a lucid dream, and one begins.

      I walk past a set of red metallic benches, taking in the detail and comparing it to waking life. I marvel at how completely realistic it looks. As I continue down the walkway, I turn toward a woman walking with her two young daughters and half-shout, “Can you believe this is all a dream?” They smile politely and scurry away.

      I take a brief detour through a clothing store, walk past a few more places, and then exit onto some kind of outdoor boardwalk area. There’s a tattoo parlor to my left with a wood-carved sign overhead which depicts two attractive, dark-haired, pale-skinned women with intricate sleeve tattoos. The place is called “Nutjob”. I think how cool it’d be to get tatted up in a dream and start to head inside. It looks a bit more like a boutique when I get closer and I suddenly get this irrational fear that things will turn sexy in this place and that I’d better avoid it.

      I head back through a door into the mall and encounter a grinning, friendly-looking British woman in her late 20s. I remember Task of the Month and ask her, “Who is my true love?” She says some stream of hilarious nonsense about waffles, and we both start laughing. I think she is super cool. “I’m not going to be able to remember that. Can you answer again?”

      She laughs even harder and then starts singing “Polly Wolly Doodle” in a British Donald Duck voice. (The kids have an Easter toy that does this, but not with a British accent.) I can’t stop laughing and I try not to think about whether you can laugh yourself awake from a lucid dream.

      I start thinking about what the other tasks were and she wanders off as I do so. I remember something about your heart, and then spy Wife walking in the mall about twenty feet in front of me. Still in an incredibly good mood, I run up to her, get her attention, and after she says, “Hey!” I make out with her for a little bit. This is fun, but okay, back to tasks! I’m supposed to pull my still-beating heart from my chest and give it to a loved one.

      “Here, watch this!” Wife keeps looking at the nearby stores instead of me. “You really need to watch. I’m only going to do this once.” She looks back and I reach my hand inside my body. I feel something about the size of a softball pulsing very softly. The movement is a bit too weak for a heart muscle, but whatever. I pull it from my chest and when I present it to her… my hand is empty!

      “What are you trying to do?” asks Wife. I explain the task and she furrows her brow. “You really don't need to do that for me,” she says before wandering away into a nearby store.

      I wander through the mall some more, baffled by how long and stable this LD is. I pass through a busy arcade area where I see a mom busily taking care of 10-12 girls shouting demands during a birthday party. There’s cake being passed around which I sort of want to try but I feel like I am at enough kid birthday parties in waking life.

      As I’m heading back into the hallway, an attractive Asian woman with waist-length hair passes by. We look at one another and the guy she’s with, some generic dude in his late 40s with thinning hair, seems to jealously take notice. He kind of freaks out, storming around and I say, “You want to go to the parking lot.” He obediently leaves. But when I turn back to the woman, blood’s pouring out of her nose like he just hit her. I’m confused because I didn’t notice him do this. I worry that my confusion means the dream is ending.

      I pass my hand in front of her face and she’s healed. When I glance over my shoulder, the guy is back, glaring at us. “You’re not coming back here again,” I say, and again he leaves. I say something to the woman about how this is a dream and she agrees. The dream is definitely fading now but we still manage a bit of sexytime before
      the dream ends.

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    8. Big Band

      by , 01-20-2014 at 03:32 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #181: Big Band

      As I’m leaving a shopping mall, there’s an announcement that the mall is under lockdown because someone has stolen a baby from a stroller. This all seems too strange to me and I become lucid.

      I’m in a large, empty room that looks a bit like a warehouse, a bit like a mall entrance. It’s only half lit but I can make out the ceiling maybe fifty feet above me. I remember that I wanted to make the dream as vivid as possible so I slowly rub my hands together, nothing how real they look and feel. The one difference I notice is that they leave visible streaks across my vision when I move them.

