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    1. The Return of the Rabbit

      by , 10-01-2014 at 05:13 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #242: The Return of the Rabbit

      I’m riding in the back of a Suburban with several of my business partners. “PM” is the man behind the wheel and we’re driving slowly around a dirt loop, listening to the soundtrack from the video game that we’re working on. The music for our battle scene concludes and breaks into a slower section.

      There’s a new part, a soft solo of a guitar-like stringed instrument that I’ve never heard before. It's beautiful! PM turns back to say, “I thought this part sounded fucking badass.” I enthusiastically agree that the new music sounds “all badass”. PM’s driving very erratically but not very concerned about it. I become semi-lucid, noting that this is probably a dream. I start laughing when he plows right over a stop sign
      and now I’m sure that this is a dream. PM is laughing too, and stops the car.

      We all get out and there are several of the guys here, PM, “Leroy”, and probably “Z” as well as maybe more. I put my hand on PM’s upper back/shoulder and kind of massage it, wanting to stay really connected to the dream. “Hey man,” I say, “this is a lucid dream. This is the first time that you've been in one of these with me. I’m really happy you’re here!” I feel very happy to have these guys here with me and I enjoy the swell of positive emotions. I tell PM that I’ll do my best to remember the new parts of the song and that I wonder whether he’ll remember them too.

      We walk down a dirt path through some trees and night falls quickly. We’re moving through an industrial area by the water and I think that I’d like to summon Dreamer. I look down to see that there are 4 shadows in the group. Must be me, PM, Leroy, and Z? I hold out my left hand, imagining that Dreamer will take hold of it. I feel something vaguely like a hand, then look down again to see a fifth shadow (in a dress!) holding onto my hand.

      I look over and Dreamer is standing next to me! Her hair is blond rather than purple now and very short, the bangs bluntly chopped almost in the form of a bowl cut. She’s just wearing a shirt and some kind of pants, though, not a dress. We smile at each other. “Hey guys, this is…” and then attempt to introduce Dreamer several times. I’m mortified that twice in a row I completely goof her waking life name before finally getting it right. I feel awful about this, very embarrassed.

      The guys continue ahead and Dreamer and I walk just behind, coming to an abandoned wharf. I recall that we had recent, very specific plans for this dream (to try to heal one another’s sniffles, ha ha…) I ask her whether she remembers and she replies, but I have a hard time understanding her. I move really close to Dreamer’s face, trying to understand her or read her lips or anything, but it’s not working. For a moment I wonder whether there was a kissing task, but no, that wasn’t it, maybe that was someone else’s lucid dare. (Correct, actually -- this was a dare that Dreamer completed a while back!) I quit focusing on her lips and on this mumbling problem, assuming that her speech will sort itself out if I just quit worrying about it.

      As we walk further along the water, we talk about how nice it is to just stroll through the dreamworld. I tell her that I’m glad that we’re getting to hang out in such a stable dream and how relaxing this is. I feel peaceful and happy, which reminds me of the patronus task. I tell Dreamer that I want to try the patronus and she moves close to wrap me up in a hug. I extend my right arm and she places her left hand under my wrist, almost to support it. I tell her that I feel super happy in this dream and that I think the patronus is going to be easy! She enthusiastically agrees.

      Immediately, pulses of blue energy pour out of my fingers and float to the ground in a big ball. And now scampering along the ground near our feet is my bunny patronus. “Oh, he is cute!” says Dreamer. As he hops around, the bunny turns from a blue, glowy patronus into a real bunny. He hops further along the wharf. Dreamer grabs my hand and pulls me along to follow him. We follow him for a while through an old, crumbling breezeway until
      the dream ends.
    2. I Melt With You

      by , 09-19-2014 at 12:13 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #237: I Melt with You
      I'm standing high up on a viewing platform, looking over a view of the sparkling ocean below. Wife and my son E are standing nearby, looking silently out over the water. I realize that this is a dream.

      I look back and E has disappeared. Wife doesn't react, and I tell her, "Don't worry. This is a dream."

      She nods, smiling slightly. "Mm-hmm..."

      I look out at the ocean again, resting my hands on the metal railing, which is cold to the touch. The sand of the beach down below has been replaced by a formless gray. I look back. Wife is still there, but a big chunk of the ocean is missing now.

      I move toward Wife, cutting my eyes around the scene, more and more pieces falling into gray. Even the platform goes to gray. Soon there's nothing left but Wife and a vertical strip of ocean and sky to her left.

      I wrap my arms around Wife and start intensely kissing her. Before long my vision goes entirely gray but I can still feel the sensation of kissing her. I run the fingers of my right hand through her hair, following the moment through until
      the end of the dream.
      Tags: child e, kiss, ocean, void, wife
    3. The Australian Odyssey

      by , 07-24-2014 at 08:20 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #222: The Australian Odyssey

      I’m standing in line with my friends SC and MR along with some other people that I false remember as people from my past. I’m trying to introduce these “old friends” but it’s hopeless because I can’t even remember their names. Very embarrassing, and to my relief the line moves ahead and we walk into a large video arcade.

