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    A World In My Head!!

    1. Weird Link Adventure

      by , 02-01-2014 at 05:27 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January, 2014

      review: short, abstract adventure dream

      Weird Link Adventure
      As Link, I was drawn to adventure outside and disregard the castle. It wasn't long before I encountered the bad guy. The bad guy was formless, a shadow, a voice that would mock me.

      It was night and I decided to follow the voice of the bad guy, why? I don't know. But the bad guy promised it had something important to show me. Am I trusting the voice of the bad guy now?

      The voice led me to perils, cliffs and ledges I had to jump. To help me, the voice transforms into a wolf. And then a wolf with wings. The voice explains "This is your true power Link!"

      It was awesome being a flying wolf! There was one last thing I needed to do, I needed to meet this voice. Which introduced herself as "Impa".

      Impa is living in a forbidden tree, floating above the clouds, insight of the castle. I fly to that tree and meet Impa. I woke up shortly after.

    2. A Friend is Lost in the Dream

      by , 08-14-2010 at 04:30 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      July 30, 2010

      Synopsis: I'm told to find my friend who is lost in the dream world and help her. I feel like I enter my friends dream, and we have a crazy adventure! Water monsters and riding a manta ray! Lucid. Shared-dreaming theme.

      Night Time Note: I had read a mantra before sleeping, but I forgot what the mantra was!

      A Friend is Lost in the Dream
      I'm in a large house with lots of old faces from my old job. I don't remember who told me this, or when, but I just remember being told:

      Our friend is lost in the dream world. We have to go find her. Sam and Laura have already left into the dream to go looking for her.

      I don't know who the friend is that's trapped in the dreamworld. And I couldn't remember who Laura was, I had trouble recalling the right face to the right name. But anyways.

      Me and my old co-worker Megan get ready to enter the dreamworld. I decide to leave first. I make my way to the back porch. The porch is actually a staircase, that mysteriously stops in mid air. Below us is the dreamworld. My mother is sitting on the steps, I thought of her as a gatekeeper. A cat nearby seems to be a guardian.

      Before leaping off the staircase, my mother tells me "The first person you'll find is Sam." I'm about to leap when my mom interrupts me again "Oh wait! Do you have Sam's number on your cell phone?" I go back inside and look for my cell phone, and I can't remember Sam's number for the life of me. Oh well.

      I jump and become
      lucid! The scenery is beautiful and very bright and vivid. It's a forest. I fly quickly over the forest, remembering in my head my task. 'Find Sam, find Lori or Laura, then find the friend I'm supposed to help!'

      I start to yell "Sam! Sam! Where are you!"

      I fly into a small town. And right away I find Sam! She was in an old fashioned horse drawn carriage, being carried like a princess, of all places, through a boring apartment complex. Sam seems happy to see me and I quickly make room for myself in the carriage. Sam tells me she's already been dreaming for at least 45 minutes, and now she's going to wake up soon. She didn't find the friend we are supposed to help.

      Excited I say "Sam! We're dreaming! Remember me when you wake up!"

      She tells me I should be able to find this Lori/Laura. She gives me a big hug, and disappears. I assume she woke up.

      I run through the neighborhood, avoiding random DCs by taking the back alleys. Eventually I come to a tall house that looks like something out of a fairy tale. Inside I finally find Lori/Laura. And the name and the face were completely wrong. This character was unstable, fuzzy, as the name and the face made no sense to me. I follow her outside.

      But once outside she was completely different person. She was a 'name' and a 'face' I knew and recognized - Maggie. No one ever told me I would meet Maggie.

      She asks me "Have you been looking for me?"

      It doesn't even occur to me that this is the friend that I'm supposed to find and help! Still thinking I still have to find someone else, I tell Maggie "We should go!"

      "You're right, come on!"

      Maggie's World

      (I remain with a light lucidity)
      It didn't feel like it was my dream anymore. From the get go Maggie had me running! Someone is after her, who I don't know! It's a dream theme I know so well - I have a chase-dream tag.

      "Come on! Hurry!"

      Usually in my dreams I am on the run and my friends follow me. This time, my friend is on the run and I am simply following her blindly.

      Maggie was a fast runner, one of the fastest "dream characters" I've met. I had trouble keeping up with her, flying was too slow, my legs were too slow. But Maggie would often look behind to make sure I was still there.

      After running through several neighborhoods we find two bicycles. Oh perfect! Now we can really make some distance between us and these bad guys. But the bikes were rusty and crappy and we ditch them soon after.

