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    A World In My Head!!

    1. Hippies Night Out

      by , 06-22-2010 at 05:47 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      June 21, 2010

      Synopsis: Two random dreams I barely remember. In the third I hang out with hippies in the field under the star light. But the night ends on a loud note!

      Night Time Note: I went to bed late, and didn't do my dream mantra

      Two Random Dreams
      More like random notes. Let's see, I scribbled down "jabaneros" "beach flood" "containing" and "family dog". I remember something about some Mexican Cowboys, that I called jabaneros. They were riding on horses. But then the high tide came in - the beach was flooded. And the jabaneros were riding their horses in knee high water. I don't remember the dog?

      In another dream I was watching a comedy. All I remember now, was that I laughed myself awake

      Hippies Night Out
      I'm hanging out with hippies in a field near suburbia. I'm just having a nice time sitting on a blanket, looking at the stars. They're twinkling in a way that isn't normal. It feels like I've been here for hours. But some of the people here weren't all that interested in just enjoying the night sky. Instead they got drunk, wasted, and rowdy. It was past 3am and we decide it's time to pack up. That's when the rowdier members decide to play REALLY LOUD music at the last minute. Like a rock concert.

      They play the music for only about a minute. But really that's more than enough time to wake up the entire sleeping neighborhood! I scream "What are you doing!!" They laugh as they take down their make shift tent. Were going to get in so much trouble thanks to them!

      We all run for it before any cops find us. And to get 'back', we had to climb this rickety iron ladder. It was so rusty, unstable and tiny, I freaked out so much when it was my turn - I woke up.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Caught Between Two Witches

      by , 06-19-2010 at 06:10 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      May 31, 2010

      Synopsis: Two witches battle over me as I discover I have magical powers.

      Caught Between Two Witches

      I was in the apartment's parking lot, and I just crashed into another car!! I don't remember anymore how or why I crashed, except that it wasn't normal. I remember getting out of the car and telling my mom I've been framed! I tell my mom a crazy story, I don't remember what I told her, except that the apartment manager couldn't be trusted. The apartment manager is checking the grounds, trying to find where I have run off to. I feel like she's targeting me! Mom quickly hides me in her own car. Mom covers up for me by striking a friendly conversation with the manager, before driving off.

      I feel terrible! Soon they'll run the number of my license plate, they'll find my address, and the manger will realize mom was lying. She'll end up in jail with me too! I was hiding out in the crowd at a cafe. My sisters find me and yell at me for creating such a mess. After I finish my milkshake, I tell my sisters what happened. As I tell them the story I see it happen like a movie.

      I was driving home. The ride was quiet and peaceful. Suddenly a women magically, and I mean that literally, appears in the middle of the road! I hit the brakes and stop the car. She looks me in the eyes. Her presence was powerful and
      evil. She disappears!

      After that there was a car racing towards me from the rear! It was her! I had to drive just as crazy fast just to stop her from crashing into me. Eventually I veer off the road, crashing into a parked car. I don't even know why someone crashing into a parked car would make headline news. Must be her magic.

      After telling my sisters my story, some men come into the cafe. I got a bad feeling they were undercover cops. I quickly sneak out of the cafe without even saying bye to my sisters. I climb on top of the roof, trying to find a place to hide. But all this hiding and running away from the Witch was driving me insane. I was growing tired of this dream and in a semi-lucid moment, I look at the stars and fly towards them.

      I'm drifting slowly in space, heading towards a beautiful spiral galaxy. I focus my mind trying to alter my dream, something more peaceful and pleasant. As I get closer to the stars they look giant bubbles of water. I enter one of the bubbles, and greet all the creatures. Penguins, seals and otters. But this watery world was small, no bigger than a house. So I got bored quickly and flew out of it.

      I fly into the next bubble floating in space. But it just leads me back into the same dream I left!

      My sister is going out, but for my own safety she makes me hide in the apartment. I go to the porch, leaving the light off. I'm just standing in the night time darkness surrounded by potted plants. It was nice actually. I start to sing a silly lullaby, and the plants start to wriggle and dance! Growing taller and taller and wilder and wilder! (my own totoro magic).

      I was happy with my plants, until I heard strange footsteps below. Hard clunky high heels!! They're heading towards my apartment. I knew this person was a Witch! I didn't want to be cornered in the apartment, so I quickly run down stairs to face them head on.

      I'm face to face with the Witch. Her aura was powerful and frightening! Her gaze was enough to send me on my knees. I beg the Witch not to kill me, telling her I'm harmless. The Witch doesn't say anything at first. She's sizing me up, measuring and weighing me.

      She was impressed with my magic, and explains to me the odd situation I'm in. You see there is a Witch War between two powerful Witches, and I'm caught in the middle. Each Witch wants to know whether or not they can use my magic for their benefit. Or, if they should kill me to prevent the other Witch using me first. She continues to size me up with her gaze. It makes me uncomfortable so I look away from her eyes, flattering her, telling her my own magic is nothing compared to hers.

      I didn't get the sense she was evil, but I didn't get the sense she was good either. I guess it depended on whether or not she liked you!

