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    1. The Curtain of Reality

      by , 10-18-2015 at 01:25 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #2??: The Curtain of Reality

      I’m walking through a darkened hallway in some kind of restaurant with my friend RF. There’s an enormous guy coming down the hallway in the opposite direction, tall, Hispanic, athletic-looking, and probably close to 300 pounds, built like a linebacker. He seems to be coming right for me, so I squeeze myself over to the side wall so that I don’t get flattened. Something about this feels dreamlike, and I become lucid.

      I walk further down the hallway toward a door, but before I walk through, the scene changes into a semi-darkness like the void. I rub my hands together and keep walking forward, preparing for the next dream scene. From out of the darkness, a voice says, “Oh, that’s the guy who thinks he’s a wolf.”

      For some reason I take this as an affront to my lucidity and I shout back, “I am the motherfucking wolf!” :canislucidus:

      The voice falls silent and now I can make out repeated patterns in my field of vision, though it’s not at all clear what the patterns represent. I reach toward them and they respond to me touch, moving like cloth. I go into a long monologue about how “I’m peeling back the curtain of reality” and try to push these shapes aside to see what’s beyond.

      Finally the “curtain” parts and I’m in semi-darkness, seated in a huge, ornate movie theater. The seats are filled with people, animals, and even unfamiliar alien creatures. They’re all staring drowsily at the screen, fascinated by what’s playing out there.

      I can make out shapes and action on the screen, but don’t study it too closely since I’m fascinated by everything else I’m seeing. I feel like all of these beings (myself included) are gathered here to dream. I narrate to myself, “That’s what dreams are…”

      As I look around, I notice that every moviegoer has a little icon above their head which indicates what kind of food they’re eating. One tall, insectile alien has an icon representing Hot Tamales candy bouncing over its head. Not long after noticing this,
      I wake up.
    2. The Word of Power

      by , 12-01-2014 at 04:04 PM
      This lucid is from an afternoon nap on November 30th, 2014.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #257: The Word of Power

      I’m participating in an extreme sport where I have to walk along a skinny white railing, then jump and rope-swing onto the surface of a yacht over and over again. The crowd goes crazy every time that I do this!

      Oop, now I’m in a stone chamber below some kind of battle arena, dressed in a badass robotic exoskeleton. Apparently all of that was just training for an upcoming combat. There’s some other exoskeleton-clad guy here who looks like Kevin Durant, and I apparently believe he’s my partner. There’s a grimy mechanic here (an attractive, dark-haired woman in her late 30s) attaching a minigun to his suit.

      Kevin Durant hoots with joy and sprays gunfire around the room, shouting about what a genius the mechanic is and how much ass he’s going to kick in the upcoming battle. The mechanic smiles in amusement and calmly walks out of the chamber. All of the action gets me all excited too and somehow it occurs to me that this is like a dream,
      bringing me into lucidity.

      The presence of the Kevin Durant character fades and all I can think about is testing out this suit I’m wearing. I wonder whether it has a “bull charge” feature that lets me go charging forward to crash into stuff and whoooosh, there I go! I smash into one of the chamber’s stone walls. (The dream’s frame rate drops dramatically as I do this.) There’s a large button on the wall, and I throw a punch at it. Satisfyingly, it lights up when I hit it!

      I go back and forth, crashing into the walls of the chamber until I’m pretty happy with this feature. At some point I notice a huge bearded guy (probably about 10 feet tall) standing in the middle of room in handcuffs, looking surly. I think that he’s supposed to be some kind of sparring partner, so I throw a completely guilt-free punch at him. It just taps him, though, and he doesn’t react beyond shifting his surly gaze to me.

      I think that I need to focus my dream control more, and I remember how effective it’s been for me to vocalize my intention and sometimes even use profanity. “Yaaarrrggh!” I blubber, punching the giant in the ribs. It doesn’t feel very effective, though. I follow up with a kick to the upper thigh, loudly exclaiming...

      Spoiler for Very crude language:

      as the kick lands. The strike feels really solid and forceful, and the giant grimaces before turning around and walking off. I immediately feel embarrassed that I’ll have to journal that this is how I improved my dream control and wish that I’d chosen a different word.

      I start investigating whether there’s a way into the main arena, and as I approach a dusty upward ramp,
      the dream ends.

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