      I can’t remember any goals beyond vividness, so I raise my hands to the ceiling and say, “I’ll take whatever you have to give me.” Nothing happens, so I add, “Show me something amazing! Anything!” Again I wait, and I start to feel a twinge of nervousness.

      “I think we need more light,” I say, and the light comes up a bit. Now I hear music behind me, like something from a band. I turn and see a large open-air exit from the mall with a big band playing on a set of risers near the exit. I make my way over to the band, only partly able to hear the music. The risers go up about 3 levels and there are maybe 20 or 25 band members there. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to how they’re organized.

      The band members are wearing these cool suits with thick, vertical black and white stripes. “Nice suits,” I say. “I’m wearing one too!” And when I hold out my arms, sure enough I’m dressed like I’m part of the band.

      On the top level I spot the only female in the group, a woman with dark, curly hair drawn back in a ponytail. I can’t remember what instrument she plays, but she has a cool vibe and smiles at me in acknowledgement. I float up to her level on the riser and we briefly kiss. Afterward I probe at her temples, forehead, and scalp with my fingers as a sort of vividness-enhancing thing. She wrinkles her nose and squeezes her eyes shut when I do this.

      Looking out past the risers I see the ocean. I pick her up and carry her with me, floating toward a strange beach where some huge metallic device has somehow permanently trapped a wave just as it crests. A dozen surfers stand happily atop the wave, gliding back and forth while moving neither forward nor back.

      As I reach the edge of the water, the woman from the band shifts uncomfortably. “Do you want to go with me or stay here?” I ask. She says that she wants to “stay here”, so I set her down at the shoreline. I float/swim further out into the water, my feet dragging along as I go. Eventually I start swimming, and the visuals fade from the dream. The sensation of swimming continues for a while, though, before
      the dream ends.
    9. The One Where I Fight Samuel L. Jackson

      by , 01-13-2014 at 03:55 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #179: The One Where I Fight Samuel L. Jackson

      I have a false awakening but I notice that I’m alone (Wife is missing) and the bed has been turned 90 degrees. Right away I realize that this is a dream.

      Something grabs me by the leg, pulls me out of the bed, and drags me to the floor. I look up and Samuel L. Jackson is standing over me! He says something along the lines of “You’re not going anywhere,” and starts to stomp down at me. I think that I should do some tricky/clever dream control thing but I feel too much like I’m in a fight to get it together.

      We struggle for a moment until I manage to get my arm wrapped around his ankle, push my foot into his crotch, and then push up, lifting him off of his feet. He falls onto his back and we wrestle around kind of grabbing at each other’s feet to gain control. His head looks close enough to reach so I lash out, kicking him straight in the face. He flops back and stops moving.

      I sit up and as I approach Samuel L. Jackson, he changes into a smallish, delicate-looking woman in her mid-20s. She looks Mediterranean and overall completely different from Samuel L. Jackson. “Help me, I’m pretty hurt...” she says, sitting up just a little bit. I feel bad for her, so I pick her up and carry her with me. I notice that she’s very cute but the fact that 15 seconds ago she was Samuel L. Jackson makes me quite uninterested.

      We phase through the wall of the house out into the night. I want it to be morning, so I do a hulk-jump or two, expecting the time of day to shift. It does, and before long it’s early morning. We’re on a sidewalk outside of a cafe with a canvas awning.

      I walk inside the cafe to find Wife sitting at a table with two strangers, one a heavy, hipster-looking guy and the other a pretty woman in her early 30s with short, brown hair. “I’m having a lucid dream,” I tell them, mostly to explain the fact that I’ve just carried a woman into the cafe with me.

      “Ah,” says Wife, giving me a “Oh, another one of those” kind of look. I join them at the table along with the woman formerly known as Samuel L. Jackson, who now seems relatively unhurt and integrates herself naturally into the conversation. The hipster and the brown-haired woman are authors and they’re talking with Wife about their new book. The conversation is strange and it’s hard to understand details.