      I ask the Witch kindly, please take the curse off the apartment manager so I can be free. She doesn't say anything, still measuring me. Later on I would understand, it was the other Witch, the Evil Witch that possessed the apartment manager and tried to kill me.

      The Witch has finished measuring me! She explains I don't have to fear her anymore. For now, she doesn't see me as a threat, and thinks I might be a potential student.
      For now.

      I thank the Witch for her mercy, and she disappears. I go back inside and soon after my sister comes back. She starts blabbing on about superficial things, like clothing and jewelry and other things she wants to buy. Oh and, she's whining she forgot her nail clipper in the car.

      With magic the Witch appears in the bedroom! She sits like a queen on the bed, and starts to talk about her own fashion tastes. Clearly she had been listening in (still watching me?). I'm nervous at first! But she doesn't have that scary I-want-to-destroy you aura. I ease up thinking that maybe now this powerful Witch will be my friend.

      But then suddenly something strange happens.
      I see myself next to the Witch. I shake my head from the sudden 3rd perspective confusion. The Witch sits up, alarmed "What did you see?"

      "I saw me! Standing next to you on the bed. My point of view was coming from that corner over there" I point to the corner, and floating in the corner was a little doll with black sunken eyes. Voodoo? So the Evil Witch some how found a way to use me after all!

      This looks bad. My friendship with this Witch is fragile. The last thing I need is her being afraid of me, and trying to kill me. I gotta do something! "Why don't me and my sister quickly run down stairs and get the nail clipper, then we can repaint your nails."

      The Witch seemed okay with this agreement. I quickly hurry out the room with my sister. My sister leads the way. But instead of going downstairs to the parking lot she leads me astray. "Where are you going? Were going the wrong way!" "Because I wanted to go the long way!" "But we need to be quick! The Witch is waiting!"

      I run ahead of my sister, run down a spiraling staircase, that leads to the foyer of the apartments office. I take an uneasy step into the vast room. It's quiet, obviously, its night so this place is closed. But the curse is still on the apartment manager, and she could be anywhere.

      I woke up afterward. The weirdest thing as soon as I woke up I couldn't remember what the Witch looked like, or anything specific thing she told me.
    3. Sun Sets Over Ocean

      by , 06-19-2010 at 05:57 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      May 20, 2010

      Synopsis: My fail to RC as I dream about lucid dreaming. A very peaceful dream as I watch the sun set.

      Sun Sets Over Ocean
      Water is still showing up in my dreams. I dreamed about lucid dreaming. *I'm so dumb!* I was on the beach trying to observe every little detail for my dream practice. I found giant awesome shells, bright bright colors. I couldn't believe that no one else had grabbed them yet! I mean, the biggest one was as big as my head. I imagined the reason why no one grabbed them was because there is some law protecting the shells here.

      People were happily swimming in the ocean as the sun was setting. And they were starring at me funny because I refused to take a dip. Believing this was reality, I was actually disgusted that people would go in the water! This was the gulf coast after all, there's something slimy and not so nice in the water. But I told myself, that I should dream of the ocean instead *me tard*. This way I can go in the water without fear of catching some disease! (Last time I went to corpus there was a giant sign that read "BACTERIA LEVELS ACCEPTABLE"...what does that mean? That some days it's not?

      While the sun sets every day, to us on the beach it's like watching the sun set for the first time. As the sun nearly disappears over the horizon it gets very very dark. I could barely see! I quickly horde my sea shells and some random wooden artwork that drifted ashore. I take a quick look at the horizon to see an orange speck disappear.
      Everything goes completely black. It wasn't like a real sun-set, more like a switch being turned off. It felt completely natural to be in this blackness around me. I could still feel the summer warmth and sense the people around me on the sandy beach. After a while light comes back as the stars starting flickering on. I quickly run back inside like a pack rat with my stolen goods.

      I missed a good swimming opportunity
    4. The Sun and Moon

      by , 06-19-2010 at 04:00 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      April 15, 2010

      Synopsis: Lucid, I still ccan't open a portal! Why? Later I run into a strange DC who knows this is a dream.

      The Sun and Moon
      I became lucid! I don't even remember my dream before becoming lucid. I think I was running around in a giant mall playing superheroes with some kids, but I'm not sure. All I really remember is, I walk outside and I start to float by a tree. Wait a minute, I'm floating? I'm dreaming!

      It's been a while since I've been lucid. I don't want to rush this, but I think I did anyways. I rub my hands together to stabilize the dream. I've never done this before as a stabilization technique. It feels pretty real! I can feel my fleshy hands and the curvature of my palms. But nothing happens. The dream doesn't change. So I command the dream to stabilize. But nothing happens again.

      I'm standing on the tree branch looking at the suburban scene below me. Well it's not unstable looking. But I wasn't satisfied. I wanted my dream to be hyper realistic. It still feels,
      dreamy. Maybe I made the wrong verbal commands, maybe I should have said "Increase Clarity" instead.