      SC, MR, and I watch this one game for a while that’s a cross between a sandbox-style game, a racing game, and a platformer. I get confused after a while and wander to another part of the arcade, when some creep elbows me aside and then flicks me on the back. The creep stares at me as he walks by with a “what are you gonna do about it?” look. He’s a short little guy with a mustache. “You’re short,” I observe out loud.

      This enrages him, and he charges at me, taking an unbelievably slow swing at my head. I push him gently aside and he falls to the floor. “Stop it,” I tell him. “I don’t want to get arrested.” I move away from him down a hallway but he chases me down and tries to hit me again. I scoop up his right ankle and he falls backward to the floor.

      I say, “I’m not hurting you because I don’t think you can hurt me.” As I’m walking away I start doing some pondering out loud: “But… what if you try to hit me 5000 more times? Wouldn't all of that practice make you dangerous to me?” Convinced by the dream logic, I pick up a toddler-sized chair and say, “Next time, I’m going to hit you with this chair! In the face!” I shake the chair for emphasis. He ignores my warnings and again comes charging for me. I smash the chair into the center of his forehead and he crumples to the ground.

      I walk off down the hall, hoping nobody saw me do that. Something about all this strikes me as completely crazy and
      I become lucid. I walk down a long hallway lined with school lockers, and at the end I find a dirt ramp leading downward. I follow the tunnel downward into a large temple built with big stone blocks. There are gaps in the stonework near the high ceiling and shafts of sunlight cut across the room from above.

      It’s a beautiful place and I begin slowly flying around the room, overcome with joy to be lucid. “Fucking lucidity!” I say, feeling like I might cry with emotion. After flying around for a bit, I walk outside of the temple to find myself in a Venice-like city of canals. A few boats drift gently by.

      I look back at the temple and see a large, golden statue of an angel sliding down a ramp from the ceiling to the door right in front of me. From somewhere a voice says, “Although we recognize Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we believe this church is powered by the Holy Spirit.” I get the sense that the voice is trying to explain what they use for electricity. After admiring the statue for a few moments, I step into one of the boats and set off.

      It’s not long before I find myself at the edge of the city, heading out to sea. I get the feeling that I’m in Australia and the beauty of the story and the scenery eventually
      drain away my lucidity. Dreamer starts narrating: “Parts of Australia are dirty, polluted, and not as nice as you might think.” As she says this, I notice oily water lapping against the side of the boat.

      I set sail away from the city, staying close to the shoreline, Dreamer narrating here and there. The water is clear and beautiful now. Dreamer says that I’m trying to find my way to the islands of the “Hawthorne Formation” but I don’t know my way there. The sea is calm and I feel peaceful and relaxed. Eventually my boat lands on a sandy beach where Noah Bennet from Heroes is working at a carpentry table. I think he’s my dad and that he’s counting on me making this journey to the Hawthorne Formation to get help for my mom and sister. (100% false memories and characters.)

      “Son,” he says, “draw me a map of where you think you are.” I draw a globe on a piece of plywood and sketch out Australia. I think it looks pretty good until I see all of the lines of longitude converging in its center. I realize that I’ve put Australia where Antarctica is supposed to go and feel really embarrassed.

      Noah Bennet sighs. “Here’s the Hawthorne Formation,” he says, drawing a series of 4 islands off the southwestern coast of Australia.” He draws an arrow pointing northeast into the middle of these islands.

      I thank him and return to the boat. “Good luck, son,” he says, and
      the dream fades.

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    4. The Hybrid

      by , 02-20-2014 at 03:51 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #187: The Hybrid

      I have a false awakening in a strange bedroom that I think is some kind of condominium. Wife is here along with my two young kids E and R. I wonder whether I can go back to sleep and try to have a lucid dream but then realize that I’m having one right now.

      I charge toward the window but feel someone short grab onto my arm. “Who is that?” I ask, looking down to find my 2-year-old son R clutching me. “It’s [R], Daddy. I want to go with you. Daddy, let me go with you!” For a moment I consider it, but once I think about my Task of the Year goal (turning into a fish-man and acting out The Little Mermaid), I decide no way. I’m way too nervous about bringing one of my kids’ DCs into the ocean.

      R’s grip slips off of me as I phase through the window. I feel a little guilty for a moment, but I remind myself that this isn’t really him. I’m wound up in my backyard during what looks like mid-morning. I jump up into the air, imagining that there will be an ocean where my eastern neighbor’s yard ought to be. But when I get up there, it still looks like waking life.