      I try to transform to make keeping up with Maggie easier, but it didn't help. Every now and then Maggie would run strange, like she has an injured leg. Then she would run normal, like there was no injury. We climbed fences, and made our way through a complex construction site with wires and pipes and giant boxes.

      We snuck our way into a facility of some sort. All the while, Maggie is still leading the way. I'm not sure what this place is. But this seemed like a bad idea. So many walls, and corners, and doors. It's like a maze.

      We hear something. . . is that. . . water? A giant wave of water was rushing towards us. If the wall of water wasn't bad enough, it was full of giant worm monsters that were made of water. The giant water monsters attack us! Damn! We need to get high, above this wave.

      Just then, we see a giant manta ray flying gracefully, gulping the water with his giant mouth. Maggie has a most devious expression, lol, I just laugh at her crazy thought. We wait for the right moment and then we leap on top of the giant manta ray! Riding safely above the monstrous wave.

      Woah! Riding the giant manta ray was wild! He was like a roller-coaster. A gliding roller-coaster! Both me and Maggie scream excitedly like little girls. At first I was crouched down, holding on tight. But when it became real fun, I stood up.

      The manta ray swallows all the water and comes to a slow stop. We jump. We really need to get out of this crazy place.

      "Come on! This way!"

      Maggie leads the way again. We run through a supermarket that quickly transforms into a futuristic laboratory. Oh damn, the water is coming back. Maggie suddenly stops running, she has a pensive expression as if she's trying to think of something. No time to think!! I run right past her and down the hallway.

      Bad move.

      It was a dead end. Did Maggie know it was a dead end?

      I turn around and the water monster has me cornered. The manta ray was drifting slowly towards the water, but he was flying real low. Where as the wall of water was towering high! Crap! The water monster comes crashing towards me! Scared, I hide in a closet that magically appeared for me.


      The closet was white. Just white. It would have been a void if it wasn't for the visible slits of the door. For a moment I wait for the water to seep in and flood the closet. But nothing happens!

      I sigh deeply. Damn, I just ruined the dream didn't I? A lot of times if I leave the sight of a dream character, that dream character will disappear. I was afraid that this awesome "dream character" Maggie would disappear now. I sat there, waiting, any moment, I'll just wake up.

      Then. . I hear footsteps splashing through a puddle of water. It's Maggie's footsteps. She runs up and down the corridor. Is she looking for me? I pop out of the closet. And there was Maggie waiting for me!

      "Come on!" She leads the way again. Her legs are even faster now. I had to find ways to make my running path shorter than hers to keep up. We enter a warehouse. Maggie looks up at the crates floating above us. Good idea, if we can get up there we can safely get above the wave.

      I press a button hoping to bring the crate down, instead the machine drops the crate and the entire thing smashes on the floor. "Oops..sorry!"

      Maggie tries to find another way up there. Why don't we just fly? I try to transform again, and I try to fly up there, but I can't. I can barely make five feet off the ground. I hear footsteps. A large group of men surround us, their leader was an arab man in a suit. He had Sayids voice from the show Lost. Are these the bad guys Maggie has been running from?

      Maggie tries to ignore their threats as she desperately cuts away at the rope with pocket knife. I'm not even sure what's that going to accomplish except - nothing! For the first time I seriously doubt Maggie's plan, what ever it is, will work.

      I blast a fire ball at the leader! He's not impressed. "What are you doing in my warehouse? And why are you ruining it?"

      So. . he's not after Maggie?

      "Wait!" I said "We just want to leave this place. Can you please show us the exit and we'll leave you're warehouse alone?"

      Maggie continues to cut away at the rope.

      "Then, I will show you the way out." He presses a button and a door opens. Maggie reacts like a cat and bolts out the door. I just take my sweet time leaving. Once were outside, Maggie finally relaxes.

      "I thought for sure he was lying about letting us out." She says

      The man shakes his head and explains "I keep my promises." He turned out to be a really nice man. The next scene was vivid, but for some strange reason I have trouble recalling it. I think the man offers us two bicycles, but they were all rusty. Maggie complains that texas bikes don't rust. The man, a true sales man says "Ah, but do your bikes have big wheels like mine?"

      I feel it's almost time, to wake up I mean.

      I look about me. The scenery is gorgeous. Mountainous, green, ripe. Maggie talks to the man and laughs at herself for running away all this time. A lemon tree was growing next to us and I grab a fruit, quite lucid. It smelled so richly of lemon!

