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    Xanous' Dream Journal

    1. The dead and flying in the void

      by , 04-22-2019 at 06:40 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #527 DILD

      I am in some church service. I feel so tired and dosing off. I feel I am holding someoneís hand. I think itís my wife. I open my eyes and see my FIL reaching across my wife and holding my hand. Heís smirking. I remember heís dead but I think I must be half dreaming. The next thing I know I wake up and the service is over. I still feel out of it and can hardly open my eyes to see where I am going. I see my dead grandmother following me. I know she is dead but again I think I am half dreaming or hallucinating. After a moment, I stop and hug her knowing people must see me hugging someone invisible like sheís a ghost. In the parking lot some people finally notice I am having a hard time and start asking me whatís wrong. I say I donít know I think maybe I need to see a doctor. I wake up.

      Later, I dream that I am running an electrical test on a wire harness from but I am hooking up the washer and dryer at my house somehow. I walk away because I need some alligator clips. I am at work now and I run into Ryan. I get pissed because heís installed some extra software on the computer and I have no idea what I am looking at. I think about going to IT but I just decide to leave. I wake up.

      Some fragment about how I am able to fly and hover easily. It feels natural. Just a thing I can do.

      I wake up determined to get lucid as I watch HI. After some time, I notice I am on a skateboard and have stopped to look at a loose bolt on the trucks. I realize I am in a dream and I float away. I fly high in the sky and see some blue sky and clouds but the dream turns mostly dark. I donít get caught up on the lack of visuals. Instead, I enjoy the physical sensation of flying. At one point it feels like I am swimming super-fast in water. I laugh and deeply enjoy it for as long as it lasts. Suddenly I feel the chemical change in my head. I know I am waking up. I try to hold on. I get a visual of my shoes where I left them in the hallway. I wake up.
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    2. They Live

      by , 03-03-2013 at 02:51 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      This dream as a little earlier than the last one I posted. I took Galantamine but used MILD. Really didn't work so well but its still interesting. The lucid was so brief that I am not adding it to my count.

      They Live MILD 4:10AM

      I have a FA and am in bed with my wife. I hear the baby crying and she wants me to go check on him. I beg and plead with her to let me try to have a lucid dream. I tell her, "I took galantamine and I only do it once a week. Any other night and I would do it but please just let me try to dream." She reluctantly agrees.

      I have another FA. I get out of bed but the house is different but familiar. I walk in the kitchen and see my wife. She looks a little like Deborah from "Everybody Loves Raymond". I don't find this odd I just know her as my wife. She is at the sink peeling carrots. The sink the old white ceramic and really deep. Some how I find out that it is after 6 in the morning and getting close to 7. I notice the sun is up and I feel really pissed that I just slept that long with out even recalling one dream. I think to thank her for letting me sleep but she looks pissed and is not even looking at me. I get a drink of water and decide to just go back to bed.

      On the way I pass my dead grandmother. I look at her from behind as she walks into the kitchen. Somehow I realize that my grandfather is sitting in the living room watching TV. I really want to get back to sleep and try to have a lucid so I ignore them. As I walk down the hallway I think, "Wow. Your grandparents are back from the dead and you don't even pay them any attention. All that feeling guilty for not spending enough time with them was all for nothing."

      I close the bed room door. It is an old heavy wooden door with a really strange knob and locking mechanism. All this is too much. It finally dawns on me. I say, "I am dreaming." but at that instant I wake up.

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    3. Dead End Road, Hospital Crowd, My Dead Uncle, PISSED!

      by , 10-04-2012 at 11:31 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      * = Dream signs/cues
      Non lucid
      Dialog bold

      Dead End Road - 2:06AM
      Driving down same road as snow dream. Sudden dead end solider support troops concert in a pasture. Turn around pushing cart with TV*. TV keeps falling. some kid keeps begging to use my tv to play game. I carry TV and wife* carries xbox. I tell the kid, "I will punch you in face." I see him and his dad and appologize. Dad is smiling. I say, "I thought kid was much older." I feel ashamed of myself.