      I have some momentary flight trouble, but I psych myself up with a few phrases until things are going the way I want them to. I fly west for a bit, slowly turning southward and expecting to see water until… I see the ocean just ahead of me!

      I pop up into the air and then plunge straight downward into the water, happily swimming about beneath the waves. The water’s darker than I’d like, but I try not to get too nervous or worked about this. I imagine my lower body turning into that of a fish, swim around that way for a bit, then look down to check my handiwork. It’s close, but not quite right… each leg is still there but all scaly like a fish’s body with a fin on the end.

      I look away again, swim around a bit more, trying to make it all feel natural. I check again and it’s looking better, just about right, but now I’m feeling paranoid about my breathing. I feel like I can’t breathe underwater and need to surface. Panicked that something is wrong with my breathing in waking life, I push for the surface and fall into the void. I keep doing repetitive swimming motions, though, trying to hold onto the dream. After a while of this, I wonder if I’m making swimming motions in bed. This finally transitions me into...

      … a false awakening where I’m lying in a large bed next to Wife. The room’s not my own, though. I recognize this as the condominium from the beginning of the dream,
      and realize that I’m still dreaming. I roll over to Wife’s side of the bed and start getting frisky. She murmurs sleepily but when I tell her that “this is all a dream”, she becomes more engaged. We make out for a little bit, but the dream hits the void.

      After a moment, though, there’s a transition into an office environment. Wife’s still here with me so we continue making out.

      Spoiler for Sexytime:

      the dream ends.
    5. Big Band

      by , 01-20-2014 at 03:32 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #181: Big Band

      As I’m leaving a shopping mall, there’s an announcement that the mall is under lockdown because someone has stolen a baby from a stroller. This all seems too strange to me and I become lucid.

      I’m in a large, empty room that looks a bit like a warehouse, a bit like a mall entrance. It’s only half lit but I can make out the ceiling maybe fifty feet above me. I remember that I wanted to make the dream as vivid as possible so I slowly rub my hands together, nothing how real they look and feel. The one difference I notice is that they leave visible streaks across my vision when I move them.

      I can’t remember any goals beyond vividness, so I raise my hands to the ceiling and say, “I’ll take whatever you have to give me.” Nothing happens, so I add, “Show me something amazing! Anything!” Again I wait, and I start to feel a twinge of nervousness.

      “I think we need more light,” I say, and the light comes up a bit. Now I hear music behind me, like something from a band. I turn and see a large open-air exit from the mall with a big band playing on a set of risers near the exit. I make my way over to the band, only partly able to hear the music. The risers go up about 3 levels and there are maybe 20 or 25 band members there. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to how they’re organized.

      The band members are wearing these cool suits with thick, vertical black and white stripes. “Nice suits,” I say. “I’m wearing one too!” And when I hold out my arms, sure enough I’m dressed like I’m part of the band.

      On the top level I spot the only female in the group, a woman with dark, curly hair drawn back in a ponytail. I can’t remember what instrument she plays, but she has a cool vibe and smiles at me in acknowledgement. I float up to her level on the riser and we briefly kiss. Afterward I probe at her temples, forehead, and scalp with my fingers as a sort of vividness-enhancing thing. She wrinkles her nose and squeezes her eyes shut when I do this.

      Looking out past the risers I see the ocean. I pick her up and carry her with me, floating toward a strange beach where some huge metallic device has somehow permanently trapped a wave just as it crests. A dozen surfers stand happily atop the wave, gliding back and forth while moving neither forward nor back.

      As I reach the edge of the water, the woman from the band shifts uncomfortably. “Do you want to go with me or stay here?” I ask. She says that she wants to “stay here”, so I set her down at the shoreline. I float/swim further out into the water, my feet dragging along as I go. Eventually I start swimming, and the visuals fade from the dream. The sensation of swimming continues for a while, though, before
      the dream ends.
    6. The Other Half

      by , 10-28-2013 at 03:58 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #155: The Other Half

      I'm walking alone on a boardwalk at night, the ocean on my right side. Up ahead I see two men talking on the boardwalk. But there's a smaller figure dragging itself along the boardwalk toward the two men. I look closer and I'm shocked to see that the figure is a woman whose body ends at the waist. She's slowly pulling herself along the floor using only her arms. I'm very upset by this, and the surprise and emotion makes me question reality. I become lucid.

      The woman is only about 15 feet away from the two men but they're either oblivious or they don't care. I run up to the woman and crouch down beside her. She glances up at me for a moment and I lock eyes with her. Her face is nondescript, but I focus on it as I imagine that outside of my field of view she has feet, knees, and legs. I visualize and "hear" them scrambling and scraping along the boardwalk as she crawls forward.

