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    Scionox's Journal of Dreams

    1. 21st Sep 2013 Tournament, Infiltrating building, Matter manipulation

      by , 09-21-2013 at 11:01 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was playing some shmup which was horizontal and had lots of organic enemies and hexagons, there was some scoring system with collecting energy orbs and an player weapon that was like aura from Hellsinker. I almost went lucid at one point.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      Some kind of management game followed by brief false awakening.

      Dream 3:

      I was with someone and we were traveling through forests, then we came into some city and there was some virtual tournament we entered or something. We got some points that i spent on various things, some weapons and upgrades, also there was weird card system where one could pay fee and see half of the cards in selection and then get random one of those which gets turned into proper item and one could buy it, i've got some special ability 'card' from it. Then i looked through gamemodes and noticed one that haven't gotten played much, who i was with explained that it was pretty unbalanced. I got into one game and it was class based combat on pretty big arena in fog between two teams, there were also alot of mechas.
      Upon returning i've used the rest of points and we went infiltrating some very guarded place for some reason. It was building with alot of expensive looking stuff in it, like home of some millionaire. We were going through some rooms and there was one big open room with lots of seats and a bridge. The building was guarded by guards in black suits, who could be roughly split into three types: Rather short ones with melee weapons, average ones with some throwing weapons and fat ones that fired pool balls of all things from his hands and they were pretty quick and bouncy, but i could deflect them back, but they could too. We were mostly going stealth, though fighting at times, i've used claws and apparently some cannon while the person i was with used sniper rifle or some kind. Soon we were found and rather outnumbered, so i had to use some power that transported us between dimensions or something.
      Now we were in small enclosed area with tons of garbage, we have lost our inventories, but i've still had power. I managed to turn some garbage into generic 'matter' that looked like multicolored spheres and then caused some reaction making it multiple at rapid speed, turning into rainbow cubes, each of them had 999999 'matter' and i just kept multiplying them until we had infinite 'matter'. Then i've managed to craft some weapons out of that, teleporter device for myself and ultimate sniper rifle for person that was with me. Then i've teleported us somewhere, which were ruins of some city. I told person that it's too dangerous and that he should get out of and that i can finish this mission alone now, but he decided to be with me. Some huge mechas attacked us and i started using teleport device to summon armies of various creatures that rushed the mechas.
    2. 12th Sep 2013 Special abilities, Futuristic city

      by , 09-12-2013 at 11:54 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      Was playing some multiplayer game that kinda looked like minecraft and i had to fight other players on rather small weird shaped island over the void. Weapons were various and not related to minecraft though.

      Dream 2:

      I was in the futuristic city and i've discovered that i had some special abilities that everyone described as 'reality hacking' but i couldn't control them well yet, police and government started chasing me so i had to retreat. Some other person with abilities have found me, he had transformation abilities and he used them to scare the chasers off. We started talking about something and in the end he said that we need to move to different city to find someone else important. Soon we exited the city and were traveling through forests, i figured out some of my abilities and with one of them i could make myself really huge.
      Then in the another city we were infiltrating a building which presumable was the location of who we were searching for. The building itself was pretty old and it literally barely standed, we have used abilities to clear the place from any forces that were searching for us, though the dude went a bit overboard transforming into some sort of red T-Rex thing making it much more noisy that we planned. When we were done we entered the building, i heard some weird 'announcer' voice and asked dude about it since he also heard it, he said that it's something that only people with those abilities can hear and that their team uses it for some messages. We have progressed through a few rooms full of tech stuff and decided to split up. Soon i've found a group of some people that were guarding the place and decided to fool around with them since they didn"t really knew that i had abilities.
      Soon i've found who we were searching for in one of the rooms, she was a child and she didn't really knew why those people were holding her here. I've convinced her to try getting out of here as most of the guards were busy in one of the rooms, and she did. I"ve searched for dude but accidentally got back into the room of guards, this time they knew who i am so i ended up striking building's weakpoint to collapse this part of it onto them, almost ended up in some kind of pit beyond the walls and rubble but i could fly with wings and i got out using them. Back in the other part of building i've found that reinforcements have arrived on our side in form of two more people with abilities, one of them could make technological objects 'alive' by channeling some colored energy into them and they were talking and stuff, we have found some info that way. Dude from earlier was here too, and together, not forgetting the child, we went out of the city back into forest.
      There we met up with two more people, a man with ridiculous hair and a woman, they had abilities too and apparently were very powerful and kind of 'leaders'. We all started discussing various stuff and planning something via world map.