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    Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious

    1. November 17th 2015 Non-Lucid

      by , 11-17-2015 at 10:10 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream started on JMU's campus on our quad. We were playing some sort of throwing game where if you messed up you got electrocuted. I kept winning and didn't have to get electrocuted, but I wanted to know what it felt like so I purposely messed up. The thing that shocks people was a car battery with wires that hooked us up to it. It shocked me and I felt this very unnerving feeling that caused me to sort of jump up and down quickly several times. I walk on a path next to the quad and see my friend Austin who I say hello to. IRL him and I saw each other yesterday and said hello. Then, I'm over by this field thing, sort of like a theater with it starting low and going higher. There were trees to the right of it. People were standing in this gradually sloping field looking up to a stage that was very high. In my mind I was about to perform, but my job was to grab a rope and swing on it. I start from the back right of the field which is higher and right next to the trees. So, I grab this very long rope and start swinging over the crowd, higher and higher. The crowd is cheering me on but I don't know how to slow down. I let my feet sort of dangle and I kick some people in the crowd. Then, my path is over on the left of the stage and swinging towards my starting position on the back right of the field where the trees are. I manage to kick my feet on the ground where less people are and I come to a jumping halt at the trees. I go behind where the stage is and climb a really high amount of things to get to the top. When I'm there, it's a padded platform which is sort of walled on all sides except for one which has an opening with the rope there ready to swing. My mind thought I was some sort of host to a show. Now, this area is really high up in the air, I mean miles on miles in the air. I think there are people on the ground watching me. There was that one feeling you get when you are really high up in a dream that was freaking me out. I started to slip backwards out of the opening. My hands grasp the edge for a half second before I fall very far down. I think 'wow am I really dying at this show.' Then, I'm up on the high stage again looking down. Someone says that I need to use the rope to swing down again, and without any hesitation, I grab the rope and swing down to the ground.

      At some point I'm in this broken up house looking at a sort of water slide contraption that is really small. I was supposed to fix it for this girl who I don't know. There's a ball that moves down the slide and apparently to fix it you have to let the ball catch at the end in some hole thing.

      Do you know those dreams about someone you really like that can be about whatever and it doesn't really matter what actually happens in the dream, but it gives you a feeling that it was all about her and when you wake up you have strong feelings for this person? Well, this happened to me. So after I'm fixing the water slide contraption, I'm down on a lower part in an open area. It's like a water park. I'm in a pool of water that turns into a water slide that goes down and further along a path with buildings and trees on either side. I'm in one pool and I look to my right to see this girl who I like a lot named Dana floating in another pool. Both of these pools empty into a water slide. When I notice her, I act like I don't see her and look another way because I don't know if she's seen me or not. We both empty into this slide that is pretty much a down hill lazy river. She grabs onto me and we sort of piggy-back down the river which turns left into some overhead structure thing. Ultimately, it turns into another pool that has some block thing out of the water in the middle which turns it into a pool that goes in a circle. We get there and then turn around. She starts to swim away from the pool and I wrap my arms around her like I'm hugging her from behind as we swim back up the stream. I know nothing big happened with her in this dream but it still made me miss her a lot when I woke up.

      I had a dream I was in China but I can't really remember much except that I think there was some sort of rock concert going on. At some point, I fall into this cart thing that has my friend Katharine in it. She says something that disappoints me so I turn towards her friend CJ and talk to him about something. I remember ultimately wanting to go find a woman who sells noodles who I call Noodle Lady IRL back when I went to China this past summer.
    2. January 5th 2013 Lucid

      by , 01-05-2013 at 11:35 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      (Non-lucid)I was in a regular dream in this backyard of someone's house where people were dressed up for homecoming(school dance) and people from my school were standing on this wooden boat step-thing posing for pictures. For some reason I can't remember who my date was but this girl from my school named Kassidy texted me but I did not want to talk to her. I look behind me I see some sophomores still half dressed trying to put on the rest of their clothes for the pictures. I walk up onto the boat behind everyone.

      The dream is lost and I'm in paralysis in my bed. I'm thinking how bizarre that last dream was so I go back into that regular dream and everything plays through again the same way and I go back into paralysis in my bed. At this point I'm trying to get my body free but remember I can't move. I conclude that I want to roll out of bed this time, so I roll and land at the foot of my bed in a lucid dream.

      (Lucid) I stand up in my room and sort of notice this is my lucid world but jump back onto my bed. Then I think 'wait this is a dream let's go explore' so I walk out of my room. I keep looking at my hands to keep stability and as I walk down my stairs I start to think I might lose the dream but it stays. I turn the corner still looking at my hands to walk into the kitchen. I see that there are flashing blue lights against the walls but then assume it's from the T.V. since there aren't any other lights on. When I walk in I sense someone to my left, so I slowly look and it's some guy I don't know. He's probably 5'7'' has buzzed brown hair and stubble. Then I turn to my right to see people laying on my living room couch. A kid named Austin from my school is laying under a blanket asleep and someone else is on the other side. There's also a chair in my living room corner that's big enough to sleep in so I walk over there to see my friend Katharine laying under a blanket with her head out. She looks up at me and I get this strange feeling that she wants to get with me. No... this isn't why I started to lucid dream again... but the temptation. Without realizing it my arm is already placed on the top of her back and I feel she's naked. I start to run it down her back and grab her ass... then I keep going under until I feel her zone and she gives out the most seductive moan like she's been waiting forever to be touched...
      Then I woke up.

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