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    Xanous' Dream Journal

    1. Catfish?

      by , 03-02-2013 at 12:20 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Pre-Bed MD 2020

      Woke to WBTB at 3:30 but I had a headache and just wanted to sleep. I thought I could at least set my intentions and do MILD but never got that far. I ended up with a random DILD anyway. I think I was barely lucid in this one as my mind wasn't very critical of the dream.

      4:40AM - DILD
      I am walking around in some familiar woods. (I think this is one of those locations that exist in only in dreams but I visit often) I am enjoying the peaceful quite and time to myself. I start thinking about some youth minister that was here before doing some cool tricks and claiming it was the power of God. I start doing the same tricks on my own power. I start hovering and walking up trees. Every one in a while a strong wind would lift me up like a kite. Something was very familiar about all of this but I don't get it yet. Then, while walking up a tree I think that he must have had a line attached to him. Then I wonder how I am doing it with out a line and I slowly become lucid. I fly up and over a small river. Flying is difficult so I make swimming motions and that seems to work. I stay low to the ground to have some visual reference.

      *memory gap*

      Somehow I end up in some sort of enclosed dock. I am walking along and an old fisherman falls in the water but as soon as he does he turns into a very small skeleton of some sort of turtle like creature. I keep walking. There is a container of icyhot on the dock next to a boat. The boat is full of water and has little turtles in it swimming around. I kick the icyhot and a glob hits a turtle. There is a fizzing sound and the turtle turns all white and floats up on its back. I find this interesting so I do the same to the other turtles. I feel bad that I killed them all so knowing its a dream I use expectation to make them live again. They all flip over and swim away.

      I get in the boat. The water is gone now. I hear a kitten meowing desperately. I look next to me and see a fishing pole and a net. There is something in the net. I look closer and expect to see a fish but the meowing get louder. There is a kitten with a hook in it mouth. The line is connected to the pole. I start to pick the kitten up and take the hook out but I know it will freak out and scratch me. Even dream pain cad be bad. I pause and look at the kitten. I say, "I know this is a dream. And since this is a dream you will not scratch me. You will be still and let me take the hook out." I pick the kitten up and find the hook in its mouth. I feel so bad for the kitten and wonder how this even happened. I thought maybe the fisher man was using shrimp or something similar. This poor kitten was just hungry and got a hooked in the mouth. Luckily the hook wasn't very deep. I say, "OK. Now the hook will just easily come out without hurting this kitten." The hook falls out into my hand. I let the kitten go and look at the hook.

      Somehow I am outside of the dock building thing. I see CM from work. She is working outside with her husband who is splitting logs. CM says something. I float up and get ready to fly away. I ask her why she killed the fisherman. I don't remember her reply but I know it as an admission of guilt. We continue conversation that I can't remember. I basically said that I will have to tell the police. I know that will mean testifying in court and explaining why I was here. I'll have to try and explain lucid dreaming and everything. I am not looking forward to that.(I must have been losing lucidity some)

      I try to fly off but I feel stuck in the air. I kick off the building but barely move. I make swimming motions but it doesn't work this time. Then my lucidity come back stronger. I remember point to point flying. I focus on a tree far way for a few seconds and then ZOOM. I fly at an incredible speed. Before I reach the first tree I focus on another. My speed increases. And I focus on the next tree before I reach that. I continue switching focus to keep myself flying. I laugh and feel giddy. The speed is incredible but I quickly lose visual reference. All the tree become a blur. I try to focus on just one tree to stop. I am losing it. The dream is fading. I try to visualize a tree but it is too late.

      I find myself sitting at a dinning room table. J, my brother in law in to my left. He is being loud and looking at a TV. It sounds like some football game. I look to my left and see my wife next to me. I wonder how the hell I was just flying in a lucid dream while sitting at this table. I feel like I was hearing him the whole time in my dream. I think about it all of this and start to regain lucidity. Then, my wife loudly whispers in my ear. "I like it when they are drunk." For some reason this jolts me awake.

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