      "I can't do it! I just can't do it! I know it's a dream but even then I still can't bite into this lemon!" My mouth waters at just the thought. Maggie laughs at me.

      Quite happy that I left Maggie in a more peaceful and vivid dream, I say goodbye and wake up.


    3. Summon Power!

      by , 07-27-2010 at 04:11 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      July 25, 2010

      Synopsis: I summon divine power and my dream becomes an adventure - When I woke up I drifted off into a random dream and lost most of my memories of this dream

      Night Time Note: I went to sleep and felt like meditating. And then I started to think about all the things that I worry about - job - bills - debt - moving out. I felt fear of something was holding me back.

      Summon Power
      My earliest memory is that I was lucid - lucid from the very beginning of my dream. I scream! Summoning divine power to give me strength, courage, to conquer my fears. My dream gets a bit fuzzy.

      And instead it transforms into a usual adventure dream. I'm on the run! Of course I always am. I'm powerful and the government hates it. They've sent their agents after me. I don't mind, what can they do to hurt me? Turns out they can try to hurt my friends.

      In my dream I made two new friends, a young black woman with curly hair and an asian woman. Now their on the run with me! I can fly, but they can't. Similar themes to Faithful Friends of a Dragon.

      The last thing I remember was jumping out a window.

    4. Faithful Friends of a Dragon

      by , 07-20-2010 at 04:01 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      July 17, 2010

      Synopsis: I'm roleplaying as a male dragon. Bad guys have locked up my friends! But the same bad guys are treating me as a king. Are they trying to pit my friends against me?

      Night Time Note: I'm excited about seeing Inception the next day. So I fall asleep really wanting a fun dream. I also try to keep my thoughts as light and airy as possible as I fall asleep.

      Faithful Friends of a Dragon
      Bad guys are after us, I transform into dragon - though I probably looked more like a gargoyle. I try to fly away (I'm not the violent type, what can I say? ) But my friends can't fly at all!

      Instead we find some pillars. We climb on top the pillars and to our happy surprise the bad guys are dumb. One, they don't know how to climb the pillars, two, even though they could still attack us with their spears they don't! So I dangle my clawed toes over their head mockingly.

      But then my dream completely morphs around me. I'm a much larger dragon now.
      My friends are locked in a prison that faces my pillar. And everyone is referring to me as a guy. The bad guys treat me as some sort of god, but really I'm just as much their prisoner as my friends.

      They try to please me by bringing me an innocent women and forcing her to become my wife. She bows down before me with fear, arms and legs bounded. She asks with a meek voice how she can please me, but I want nothing from her. I don't dismiss her though because I'm worried if I do the bad guys will abuse her. So I keep her near me and try to treat her as a friend.

      I don't know if these people are just confused with reptilian bodies, because I don't remember turning into a guy or wanting a woman

      They keep trying to please me with gifts, food, or whatever. All the while my friends get nothing. With their prisons facing me, watching me get the royal treatment. They're trying to make my friends envy me! Pit them against me!

      I don't do what the bad guys ask of me. Instead I stubbornly perch myself on the pillar and do nothing. Frustrated with me, the bad guys leave me alone for some fresh air. Now was the right time for our escape!

      My 'wife' quickly unlocks my friends from their prison. And to my happy surprise no one is angry at me. Instead they help my dragon butt escape out of the castle. I'm back down to a regular gargoyle size, and I feel myself again. The fastest way out is to fly. I carry my 'wife' and tell the rest of my friends that I'll be back for them.

      We fly away without any of the guards noticing us. Now I just need to find some place to hide my 'wife'. I find a hobbit sized hole in the valley. When I place her down I apologize and hope she doesn't hate me. I also tell her that technically were not married anyways since neither one of us said 'yes' . Now that my 'wife' is just my friend I fly back to the castle.

      But the rest of my friends were way ahead of me and meet me half away! Bad guys chasing them down the valley!

      We've captured the king of the bad guys. He was represented by a mechanical toy. I rip him apart! And spread and bury his pieces all throughout this medieval land, making it near impossible to put him back together again.

      His devoted minions find me and attack me. They too were mechanical, but android sized monsters. I rip them apart easily! But their magnetized spine would 'gather' the other pieces to reconstruct themselves. I rip their metal spine into even smaller pieces, scatter them miles away, and bury them deep.

