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    1. Temple of the Dog

      by , 07-29-2014 at 06:07 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #225: Temple of the Dog

      It’s the middle of the night and our dog keeps escaping out through the house into the neighborhood. Our house contains a labyrinthine series of tunnels that passes through an old stone church, and I’m convinced that the dog is escaping through some back exit of this church.

      I step into the church. It’s mostly dark outside but bright light pours in through a stained glass window to my right. It strikes me as ridiculous to be looking for my dog in an old church that’s somehow bolted onto my house and
      I become lucid.

      I leave the church the way I came in, heading into a dark tunnel. The dream feels wobbly, so rake my hands along the wall to engage my sense of touch. My fingers feel numb and I’m not engaging as much as I’d like. I start scooting sideways down the hall so I can keep my hands locked on and hopefully get this dream to hold together.

      The hallway’s starting to get really dark now, though, and I decide to head back for the light. I break off from the wall and rub my hands together as I make my way back into the church. The light’s even brighter now.

      I see my dog looking down at me from a previously unseen wooden platform high above. I turn toward the stained glass window, now almost unbearably bright and start moving toward it
      as the dream ends.
    2. The Australian Odyssey

      by , 07-24-2014 at 08:20 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #222: The Australian Odyssey

      I’m standing in line with my friends SC and MR along with some other people that I false remember as people from my past. I’m trying to introduce these “old friends” but it’s hopeless because I can’t even remember their names. Very embarrassing, and to my relief the line moves ahead and we walk into a large video arcade.

      SC, MR, and I watch this one game for a while that’s a cross between a sandbox-style game, a racing game, and a platformer. I get confused after a while and wander to another part of the arcade, when some creep elbows me aside and then flicks me on the back. The creep stares at me as he walks by with a “what are you gonna do about it?” look. He’s a short little guy with a mustache. “You’re short,” I observe out loud.

      This enrages him, and he charges at me, taking an unbelievably slow swing at my head. I push him gently aside and he falls to the floor. “Stop it,” I tell him. “I don’t want to get arrested.” I move away from him down a hallway but he chases me down and tries to hit me again. I scoop up his right ankle and he falls backward to the floor.

      I say, “I’m not hurting you because I don’t think you can hurt me.” As I’m walking away I start doing some pondering out loud: “But… what if you try to hit me 5000 more times? Wouldn't all of that practice make you dangerous to me?” Convinced by the dream logic, I pick up a toddler-sized chair and say, “Next time, I’m going to hit you with this chair! In the face!” I shake the chair for emphasis. He ignores my warnings and again comes charging for me. I smash the chair into the center of his forehead and he crumples to the ground.

      I walk off down the hall, hoping nobody saw me do that. Something about all this strikes me as completely crazy and
      I become lucid. I walk down a long hallway lined with school lockers, and at the end I find a dirt ramp leading downward. I follow the tunnel downward into a large temple built with big stone blocks. There are gaps in the stonework near the high ceiling and shafts of sunlight cut across the room from above.

      It’s a beautiful place and I begin slowly flying around the room, overcome with joy to be lucid. “Fucking lucidity!” I say, feeling like I might cry with emotion. After flying around for a bit, I walk outside of the temple to find myself in a Venice-like city of canals. A few boats drift gently by.

      I look back at the temple and see a large, golden statue of an angel sliding down a ramp from the ceiling to the door right in front of me. From somewhere a voice says, “Although we recognize Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we believe this church is powered by the Holy Spirit.” I get the sense that the voice is trying to explain what they use for electricity. After admiring the statue for a few moments, I step into one of the boats and set off.

      It’s not long before I find myself at the edge of the city, heading out to sea. I get the feeling that I’m in Australia and the beauty of the story and the scenery eventually
      drain away my lucidity. Dreamer starts narrating: “Parts of Australia are dirty, polluted, and not as nice as you might think.” As she says this, I notice oily water lapping against the side of the boat.

      I set sail away from the city, staying close to the shoreline, Dreamer narrating here and there. The water is clear and beautiful now. Dreamer says that I’m trying to find my way to the islands of the “Hawthorne Formation” but I don’t know my way there. The sea is calm and I feel peaceful and relaxed. Eventually my boat lands on a sandy beach where Noah Bennet from Heroes is working at a carpentry table. I think he’s my dad and that he’s counting on me making this journey to the Hawthorne Formation to get help for my mom and sister. (100% false memories and characters.)

