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    Scionox's Journal of Dreams

    1. 25th Feb 2013 WILD - Suddenly Different Room

      by , 02-25-2013 at 03:57 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Not as much success than previous WILD entry there, but still interesting. I originally planned to do TOTM but i guess i forgot about that mid-dream...

      I am in my bed, eyes closed, i feel different somehow and binaural beat i am listening to is ending(it's not looped), i take off headphones and the still head a bit of ending, thus confirming that i am in dream. I get up and recall my goals, i remember to stabilize, i try feeling the bed and i also rub hands. I look around and i am suddenly in a different room of my house now. My next goal was to try phasing through balcony door, but i get a bit puzzled since i am in a different room. I notice a door 'leading outside' that's placed there instead of windows that are there IWL. I run towards it and imagine phasing through it, but door opens by itself as i touch it, so i end up falling.
      Mid-fall i try to teleport towards balcony, but fail, then i end up accidentally closing eyes, but after i open them it don't seem to effect the dream and i am still falling. Suddenly i feel the wings, so i slowly glide to the street.
      I look around and there are alot of people walking around, i notice that some of them look like my family, but nobody really notices me. At this point i presumably forgot my goals, so i decide to just explore. I also decide that it would be good to move faster, so i start running quite quickly, there's at least a few meters between steps. Dream starts fading out and i wake up.
    2. 15th Feb 2013 WILD - Lot of Dream Control Success!

      by , 02-15-2013 at 12:30 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      YES! Finally i manage to get my goals right in the lucid dream and do some dream control!

      I am in my bed, eyes closed, but i feel that something's not right and i might be in dream already. I risk and open eyes, it's night, room looks normal, but i go ahead and take off headphones. I still hear binaural beats without headphones, so i am indeed in dream. I remember to do stabilization, i touch the bed and the blanket and engage senses. The binaural beats shortly fade out, so i guess dream stabilized. I Get up from the bed and suddenly some noise starts on in my head, similar to the one from previous lucid dream when that started to fade out, but i just think that it might be just dream trying to trick me and i move on.
      I decide to go to the balcony like i planned, but i lose control over movement and start walking towards the door out of the room instead for some reason. I quickly regain control and run towards the balcony door. It's closed so i just go ahead and ram it. The glass partially breaks, i check if my dream body's damaged in any way, but it's not. I do a few steps back and ram the door again, it breaks and i am at the balcony now. Noise in my head fades out.
      I take a look around, the dream recreated the cityscape around my house from waking live fairly exactly, there are even people walking around like usual, and it's still night. I remember my todo list and decide to try transformation, first flying being that i recalled was a dragon, but a decide to try even though i haven't tried before. I try to imagine it and imagine the feel of it, while knowing that it will be successful, but it fails. I guess i should try flying anyways and it's somewhat working. I was slowly rising in the air and in the reflection from the window i notice some sort of black wings forming on my back and i start feeling them. That feeling screws me up a bit(i haven't felt transformations in lucid dream before) and i lose control over the flight, ending up hovering back to the balcony, but hey, success! I think wings disappeared once i was on the balcony since i stopped feeling them at that moment.
      I recall my todo list again and next on the list was... summoning! Ofcourse out of everything i decide to try summoning a dragon. I try to imagine him appearing from various places, but no success... until i decide to look back at my room. The room was pretty dark and black dragon-like creature with yellow reptilian eyes was appearing out of shadows, though i barely could see details(should add night vision of sorts to todo list). I heard short roar and shortly it sprinted at me(it's size was enough to get through the doorway) and grabbed me with the claws, i felt the grab(but no pain of any kind or anything) and there i got waaay too excited due to all this success and the dream faded out.

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    3. 29th Jan 2013 Controlling the boss, Wake up, Lasers

      by , 01-29-2013 at 01:05 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Result of a few WILD attempts, not as good as yesterday or day before yesterday(I haven't posted both in DJ yet, need to find time to write them) but still one short lucid though, i need to practice to notice the shift to dreaming state.

      Nap #1(non-lucid):

      I and LV was playing an shmup video game with some sort of mspaint-ish graphics, i was controlling the level boss, LV was controlling the player character(both player and boss characters were girls). I was using various patterns looking at the list on the side of screen for the help on combos, LV was dodging them easily though. Then i figured out that being close to player character automatically shoots small projectiles every now and then. Eventually boss character ended up ramming player character and player character was somehow stuck outside of screen. Dream ended shortly after.

      Nap #2(non-lucid/lucid/FA):

      Not only i missed transition completely, but started the false awakening with closed eyes, i heard that my mom entered the room, but it wasn't unusual since sometimes she wakes up close to the time i was taking this nap. She started trying to wake me up so i opened the eyes and took off headphones, mom was indeed in the room, but before i could say anything i noticed that sound from headphones was still there, though i truly woke up shortly.

      Nap #3(non-lucid/fragment):

      I was shooting yellow lasers from my fingers and accidentally burned my food that way, whoops.

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    4. 6th Jan 2013 more XCOM and short WILD

      by , 01-06-2013 at 02:22 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Late entry is late, was going to post it yesterday but had no time to write it.

      Anyways was doing more of WILD nap attempts and accidentally fell into too unconscious sleep. Also i guess from now on gonna be coloring dream parts different color like some other DJ writers do.

      I was in my room(that looked differently) playing some of old XCOM again, there was battle near large scout full of floaters. Everything went well until suddenly game started cheating with time units, and then everyone started recovering time units during periods of time so the game turned from being turn-based to being real-time.

      I woke up, but decided to lie still for another attempt.
      Which went successful, starting as an false awakening in my room, i was about to get out of bed and do some stabilization but them some sort of spanish-accent voice said from behind of me something like "easy sparoni"(no clue what that means), the dream faded out and i woke up.
    5. 22nd dec 2012 Fail & Success

      by , 12-23-2012 at 02:12 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Was going to type this entry yesterday, but have not got enough time, so anyway. I went to my usual WBTB/WILD nap, but apparently was too sleepy and fallen into unconscious sleep.
      I was on my PC playing a game of FTL(Faster Than Light), and there was apparently an actual multiplayer ship vs ship, at some point O2 generator was blown up and 2 of the crew suffocated while trying to fix it, 2 of the crew was left but i actually won this one. Then there was next opponent and i had to fight it on the same ship that i was on in the previous battle, that's it, no repairs or anything. Opponent apparently had some sort of projectile variation of anti-bio beam as one of weapons and some sort of enhanced purple ion weapon(those weapons were definitely not from real game), and got my shields down pretty fast, and then murdered the crew. GAME OVER. And then dream ends.

      As i woke up i noticed that i still had time left for my napping, so i changed position and tried to WILD again.
      And it was successful this time, It started as an false awakening in my bedroom, i took off headphones and apparently binaurals was still there(That's my RC of sorts), also my family was in the room too, but they did not seem to pay attention to me, as i started getting up from the bed i rubbed hands, but soon after dream faded out and i woke up.

      Yeah, short LD but it was longer than previous one so i am on the right track back, i think.

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