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    1. 23 Sep 2012

      by , 09-25-2012 at 01:34 AM
      This particular Dream was very, long yet extremely simplistic in nature.

      I was running very fast, at a very high tempo, much like an anime ninja would run. Arms back jumping over people, through lawns, going in and out of first person and third person perspective, which is not unusual in my dreams.

      The neighborhood I was running through was my old neighborhood that I grew up in. You head south about a mile and there was my elementary school, you head north about a mile and there was my high school. In this dream I was running away from an old house that I used to live in heading south right past my old elementary school. I remember it being the last thing I saw before I woke up.

      I'm writing about this particular dream mainly because it has a large significance on a very troubling time I had in this place. This neighborhood reminds me of the worst period in my life. The fact that I was running away from the house which these remembered horrors came from tells me two things: 1) My Lucid dreaming techniques are improving and 2) This particular dream has a lot of significance with my dream research.

      My dream research has led me to the theory that we remember EVERYTHING, yet only a portion is stored in our subconsciousness and the rest in our consciousness. Reality and our consciousness 5 senses fill in the holes/fragments that our conscious mind seems to "forget."

      On the other side reality is not a factor on our subconsciousness because we’re very stationary when we enter the subconsciousness. With these facts in mind we are stuck with only what the subconsciousness has stored. Our 5 senses do work in our subconsciousness however because most of us use the crutch that is reality to guide our senses to make sense of our world, using our 5 senses in our subconscious world is very foreign and downright difficult to learn to use.

      Also! Our subconscious is where our consciousness "hides" very very bad and traumatic event memories in order to protect our physical well being.