      “Son,” he says, “draw me a map of where you think you are.” I draw a globe on a piece of plywood and sketch out Australia. I think it looks pretty good until I see all of the lines of longitude converging in its center. I realize that I’ve put Australia where Antarctica is supposed to go and feel really embarrassed.

      Noah Bennet sighs. “Here’s the Hawthorne Formation,” he says, drawing a series of 4 islands off the southwestern coast of Australia.” He draws an arrow pointing northeast into the middle of these islands.

      I thank him and return to the boat. “Good luck, son,” he says, and
      the dream fades.

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    3. Chariots in the Sky

      by , 12-17-2013 at 11:35 PM
      This dream is from the morning of 12/15/2013.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #176: Chariots in the Sky

      I have a false awakening in a fancy hotel room. My kids E and R are running around as I sleepily come to my senses. Wife gets out of bed first and I think that I should get up to help her with the kiddos. But I somehow “jump” to being on my feet and I realize that this is the start of a lucid dream.

      I head for the window, phase out, and find myself clinging to a steeply slanted rooftop under a dark, cloudy sky. Everywhere I look are other rooftops just like this one, very steep and dotted with lit windows. The texture on the roof shifts oddly, jumping from one repeated pattern to another.

      I leap to another roof. There’s nothing but dark void below. Each building is about 50 feet apart and floats freely through the sky. I make a couple of more leaps, and as I look around I note that there are flying chariots with large passenger cars flying through the sky. These flying chariots feel like my ticket to a less hostile scene, so I leap onto one.

      As I crash onto the floor of the passenger car, the DCs on board look at me with surprise and shuffle away before returning to normal. Most of them are dressed in a mix of medieval and classical Greek garb.

      I’m willing the chariot to encounter something handy for me as it flies through the sky, particularly something I could use for Task of the Year. I’m mainly looking for the Great Pyramid or the Colosseum. We fly past lots of cool-looking buildings (including the Temple of Zeus and a series of huge medieval castles) but they’re not quite the ones I’m looking for. I’m contemplating just jumping for one and exploring when we pull up close to an arena that looks like a shorter version of the Colosseum!

      I glide off of the chariot toward the Colosseum when I see an attractive but angry-looking woman in her early 30s dragging a red-haired teenager off of the chariot by his collar. She’s dressed in what looks like a Roman toga and she’s giving the kid an earful: “Do you know how shameful it is to have a knight running around in an enemy chariot?”

      I don’t know what she’s talking about, because the kid looks way too young and (frankly) wimpy to be a “knight” of any kind. It also seems like she’s a little young to be his mom. The kid’s cowering and whimpering as she drags him along. I turn back toward the Colosseum and move only a bit further before
      the end of the dream.
    4. Pool Care in the Temple of Zeus

      by , 12-18-2012 at 06:05 PM
      This was one of two lucid dreams that came out of an experiment with caffeine during WBTB that I tried last night. (Thanks, Xanous!) My beverage of choice was green tea.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #44: Pool Care in the Temple of Zeus

      I'm standing outside of a pool where people are swimming around having a business meeting. They're fretting about the now-green condition of another pool that's one story down and perhaps 100 feet away from the one where the meeting is taking place. I jump into the clean pool, swim toward the meeting, and explain that all we'll need to do is get the Ph and stabilizer levels fixed up and then shock it with liquid chlorine or even household bleach. They're relieved and grateful, and I have one moment of contentment before I realize that I jumped into the pool wearing a backpack with a laptop in it and have probably ruined it. I'm pretty distressed by thus until I realize that I'm dreaming.

      "Got to go, everybody! This is all a dream." The other swimmers seem mildly surprised by this but they quickly accept it and go back to their meeting.

      In the distance I see that the pool ends at what appears to be a sheer drop-off. Past that, I see the skyline of a city in the early morning. Eager to explore, I try to rise out of the water but somehow have trouble getting into the air. I yell out that I am going to fly into the air and nothing will stop me. I employ some probably-unnecessary profanity in my speech. I shoot out of the water, knifing through some overhanging tree branches
      (where did these come from?) and land on the roof of a stone temple in the style of Ancient Greece.