      Satisfied that the mechanical bad guys could never reconstruct themselves, I wake up!

    5. A Jewish Rebellion And Monsters

      by , 06-19-2010 at 05:08 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      May 6, 2010

      Synopsis: First dream. A country is divided by war, and it's my mission to destroy the man made monsters. I join the Underground and find a monster. But this monster makes me abandon my mission

      A Jewish Rebellion - And Monsters!
      I don't remember the first half of the dream, but I do remember that the first half of my dream explains why I'm in this situation! I'm following an angry Jewish mob protesting in the city's streets at night. This could get violent, for both parties concerned. I belonged to neither group, and found both groups to be largely made up of innocent - if not confused and angry - civilians.

      A little boy standing outside his apartment watches the moonlit protest pass by. Oh crap! That boy is from the opposition and I have no idea how irrational this crowd has gone. I quickly hurry the little boy inside before anyone noticed him. I tell him to get his parents and hurry. The boy understood what I meant. I watch over the boy and the family from a birds eye perspective, as they quickly go from one room to another. Locking the door behind him. They continue to go from room to room, deeper and deeper in the apartment building. I could hear noise coming from the other rooms they just left!

      I hurry them along and help them by locking the doors for them. Finally they reach the last door, which led to the Underground. The Underground was hot, noisy, and filled with people. Guards directed newcomers to food, shelter, clean water, or signed them up to become soldiers. Though honestly most people here just want shelter, a place to hide from the scary angry mob.

      There was a problem! There was a large pool about 30 yards long. This is bad news! The first half of my dream explains why open bodies of water is bad. People started creating monsters for their own selfish reasons. The monsters rebelled against their creators and now hide in water. Finding these monsters and their watery hideouts seemed to be what my real mission was about.

      Everyone should know about the monsters by now! I get angry and yell at the leader. "What are you doing with this large body of water?"

      "It's good water that the people could use". But that didn't seem right. No one was using the water. No one actually would even stand close to it.

      "Have you forgotten about the monsters?"

      "No. . . but there's no monsters in the Under-"

      Of course like a movie, a grotesque horrific mutated unsightly thing leaps out of the water. He roars and spots his next victim, which was me. I wasn't prepared! I try to think how I can fight this abomination against nature. But then a women behind me with a deep strong voice says
      "Stand aside"

      She looked like an African Goddess. Perfectly tall, big wild hair, robust feminine body, and strong muscles. She's a black amazon from greek myth! She lands a single punch on the monsters oozing face. The monster is thrown backwards twice the length of the pool, smashes into the wall, breaks the wall, is crushed by the fallen wall, and he doesn't ever get back up.
      <- That's what I looked like!

      I turn around to get a good look at our heroine, but there's TWO of her. Then I realize one is an average perfectly normal, not so super, human. The other, is the monster she created.

      "You created her?"

      "Yes, I did.
      She is a monster."

      It was my mission to track down all the monsters so they could be exterminated, but this was an awkward situation. Sensing my mixed emotions, our monster/heroin/black amazon explains. "Don't worry, my creator created me to protect the people. I enjoy protecting them
      and I always will."

      Well, I'm sold!

      I help the people clean up this old hallway, to make this Underground more livable. But there was one thing they decided not to remove, it was a clock sometime cemented into the ground. No one knows who put it or why. But it's counting down, and there are only 26 hours left!

      I wake up and fall back asleep before I can even jot any of the dream down, which is why I forgot most of it
    6. Auric Reading and Vampires

      by , 06-19-2010 at 06:42 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      April 7, 2010

      Two vampires, former best friends, fight over my sister. People die. I don't trust my sisters' vampire boyfriend, so he gives me a gift. An
      auric reader. Later I relive the dream as a mutant! Semi-lucid.

      Night Time Note:
      Last night was my moon night

      Auric Reading and Vampires
      (Note: In waking life my older sister once upon a time had a boyfriend. Long story short, she married his best friend instead. But everything is okay, because he still showed up to the wedding as the best man. Now the vampires in my dream are nothing like them, except for the relationships between each other)

      I'm in a stuffy room with a bunch of older middle aged people. A lady asks me "How old are you sweetie?" I tell her "Oh, I'm 25." She responds "Why you don't look a day older 15!" Then my dad from halfway across the room blurts out "That's my daughter!". Uh, well this is weird. So I leave the room.