      When I look down at the rest of her again, her body has gained a set of hips and legs. She gets to her feet as if nothing has happened and walks off down the boardwalk, passing silently by the two men still conversing up ahead. There's no acknowledgement that anything has changed or that I had anything to do with it. In fact, she seems completely unaware of me. This suits me just fine.

      A sense of peace settles over me and I look out over the ocean as
      the dream ends.
      Tags: ocean
    7. Midway

      by , 09-18-2013 at 09:32 PM
      This LD was from the morning of 9/13/2013.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #146: Midway

      I'm a high school student walking around near an open field where a girl is practicing her triple jump. She has an odd technique where she bounces up to the line before taking her first jump, so I copy her. It's amazing! Each jump goes for about 10 feet and I go flying along the field this way. I had no idea technique mattered so much.

      I walk toward the school, entering a classroom where students are working on art projects. I fall in with a group of people I think that I know and work on cutting cloth into interesting shapes. At the end, I wrap a golden key in cloth and throw it in the garbage, expecting the other students to somehow understand that they're supposed to fish it out. Nobody gets it, though, and suddenly we're all hustled out of the classroom, the golden key still in the garbage. I'm filled with teen angst, upset that nobody understands me.

      The dream jumps to me outside of the school at night, ready to sneak in and rescue the golden key from the trash. There's some kind of huge event going on, though, and everywhere people are walking freely in and out of the school's front door. I pass by other kids that I (falsely) think I know, as well as lots of well-dressed adults I'm unfamiliar with. As I walk through the school, it becomes a stadium. There's something extremely loud going on in there now and I think that it's a stock car race.

      I'm thinking this is odd when the scene changes and I find myself outside near the coast.
      I have to be dreaming. I'm walking with a group of 3-4 other people, at least 2 other teenage boys and at least 1 teenage girl. I recall that I'm not actually a teenager anymore IWL but I feel like I'm still inhabiting the body of my younger self.

      Off to the right I see a faraway fairground and wonder if it's the same fairgrounds I saw several dreams back. Ahead in the distance I see an aircraft carrier that looks like USS Midway. One of the guys in the group says, "Is that the USS [some word, maybe gallant?]"

      I correct him: "No, that's the Midway." As we walk toward it, the edges of Midway rock up and down as if she were traveling through very rough seas. I look over to the left and see a hilly landscape dotted with houses. As the houses fall into my peripheral vision, they start turning and rocking as well. I experiment with this by staring at several different houses, as well as turning my eyes back to Midway. Whatever I stare directly at stays still but objects toward the edge of my vision rock gently back and forth.

      "Do you see that? Do you see the way that everything's rocking, or am I the only one that sees it?" The DCs mutter noncommitally. "What's this like for you?" I ask. I'm planning to question them further about whether they truly "see" things, but
      the dream fades before I can really get these questions out.
      Tags: fair, key, ocean, school, young
    8. City on a Hill

      by , 09-08-2013 at 02:27 PM
      This lucid is from the morning of September 3, 2013.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #141: The City on a Hill

      I'm walking alone through the downtown area of some city when two guys in racing bibs run past me. This strikes me as odd, so I nose pinch reality check to become lucid.

      I'm walking by a construction site with workers milling around in hard hats. I wonder how I might be able to change it into the Colosseum. This feels like a tough thing to try so I give it up and fly into the air.

      The flight works well, although I tend to keep slowly losing altitude, almost like I'm hang-gliding. My feet touch the roof of a building and I leap up again. Now I can see the edge of the city where it meets grassland that slopes smoothly downward. It looks like this city was built on a hilltop.

      I touch down at the edge of the grassland and leap again. It's a beautiful day and I enjoy the tranquility of gliding over the hillside. There are few buildings apart from the occasional fenced area and, interestingly, several humble little churches which dot the grassland. Every time I touch down and then leap again, I see one or two of these tiny stone-built churches with a cross at the top.

      I continue my downward glide and pattern of leaping along. I see a Greek temple off to my right and I think about exploring it. I'm really looking for the Colosseum, though, so I stay focused on that instead. I set my expectation to see sand, thinking that I can use this to transition to a Colosseum scene.

      The next thing that comes into view is a beach with crashing waves. I land at the edge of the cold water. The day is cloudy now. I focus on the sand, wanting to use this sand as my transition into the Colosseum. I reach down into the sand, willing the water to clear away and leave me with a dry patch to use. But after a few seconds, the water keeps rolling back in. I can't figure out how to keep my spot dry.

      I look over my left shoulder and see a towering cliffside. I'm exciting by the idea of climbing it, so I try. The rock feels wet and slick in my hands, but my dream body is so light that it's easy work. The slickness seems to get worse as I climb and now I'm climbing up a huge piece of green plastic. The dream starts to feel wobbly to me, so I focus on how the plastic feels, trying to bring everything back to stability.