      I’m also distracted by the food. There are little plates of small chocolate bars that I keep sampling. They taste delicious but they fade too quickly, almost as if they were so light and insubstantial that you only get a moment to taste them. At one point, Wife remarks, “He even thinks this is dream food.”

      “I admit it, I do!” I say. Everyone chuckles like I’m an amusing eccentric.

      Somehow the scene changes to a featureless room with three books lying on the floor. The two writers and the woman who once was Samuel L. Jackson walk out through the door, chatting about something.

      I examine the second book. It’s by the writers we ate with and it’s about how early civilizations made fantastic technological leaps forward by using ideas that came to them in lucid dreams. I’m excited by the whole premise of the book. I really believe that it must be true. (I'm also partly offended that they acted so skeptical that I was having a lucid dream.)

      “I really want to read this book,” I tell Wife, and she agrees that it sounds right up my alley. Now that we’re alone, I enjoy a little time making out with Wife
      until the dream ends.
    10. Syrian Reading

      by , 01-13-2014 at 02:27 AM
      This dream is from the morning of 1/1/2014.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #178: Syrian Reading

      I'm walking through a bookstore when I become lucid. I stand there for a moment, letting DCs pass on both sides of me. A short woman with dark, curly hair approaches me. She's oddly dressed, with huge glasses and a flowy, ankle-length skirt. She seems overjoyed to see me, and we make out for a moment.

      There’s a sudden transition and now we’re walking together through the bookstore. She tells me that she’s from Syria and that I have to come back with her to Syria and do something there to help her. This is interesting enough, so I follow along as she leads me down an aisle.

      As we walk along, I see a series of books scattered around on the floor. They’re all historical fiction novels with a mustachioed Tom Selleck dressed in World War II garb and standing in various dramatic poses. Each one's different and they're all kind of cool. I think about picking one up but let it go so I can stick with the dream plot she's leading me toward.

      We make a right turn and she says that “This is the travel section.” She walks a few more feet, pulls a book from the shelf, and hands it to me. It’s another book about war, something about the history of warfare in the west, and it’s by a man named something like “Bernard Franks”.

      I think that this can’t be the right book, but she assures me that this “This is the one we need.” I’m confused by this but before I can think too much, she grabs my hand and starts running back down the aisle. We don’t really get anywhere before
      the dream ends.
    11. Android

      by , 12-17-2013 at 11:26 PM
      This one is from the morning of 12/15/2013.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #174: Android

      I’m sitting on the floor of an apartment talking to a guy who I think is Oneironaut Zero. I don’t really know OZ, so I think this is a little unusual, but I’m happy to be talking about lucid dreaming.

      As we’re chatting, Wife walks into the room with a young woman in her early 20s, blonde, petite and with a slightly vacant look in her eye. Wife explains that this is a new model of android that they’re selling now very inexpensively and can act almost like a real person.

      We greet the android and she responds with a shy wave and a slightly stilted “Hi.” With that, she crouches down on the floor and starts tracing her finger through the carpet. Wife leaves the room and, as I try to say something to the android, Wife yells from down the hall, “The kids are trying to sleep! Keep it down!” I feel annoyed that I can’t talk but she’s allowed to yell.

      “Did you just roll your eyes at me?” says Wife from down the hall and storms back into the room, looking irritated. I know that I didn’t and as I wonder why she thinks so,
      I soon realize that I’m dreaming. I get to my feet and the scene shifts. Wife disappears, Oneironaut Zero disappears, and the android’s hair goes from blonde to brown and her skin becomes paler.

      I grab the android’s hand and charge for the apartment window, phasing straight through into what looks like an unfinished street scene. The street seems to draw itself in chunks as we run along. I see a few buildings against the blank sky but they seem to raise up lazily just as I look in their direction.

      We run along like this for a while before the dream seems to stop rebuilding and finally sags into the void. The android is still here and seems determined to stay in the scene. She says something like, “I want to go too” and starts grabbing onto my arms and head. At one point it feels like she’s trying to stand on my head.