      I'm in a University/Apartment Complex/I'm not sure. I grab my art project and tell my sisters that I'm heading home. To leave, you have to climb up a staircase before you can exit the front door. The staircase makes a few sharp turns, so even though it's rectangular, it makes a spiral pattern. And when I say climb, I mean you literally have to climb the first few steps. I'm standing on top of the staircase looking at all the confused college guys below me. They can't figure out how to get their foot on the first step. So I yell at them "You have to climb it!". They look at me bewildered and shake their heads in frustration that they still can't figure it out. Are they drunk? Oh well.

      I'm walking outside and even though it's dark, I can still make out my car from the back of the parking lot. Wait a minute, my cars trunk is open? A small female runs from the back of my car carrying a large bag! "A thief? Someone is stealing from my car!" My sister who was right behind me, tries to stop me, but I run after the thief. She's wicked fast! She runs into the shadows and I lose her. My sister tells me that thief is the Urban Pirate. No one can catch her! That only made me even more upset, she stole my things!

      We go back inside, I don't remember why. A huge drama plays out but I don't remember all of the details. My sister dumped her boyfriend. It turned out, he was a vampire! He killed, ate and turned students into mindless zombies. When my sister decided that his best friend would make a better boyfriend, out of spite, he transforms his best friend into a vampire too. A kind of, well if I can't have her, no one can!

      I didn't like her first boyfriend, for obvious reasons. He was psychotic! The only times you saw him was when he was laughing and screeching flying down the hallway chasing his next victim. He was a loud, blood-sucking, obnoxious ginger head vampire. But my sisters new vampiric boyfriend, was a whole different story. Dark hair, dark eyes. The quiet type. Didn't smile. Didn't laugh. I didn't trust him.

      He knew I didn't trust him. He knew I didn't like him around my sister, he's a vampire after all! To win my trust, he gives me a present. It's an auric reader. The strange device floats above my palm and spins like a compass trying to find north. Then it glows! It shows me the colors of people's auras. And it reveals any hidden energy.

      auric reader was showing me something strange. A green toxic energy, an almost putrid green was floating just in front of me. I look around to see who this toxic energy belonged to, but there was nobody there. It's some sort of demon! The green energy swells and then enters the dark haired vampire. Well if he wasn't bad before, he is now!

      I grab my sister's arm and we quickly run away. Now there are two insane vampires on the loose. We hide in the restroom. It wasn't a smart idea, it was just the first thing that popped in my head. My sister gets sick and nearly throws up on me. I'm vomit-phobic so I'm prettying much screaming "OH MY GOD!" She apologizes but she's looking sicker by the second, like she could die from this. Wait, don't you have to die before you can become a vampire? Oh no! Did he bite my sister?

      My sister tells me we can hide in this bathroom cabinet. 1) I'm thinking, you'll throw up on me for sure 2) He's a vampire, he'll sniff us out. "No! We can't hide here!". I get a sense my sisters new boyfriend is already at the door. He's wriggling the door handle telling me to let him in! He tells me an elaborate story how he fought the demon, and a dozen zombies too. He also tells me what a good vampire he is, he hasn't killed anyone, unlike his insane best friend. But I don't believe him, what should I do? Then I remember my
      auric reader.

      I let it float above my palm again. It reads through the door and shows me his aura, it's the deepest indigo I've ever seen. Well no human is this dark, but it's not toxic, or putrid - just really really deep. So I decided this was an okay color. I open the door and he helps my sick sister out.

      The ginger vampire turned the entire school into mindless zombies! Together we gather the remaining members of my family trapped in this huge place. I use my
      auric reader to watch out for any unwanted energy. That firey red must be the ginger vampire, let's go another way.

      Now that my whole family is gathered, I find a way out for us. We just need to help my sister down these steps, and the fresh air will heal her. She only needs to leave the building to stay human! But her boyfriend started to distract my sister from leaving the building. I get angry and yell at him "I'm not going to let my sister be like you!". He looks hurt! But then he lowers his head and lets me take my sister out the building.

      The cool night air heals my sister. I become slightly lucid and think "I want a happy dream ending so I don't wake stressed!" And then, we found the ginger vampire and the urban pirate had fallen deeply in love. Now the two of them were laughing mad together. A dangerous a couple, but at least their happy! The urban pirate starts to dance like a drunken wench, my mom starts to cheer and clap her on!

      I think I'm waking up. I want to remember the dream so I start to recall it. But in reality I'm still dreaming, so I just replay the dream again.

