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    A World In My Head!!

    1. Ticket To Puerto Rico--Bronx Alley

      by , 08-01-2012 at 05:33 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      July 31, 2012

      Synopsis: First I help my sister make her flight to puerto rico, then I race around with my team to make sure we catch our flight. Later, I'm in Bronx and I meet a strange woman with creole magical cooking skills.

      Ticket to Puerto Rico
      I'm driving my sis around town. I don't know what my destination is all I know is I'm in a mad rush. The highway slowly merges with a mall, which then becomes an airport.

      Were running late but the street were on, which is inside the airport building, is under construction. And now the flight of stairs we need is blocked. Well, its only blocked for cars.

      We run up the stairs and at the computer station we find out sis' flight is already boarding! We print the ticket and the clerk leads the way to the terminal gate. I remember thinking how strange it was that I'm able to go this far into the airport without going through security. I thought you had to have a ticket to get to the gates?

      I fail to do a RC.

      "This way, in here" The clerk leads us to an area that once again looks more like a mall. Sis' gate looks like a smokey game room. And rather than boarding into an airplane, she has to board the hippie bus parked in the center of the game room. It was full and the last seat was hers!

      I wave goodbye, she's on her way to puerto rico, I'm so jealous!

      I woke up stressed out and upset. Why did I stress myself out getting sis to PR, what about me?

      When I fell back asleep I'm back in the airport. This time I have a scheduled flight to puerto rico with my entire team - an olympic team. What sport, I dont know.

      The whole team races through the airport and we had numerous hurdles to overcome. But really, we just got lost.

      I find the original game room sis' hippie bus/gate was in. But its completely empty now.

      "This way to our gate!"

      The whole group follows the leader, through a cafeteria kitchen and out the back door. There she is, our beautiful airplane gleaming in the sunlight waiting to take us to puerto rico.

      Suddenly a clerk stops me and my friend. "I'm sorry but your names aren't listed on this flight, where are your tickets?"

      What? I came all this way and now shes trying to tell me I can't get onboard? "Oh hell bitch, I am getting on that plane"

      I shoove her aside and me and my friend run inside the plane. I woke up shortly after.

      Bronx Alley-(brief morning dream)
      It must have been around 3am when me and sis decided we were bored/hungry and we left our apartment. Instead of texas, were in a bronx alley.

      Walking down the fire-escape steps, a gang of guys cat-call us and make it hard to walk by. But our destination was a friendly neighbor just down below.

      She opens her door wide and greats us inside. Shes wearing big flowy colorful clothing. Her apartment is warm and full of random things, so many things. And she made this huge meal, even though its 3am, who was she expecting to feed?

      She talked as big and hearty as her creole cooking. But I cant remember now what she had told me. By the time she served me food, I wasn't hungry and then I woke up.
    2. Fire Fight

      by , 02-10-2012 at 11:37 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 9, 2010

      Synopsis: It's an all out gang war in a huge house and I try to fight back with fire. Later, me and my dream husband escape but we leave our kitten daughter behind. Slightly abstract dream bordering lucidity with dream control.

      Fire Fight
      The dream started out nice with a large group of people just hanging out in a huge house. But then a pecking order started and that turned into a gang war leaving half the house torn apart. The other gang was hostile. We turned to fire to defend ourselves.

      Being an old house we found these brass and iron antique items. I'm not sure what they were, a mix between a rod and a candelabra. Either way, they lit on fire nice. We got oil, paper, sticks, whatever we could to start the spark.

      But the other gang was winning. They cornered us to a single room. At first the kids thought they were safe. But I knew we were just rats in a cage in here and there was a second door to the room that no one was guarding. I grabbed our iron fire stick and thought using sticks and paper to make fire was way too slow. So I tried to fire-bend instead.

      It worked! But I'm not good at this fire bending stuff and I'm having trouble making it grow. The bad gang bursts through the side door. I try to create a wall of fire but its not working so well. Its like I'm only imagining there's a wall of fire but my imagination isn't manifesting in the dream. Still it held them back long enough for my gang to escape.

      The dream transforms. I'm in an All-Generic-Building. It looks like a cross of a suburb smushed inside a warehouse with gardens inside of stair rails. Me and my imaginary dream husband are trying to escape from an enemy I don't even know. There's a concrete ravine in our way, on the other side is the exit door. At the time I was carrying my daughter, a black kitten. I put her down and fly my my husband across the ravine.

      The bad guys were right behind us, so we hid underneath a table. My poor kitten cries from the otherside. Then I woke up.

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    3. Volcano in the City

      by , 12-29-2011 at 03:25 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      December 28, 2011

      Synopsis: A volcano is born and me and my sisters try to escape the lava

      Notes: Reading LaBerges book and looking forward to re-discovering my dream signs. Abstract dream

      Volcano in the City
      On top of a steep hill next to the apartments, wild animals are lose. I remember trying to calm an angry startled wolf. He snarls at me and I keep my distance. My sisters aren't disturbed by the animals running around the place, they just keep on gossiping.

      Then I see a giant shadow over me and a deer. The shadow is large and round, and it grows bigger and bigger. "What the hell!" Recognizing this shadow from Zelda, I jump to the side and dodge a giant boulder that fell from the sky.

      "Thats a volcanic rock!"


      The rock is still steaming. In the distance I can see a giant plume of smoke rising. "Look, there's a volcano growing over there!"

      It wasn't long before me and my sisters see lava. We try to escape the city, but we get lost in an All-Generic-Building. We wandered into the public restroom, were my sisters make a quick stop. But as they use the potty the ground splits and lava spews out.

      Sometimes it wasn't lava. Sometimes it was this nearly black mud mixed with volcanic rocks.

      The alarm rings

      After Thoughts:
      1. dream was abstract with out of place steep hill
      2. out of place wild animals
      3. dramatic environmental change - the volcano
      4. sense of danger and urgency
      5. All-Generic-Building
      6. abstract messy restroom

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