      Eventually the android settles down a bit, shifts herself next to me, and we make out for a little bit. After about 15-20 seconds, though, she becomes non-responsive and just sort of stops moving. This takes the fun out of it, so I start thinking about where to take the dream next, but
      it soon ends.
    12. Bedroom Mirror

      by , 12-09-2013 at 08:25 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #172: Bedroom Mirror

      I either DILD or WILD into a scene where I'm walking with my oldest son E across a parking lot. There are only a few cars here but there are a huge number of DCs wandering around. It looks like the parking lot is immediately adjacent to an Olympic pool that's surrounded by a high chainlink fence, so I decide to head that way.

      As we're walking along, I spy my friend F. He and E haven't gotten to see each other in person for a while, so I think it'd be fun to have their DCs interact. "Hey F!" I say. "We're heading for the pool. Walk with us."

      "Sure thing, man!" he says and immediately bolts off ahead of me, hopping around like a kid. Each of his "hops" have him bounding around about 6 feet up in the air. Meanwhile E stays obediently close by, and I find the role reversal amusing.

      Walking all the way to the pool takes a distressingly long time and I start feeling like I'm overcommiting to this one scenario. I see it through, though, and when we get to the pool, E and F start running around. There are a lot of people here and the two of them are quickly lost in the crowd. I think I could find them again if I put my mind to it, but I decide to just flow into a different set of goals. I notice a football stadium a ways off past the pool, so I fly over to that to investigate, thinking I can make the switch of stadium to Colosseum for Task of the Year.

      I land in a broad, grassy field near the stadium. The crowd's even thicker here but one extremely attractive woman catches my eye as she walks past. She's Asian, about 30, and strangely dressed, wearing a long, purple, velvety coat that reaches down to her knees. For a moment I return to my Colosseum idea but just can't get the DC off of my mind, so I decide to spend some time with her instead.

      When I turn back she's still, looking at me with a bit of confusion. I explain what I have in mind and she nods slowly, her eyes narrowing in concentration as if it's really hard to make sense of what I'm saying. But eventually she gets the picture and approaches me. We make out for a second and then we fly off together to get away from the crowd.

      Somehow we wind up in a huge, elegant, marbled bedroom and very vivid sexytime begins. After about a minute or so of great fun, I notice that there’s a large, angled mirror on part of the wall, and I check whether I can see us in it. In the mirror I see another couple doing the same thing we’re doing, but they’re completely different people (an Asian male and a totally different Asian female.) The woman from the mirror and I stare at each other in shock and amusement for a moment.

      I notice another mirror on a different part of the wall and when I check it I see an entirely new scene -- it’s the same couple from the other mirror, now grown old and sitting together on a bench, their hands clasped together. The old couple shares a laugh and look into each other’s eyes as
      the dream ends.
    13. Travel Buddy

      by , 11-18-2013 at 09:37 PM
      Successful teleportation with closed eyes... my first of these! Great new skill to have. (This was the third of three lucid dreams from this morning.)

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #165: Travel Buddy

      The sister of a good friend has been kidnapped and I’ve gone on a mission to rescue her. (False memory: no waking life friend, no sister) She’s being held in a place that looks like a mental hospital. I’m hazy on how we get to this point, but she’s hurt or disabled, and I wind up carrying her slung over my shoulder, pursued by a handful of guys in suits. The hallway we’re in dead-ends at a locked door, but I crash through it.

      Now I'm running along a metal walkway around the outside of the building which ends at a railing. I'm fifty feet up and trapped. There’s another walkway I could jump to but it feels hugely risky to do this while carrying another person. I’m wondering what to do when I realize that
      the whole thing is a dream.

