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    Scionox's Journal of Dreams

    1. 11th Mar 2013 Weird world, Turning into monsters, Maze, Discussion, Turning into pokemon, Warcraft 3

      by , 03-11-2013 at 08:29 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragment):

      I was talking with friend over the skype(possibly LV) and then we were playing some sort of game together.

      Dream 2:

      Can't recall much of the start of the dream, i and some other people were is some weird world and we were exploring it, it was mostly forest with big trees and some hills.
      Then for some reason everyone including me turned into some kind of reptile monsters of various sizes and there was some challenge of the survival. Some fought with each other, some were forming groups, in the end i recall two of them being really huge and fighting each other. Dream skips.
      Everyone was back to normal and we were in some kind of underground area with walls/floor made of stone brick. Then we found a map and figured out it was maze of some kind, there were chests and we were supposed to open them all and collect what's inside. We had 'safe area' of sorts where we started, most of people were chilling out there while others were hunting for chests. Maze was pretty dark for the most part too, and it was not just simple maze, there were doors, rooms, switches and so on. We were also getting attacked by some monsters(can't recall how they looked like), we were fighting with them and were able to even beat them unless there were too many of them attacking at once.
      After getting a few chests we had some discussion going on, result of which was me going to chest hunt alone. Everything was going well until i got into area of the maze where was only one way back. Ofcourse monsters blocked it and i got to fight and hide for while, until i got mobbed completely.
      I was somehow back at the safe area, i guess i respawned like in video game. We had very heated discussion that it might be way too hard to get other chests, then one girl, that was sitting out the whole time before, got into discussion and apparently she had two purple creatures with scorpion claws on her shoulders, and i was pretty sure they were pokemon(though they didn't looked like any from the game or series). She was talking about that everything is fake and that she can show true way, but i and some of the people were against that, then i got knocked out.
      I woke up later, those pokemons were holding me in place and not letting me move while that girl was doing something to people in the distance, then she got back and explained stuff more in detail, that apparently we were not humans from the start and that she need to use something with specific recipe to turn us back to normal. I trusted her this time and pokemons stopped holding me in place. Shortly she finished the recipe and the room went foggy. Everyone started turning into pokemon, though i can't recall anything specific other than somebody turning into pikachu. I started turning into some kind of pokemon as well, but i don't got to look at myself. Only thing i know is that i had bunch of long white tentacles that could emit electricity and also could emit specific electro signal that could put anyone to sleep on touch. Everyone was sleepy, so i helped to put everyone to sleep with my ability. Then i used it on water to put myself to sleep as well. Dream ended as soon as i dozed off...

      Dream 3:

      I was playing some exploration map in Warcraft 3, there were huge areas of forests, seas, deserts and jungles. Map was really unfinished and all that was there under player control is some peasant unit, which could walk through anything. Later on i found some flying boat too and loaded peasant into it, it had better sight range and speed. Then i continued exploring the map for a while.
      Later on there was some problem with lighting not updating properly in the dream copy of waking world( ), so i had to fix it by forcing it to update with my shadow. ( )