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    Xanous' Dream Journal

    1. Look at me Alyssa Millano!

      by , 11-08-2020 at 04:31 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #543 - DEILD (2x chain) - 4:30AM

      I took 400mcg Huperzine-A with 600mg Choline during WBTB

      I tried I WILD and catch myself after having dosed off. I relax into the vibrations and then roll out of my body. I am blind and I make my way out the back door. The air feels cool but I still cant see so I crawl around. Then my dream eyes actually open but I am fooled into a sort of FA. I am starting at some grass growing in the driveway and I think I am actually sleepwalking. I feel embarrassed and look around to see if the neighbors noticed me. I heading inside and see both my dogs are running around lose so I let them in the house. I lay back down in bed and my wifes family show up. I'm like wtf guys I'm sleeping. They just got back from a trip and want to show my wife stuff they bought. I am super pissed off that they are ruining my sleep. I am trying to lucid dream and it's 3am and they have the light on just talking loud. I say some really meant things until they finally leave. I start to worry that I made them too mad. I said I should have just taken what happened and been calm about it. Then I remember it's ok because none of this really happened. I remember this is actually a typical dream after WBTB and LDS. That thought wakes me a bit.

      I DEILD again. Vibrations. This time I shoot straight up like a rocket. I enjoy floating in the darkness for a second then I ground myself. My dream eyes open again. I see a green field with trees but its a low res video game. I think I must be looking at a TV screen in waking life. Maybe I actually opened my eyes. I close them.Then I remember the last dream. I remember that sometimes opening my eyes in the dream state feels physical but its not. Plus its getting me out of the darkness. I open my eyes again noting how how physical is seems but I trust myself and just do it. I am back in the video game. I start walking forward. Since I am in a video game I decide to look at my hand like I do in VR. They look dark and undefined. Ok whatever. There are some hooded figures that look like they are casting spells at me. None of this scene is particularly interesting so I just rush forward until it all goes away. I don't even notice the scene fading out.

      I am in a large open area but it really dark. There is a floating female head in front of me (think Gorn). Her face is attractive so I kiss her quickly on the lips. She smiles. Then another appears more on my left. I kiss her too but then she bites my chin. I am shocked and pull her bottom jaw open. Her jaw splits in two. I say eew and toss it away. The first head moves to my right side and now I am standing in a restaurant. I see Alyssa Millano sitting at a table having a conversation. She wont look at me so I do something to get her attention. I see an empty dinner plate on the table. I notice its a deep blue color. I put it on my head and balance it. I say look I am balancing a plate on my head look. Alyssa continues to ignore. The floating head laughs. The plate falls off on a table full with a group of people on my right. The plate rolls of and hits the window but nothing breaks. Alyssa ignore me still so I sit next to her and put my arm around her. Nothing. She is just talking way to some woman across the table. I poke her ribs. She jumps a bit and her voice cuts off for second but she still continues to ignore me. I poke her a few more times noticing how real it all feels. She still wont even look at me so I grab her face with both hands and force her to look at me. I ask her something I don't recall. Her answer is gibberish but I feel satisfied I got some response. I move on. The floating head now a permanent companion follows me.

      I see something strange on a mans table. I ask the floating head what is THAT? It look like octopus tentacle with bits of blue and green. When I get closer is changes to some sort of raw meat that doesn't look all that odd. It's package like it was just purchased from a grocery store but its warm and looks like it's going bad. I apologize to the man and tell him it looked like he had something crazy on his plate. I wake up.