      The whole scene goes quiet -- the pursuers are gone and my companion is now standing on the walkway beside me. I realize that she isn’t my friend’s sister or in fact anyone I know at all. My reaction to this is to think Awesome! and begin randomly making out with her for a moment. After just a bit of this she sort of loses interest and wanders away, quickly disappearing. I gaze down at the street below and as I try to look closely at what’s down there, I unintentionally teleport to street level.

      I find myself standing in a vacant lot. From the sidewalk, a very attractive woman with a pixie haircut is calmly watching me. I’m still feeling a little amorous so I hurry quickly over to her. “Hi!” she says. “What did you want to say to me?”

      I feel a little sheepish because it feels obvious that she already knows. “I was looking for sex.”

      “Okay,” she says. “I could do that if you want. But before you decide what to ask for, you need to know that I can help you do anything you want me to.” She really emphasizes this last part.

      Even though she doesn’t say it outright, I get the sense that I get only one chance to make a choice. “Can you help me get to the Great Barrier Reef?” I ask, referring to Task of the Year.

      “Yes!” she says. “I can help you with anything! We have to take an airplane to get to Australia.” She hurries down the sidewalk and I follow her. Day quickly turns to night as we approach a squat, black building that looks a bit like a dingy train station.

      She explains that, “There’s no direct flight to Australia from this airport so we’ll have to stop at <some name> airport.” The place doesn't really look like an airport, but I believe what she's saying.

      “Can’t I just teleport to the other airport?” I ask. (For some reason, teleporting right to the Great Barrier Reef does not occur to me.)

      “Go ahead! Try it now, it’ll work!” she says, rather excitedly. I feel incredibly encouraged by this. I close my eyes, imagine the other airport, open them again, and now I’m inside a huge room in a new airport! There’s a big flight departure board covered with lots of illegible information about the flights going through this airport.

      She’s standing nearby grinning and she says something congratulatory and mentions that we need to catch our flight. I assume that I can just teleport to the next location, though, and I immediately close my eyes again. I get a sudden little jolt of fear that I’ll mess up somehow. In particular I fear that I'll open my real eyes, so I kind of lose my nerve. The room goes into this half-haze, she disappears, and I feel like I’m losing the dream.

      I paw at the scenery nearby and after a bit the scene comes back. Unfortunately my travel buddy seems to be gone for good. I wander around a bit more, walking through a bathroom and mentally writing something on the wall. I find this interesting at first but start feeling a little frustrated when the letters and words won’t stay the same.

      I roam the airport a bit longer, but eventually the dream fades.

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    14. Split

      by , 10-28-2013 at 04:12 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #156: Split

      I'm somewhere hazy, talking with IR, a friend from high school. She tells me that she feels like her physical fitness is stagnating and that she's getting old. I'm preparing to disagree when I suddenly become confused and worry that this will be misunderstood and taken as a flirtation. My brain feels stuck in slow motion, and when I wonder why, I realize that I'm dreaming.

      IR is gone, and now I'm walking through a darkened hallway. I step through a door into an office with two desks in it. To my left is a window offering a nighttime view of the city. A woman, professional-looking and in her late 30s, walks toward me from the opposite end of the office.

      As I prepare to tell her that this is all a dream, the scene "rewinds" a few seconds, and now I'm walking through the door again, and just as before, the woman is at the opposite end of the room. I walk toward her as before, and again the scene resets, placing me back at the door.

      Confusion is starting to get the best of me, so from the door I blurt to her (and to me) "I'm having a lucid dream!" She approaches and we exchange a few sentences related to a project that I'm working on, but I can't remember what was said. (I didn't write this dream down until several hours later.)

      The scene starts hazing out as she's talking to me, so I move toward her and start kissing her. This seems to keep things on an even keel for a bit, but as things take a shift toward sexytime, it quits working and I wind up in the void.

      I rub my hands together for a while, holding things together. My brain feels very foggy and I'm aware that I'm having real trouble thinking clearly in this dream. I just keep rubbing my hands together, hoping that the answer will come to me, but eventually I find myself aware of my physical body.

