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    1. Attempted Flying & Exporing + Soda Machine Hack (Lucid, Reality Checks, WILD)

      by , 08-24-2012 at 07:39 PM
      Woke up on 8/17/12
      *Only remember fragments of some dreams
      *Before the following dreams I had other lucid dreams. However, since I can’t remember the old ones I will only count the ones I remember into my total.
      *My lucidity carried over from previous dreams, so I tried to remember to do reality checks in the following dreams.

      Successful WILD
      Successful reality checks

      In no particular order:

      1) The first thing I can remember is that I was in some plain area with fencing around it (The floor was probably just dirt). I remember being lucid in previous dreams so I attempted to hold on to my lucidity. I did a hand reality check and my hand seemed normal but because I was already lucid I tried to force something to happen. Soon my hands attached to each other and I had four fingers on the left side and three on the right. I don’t understand why I was so determined to perform a reality check when I was already lucid. I probably just wanted reassurance. I attempted flying first by jumping a few times, and I got higher and higher like I expected. Somehow, gravity was pulling me down and though I tried to fight it by jumping over and over I was unable to overcome it. It was as if there was a height limit and I wasn’t able to pass it. I was back to where I began my flying attempt and this time I tried to swing my arms up as hard as I possibly could. I did this a few times and went up higher than I expected, but after a brief moment of floating I could feel gravity pulling me down again. Once again I was back where I started and I began jumping again, but instead I turned a little to the left so that I was looking at the corner of the fence and I jumped forward bouncing myself over the fence and over a few small pieces of scenery that I cannot remember clearly. There was one obstacle that I believe was a wall. It looked green and I remember thinking that I wasn’t going to make it over, but I don’t remember what happened. The dream must have ended.

      2) Like the previous dream, I was lucid from dreams that happened early in my sleep and tried to hold on to that lucidity. I was in some building with gray was walls, though the mood wasn’t at all scary or depressing. I was standing in the middle of what I can best describe as a doorway without a door in it. It was simply an opening into another room. The opening was about 10 feet wide and the walls were about half a foot to a foot thick. I looked down at my hands once again, trying to assure myself that I was lucid. I tried to concentrate on something being wrong with them and I think that eventually they did become odd in some way (I think I just keep looking and eventually I could see another finger on my left hand). The dream faded before I knew it.

      3A) I was in my taekwondo class and people were practicing with nunchucks. I don’t remember many details besides the people who were there. When we were done my mom gave my friend a ride to our house. I went to the bathroom while he used our computer, but the view was of him at the computer.

      *The following dream is somehow connected to the previous dream. It may be an alternate series of events starting from getting in the car.

      3B) I am outside of a supermarket (I assume it is a Wal-Mart. This is explained in the dream notes in Section 3.1B). I get in my mom’s car and we are about to take someone home (Instead of being the friend from taekwondo he is a guy who used to go to my school). He gets out of the car and starts talking to his friends. While we are waiting he turns into a female dream character without me realizing it. I ask if she is coming and she waves us off. My mom begins driving and as the dream went on, I went from traveling in a car to pushing a shopping cart on foot. At one point, I push the shopping cart into a thin wooden board that was resting on a wire fence at a steep angle hoping to drive it over the wire fence by using the board (I don’t realize how odd my attempt is. The board was almost parallel to the fence). It doesn’t work, so I decided to back up to get more momentum. I run faster attempting to push the cart over the fence once again. It goes higher, but I am still unsuccessful. I leave the cart behind and easily climb over the fence. Behind it is a type of junkyard area with tan-colored dirt and a couple of tall huts made of some material of the same color (maybe even the same dirt) surrounding the area. The huts rest on a wall of dirt that surrounds the small area. I find it boring and proceed to different areas. As I explore I see elaborate playgrounds in different directions. One was in the distance in a wooded area. The playground was made of tall logs and had pointy roofs. I kept exploring and the biomes changed very quickly (in a way very similar to how biomes change in Minecraft. I’m in a grassy area one moment and ahead I would see a circular area of sand connecting to the beach; once I’m off the sand, there would suddenly be grass again. I eventually make it to some playground for a short period of time then start traveling again. For some reason, I’m looking for my school at one point. I reach it and the dream gets gray; it looks like it does on a cloudy afternoon. I go down one hallway and walk inside the office, though it looks nothing like the office in my school. I see two soda machines and two snack machines and I end up with wet paper towels in my hand which I try to stuff up the change compartment of the vending machines (This is explained in the dream notes in section 3.2B). A student next to me is doing the same and I make a comment about how I am surprised that he has also heard of the trick. I then say that I heard about it yesterday from a guy I knew. Behind us was a room with glass windows surrounding it. There were thin support beams in between the windows. My mom was sitting at a table in the room with two sodas.

      Dream Notes:

      General: The previous day, I performed more reality checks than I have ever done in one day. This contributed immensely to my lucidity and high level of awareness.

      3.0B) I watched an episode of Wildest Police Videos the day before this dream. In one clip a man and his son were pulled over, but shot the cop and drove away. The police surrounded their car outside of a Wal-Mart and shot them. The scene in my dream was exactly the same as the scene in the clip (aside from the violence, cop cars, and guns of course).

      3.1B) I volunteer at Habitat for Humanity. A guy I know there who is doing community service was getting a soda the day before this dream. He started talking to us about how he used to stuff paper towels up the change compartment to catch the change and take it out at the end of the day to see how much money would come out. This is what I was doing in the dream.

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