      I make a DJ entry and use the bathroom. I WILD a few times but at soon as I latch onto the start of the dream I lose it all. I finally give up and sleep the rest of the morning uneventfully.
    2. Transitions and Music

      by , 11-17-2013 at 06:39 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #241 - DEILD/OBE

      I am sitting at work on a Saturday. We have finished all of our work but it's only 8:30am. (My alarm clock from home is at my desk.) Someone hands out information about health insurance changes. I don't like it and say something flippant. Something makes me turn around and I see Obama. He says something about how this a good thing. I say something really rude about how I don't like it and don't believe him. He looks mad but keeps his cool. I begin to feel excited about telling the president off. He tells me that the form on the back has a place to address my concerns. I say oh like that's going to do any good. He says well its hard to tell lies from truths. I reply shit I've been thinking that since the day I was born brotha. I look at my alarm clock again and is it's now almost time to go home. I get ready to leave and wake up

      I decide to MILD from this dream and get vibrations starting into more of a DEILD. Suddenly a strong urge to pee brings me out of transition so I get up to take care of that and then go back to MILD. While going to the bathroom I see hallucinations in the dark though I know I am surely awake. There are images of grey aliens obscuring my vision like an after image from a bright light. I see through it as much as I can and ignore it unafraid. What happens next is confusing and my memory is bad.

      At some point I get back in transitional stage and have an OBE. There was lots of confusion and sensations but I manage to eventually get the dream started but its unstable as hell. I slowly crawl from my bedroom to the front door, felling the floor along the way for stability. Unfortunately, the moment to touch the door knob my dream ends and I DEILD back to the transitional stage.

      I feel really exhausted from my crawl and feel like it took so long. I really don't want to do that again so I just wait in my dream bed. I hear and feel my wife get up to go to the bathroom but think its probably the dream. The stereo is now in the bedroom and music begins to play. It sounds something like a mix of dubstep and southern rock. I enjoy the sound of it and summon a remote in my right hand. It feels more like a touch screen but I pretend like I am pushing a volume button. The music gets progressively louder and reaches a maximum. I try to go beyond that but can't. Then, the song ends and a more heavy metal song begins to play. I have no idea what the lyrics were because when I tried to focus on the words it sounded like gibberish. I continue to enjoy the music all they to a third song thought I don't think they were full songs. At some point, in the last song I begin to move to the beat but feel like I am physically shaking the bed and worry that my wife will wake. That thought makes me think I can hear her coming back from the bathroom and the volume of the music reduces drastically.

      I remember some fragment were I become aware while peeing. The sensation of it feels real and I worry about peeing the bed. This thought brings me back to bed.

      The there is a huge memory gap here but I have a vague indescribable memory of lucidity and get the feeling like there was more lucid parts. There was another odd transitional stage but the rest could be a false memory because the next dream I recall is about just that though the dream feels different.

      I vaguely remember having a FA from a "lucid" at my parents old house. Some really creepy stuff ghostly stuff happening that I took video of on my phone. After the FA I was able to view it and think that I must have been sleep walking the whole time. The video was really odd and confusing and hard to describe as anything other than visual gibberish.

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    3. Turn Off The TV

      by , 11-11-2013 at 04:06 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      DILD - 7:23AM

      I am following some young woman along something like an obstacle course in a wide open parking lot. There are office partitions, road cones, and kettlebells lined up. I watch to see what the woman is going to do but at that moment I notice a bright light in the sky come out from behind a cloud. When I zero in on what it could be it looks like a plain, ordinary heliocopter. I almost dismiss it but something looks a little off. I remember this type of thing is a dream sign and I hesitantly decide this is probably a dream.

      At that very instant the dream collapses and I am back in my bed. I don't have any vibes but I feel like I am in a good transitional stage. Suddenly I hear the sound of the TV in the other room. I can't make out what it is but the volume must be turned way up. I assume my wife did it and I try to get up to tell her to stop but I realize I can't move. I opt to try shouting, "WILL YOU TURN OFF THE TV?!?", but my voice sounds off.

      I attempt opening my eyes the sound morphs into the sound of the box fan and I see my wife's face next to me. I am on my back but my head is turned and she in on her side. I remember falling back to sleep in this position and realize I must be seeing physical reality. I still can't move and I realize is this full SP. I quickly close my eyes and try not to panic against the urge to fight the paralysis.Relaxing, I let it all go.