      Okay, it feels better now, although still not great. I keep climbing, approaching the top. I hear the cry of seagulls, and soon
      I'm awake.
    9. The Royal Australian Navy

      by , 08-17-2013 at 10:41 PM
      This is the second dream from a pair of lucids that I had last night.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #133: The Royal Australian Navy

      I'm outside helping my friend "The Schwartz" throw a bunch of random junk into a dumpster by an apartment complex. We heave a big box of rusted old crap into the dumpster "Are you sure they'll take all of this stuff?" I ask.

      "Sure," he says. "This dumpster's always moving around to different places in the city. That must mean they come to take the garbage out of it." I nod, accepting this. But when I look into the dumpster, I see a shipping pallet that I'm planning to bust into pieces next week (in waking life.) I can't understand how it would have gotten mixed in with The Schwartz's stuff. I nose pinch reality check and
      become lucid.

      "This is a dream," I tell him. The Schwartz frowns thoughtfully and nods his head. For some reason, I decide to give him a password as if this were some kind of shared dreaming experiment. "I'm going to give you a password."

      "A password?"

      "Yeah." I consider explaining but decide not to. I no longer even know why I'm doing this. "The password is butterfly." He nods again, not particularly interested.

      Okay, time to get out there and do something with this. I look up at the sky and see a huge, awkward bird flying by that looks like a pelican. I try to fly but for some reason I don't budge.

      I notice that the pelican flew right by a cluster of very weird objects floating in the sky -- the cab of an 18-wheeler, a barrel, and other random objects like that. I focus on the objects, expecting myself to rise, and this time it's no problem. In a few seconds, I'm about a hundred feet in the air.

      As I look out over the landscape, I expect for there to be an ocean nearby. It works better than expected -- there's a huge, sparkling sea laid out in front of me! It's packed with military vessels, probably about two dozen destroyers.

      Each of the destroyers has an emblem of the American flag on its hull. I think that this flag should be Australian for Australia's Task of the Year. The flag changes as soon as I think this, switching to what I believe at the time is the Australian flag. (But is actually the UK flag, oops. )

      I'm amused that the flags changed to be "just so", and I'm laughing as I fly past the ships to the open sea. I want to start the Great Barrier Reef task, so I plunge straight into the water at high speed. For some reason, though, my vision goes black when I hit the water. I can still feel myself swimming, though, so I keep paddling "underwater" in a pseudo-breast stroke. I probe at my body while continuing to swim, but eventually the feeling of water subsides. After a while,
      the dream ends entirely.
    10. Oceanfront Property

      by , 08-15-2013 at 09:12 PM
      This was the second of two lucid dreams from last night. I'm excited about this new Great Barrier Reef teleport, even if it is very glitch at this point!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #131: Oceanfront Property

      I'm walking through a university when I encounter the same male twins from my previous dream. They're dressed just as before and again they stare wordlessly at me. I remember this from the previous dream and become lucid.

      "Who are you?" I ask them.

      The twin in glasses only says, "Be careful out there," and together they walk off down the path behind me.

      I immediately remember my intention to explore the Great Barrier Reef and leap up into the air to fly. I soar over a few buildings toward a shipping yard filled with shipping crates and huge cranes. I know that I have to be close to the ocean. Somehow the dream loses cohesiveness for a moment and I'm thrown into the void.

      Rubbing my hands together, I think of what my fastest way to the Great Barrier Reef will be. After giving my dream body a quick probe, I pinch my nose shut and flop backwards like I'm plunging into water. This works incredibly, and almost immediately I'm swimming through clear blue water again, similar to the prior dream. But as I look around, I see that I'm swimming through an underwater version of my bedroom!

      I swim out into the hallway, so surprised to be swimming through my house that I have no idea what to do. I keep colliding with random objects like boxes as I swim and I'm generally nervous about my navigation, so I decide to return to the master bedroom to phase through the window. Hopefully that'll be something like the open sea. I swim back to the window but when I get to the shutters I just bounce off of them. I'm having trouble believing that I can do it or imagining what it will feel like. I make another attempt at it, bounce off again, and worry that I'm going nowhere and that I'll just wake up. Inevitably, this leads me to
      a false awakening in a darkened version of our bedroom.

      Wife has a little "dream checklist" that she's trying to go over with me. "Did you get to the Great Barrier Reef?" she asks, poised to check something off.

      "No," I say, disappointed.

      She frowns. "Did you ask about the meaning of life?" she inquires hopefully. It goes on like this for a while,
      but I don't remember what else happens afterward.

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    11. The Turtle

      by , 08-15-2013 at 09:04 PM
      This was the first of two lucid dreams from last night, and my first serious Great Barrier Reef attempt.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #130: The Turtle

      I'm swimming in a shallow cove with my 4-year-old son "E". I tell him that he's helping me practice for a planned dream about the Great Barrier Reef and he seems excited to help. We come across a cave just under the waterline, swim into it, and emerge in a cavern where all these other kids are hanging around. I wonder whether all these kids are helping their moms and dads prepare for a Great Barrier Reef dream. This feels strange to me and I become lucid.

