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    A World In My Head!!

    1. Abstract Adventures and a Rebellion

      by , 10-19-2010 at 05:27 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      October 18, 2010

      Synopsis: Abstract dream. Were escaped test subjects running from an evil doctor. Brief lucidity. Flying. Next dream, I try to rebel the system from within it.

      Note: I was very sleepy after I woke up from my dream. Well, I didn't really wake up. More like, I was only half awake. I stayed drifting in HI for a few minutes before I remembered that I even had a dream. But by that time, what felt like a vivid dream was hard to recall.

      Abstract Adventures

      Me and a friend want to leave. We walk straight out of the house and into the parking lot. Waiting for us is a small
      helicopter. My friend makes me drive it! I'm terrified! I don't know how to fly this clunky machine. Once inside, my whole world turns upside down. Uh, literally. We crashed.

      But were fine, and I think nothing of it.

      It turns out we were so desperate to leave because were running away from this evil doctor! We were his unwilling test subjects for some sort of
      experiment. We run through suburbia, which was just abstract and weird. We reach a tower, and climb up its various levels. I don't remember much of the tower anymore, but I do remember on the top most floor was a witch conjuring up a spell. I didn't figure out who's side she was on.

      Were on top of the tower now. The doctor has us cornered! But that's when I suddenly realize I'm dreaming.
      Lucid, I tell the doctor "were not going to run from you anymore!". Then I grab my friends hand and fly instead. I try to grow bird wings, but I don't know if it worked or not. My friend disappears. Common. Lots of DCs just up and puff away when I become lucid.

      I continue flying and exploring my strange abstract dream, like giant cardboard boxes strewn together. I woke up after wards and fell into random HI for several minutes.

      Thoughts: the tower was a spiral, a repeating pattern in my dreams for 2010. Probably not a coincidence that reaching the top made me lucid, since the spiral itself can represent consciousness.

      Rebel from Within

      Some evil corporation has everyone I know slaving away from them, in an
      all-generic-building. Oh, and these weren't regular people. They were scheming rats, like the rats from Nyhm. I had two choices. Slave away, or rebel. I saw what happens to people who rebel outwardly. They got locked away in some room, never to return.

      I thought I could out smart the rats though. I'd work hard, earn their trust, learn more about their system. And eventually, I'd
      learn about their weak points and take them out when they least expect me to! Well, it sounded like a plan. Except that it's really SLOW.

      Anyways, I never actually got a chance to rebel! Unless you count spying. I was spying on the big boss while mopping the floors. He had an assistant named Amadeus. Amadeus seemed like an honestly good rat, and it annoyed me the way the boss would say his name and call him for any little thing.

      Thoughts: it could have something to do with me trying to overcome old habits. The process is slow, and you have to observe yourself.

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    2. Spaceship!

      by , 06-30-2010 at 04:04 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      June 29, 2010

      Synopsis: Dream fragment. I'm trapped on a drifting spaceship with men I can't trust

      After a long voyage, I'm given the job of flying our small spaceship back to base. Base is always the same in my spaceship dreams. It's this giant honey-combed complex drifting in space.

      Something goes wrong. I don't remember what. But now were stranded. The worst part was, now there are these strange men in our spaceship. I dunno what these hijackers want! Everyone is tense. The last thing we need mindless blood shed while lost in space.

      I shy away from the hormone driven males, both my crew and the strangers. As time passes by I realize more and more people have gone 'missing'. Desperate to get out of this cage, I start charting my escape plans - even if meant crashing in alien territory!

      I woke up shortly after.
      Tags: airship, time, trapped
      dream fragment
    3. Falling Spaceship

      by , 06-19-2010 at 06:03 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      April 1, 2010

      Second dream of the night. Zombie flu. Xenomorphs and a falling spaceship.

      Falling Spaceship

      I'm on a large public transportation thing, I'm not sure what it is, a bus, an airplane. An announcement over head asks everyone to remain calm. There's an epidemic spreading! And with a closed air system, everyone is bound to get infected. They're calling it the zombie flu. It doesn't literally turn you into a zombie, but you might as well be one.

      I didn't want to get sick, so I find a way out of the chamber. This place has lots of little rooms and hallways that reminds me of a submarine. I find my family and they tell me we have to be careful. Everyone in this room is very tense. They tell me aliens are running around! Xenomorphs! I can hear them running around above us in the vents, waiting for the right moment to attack. Our little group never stayed still. No one traveled alone. There were even two female guards by the female restroom to protect you. Walking back into a hallway was a two person job, you had to look both ways!

      I was trying to find someone, but I don't remember who, when I wandered upstairs. I enter a room with large windows! It's the first room with any windows. Its vivid and lucid looking out the windows, I almost wanted to fly right through them, but I didn't follow on that instinct. Outside the windows you could see that we were flying over a city. Problem was, this giant spaceship we were on was swerving left and right and left and right! The horizon line never stayed still. I couldn't walk straight anymore and I started to feel nauseous looking out the windows! No wonder everyone is getting sick, it's just a bad case of motion sickness.

      I think the aliens killed our pilot. . . Are we about to crash?

      I woke up after that. Why didn't I fly!!

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