      My body begins feel light and it seems like I am rolling over on my wife. I don't worry about it and decide now is a good time to try to move. I stand up and go outside but for some reason I lose all lucidity on my way out.

      Now, I am sitting some on parch next to an older woman. I feel horny so I ask her to have sex with me in a crude way. At first, she says no but I get the feeling she really wants to. I gently force myself on her and we begin to have sex.

      Suddenly, the woman in gone and I am sitting on the porch again holding my son. Feeling awkward and confused I quickly put him down.

      Now I am looking out the window my living room. I see people walking off the porch. The older woman, some man, and my wife holding my sons hand. I think, "Now they are gone, I can be lucid again." I remember that, yes, I am still dreaming but the dream collapses again and I wake up.
    4. Buss-ted

      by , 11-03-2013 at 09:12 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #239 - SSILD/DEILD

      I am walking outside with someone. This is something about my shoes and some concern or worry. I realise I was doing SSILD cycles and decide this is a dream but at that moment the scene collapses and I have a false awakening.

      I am uncovered and cold and I try to make myself move but I feel really weak and tired. I grab for my DJ but I can't summon the energy to type. My wife wakes up and tells me not to worry and she will do it for me. She takes my device and gets ready. She waits for me to tell her but I can't seem to understand why she doesn't just know. It's all me after all. I become lucid again but fell like I am waking up for real this time.

      I lay still and wait for some visuals to come but realize my body feels really odd. My DEILDs and WILDs usually go one of two ways. Visual or physical. This time is seems all physical. Small vibrations start and I focus in on it. This time the vibrations went to a whole new level. Instead of buzzing and tingling it really felt like a powerful wind blowing at me from my right side. I tried moving but really couldn't yet. I noted the sensation was only on my face and upper body and I felt like I could move my feet but I wasn't sure if it was real or dream. The sound and feel of the wind was completely realistic and a little frightening. I wondered if some entity was beside doing something crazy. I forced myself to stay calm and relaxed as possible but my body felt like it was going to roll over on my wife. After a moment I let it happen. I felt my face rest on her bosom and as much as I enjoyed that I decided that's not what this dream was going to be about. I push up with my arms and feel myself standing up.

      I am standing in my living room and bright daylight. I am pleased there is no darkness this time but I feel a little unstable. I rub my hands and stoop to feel the hardwood every few steps on my way outside. Once I reach the front porch the dream is stable and mostly vivid. I remember my goal to somehow board the USS Enterprise and take command as Captain.

      I look around and see that my house is nestled in the middle of a cluster of beautiful pines trees. I enjoy the view of it for a second but it's ruined when I realize there's other houses and buildings nearby. Time to move on. I tap my communicator badge on my shirt and it lets out the correct corresponding chime. I say, "Kirk here..." I pause because my voice is not my own. It sounds really artificial and funny; close to Shatner but in a goofy sort of way. I speak again tapping my badge, "My voice if funny... Kirk here." I try several times but never get any response. I think, "OK secondary goal" and begin walking down a street.

      I reach at my waist to pull out a light saber. The feel and sound of oblige my intention by there is nothing in my hand. I try again really expecting to see a long blade of light but the effect is the same. I look around thinking maybe I could find one. I see a metal trash can next to a tree with a toy lightsaber in it. I start to reach for it but on closer inspection it looks fat and clunky. I suppose in hindsight it would have worked but at the moment I think its all wrong. I think maybe if I could find a rock that is close to the shape of the hilt I could transform it. I quickly pick something up. The shape and wieght of it feels about right. I begin to think about transforming this but something makes want to me turn around.

      I realize I am standing in the street and a large bus is speeding toward me. Feeling invincible, I center myself in the street and stand facing it defiantly with both hands on my hips. After a moment I realize the bus isn't going to stop or even slow down. I laugh a little to myself wondering if I will phase through or if I will get stuck on the front like a bug. I feel a hard but painless impact. When I noticed my face stuck the grill I decided I was the bug. I roll over to see the traffic in front of me but the dream is starting to collapse. I focus to visualize and dimly see a traffic like and a few vehicles in front of me but it doesn't want to hold together. I decide to bail. When my feet hit the ground I realize that I the buss was moving pretty fast and my inertia causes me to fall. I roll over on my back and feel the gross but painless feeling of road rash. I let myself flip over a few times and as I am rolling I see a dark blue sky with white steaks almost like some sort of warp speed.