      There's either a scene change or a memory gap at this point, because my next memory is of walking by myself through the grounds of a university. I pass two men who stare silently at me as I walk by. They're both in their late 20s and look almost like identical twins, except that one is dressed in a suit while the other wears glasses and a flannel shirt. I think that there's something I need to ask them, but I can't remember what it is. (I think I'd meant to ask them the meaning of life for Task of the Month.)

      Nearby is a plaza with a tall stone column at each of its four corners. Perhaps a dozen DCs are walking around this plaza, looking happy but aimless. I exchange a glance with one tough-looking DC as I walk across the plaza, and something about him just rubs me the wrong way. I take a half-hearted swing at him, as if I'm trying to slap him upside the head. He ducks out of the way, and immediately I wonder why I would do something like that.

      The DC moves aggressively toward me and I move to dissolve this problem that I've caused. I hold up my right hand to the DC and walk casually away, saying, "It's cool." The tension abates and he walks away. Whew.

      I remember my intention to get to the Great Barrier Reef. I hulk-jump high above the Earth, knowing that I'll see water nearby. Sure enough, there's a sparkling blue ocean to my right. As I descend, I notice a cute DC standing in the water, waving at me as she watches me come back down to Earth. As I near the water, I realize that she's Wife!

      Before I can say anything, I plunge into the water. This is one of only a handful of times that I've been underwater in an LD, and I'm pleased to see that I can breathe normally. I try my voice, and it's perfectly clear: "[Wife]! Can you hear me?" There's no reply and I don't see any sign of her. Okay, focus. I need to ride a sea turtle, find a great white shark, and bite it. Without dying. The task feels really intimidating to me but I start searching.

      I swim in random directions for a while until I finally catch sight of a turtle. The turtle has no interest in my company, though, and speeds away from me underwater. I don't have any plan as to how I'm going to catch him, so I just try to swim faster. He kites me along like this for quite a while until
      I have a false awakening in some kind of hospital.

      Wife and I are here trying to improve our dreaming abilities. I'm astounded but pleased that she's interested in dream work now. She tells me that she's trying to hit her REM cycles by setting alarms that correspond with the take-off times for airplanes. Skyler White (from Breaking Bad) walks into our room and starts speaking to Wife in a husky, almost male voice. She's apparently a researcher at this hospital. This all seems strange to me and
      I briefly become lucid before the dream ends.
    12. Hagia Sophia

      by , 07-28-2013 at 02:26 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #127: Hagia Sophia

      I'm touring a new school for my son "E" that's exclusively available to children who lucid dream. E is in his "level 2" class, and his teacher, a short, friendly, gray-haired lady is showing me around the room. It's a large classroom with basic carpeting and lots of little beds and sleeping nooks everywhere. All of the kids are running around, and I remark that if I had the opportunity to just sleep all the time for school, I'd definitely do it. It occurs to me that I might be dreaming right now... and it turns out that I am.

      "I'm having a lucid dream right now," I tell the lady, and head for the exit door without waiting for a reply. I phase through the glass to find myself standing by a harbor in the early morning. There are two amphibious helicopters floating idly in the water, pontoons on their skids. I wonder whether this kind of helicopter really exists.

      I remember that I want to find the Colosseum, so I start flying to get high above the water. I emerge from a light covering of fog that I hadn't even noticed, finding myself in a landscape of gently rolling hills that are covered with tightly packed buildings. I tell myself that the Colosseum is one of these buildings and that all I have to do is find it. I see a building that catches my eye, but instead of the Colosseum, it's Hagia Sophia.

      "I know the Colosseum is here," I say, expecting it to glow (a trick I've used in the past.) "Show me where it is." A small site off to the side of Hagia Sophia starts to glow. It looks too small, but I fly toward it anyway. A sudden gust of wind starts pushing me in the opposite direction and turning me away from the glowing site. I decide that this wind is trying to carry me to the Colosseum so I won't get lost. It turns me all the way around so that I'm looking out over the endless ocean. I'm worried for a second that it's going to leave me facing out to sea, but it dutifully turns me around and starts moving me back toward Hagia Sophia and the glowing spot nearby.

      The wind carries me all the way to the spot, and it's nothing more than a tiny plaza with a small raised platform of stone. I land, and when I examine the platform I find a small button with what looks like a glowing, golden bear's paw on it. Okay, hopefully this button will take me there. I press the button, and my vision is covered by a pop-up message like something from a video game.

