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    Xanous' Dream Journal

    1. The dead and flying in the void

      by , 04-22-2019 at 06:40 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #527 DILD

      I am in some church service. I feel so tired and dosing off. I feel I am holding someoneís hand. I think itís my wife. I open my eyes and see my FIL reaching across my wife and holding my hand. Heís smirking. I remember heís dead but I think I must be half dreaming. The next thing I know I wake up and the service is over. I still feel out of it and can hardly open my eyes to see where I am going. I see my dead grandmother following me. I know she is dead but again I think I am half dreaming or hallucinating. After a moment, I stop and hug her knowing people must see me hugging someone invisible like sheís a ghost. In the parking lot some people finally notice I am having a hard time and start asking me whatís wrong. I say I donít know I think maybe I need to see a doctor. I wake up.

      Later, I dream that I am running an electrical test on a wire harness from but I am hooking up the washer and dryer at my house somehow. I walk away because I need some alligator clips. I am at work now and I run into Ryan. I get pissed because heís installed some extra software on the computer and I have no idea what I am looking at. I think about going to IT but I just decide to leave. I wake up.

      Some fragment about how I am able to fly and hover easily. It feels natural. Just a thing I can do.

      I wake up determined to get lucid as I watch HI. After some time, I notice I am on a skateboard and have stopped to look at a loose bolt on the trucks. I realize I am in a dream and I float away. I fly high in the sky and see some blue sky and clouds but the dream turns mostly dark. I donít get caught up on the lack of visuals. Instead, I enjoy the physical sensation of flying. At one point it feels like I am swimming super-fast in water. I laugh and deeply enjoy it for as long as it lasts. Suddenly I feel the chemical change in my head. I know I am waking up. I try to hold on. I get a visual of my shoes where I left them in the hallway. I wake up.
      Tags: dead, fil, flying, nanny
    2. Mixed Up

      by , 03-14-2013 at 02:02 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)

      Fragment #1 - 11:24PM

      Cartoon Doctor Who in a minecraft field

      Mixed Up 3:02am

      There are two of my mother-in-laws. One is an impostor. They look very similar but one has an obvious give away. They try to convince my wife that they are both real but she doesn't believe them. They get me to play along. I feel like a liar.
      My wife is in college. We are there with her. I see my ex-wife's Aunt V and her family but they are holograms being played in a loop in a fake house like some bad play. My dead grandmother is telling my wife, A, she needs to go to bed for school in the morning. I think I may as well go home. It's a 2 hour drive.

      Many disruptions from baby.
      Tired MILD then went to WILD. Almost there. Woken up many times.
      Tried DEILD. Recall suffered.

      Fragment #2 5:37AM

      Using the neighbors trash can outside. Somehow our houses are connected and open to each other on the inside. There is an open wall to a bedroom. The old cabinet TV my parents used to own is blocking the entrance. I see an actual doorway around the corner.