      The amazing part is that when I concentrate, I realize that I can still feel the experience of my dream hands rubbing together. I start getting mixed up about which set of hands is real and which is fake. Sensing the opportunity to "roll out" of the situation and have an OBE-style lucid dream, I try to imagine myself pulling away from my body. It feels like it's working, but the dream takes one last lurch toward instability
      and collapses.
    15. The Truck

      by , 10-16-2013 at 03:43 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #154: The Truck

      A WILD attempt drops me non-lucid into the living room of a house. My dad and a few other people are standing nearby and I wonder why we're all here and how I arrived at this place. I can't figure it out and I remember that I was just trying to enter a dream.

      I'm overcome with this feeling like it's been forever since I had a lucid and that I have to accomplish a goal. I decide that I want to teleport to the Colosseum and I remember the teleportation tech Nyx and I had both dabbled in: cover your eyes and imagine yourself in a new scene.

      I try it now, covering my eyes, imagining the Colosseum and then taking my hand away. This makes all of the DCs disappear, but I'm still in the same living room. I try again, covering my eyes and spinning this time. It's still the living room, but it looks more drab. I hear the vague noise of a crowd, but it fades away. I feel like I'm not really believing it and I try to remember how to do this better.

      This time I completely close my eyes, spin, and imagine a new dream scene. The scene goes dark and as I'm thinking about opening my eyes I suddenly get really nervous that this will wake me up. Instead, I just treat the darkness like the void, rub my hands together and start walking forward again. After a short time, I emerge outside at night, walking through suburban streets.

      I imagine that the Colosseum is behind me and turn around, but I've half-assed it -- instead of the Colosseum I'm looking at a grassy vacant lot surrounded by a low chain-link fence. I jog forward now, taking three or four turns over the course of perhaps two minutes of dream time. I expect the Colosseum to be around each corner, but I'm not feeling confident enough to make it happen.

      From out of nowhere a rusty red pick-up truck comes barreling toward me, lights off and speeding. I step lightly over the truck, one foot on the hood, next step on the roof, then gliding over as it roars past underneath me. I feel happy and excited about how I handled things with the truck and my confidence starts coming back a bit.

      This makes me consider whether travelling on foot is such a good idea. I remember talking with Ophelia in the podcast about how flying is the better way to go for transportation and I'm considering doing that when a pick-up truck pulls alongside me, rusty red just like the last one. For some reason I think that this is a different truck.

      The truck's being driven by an attractive red-haired woman in her early 40s and a younger woman (blonde, mid-20s) is sitting in the passenger seat. The younger woman beckons me toward the truck. I climb into the cab of the truck and immediately she kisses me. She pulls away after a moment and turns her head so that I'm seeing her from the side. I'm surprised to see that her appearance has completely changed -- now she's Asian and completely bald! She turns her face back toward me and now she's Wife with fairly short hair (like she wore it several years ago.)

      Both Wife and the red-haired DC move toward me and sexytime commences. This part's way too graphic for the public DJ, but this (fun) portion of the dream lasts about four minutes. I lose stability once in the middle of the scene but manage to regain it. There's a final loss of stability that puts me into the void.

      I rub my hands together and walk forward, emerging into a new scene where I'm walking into an apartment. A woman greets me at the door. She's unfamiliar to me (about 5'2", late 20s, Hispanic, very good-looking.) "Don't you remember me?" she asks, giving me a friendly hug. "It's [name I can't remember that starts with 'L']! We were like best friends back in high school."
      I completely buy into this false memory, losing lucidity and start catching up with L and asking her how she's doing. She's hosting some kind of a party with a few of her other friends there. I go on about family life for a while, briefly wondering why Wife isn't here with me. Eventually L wanders off to do something in the kitchen and I notice one of L's female friends giving me a semi-hostile look. I worry about this for a while until the dream ends.

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