      After a moment I gather my senses and stand up. I see that I am on some side street with several cars parallel parked next to me. There are tall buildings and parking meters. The scene reminds me of downtown Kansas City. Then I see the bus at the end the street slowly passing by. I feel pissed at when had happened and want to stop that bus somehow. I see brown truck parked next to me. It's small like a S10 or Ranger. I grab it at the tail gate, lift it over my head and hurl it toward the bus. The distance must have be 50 yards and I thought it was going to miss. Luckily it smacks the rear end of the bus and the driver freaks out. Somehow he swerves back my direction but manages to roll the buss before he reaches me. I see a break in the metal and actually see people inside. There is a man suspended upside down in his seat by a seatbelt. It must have been the driver but I wasn't sure. He looked panicky and in a lot of pain but I could only see minor scraps and bruises. I walk up to him and say, "Don't be such a pussy." I reach forward and push the button to release his seat belt. The dream goes black at that point and I wake up.

      I have several other dreams where I became lucid but I woke up right away. One of those dreams I was able to DEILD again. I atempted another physical transtion and began spinning with my arms out. The feeling was exhilarating but lasted only a few seconds.I became distracted by a distorted sound and focus in on it until the sound became clear and less distorted. It took several seconds before I realise its my box fan. I am wide awke.

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    5. Fake It 'Till You Make It

      by , 06-30-2013 at 02:27 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      color code:
      Gray = Comments
      Black = Non-Lucid
      Bold = non lucid dream cues
      Italics = dream thoughts
      Red = Lucid

      I could not recall anything when my alarm woke me at 3:30AM. I felt alert like I had slept really well. I only stayed up for about 15 min and tried for MILD. I didn't have a recent dream to build on so I started visualizing an OBE. I forgot some of the NLDs because I didn't take DJ notes. I wanted to stay focused on MILD. I also include some mantras.

      I woke to a FA. Tonya from work was in my house making noise and keeping me from sleeping. I tried laying on the couch but she turned the T.V. way up. I had to turn it off to keep my wife and son from waking up. I tried to get on the laptop at the kitchen table but April, the engineer that retired a long time ago, showed up and told me I had to leave. They were about to have an important meeting and I was not allowed to be there. I wonder into the kitchen and see Tonya doing dishes. I can smell something cooking in the oven. It smells like French Fries. She has a huge pile of suds in the sink and a glass of soapy water in one hand. She looks at me and deliberately pours water into the floor. I get pissed at her and she says it was just a prank. I told her that I didn't care if she was just joking with me. She went too far! I storm off into the bedroom to try to get back to sleep so I could maybe get lucid still. When I walk into the bedroom there is a huge screen above my bed with a French Fry commercial stuck on repeat. The fries look odd but delicious. I notice my wife going into the bathroom from the corner of my eye but I am transfixed by the screen. I wake up.

      I recall the dream and try to change it at a point where I could have become lucid.The entire dream was so odd that I have trouble deciding where to start. I am too drowsy and do a poor job of MILD.

      I have another FA but this time my kitchen is huge and open and looks like the upstairs area I've been working at my job. I can still smell the Fries and I see a tray of them out to cool.At some point here I do a quick nose plug but it fails. A part of me remembers the last dream and I tell myself, "The next time I am dreaming this I will know that I am dreaming." (Waking world habit bleeding in here! This is actually very encouraging even if I didn't get it.) My introspection is broken by my boss. She franticly tells me to clock into training and get some books out read over some process procedures until I get some work to do. "Just look busy!" I hurry to do what I was told. I wake up.