      Hospital Crowd - 3:44AM - Attempted WILD
      Lots of FAs. Hospital waiting for elevator. People crowd me. I want to change my mind and go another way. Lady put her purse in my wheelchair I was pushing. Have to wait. I feel crowded. I see Spenser. I push him and scream, "FUCK, PEOPLE! BACK OFF!" I decide I'm leaving. I go to get my wheelchair and see my empty sugar bag and my wheelchair is now a flat cardboard box.* I storm off pissed and go into a room. I see my wife sleeping. I think that I just woke up or something.* I feel really hot. I turn the air down. The room looks a little off but I don't notice. I think must have had a dream and try to DJ about the crowed hospital*. I see baseball videos vididly on my phone. It looks like the Astros. I see a name. Rodriguez. (Does he play for them?) I try to type it but its all messed up. There are characters on my keyboard that glow like strange symbols.* I stare at it confused. I can't see to focus on my typing.

      EDIT: Well I'll be damned. I had no idea. It looks like him too! Rodriguez

      My Dead Uncle - 4:37AM DEILD attempt - mantra "Remember Dreamsigns and Dreams"
      I am back in the hospital. I have my son, Riley. Mom is holding him. I look back and see my niece, Elizabeth is way younger and really thin.* I feel half asleep and groggy. We sort of wonder around lost. We stumble into a room. I see my deceased Uncle Vernon*. Mom hands him Riley and says here's your grandson (WTF?). We are sitting at a folding table. There are 3 windows in front of me. I stare out the right side window and see a boney rib of a carcass of some long dead beast like a cow in the lawn.* I feel confused about this. I ponder why that would be there.
      Mom interrupts my thoughts and asks, "Did you leave the window down quarter way?"
      I am confused. I ask, "What? The House? Car? This room? WHAT?"
      She laughs and sarcasticly says, "The north side of the dog house."
      I keep seeing that carcass outside the window. I think on this again. I feel that there is something I am missing. There was something I wanted to remember. What is it. I must know. The sun starts blinding me from center window. Mom draws Curtains but the sun moves to the left one*. I stare again at the carcass in lawn wondering what it is I am trying to remember. I am on the verge of DILD when baby decides he wants a bottle and I wake up.

      PISSED! 5:56AM DEILD attempt - mantra "Remember Dreamsigns and Dreams"
      We are at Walmart and I round the corner to see my wife kissing some guy that looks like her ex boyfriend.* I get so pissed at her and start cussing and yelling. She starts acting just like my ex-wife and I lose it. I can't remember what was said but later we continue to shop because I really want to find a halloween costume. We walk and into a mall. I open a door and find a really dark and hot room. There is one light and a ton of button up shirts with vertical stripes. I look them over. I notice that there a lot of noise in here and I can't hear to yell at my wife. I say, "We are probably not supposed to be here."* I am still so pissed of and I want nothing to do with her.
      We are getting in the car. My seat belt gets all effed up and wont work right. She tries to help me but I am so pissed that I push her hand away. I get out of the car and find some type of harness on me.* I rip it off and get in the car again. This time it works right. I try to drive out of the parking lot but I see a strange path and try to follow. I cross a bridge. Some adults yell at someone I can't see. I see them flip someone off. Then a little down I see some really young kids do the same. I think how bad that was but don't interfere.
      I am now by myself on a 4-Wheeler.* I try to go up a really steep hill. I try to angle it but the 4-Wheeler rolls. I just off and land on my stomach at the bottom unhurt.* I get up and have to rock climb to the top. I have a strong hand and foot sensation here. At the top there is a couch and TV. I sit down. My ex-wife's brother is there and he sits next to me.* I try to ignore him but he excitedly holds out a large phone and says, "Hey you have to watch this funny video!"
      BTW my wife would never do that and we never fight like that. That anger actually carried over into waking and I had to apologize for being hateful this morning. LOL.
      There were so many dream signs last night I woke a little mad at myself for forgetting after putting so much effort into remembering.

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