      The message contains two lines of text and I feel really intimidated at the thought of having to remember it. I try to lock the words in place but I feel like every word I'm not looking at is trying to change. Keeping them all steady feels like playing Whac-A-Mole and it's dawning on me that I should stop obsessing about this. As best I can remember the message says: "Use 4 parts of Vendarite to increase strength"

      I'm not sure what this means, but I figure that in a lucid dream I can be as strong as I want to be (and have as much "Vendarite" as I like, for that matter), and will the message to close. I feel like something is happening to the plaza and that it's shifting in some way, but the dream soon ends.

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    13. Stephen LaBerge, Ghost Hunter

      by , 04-14-2013 at 08:03 PM
      Although the lucid portion was shorter than I'd have liked there were two awesome things about this dream: 1) I finally broke my dry spell. 2) I played the part of a bulked-up, ghost-hunting Stephen LaBerge. Who could ask for anything more?

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #85: Stephen LaBerge, Ghost Hunter

      I am Stephen LaBerge, and I've been hired to investigate an apparently haunted cruise ship. The vessel's owners aren't sure whether the ship is haunted or whether this is all a dream. Therefore they've invited me, Stephen LaBerge, to investigate.

      I'm standing outside the ship, waiting to board. The crew shuffles past me on the gangway, leaving the ship empty for me to investigate. I board the ship, and quickly become lost in a maze of hallways. Creepy, whispering voices and strange groans echo through the halls.

      I feel wimpy, vulnerable, and way out of my depth. Looking for a place to hide, I duck into one of the ship's bathrooms. Suddenly it occurs to me that I should prove to myself that this isn't all just a dream. I quickly realize
      that I am dreaming after all.

      The moment that I become lucid, my confidence comes flooding back. I check my look in the mirror, and find that even though I'm still Stephen LaBerge, I'm now enormously, cartoonishly muscular. I'm wearing a dress shirt that looks like it was torn to ribbons when I did my Incredible Hulk transformation. I hit a double biceps pose in the bathroom mirror and smile at the sight of Stephen LaBerge's head on this freaky, bulky body.

      Suddenly, one of the stall doors in the bathroom slams shut. I'm still sort of stuck in ghost hunting mode, so this frightens me a bit. I hang onto lucidity, though, muttering to myself that "I'm having a really stable lucid dream..." I walk up to the stall door that slammed shut and kick it right at the latch. It swings wide open and I'm relieved to see that there's nobody in there.

      I walk to the next stall in the bathroom and for reasons that I can't remember, I stick my head into this stall to see if there's anything interesting in there. This time, the door slams shut right on my face, striking me in the nose. It doesn't hurt very much but it scares me and makes me stagger back. Just then, a hand caresses the back of my neck and I absolutely freak,
      losing lucidity and running out of the bathroom into the halls.

      There's a bit of a memory gap here, but I spent a lot of time running lost through the halls and looking out of portholes. I can see the ocean through these portholes but I've lost sight of the docks or any kind of land. During this time, ghosts definitely keep touching me and it definitely keeps wigging me out.

      Ultimately I make my way deeper into the ship. I end up in a hot, dark boiler room, engaged in a fistfight with some kind of green-hued stone man that I think is a demon. (He sort of reminds me of Frank Fontaine from the final battle in Bioshock.) We're punching, shouting, and cursing one another. I think of how odd it is that I am Stephen LaBerge fighting a green demon in the boiler room of a cruise ship and
      briefly become lucid before the dream ends.
    14. The Mesa

      by , 03-14-2013 at 04:51 PM
      This was the second of two lucid dreams from last night, and a pretty close call for the South America Task of the Year. I'm getting closer! Just need to seal the deal! Very fun dream, success or no. Man, I want these bad.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #77: The Mesa

      I'm driving under an overpass, approaching a stoplight. Out of nowhere, the car in front of me stops and I slam on the brakes. The brakes are super sluggish to respond and the car drifts to a very leisurely stop, stopping just a couple of feet from an embarrassing fender-bender.

      The driver in front of me, a stout, balding man in his 40s with a shaved head, gets out of his car and circles around to the trunk. He shoots me a dirty look, pops the trunk open and pulls out a cooler. It takes a moment before it dawns on me, but I recognize him as a prominent DC from an earlier non-lucid dream and
      I become lucid.

      I step out of the car, and the DC walks confrontationally toward me, like he's eager to argue about something. "Not right now," I say, and walk past him, emerging from the overpass into a bright day in some city's downtown. Beautiful glass buildings line the right side of the street and there's some sort of park to my left. Further ahead, a silvered, decorative archway spans the street.

      Angel Falls is on my mind and I go for a quick Hulk-jump to try to get there. Instead of soaring into the clouds, though, I float gently up into the air, turning slowly around. It feels wonderfully relaxing and I lay back to stare up at the sunny sky, my arms flung out to the side. I float upward, a few feet away from one of those tall, windowed buildings. This feels fantastic to me and I start laughing, continuing to drift upward and slowly turn.