      I fell like an idiot after recalling the dream. I notice It's getting light outside and I feel worried that I am not going to get lucid this time. I resolve my determination and switch to WILD

      #195 - 6:39AM - WILD

      This may have not been a true WILD but at some point I notice vibrations and it gets my attention.I think, Oh thank God! This is it! Even if this dream doesn't work out I still got this far! I feel my heart pounding with excitement and I take some time to calm myself. I then try to transition but lately it just seems so difficult to do my normal thing. I try spinning but it's slow and sluggish. I stop trying with the physical sensations and begin visualizing. I think of myself walking in the void with my hand in front of me. I focus on seeing my hands and soon I see a dim and blurry pair of hands in front of me. I have doubts this is really working and it feels super fake but I tell myself, "Just believe it and it will happen." I really put confidence into my abilities and soon I am in a version of my house.

      I don't know if I just forgot what happened here or if I temporary lost lucidity but there is a huge memory gap that I just cannot remember.

      I am walking past some dark alcove and I remember that I wanted to have a Skyrim dream (I've been playing a lot of Skyrim lately) I decide to get ballsy and head into the darkness to phase teleport. I put my head down and close my eyes running straight into the dark part of the wall. I feel soft resistance and then dark nothingness.

      I focus on all the visuals I got from playing the game yesterday. I want to be in an open mountainous countryside. I begin walking and I can hear the crunch of my boots with each step. Soon, after much effort, I begin to see it but everything looks like an oil painting and lacks real depth or openness. The colors are dim and dull with little detail. I stop and focus on the ground and things got a little better but not much. I literally am stuck in a painting! I continue moving and try to open the "world" up and give it more life. I feel like I am making progress but suddenly I feel a strong urge to pee.

      This puts me back in my bed and I panic a little thinking I need to wake up to pee. I try to move but SP has me locked in. I feel real bladder pain now and worry I might pee the bed. I know I can hold my breath to wake up but I really don't want to do that when I am so locked in like this. I laugh to myself and decide I should just try to hold it and dream a little longer.

      I decide to spin and visualize. I enjoy the feeling of spinning at high speed with no motion sickness or centripetal forces for and moment while trying to "see". In a few seconds I am standing next to my bed. Everything is vivid clear and bright. I am shocked how clean this dream looks and I realize that this would be easy to believe as a real awakening. I step into the bathroom and see myself in the mirror. To be sure I do a nose plug while watching myself. I blow through but it's not clean. It's like my sinuses are clogged up a little. Oooh that must be why I failed in the other dream! I blow again slowly and deliberately until I am satisfied. Now, I study myself in the mirror and realize I am wearing wire frame glasses. I smile at this and wonder. I assume it's because I have been wearing reading glasses at work. I take them off but my vision get way too blurry so I put them back on. Better to look like dork then not be able to see. I study my face in the mirror and realize how wide this mirror is. It's huge! I am further amazed how clear and normal my face looks. I keep thinking how long this dream has been and I worry that I'm going to forget some of it. I try not to worry about it.

      I don't want to spend to much time here so I decide to enter the mirror. I put my head in but it's solid. I remember to think about it differently and reach in with my left arm. The glass turns into quick silver and I reach back and pull my head in. My vision turns blurry and I feel like I am trying to see underwater. I really don't want to have to form a new scene again so I back out. My vision is back and I wonder into the joining bedroom. Again there is another huge mirror on the wall. The rest of the room is empty. I see those stupid glasses on me and decide I don't need them after all. I take them off and toss them to the floor. I watch as the glasses fall in slow motion and dissolve away. My vision is fine and I guess a part of me remembers the naked task. I notice I am wearing some khaki green sleeveless shirt and my gray gym shorts I wear as PJs. I get curious what I would look like in the mirror so I start my taking my shirt off. Maintain visuals. I carefully take my shirt of and keep it way from my head so that my vision is not completely obstructed. When I look into the mirror again I am wearing a black sleeveless shirt. I laugh and this time I rip my shirt down the front. I look pretty normal shirtless so I pull down my shorts and look at myself. I grab my junk and shake it laughing. At that moment Wurlman and another guy walks in laughing at me. Wurlman says something like, "Oh my God dude. What are you doing?" He laughs at me hysterically. I'm not embarrassed because I know it's a dream. I just say, "If my wife could see me right now she would be all like... Oh my God you're so sexy". I laugh. Suddenly I wake up.
      And guess what? I didn't have to pee after all.