      I want to open a portal! But I want to find the best dream spot to open a portal. So I start to walk around, two kids from the mall follow me. I think they still want to play. They're cute but really annoying. I had to get rid of them some how! So I tell them "Did you know that this is a dream?" "Huuh?" "This is a dream!" "This is a dream?" They look at me shocked, as if I just told them the world was ending. But then they smile and laugh and run away. That was easy!

      I find the perfect spot to create a portal. I was underneath the sun and moon. The sun and the moon were next to each other, both shining bright. I don't even think that's possible in waking life, but it was beautiful sight anyways. I stand underneath the sunlight and try to open a portal.

      Nothing happens.

      I walk away a little confused. So I start to explore my dream some more while thinking of a better way to create a portal. I was walking along a glass building, reflecting everything behind me. That's when I notice an older blonde woman is following me (late 30s? 40ish? hard to tell, it doesn't look like she's slept in days). How annoying! Dream characters are so persistent sometimes. I know! I walk right through the glass building. I look through the glass smiling thinking "Now she can't see me! She doesn't even know I'm looking right at her." Some other nearby dream characters look confused, as if they just witnessed a person magically disappear.

      I waited for her to walk away just as confused, but instead she steps right through the glass. Her gaze was icy steel. How do I explain it? It's a kind of look that only women give to other women. I feel like she's challenging me.

      I'm just annoyed that a dream character is mimicking my dream abilities! (how dare she

      She is standing very close to me. Invading my space actually, she's practically standing over me. I just want her to go away so I can get on with my dream. So I tell her "This is a dream!" And she responds "I know." I don't like her expression. It's angry and mean. But she doesn't try to hurt me, or touch me, even though she's so close. I felt like. . she was trying to manipulate me to be angry at her, to try to hurt her, start the cat-fight!

      But then I remind myself that this is a dream, I need to watch my thoughts and emotions carefully. I try to envision her as lovelier, friendlier, nicer. She eases up and smiles. But I can't say for certain it's the nicest smile in the world! I woke up after that. How short and sweet lucidity is.

      I VILD and attempt to re-enter the same dream. I'm lucid, but the dream is really unstable. I think I try to open the portal again. But I don't remember, everything just went to fuzz.

      (and why is there a fly literally flying around my head? Am I the sun?
    5. Dream Wheel Day 9 - Hostile Interference

      by , 06-18-2010 at 11:35 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      March 9, 2010

      Synopsis: Outside my window is a galaxy, which I feel is a portal! A dark entity stops me from flying out my window by shooting me! Elements of dream sharing with Captain Sleepalot.

      Night Time Note: As day nine of Larther's Dream Wheel, I focused my thoughts on entering Captain Sleepalot's dream

      Hostile Interference
      I wasn't lucid and I was out some 'place' staring at the night sky. There was an amazing phenomenon happening in the night sky, just gorgeous. Like, I could see all the other galaxies!! Brilliant colorful glowing things!

      I "wake up", but really I'm still dreaming. I look outside my window to see if I can see any of the brilliant galaxies. Just one. It's tiny, but it's there pulsating and glowing a rich orangy red. I wanted so much to fly there - almost becoming lucid as I'm about to jump out the window to do so. But that's when I notice a man has been standing below my window the entire time. Before I have time to recoil he shoots me. The bullet enters my chin. I stumble to the living room to find the phone to dial 911, but I can't find it, and I logically conclude I should be passing out by now from blood loss *though technically I felt fine*. So my dream fades out.

      My dream starts over again, and I'm happy the bullet wasn't real. I'm at that place, not sure where this place is, its just a random place. I meet two girls there who I find out are also lucid dreamers (not people visiting my dream, just other people interested in lucid dreaming) and they were both interested in astral projection or dream sharing. I also found out that we all had a similar dream in the past, but I couldn't remember what. So I invite the two girls home so we could have a dreaming slumber party!

      The first girl freaks out! Something about my apartment caused her to have horrifying nightmares involving aliens. I just remember her locking herself in the bathroom because she was so scared. She apologizes for breaking down, and insists she can't stay at my apartment any longer, so she leaves. I felt bad that my apartment effected her so much.

      The other girl was fine. We looked outside my window, and again, theres the brilliant galaxy and the scary man outside my window. I tell her it's not safe to go out there, for obvious reasons. And that the only way we can reach the galaxy is through the dreamstate. The girl told me that the evil man was already in the dreamstate, and that she had the power to get rid of him for me so that I can go to the galaxy.

      It was a deal then! She had to do a ritual to prepare herself. I tried to find the best and safest bedroom for her to do this in. My apartment becomes like a nightmare. Theres bedrooms and bedrooms and bedrooms and they all had this bad creepy energy to them. The safest place in the apartment was the kitchen cabinetry! So I took her there. She disappears as she enters the dreamstate, and gives me a sign shortly after that she is lucid.

      Sitting there alone in a little closet of food, I become lucid. As I became lucid, this dream character trying to get rid of the evil man for me ceases to exist. It's hard to explain, but it's happened to me lots of times that when I become lucid dream characters just vanish. After that, my dream melted away and I woke up for real.

      * * * * *

      After sharing this dream entry and my thoughts over what the dark entity means, Captain shares his dream. Where he SHOOTS a dark entity outside his home.