      This time as I replay the dream I'm a half mutated freak, complete with a tail. I met a boy. He was a born with a tail. Everyone made fun of him and his whole life he hid his tail in shame. Until he met me. We held hands as we safely herded my family out of the toxic building, tails wagging and all

      And then I woke up
    7. Panther Demona vs Insane Man

      by , 06-18-2010 at 11:56 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      No Foolin Day 2010

      Synopsis: After asking a guru some questions, my dream transforms into an adventure. I am panther-gargoyle being helping to track down a murderer, who calls into question my sense of justice.

      Night Time Note: I roll over in bed and remember some random dream scene, and I tell myself 'just another uneventful dream night'. Wait a minute, not it wasn't? I remember something. I close my eyes and wait for the images to come back!

      Panther Demona vs Insane Man
      I'm in a stuffy little room, talking to some old guru. He has a long white beard and I think he smells funny, because I don't think he's showered in days. I don't remember our conversations, but I did ask him a few questions. . . .

      I'm on the road, traveling with a group of people. We pass by a murder site by the university. She was just a young teenage girl, poor thing. You see, there's an insane man on the loose and he's murdering teenagers and college kids left and right for no other reason except that he can!

      We hear a gun shot by one of the main university buildings! Yet I still see two students walk undisturbed to class. "What's wrong with them?" I said "Didn't they hear the gun shot?" My friend says "They did. Can't you see how scared they are?". I guess they did look scared. They kept to themselves and stared at the floor as they walked silently to their classrooms. The university was very very lonely. It looks like a good 90% of the students decided it was too dangerous to come now that some psychopath is here.

      It turns out me and my friends are a secret police force, each with unique abilities! I transform into a black panther anthro. We chase down the murderer through the long corridors. I don't remember much of this chase scene, but it was nice for once to not be the person on the run! We lose him in large auditorium like building. We quickly separate to cover all the exits and windows. "There he is!" He was trying to sneak out! He's on a ledge too far for my pantherness to jump. So I grow wings instead and take on a gargoyle form (like Demona).

      I fly towards him and land on the ledge he's on. He's a black shadowy like figure, with no face, except for a wide white smile. He's dancing to the rhythm of his own music and he screams "I AM A GOD!". I bite him and rip a chunk off of his arm, and spit the chunk over the ledge. He's like car tire rubber, there was no blood. "A god? Well I just bit you!". He doesn't even seem upset that I bit him. He doesn't even try to hurt me. He just continues laughing. My friends quickly come to my side and since they were big guys, they restrain him and carry him outside. He's still laughing as they drag him away.

      I took a while longer to meet my friends outside. When I do go outside, I see the psychopath is being hung upside down with two strange men laughing up a storm. I didn't see my friends anywhere! I didn't know who these two guys were, but I didn't trust them. Either they were tormenting the psychopath, which in the name of justice, I couldn't standby. Or, they are only pretending to keep the psychopath captive and are laughing because they intend to release him and watch him murder again.

      Whatever, I POUNCE THEM! They scream! They're just puny humans compared to me. I grab the psychopath and find my friends around the corner. They ask me "What happened? We left him with with two police men from the office." "Oh, is that who they were?" Hmm...now that I thought about it I did recognize them from the police office. They don't seem like good cops anyways!

      What should we do with him? As we hold him down, terrified students nearby scream and run away. We put him in a giant water tank. The water is freezing. After a while I noticed he went completely limp! I touch his face, he's ice! Our job wasn't to torture him slowly to death. "He's going to die! We have to take him out."

      "Shit. Okay fine. I'll call the general." My friend gets on a cell phone and calls the general and tells him to bring an ambulance and something to warm him up. The general seems confused but then obliges. We take him out of the freezing water. His legs are limp, so we have to help him stand. The ambulance is waiting for us in parking lot, and if you know your MEGA UNIVERSITIES, that's like MILES away. "LET'S GO!" We start to run towards the ambulance. But our running only excited the psychopath, he was warming up. He's got the metabolism of a cold blooded lizard.

      "STOP!" I yelled "At this rate he'll gain back his full powers again."

      Annoyed my friend calls the general again and ask him to bring fire extinguishers. The general is even more confused! Are we trying to warm him up or keep him cold? "BOTH!"

      He was too warm for us to control. He breaks free from my friends grip. We chase him again, but this time he's found an axe! He holds the axe high and threatens to smash my friends skull open if we come any closer. I didn't want to see anyone get hurt so I yell "Stop! Please stop!". He looks at me..........and he drops the axe.