      I found this article while searching for a title to this dream. Not only is it great for waking life but it really fits with the mindset of this dream and lucid dreaming in general.


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    6. OMG I'm Naked

      by , 04-22-2013 at 02:47 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #169 - 5:20AM - DILD/Fragments

      I only recall a couple of fragments. I was very tired and didn't take the time to DJ until much later.

      I am at work trying to find some documentation on a wire-harness. I look in several filing cabinets positioned in different awkward places throughout the plant. Finally, I find one but the assembly number ended in G04 and I was needing G05. I go back to look but the cabinet now has someones personal junk in it like a jacket and radio ect. I feel really confused and notice how dark the dream is getting but I don't catch on that I am dreaming just yet. I decide that I can make due without the documents and go back to my workstation.

      When I sit down I notice that I am completely naked! I put the wire harness in my lap to cover myself and franticly look around to see if anyone is near me. I see a backpack next to me and start digging around for some clothes. I find a pair of yellow sweatpants and begin putting them on while trying to hid the lower half of my body under my desk. My boss, Carrie, walks near talking to someone. Her back is to me and the need to get dressed is even more urgent. I have a hard time getting the pants on. It's like I'm slightly damp and the pants are sticking to me. Finally after some struggle I get the pants up high enough to cover most of my nakedness. I notice how odd it feels to be going commando but I don't care. I dig some more for a shirt and find my wifes t-shirt then my son's shirt then something that looks like it belongs to one of my daughters. I say screw it and put on my wifes shirt. I look down again and notice I am now wearing jeans. I am confused how that could happen when I specifically remember the bright yellow sweatpants. Spencer walks up and says something to Carrie. When she turns around she looks right at me and I know that she knows. At that point I am so frantic for a way out that I finally realize its a dream. I tell her, "This is a dream anyway."

      I immediately fall into darkness. I feel like I am wake but not sure. I try rubbing my hands but the feeling is faint. I think about going to my DJ but really want to DEILD. I relax a little too much and fall non lucid.

      I am back at work walking through my work area to the break room. Jim, a quality engineer is being a prick again. He's giving some speech and sarcastically says, "If anyone doesn't understand...."
      Being sarcastic back, I raise my hand and say, "Yeah, I don't." I continue walking to the break room. I hear Jim say something like, "He said he doesn't understand." He says it in such away that it was like I just cussed everyone out or something. When I get to the break room I begin to feel bad for it and realize how odd and dream like everything is. I say to myself, This is a dream.

      Unfortunately I don't remember much after that. I feel like the dream morphed from wondering around at work to wondering around in a hospital but I just don't remember what happened exactly.

      I recall another non-lucid where I am naked. What's up with the nakedness?

      I was with my wife and son at some house and for some reason I was going to take a bath but she said why don't just bathe with Riley in the swimming pool. I stupidly agree. There are sliding glass doors in the bathroom. I go outside naked and hop over the wall of an above ground swimming pool. When I get in the water I notice I have an audience. To my horror I see all of my nieces and nephews standing by the ladder on the other side staring at me with shocked expression on their faces. They're all the young child versions of themselves and I feel extremely embarrassed. (BTW the oldest of them is 23 with 2 kids of her own irl. She was about 10 in this dream.) I try to hold Riley in front of me to hide myself but realize how stupid that was. I jump out of the water and run with Riley back inside. I can hear the oldest make some shocked muttered comment behind me.

      Now, I am driving with my wife and I tell her what happened. I am upset that I never took a real bath but for some reason I feel clean enough. We go into a store for... Something. Can't remember.