      I'm overlooking a large, open-air courtyard that's surrounded by Doric columns. Past the courtyard is miles of grassland and a sky that's dark with storm clouds. The clouds are lit up with occasional bursts of sheet lightning and I hear low rumbles of thunder.

      There's a strange platform of gray stone suspended above me and it's hung low enough that I can't stand fully upright. I decide to phase and begin pushing my hand upward against the platform, which feels solid. I push harder, and my fingers start digging chunks of stone out of the platform. I'm somewhat pleased by this but I decided to refocus my efforts on phasing through the platform.

      I push my hands and head into the stone and this time it feels cottony and insubstantial. My vision goes black as my head disappears into the stone and I feel my feet leaving the temple roof. I float upward through the "stone", gradually becoming disoriented. I feel like I'm in a bed now, but I don't believe it. Still blind, I reach out, grabbing onto a pillow. I suddenly become very aware of my sleeping body and
      wake up in my real bed.

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    5. Lucid Chains, Lions, and Evasive Olympic Dreams

      by , 08-21-2012 at 03:04 PM
      Tonight was my first chained lucid dream (achieved via DEILD.) The first lucid segment was induced via SSILD. I chained from this one into my second with DEILD. This was a very cool experience but it came with a price: I lost almost all memory of how I became lucid in the first dream!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #11: Lucid Chains, Lions, and Evasive Olympic Dreams

      I'm standing in the vast courtyard of a Shinto-style shrine. There are signs to guide me but they're all written in Japanese. It's early morning and the sun is just beginning to rise. Dream characters mill about peacefully in the courtyard.

      I walk by a dream character that I recognize as DK, a very old friend that I grew apart from in childhood. I had not thought of him in a long while. We shake hands and exchange pleasantries, reminiscing about the past (especially the "Quest for Glory" game series.) However, when I ask DK what he's doing with his life and what sort of career path he took, he will no longer answer me. He looks guarded and embarrassed.

      We walk to the edge of the courtyard and find a waterfall. Next to this is an enormous rollercoaster here that goes along a track which is somehow made entirely of water. I leave DK behind and grab on to the roller coaster. It immediately starts rocketing along the track, spraying water on me and rushing alongside the temple wall. I realize that the roller coaster car has no seat but only tiny handholds that I must cling to for dear life. Feeling completely exposed and unsafe, I jump off, falling about 30 feet to the ground.

      A nearby sign is in Japanese but has a tiny bit of English text warning me (in big red letters) that this is a "Nature Preserve". A few feet away from the sign, a dangerous-looking lion has his eyes locked on me. I try to remember what you are supposed to do when you're close to a lion. I have no idea, so decide to try backing slowly away. This isn't good enough and the lion charges at me, knocking me to the ground. The jolt is enormous but I'm seemingly unhurt. I choose "flight" over "fight" and run back toward the temple wall, the lion charging after me. He bashes me again just as I'm running through a door into a poorly-lit room with a single table in the middle of it.

      I wake up but don't open my eyes. I decide to try to chain back into another lucid dream via DEILD. I think about that little room for a while and seconds later, I am lucid again. The room's better lit now but otherwise the same. I decide that I'm going to try for the Olympics again. There are four exits from the room and I command the dream to show me the one that will lead me to the Olympics. Obediently, one of the exits is illuminated and I step through it into an auditorium full of howling spectators. There's a table tennis table in the middle of the auditorium -- so table tennis it is, then!

      After approaching the table, I find that rather than a proper paddle, I have an old, deflated latex balloon in my hand. I put it out of sight and will it to turn into an excellent paddle with top-notch rubber. This works. My opponent comes bounding down the stairs and the crowd goes wild for him. They're all cheering for him rather than me in my own dream! Ah well, doesn't matter. This is my dream, so it will be his butt receiving the shellacking.

      The crowd starts performing this ridiculous, choreographed rump-shaking dance in celebration of my opponent. I command them that "You will stop doing that stupid dance!" They obey but my opponent runs up into the stands, whoops once, and starts doing laps, refusing to come down to face me. I'm exasperated by his obnoxious behavior and soon
      wake up.

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