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    1. Dream Object + Zip Lining (DEILD)

      by , 08-26-2012 at 04:41 AM
      Woke up on 8/18/2012
      *Only remember fragments of first dream

      Successful DEILD

      1) I’ m at a zip lining place with my sisters and there are three difficulties. There is a small body of water and the zip lines zigzag across it. They are only about one-and-a-half body lengths above the water and they are made up of one very long zip line which is hooked on to pieces of the rocky wall surrounding the water to make the zigzag pattern. We are at the side of the easiest one and I complete it with ease. As I approach the end of the first line I quickly pull the pulley up somehow and land it on the next line. As I reach the end of the medium difficulty zip line I prepare to jump the device to the hard difficulty zip line, but I start swinging wildly as I approach it. I decide not to let go and the pulley slides back to the beginning of the medium difficulty zip line. I try to regain my balance in order to try again. When I reach the wall I try to kick off and keep my momentum straight forward. I swing wildly again as I approach the hard zip line and slide back to the beginning once more. After failing twice, I decide that I need to jump diagonally towards a ledge that is next to the hard difficulty zip line. I reach the start once more, kick off as hard as I can, and slide quickly toward the ledge. I let go of the pulley and leap off the zip line hoping that I will have enough momentum to carry me to the ledge. I reach out, but I am not able to grab the ledge. Instead, I end up on a huge blue bucket with no lid which stands in the water next to another bucket. I have a firm grip since my elbows are hooked over the edge, but the tall bucket begins to lose balance and I’m sure I will fall. I hear my sister say something along the lines of “Aw! Well, falling in the water doesn’t mean you lose”. Then, I try to shift my weight upwards and bring my arms further into the bucket and, miraculously, it regains balance and I’m able to climb up on the rocky ledge with some difficulty (I kind of wanted to try the hard zip line though).

      I am slightly awake in real life, but I am very sleepy since I had woken up in the middle of the night. I was probably half asleep because I don’t remember any real life images since I probably never opened my eyes. Somehow I was still able to think clearly and I seized the opportunity to attempt to imagine a dream scene, though I didn’t think about the fact that I was DEILDing. I didn’t have any specific dream scene in mind but I just told myself over and over to imagine a lucid dream scene. Almost immediately, the dream starts to fade in and I am fully lucid.

      2) I see Bobby Lee as a realtor next to a doorway leading to a room in a house. He is in a light yellow buttoned shirt which has blurry white lines mixed into it tucked into what I believe are whitish-yellow pants secured with a brown belt. Somehow, I get the feeling that he knows I’m lucid. Though I was fully lucid, I could still feel the slightest bit of consciousness. I believed Bobby was telling me to go along with the dream story so that I could be fully enveloped in the dream and still remain lucid. He tells me to try to sell the house to two people and beckons me inside the room. I walk inside and describe the room to the old Asian couple as they looked around. To maintain lucidity, I said or did something while looking out a window to my right. Bobby peeked through the doorway and told me to describe it some more and I obliged. After doing this I was confident I was fully asleep and would not wake up so I looked out the window and prepared to find my dream object. Through the window, countless things were going on. Though there was a small field of vision, I could somehow see a zoo, a hangar (There are two hangars outside of my neighborhood in real life), tanks, school buses and trucks driving next to the tanks, futuristic planes in the sky, and roads with bustling cars everywhere. There was so much going on, yet I didn’t feel any sense of chaos. I yelled out, “I want to be guided or led to my dream object” (This is explained in the dream notes in section 2). Suddenly, I see a small object fall from the sky. It travels through the window next to the one I was looking through and landed in my room (The room in the house became my real room at this point). I pick up the object excited to see what it would be. I look at it and I become immensely disappointed. It is some kind of orange/black band made of rubber with a small screen. It almost looks like a watch or a pedometer, but the band looks like it’s meant to go around a finger (To put it into perspective, imagine a tiger printed watch meant to go around your finger instead of your wrist. Don’t imagine too many lines, though. The face of the device was mostly orange and there were a few waves of black on the edges). I knew the device wasn’t a watch or pedometer and I was hoping that my dream object would be something I could easily find in real life. I called out again saying something like, “C’mon! Give me another one!” hoping for a better result. Something else flew down and I picked it up. It was the same object and I became annoyed. I walked back to the window and, for some reason, said that I wanted something more sophisticated (What an odd word choice. I think I meant to say “meaningful”). I saw something fly past my vision to the other window. I walked back and picked up the object. It was a square version of the original object. I looked on the back to see what it was. There were letters carved out of the rubber, and since they were the same color and material as the device itself, they were a little hard to read. I see the word “yoyo” and a few other letters after it which I could not make out. I concluded that the device was meant to be attached to a Yoyo and could somehow count or judge the Yoyo tricks while you played with one. I looked out the window at all the commotion and asked what my big dream object was. I thought that you only had one dream object, but I decided it was worth a shot and that if I had a big object that I could take a picture of in real life, it would be better than nothing at all. Letters were shown in the road below. I don’t remember what they said, but after reading them I looked up towards the area where there were tanks and buses. I remember thinking it was one of those and I think I asked if it was a school bus (I may have said something else). The word “ZOO” appeared on the road and I looked at the zoo. My sister was next to me all of a sudden and told me I was looking at the wrong place and that I was supposed to look at a car near the zoo. Suddenly, I was in one of the bustling cars on the road and there was no roof or window (I was probably in a convertible). I looked at the road and I think I asked for a hint. A text appeared on the road and, though we were moving fast, the text remained in the same relative position to me. There was a transparent image of a car top sign with a moving LED text on it that said “NO TRESPASSING” and I assumed it meant that was my dream object was a car that had those words on it. For some strange reason, I thought of a Toyota. I asked my sister what type of Toyota had that and if a Corolla was the right answer. She said she didn’t know, so I decided to just guess all the Toyota cars I could until I found the right one. I looked down at the road and asked if it was a Toyota Corolla and a text appeared that said “WILD GUESSES” or something with the word “GUESS” or a form of it in the text. I got the sense that I was being told that I wasn’t supposed to randomly guess to find out and that my dream guide had nothing else to say to me for the time being. My dream faded out around this time.

      Dream Notes:

      2) I watched a video by ReeceJones87 on YouTube about dream bridging. In the video he said that to find a dream object someone is supposed to say "I want to be guided or led to my dream object" while lucid. He also said that your dream object could be big or small and that if it is too big or does not belong to you then you can take a picture of it instead of taking it with you. In my dream I was disappointed with the same object so I decided to ask for a bigger one in order to get a different result.

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