      Edit: I remember some detail now. We were leaving a store and there was this odd entry way like in a house with small glass side panels. The panels opened up to let me out but I didn't go that way. Someone remarked that must be how the thieves are getting in at night. I look down and see a strange tick on my leg. I brush it off and as I look at it on the carpet it swells up into a large spider. I step on it and walk away.

      When we get back outside I realize we are driving her Sister's husband's truck. When we get in, there are bags of Quickrete in the cab. I say, "Oh Angel's actually planing on doing some work." One of the bags are in the floor and I move it to the back of the truck. I notice the truck is gray and not at all like his tan colored Toyota. I wonder why there is a clutch because I feel like it was supposed to be an automatic. I mention something to my wife about all of this but she conveniences me that all is normal. I look at the dash instruments and see only large letters: P R N D. I shrug and we drive off.

      I try to WILD with the 30mins I have left before the alarm goes off but I was unsuccessful. I don't recall any additional dreams.

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    7. Carjacked

      by , 03-28-2013 at 10:28 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      5:43AM - #154 - Carjacked - DILD

      My wife and I are taking my older daughter to school. I see the time is 6:27AM and she needs to be there at 7AM. I am near her grandparents house and I see her great grandparents drive by us in a white SUV. My daughter needs to stop at her grandparents for something and since we are early I say OK.

      For some reason we don't pull into their driveway but wait in some parking garage full of police cars. I assume it's a police station. I am talking to my wife while we wait and I realize I left the other car parked in the middle of the intersection. I decide I better go move it. When I get to it I see someone is in the driver seat making a U-turn. I run up to the car and jump in the passenger side before he can get away. I yell at him and tell him to get out of my car. He mostly ignores me. I see a cop walking near the station and I roll down the window, wave my arm to get his attention, and tell him to help me. He seems like he can't really understand me and just smiles and waves back.

      I pull out my phone to call 911. I tell the carjacker that if he just leaves I won't bother calling the cops. He grumbles something and tells me I better not. I go to dial and he slaps the phone and nearly makes me drop it. I turn sideways in the car and kick him in the face. Then, I dial 911. I look up and the car is parked and the man is running away.

      Dispatcher: 911. What's your emergency?
      Me: Help me. He tried to steal my car. We are in CJ near the police station. I am in a White Mercury.
      Dispatcher: How did it happen?
      Me: Well I left it running in the street. Hurry! He's getting away!

      I see the man vault over a barbed-wire fence and run into a pasture with about 10 cows. He dashes through the herd only to be clotheslined by a burly cop. There is a short fight and several other cops come to subdue him. Then, one of the cows gets riled up by all the action and begins to paw hooves at the burly cop, but he is not to be bothered. He picks the cow up with one arm and body slams it hard to the ground.

      Relived, I thank the dispatcher tell her that they got him. I wait for more instruction or at least some sort of reply but the phone is silent. "Hello?" No answer. I put the phone away, step out of the car, stretch and say, "AH! Now that was a good dream."

      The dream goes black and I am in the void. I say, "Oh wait! I am dreaming!" I try to bring the dream back by rubbing my hands but I feel like I am just lying in bed with my hands up in front of me. I do this for about a full minute. I begin to feel my left hand go numb like it does when I try to read or something laying down. I wonder if I am really doing this or if it is a dream. I decide it's not working and relax. I immediately feel a slight vibration but It was so brief that I think it's only just beginning. I try to wait for more but fall victim to FA.

      I wake up on the dinning room table with a blanket over me. Immediately begin to recall the dream with accurate detail and begin writing with pencil and paper. I decide to only write a brief summary like I usually do on my GP.

      I look at the other end of the table and see my two cats and one of my dogs all snuggled up together with their own blanket. The dog wakes up and jumps off. I look to the bedroom and see some man coming out with my wife. He looks like one of the quality engineers from work. They are chatting while he is taking photos and measurements of house. I get self conscious and annoyed that he is doing all this when I just woke up. I must look a mess here on this table. I wake up.

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