      I'm having a ball with this, but I don't want to forget what I came to do. I tilt myself vertically again and start to rise more quickly, expecting that Angel Falls will be there on the other side of the building. As I shoot past the roof of the building, I see a broad bay dotted with distant boats. And looking out further over the bay, I see a mesa covered with greenery... one that looks just like the mesa that Angel Falls originates from!
      (I looked it up and this mesa is called Auyan-tepui.)

      I decide to sing to keep myself focused on the task, and I come up with the following: "I'm going to Aaaaaaangel Falls!! Hell yeah Aaaaangel Falls!" I'm oblivious to how horrible my lyrics are (and my voice sounds totally rockstar) so this all seems awesome to me. After a while I think about the "Halls" brand cough drops I'd had during WBTB and come up with some second "verse" that rhymes "Falls" with "Halls". I'm sure it sucked as bad as the others but I wish I could remember it.

      I'm making good progress in my flight over the bay, and I cut past a boat that looks like it's loaded with tourists (most of whom are in bucket hats for some reason.) I'm excited, happy, and confident, but for some reason
      I lose the dream and wake up. Really thought I had that one!!

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    15. On the Back of the Sphinx

      by , 01-30-2013 at 04:22 PM
      After trying and failing so much in the last several weeks, I finally made it to the Great Pyramid! I didn't complete the Task of the Year, but I had one fantastic lucid dream.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #59: On the Back of the Sphinx

      I'm standing by a hedgerow on a suburban street, waiting for the hedges to part and let me in. Through these hedges is the party I'm supposed to attend. The hedges part for me, then close as I move toward them. "No problem," I say, covering up a sting of rejection. "I'll come back when you're ready for me."

      I wander across the street to wait. I wonder whether I'm dreaming. I decide that I'll reality check "in a few minutes".
      (You slacker!) No -- I don't need to reality check. This is a dream! I look at my hands. No distortion, waviness, extra fingers, or discoloration. Still, I'm sure that I'm dreaming.

      The dream feels sharp, vivid, and stable. I feel like I have tons of time and potential. I sprint across the street, leap over the hedgerow, and with a shout I soar into the sky. I'm flying over a rain forest now and my skyrocketing confidence level makes me shout, "L-dopa!!!"
      (Although I was displaying behavior in line with high dopamine levels, I've never taken L-dopa. Don't know what got into me.) After flying over the rain forest for a while, I wind up in a cloud bank and lose my bearings. Afraid of getting stuck here, I turn back toward the neighborhood, content to take a different direction.

      I fly back out of the cloud bank, but a fierce gust of wind kicks up from the other direction and pushes me back toward the clouds. "Okay," I say. "You're taking me to the Pyramid." I relax as I pass back through the cloud bank, emerging over an ocean. I let the wind push me further on and soon I'm flying thousands of feet over a desert dotted with stones. It's dark, and the sand looks as gray as a moonscape. I descend headfirst toward the sand, sure that I'm going to find what I'm looking for.

      It's nighttime when I land. I look to my right, and there's the Pyramid, illuminated by artificial light! I'm no more than twenty feet from it. The sphinx lies directly at the base of the Pyramid. I note that in the physical world she'd be further east toward Cairo, but the inconsistency doesn't bother me. Instead it reminds me even more strongly that this is my world.

      The sphinx's stony skin is white like alabaster and she has Asian characters tattooed along all four legs and in a single stripe along each side of her body. She's far smaller than I'd expected, no more than thirty feet long. Her entire face has crumbled away (not just her nose.) I'm overcome with this urge to help her. Even setting aside Task of the Year, this is now something I badly want to do.

      I press my palms against her face and say, "I'm going to fix you." I feel the stone first roiling then smoothing out against my hands. In a few seconds her face is repaired and her head starts to move. Her face looks mostly feline but there's still a vaguely humanoid quality to it. She licks my hand once and her tongue is the fleshy, rough tongue of a cat. Her head turns vaguely toward my face but her eyes are pupil-less, blank alabaster so I can't tell whether she's looking straight at me.

      I swing my leg across her back and ask her to "Take me to the top of the Pyramid." She gets to her feet and starts walking around to the other side of the Pyramid. Her route takes us through a restaurant and bar where a number of women are dancing to this really amazing piece of world music. The melody is from some sort of brass instrument and it's backed by the mouth harp.
      (I had to google to even figure out what this instrument is called -- here's a good example of the mouth harp in action. I think it was in my memory banks from a video game I played about 15 years ago.)

      As I ride through the dance floor, the music and dancing begin to draw me in. One particularly stunning dancer, an ebony-skinned young woman of about 25, is driving me to distraction. I feel the sphinx slowing down and things start to feel unstable. I try to refocus on the task at hand, but the dream falls apart.
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