      The general and the rest of the police department come onto the scene, and they take him away, handcuffs and all. The general decided it was best to keep him in a large cool water tank to keep his metabolism slow. I wasn't happy though. I felt this man was really insane, suffering mentally, and that our justice system just didn't know what to do with these kinds of people except lock them away. Only fueling their insanity. I didn't warn the general, but I was certain that one day he'd break free from his watery cage.

      I woke up after that.
    8. I Am Half Krakin!

      by , 06-18-2010 at 11:15 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      March 28, 2010

      Snyopsis: It's a bleak future. Atomic bombs and mutants. I'm a cat mutant! And I find my home in the countryside.

      Night Time Note: I recalled the entire day backwards, my little Dream Yoga practice. I fell asleep faster recalling my day!

      I Am Half Krakin!
      (say it out loud it's funny)

      At first my dream starts off very random. I'm playing a game in the hallway! I have a dual perspective. On one hand I'm riding a black bird, the largest mount of the entire game, larger than even the dragons! And on the other hand, I'm just a kid holding this black bird toy, a very small and tiny thing, running back and forth through the hallway. I give a friend of mine a ride on my black bird mount! Well, more like my black bird swooped them up from mid fall! They were terrified! But I told them there was nothing to be afraid because this is the most awesome flying mount in this game.

      At some point I stop playing and enter a busy room. My dream is becoming more stable and vivid. This room is large, with a several story tall ceiling, giant windows, and an open round center with spiraling stairs leading to the level below. It's definitely a public space, it was crowded with people.

      I fly out the window and my dream morphs on me again. I get the impression this is the future, judging by the tall super 'futuristic' buildings. Maybe even a space ship or two. I'm in an inner city courtyard/park. The atmosphere is gloomy here, depressing really. I see two guys speaking Spanish and I tell them "I've been asleep since 2009! What year is this and what's happened?" With thick heavy accents they tell me it's been about a hundred years, and a lot has happened.

      I get a bad feeling. . . Something bad happened to New York? I ask them about it and they say "Sorry, New York is gone. A bomb one hundred times-" And I finish their sentence "More powerful then Hiroshima" There is nothing left of New York! They tell me not to even bother going there, unless I want to become a mutant! (that sounds fun actually)

      More refugees pour into this mega city, some of them aren't human. I don't think I'm human either! The sky is very gloomy. The aftershock of another bomb maybe?

      I think about going home, away from this depressing city. Suddenly I find myself floating down the streets of an old city. Very old! The buildings in comparison looked ancient! Which I liked actually. Grass and wild flowers had overgrown the sidewalks. After each street name were two letters, CO. I figured that the CO stood for Colorado. But this Colorado was right next to the former New York state?

      After flying through the city I fly through the countryside. I realized this was my home! All the houses were gnome like, possibly cob homes, with grass and wild plants growing all over their roofs. The grass was so perfectly green, I knew this had to be my home! It was a little slice of paradise in frightening future with war and suffering spreading.

      I ran into a group of people who were just having a good time on the streets. I don't know any of them, but they seem to know who I am. One girl rubs my nose! What is she doing? But by rubbing my nose she made me realize the bridge of my nose wasn't normal, it was more cat like. She asks me if I'm half Krakin, and I say yes. Sure I am! I don't even know what that is but I guess they are cat people. Another girl sees me, and I guess she has a thing for nekos - she grabs me and hugs and squeezes me real tight as if I were her pet! I purr anyways.

      My dream slowly becomes nonsense with a game of animal paper dolls, and an alien drawing I made that actually creeped me out......(why did I draw it??)
    9. Adventure in Old Country

      by , 06-18-2010 at 07:01 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 24, 2010

      Synopsis: First dream, strange circular mansion with dark entity. Second dream, we are thieves being chased in the old country by officials. Dream Characters can fly like me!

      A Familiar Mansion

      The first dream that I can remember involved me and my entire family moving into a giant mansion. This house had at least four floors, and each floor was something different. Of course, on the lower floor you had the living room(s) and the oddly tiny kitchen for such a large home. My sisters were hanging out most of the time in the living room watching TV. There were all sorts of odds and ends furniture spots in this home, like mirco-living rooms and studies here and there. And I think the staircase was actually the center of the home, making the home kind of circular.

