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    Awake to take in the view...

    Title taken from my favorite song, On the Wing by Owl City.

    1. The creepy monster sang me a song! And then killed me.

      by , 05-24-2019 at 01:45 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Two nights ago, I had a dream about a creepy monster. It started out as an orange snake, female. Then it turned into an evil monster. Apparently, it was called a "ground Shrek", and despite the reference to a kid's movie, it was actually quite terrifying.

      It had glowing yellow eyes, and a mouth that was filled with sand. It sang a song as it began eating/killing everyone, and it went like this:

      "...And we shall be appointed view
      Of earth's eternal sleep."

      There were a few lines before it but I couldn't make them out. It kept singing this creepy ditty over and over again as it killed people, and its voice was now deep, masculine, and hollow. The song had a tune similar to a church hymn that I know, "Go Forth With Faith", which for some reason makes it even creepier.

      It raced towards me, and I couldn't get away in time. The last thing I heard inside of its mouth was this song, and I fell into the sand that fell even further into a black void. At that moment, I believed that I was facing death, and I would finally see what the afterlife was like, if it existed. Then I woke up. Terrifying, but cool.
    2. Yes, slime creatures do have families, and toasters do float within black voids.

      by , 02-11-2017 at 07:03 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      (See Tues/Wed and Wed/Thurs for a description of the dreams mentioned in the title).

      Sunday/Monday night

      7 hours of sleep. A direct transcription of my dream journal, which has proven rather difficult to read:
      Mic pix
      Had to hold sisters' up; they were in boxes for some reason
      And a friend of mine from IRL was there

      No dream recall whatsoever. So sad! D: 6 hours sleep

      6-ish hours of sleep. I honestly can't decipher this note either. I think I was still very much in a dreamlike state when I wrote it, because it makes virtually no sense.
      "Dad, strange dry -- almost meter side (winner?)

      I remember this one though: I was at a zoo/aquarium (combination of the two). One exhibit had a nice animal in it (panda? polar bear? I think it was some sort of bear) and some creatures that were made out of slime! They were black with cute eyes, apparently. One snuck out of its exhibit somehow in order to talk to me. He wanted to be free in order to be with his wife and kids. Because apparently, slime creatures get married and have families. :O I guess he needed help getting out of there, even though he had already gotten out of the exhibit. However, the employer (zookeeper?) caught him. A snake friend of mine and I tried to save him, but the results were inconclusive...as in, I can't remember what happened or whether or not I woke up before the dream finished.

      6 hours of sleep again. I was almost lucid in this one, but not quite. I had hypnagogic imagery, and I think there was a white toaster floating in a black void. There was a creepy disembodied voice that kept repeating "Dreams within dreams! Dreams within dreams!" and it scared the crap out of me. Tess scolded me a bit when I forced myself to wake up because I could have taken control of the dream! However I wasn't thinking logically enough to do that, it seems.


      No dream recall sadly. 7 hours of sleep, but man I was exhausted. IRL, this whole week has been a disaster. Botched an important project that was worth 6% of my grade in one of my major courses. The stress of this semester is insane, and I really hope I can come out on top with acceptance into my program and all As. And not getting super fat in the process would be good too.

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