      But this place was huge! Me and my sisters take a quick tour together. The third level was reserved for the bedrooms. There wasn't any real definition between one bedroom or the next. And this place was starting to look fun. Well, that was until my sisters went back downstairs. I continued to investigate by myself. I get that same old weird creepy feeling. This place is haunted! It doesn't help that all the furniture create shadows and shadows everywhere. Or that once the lights were off for an entire level, you have to walk in a huge circle of darkness to find some switch.

      I needed to use the restroom, so I tried the restroom in the bedroom level. But it was just too creepy. The bathroom has two entrances, and the second entrance led to a seriously dark room. Is there a figure in that room? I sensed there was. Forget this!

      I head back downstairs, but now I can't find a restroom. The kitchen had some type of urinal, and that was awkward for a lady to use. I woke up shortly after.

      Adventure in Old Country
      My second dream was kind of fun, or vivid, but not lucid. Typical government official men are after me again, and my friends. My friends fly up ahead, flying up and above train tracks. There's a bag in their hands. I guess were thieves! The officials chase down my friends, who are open targets flying way up there. I instead slink into a man made river, run softly underneath the bridge, and I sly beneath the elevated train tracks, keeping a steady pace with my targeted friends.

      I was a lot safer down here. The elevated tracks created deep shadows. And I'd run from one shadow to the next. But I'm still an easy target for the law men. Surrounding the tracks were giant stone walls. Eventually, if I want out of this ditch, I'd have to fly!

      I fly up to meet my friends and together we fly off into unknown country. Were not out of the woods yet. While the rest of the officials can't keep up with us, there's one old general hot on our trail. What a pest! I tried to find a nice forest for us to hide in. But the countryside here were mostly open fields and sparse groupings of tree. Nothing sufficient enough for us to hide in. But we did find a country cottage home.

      We sneak into the home. It's seriously old fashioned complete with slave quarters. Some of my friends get easily distracted by the country delights, and start openly exploring the home. I don't know what everyone is up to or where they are now! They just seem scattered about, which was really annoying because it's obvious were invaders in this home.

      I stayed hiding in a ladies dressing room. When a tall man knocks on my door. And I say in a sheepish voice "yes, can I help you?" I realize this is a slaves dressing room. And the man asks me to clean up such and such mess. But he also thought I was a child, because of my tiny voice. When I looked puzzled and confused, he gave me a demonstration of what I was to do. "Okay!" The man leaves, completely ignorant that I'm just a thief!

      I immediately try to find my friends, when the old general comes marching down the hallway! I duck behind some dusty furniture. What's he doing here? Then I notice he's not the only official here. Wait a minute! Ah, were such idiots. This isn't a country home, this is some old fashioned city office. The place is crawling with officials. I manage to find one friend, grab him by the arm and force him out of the home. The others, well, I'll try to find them later.

      We fly into the open field, until were such a far distance, the government house is just a little blur. We were safe out here, underneath the shade of this old tree. I remember some random animal people as well, who were our friends. It seemed almost an entire day passes before I finally decide to go back to find the rest of my friends.

      This time, the government isn't a cute little cottage. No. It's swollen into a giant corporate office. It had giant concrete walls, of massive proportions. Many of which jut out of the building as if to say how powerful the men in this building are. Me and my friend hide at the base of one of these thick walls. We can see the guards just up ahead. Thankfully they can't see us. Getting back inside was tricky, its like a video game, waiting for the guards to turn away.

      Inside there were no lights on. The building instead utilized it's massive windows and the flooding of the sunlight. I did easily meet up with all of my friends, who were all fine. But were in a real pickle. There's so many officials crawling here, the only real way out was out the massive window. But it led to a courtyard. And the ugly general (who looks like the sith lord now) was holding some sort of meeting outside. Damn, this is going to be tricky. Lucky for us, Dumbledore, was an official on our side. He saw us peering out through the window and kept the rest of the officials distracted with one of his long winded speeches.

      We all jump softly out the window, and sly ever so quietly across the stony courtyard. We reach the next door just in time. The general heard something, and looks where we just were moments ago. But damn! Talk about not having a plan. Why did we sneak in this direction? This door just leads to another part of the building. We had to find our way up to the third floor again. This time were just gonna make a fly for it. We fly across the courtyard and just keep flying! The general of course sees us and hes hot on our trail again!

      Were much faster fliers than he can, I dunno, then he is on horseback? But where should we go? We fly over a city, over the fields, we even flew through the train tracks, over a river. But I still couldn't find anywhere that felt safe enough for us to hide in. And I wake up shortly after.

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