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    A World In My Head!!

    1. Zebra Pegasus and Other Pets

      by , 02-02-2012 at 05:42 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 1, 2012

      Zebra Pegasus and Other Pets
      My sis was feeding the stray cats by the porch. Except one of them wasn't a cat, it was a baby winged zebra the size of a cat. How cute! I wanted to take a closer look. At first I thought its wings was just an illusion made of clumps of fur. But no, they were functional feathered wings.

      I couldn't believe I was staring at a winged baby zebra, sitting on my porch like any other cat. I was shocked that no one claimed this oddity for them, he looks like he's worth a million. I find a half eaten plum in the fridge and give it to my striped friend.

      Later, in a box I find a forgotten pet rat. He was as friendly as a rat could be. I dunno why, but I thought that I should bathe him. He was well behaved, sitting on my palm as I shampoo him. But when it came time for a rinse he got agitated and tried to bite me.

      Thats when I notice a man in my kitchen and I instnatly accepted him as an aspect of my subconscious. He tells me something but I don't remember it. I ask him about my health and the most I could understand was eat more fruit.

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      dream fragment
    2. Make the Water Still

      by , 01-19-2012 at 05:33 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 18, 2012

      Synopsis: I ride a tree, become lucid, talk to DCs and meet Tracy who told me how to get to my forest

      Make the Water Still
      In a giant backyard some bad guy mocks me, my sisters and my friend, some guy I don't even know. The bad guy makes my friend climb a tree, and asks me to do the same. I don't mind! Not sure how this is punishment, but I wanted to climb the highest tree.

      So I fly up to the highest tree and sit on its branch and look down on every one below. My friend tries to sit next to me but he just falls off as the tree starts to sway back and forth. Some people below thought it was funny, so they pulled and tugged on my tall tree. But nothing made me move from my tree post.

      I get this idea "im out of here!". And me and my tree ride away. Its covered in fur and its branches reach the ground and become fuzzy feet. Its like a giant cat tree. Through the fields, down an old england ally, and into a mansion. I noticed my cat tree at some point had no legs - I was floating. The cat tree gets smaller and smaller until finally im just holding onto kitty. I give her a kiss and put her down in the fancy bedroom. I guess Im on my own now.

      I run outside and scream "im lucid dreaming!". I was just so happy to be lucid dreaming again. I'm in a courtyard and there's a lot of DCs. Im surprised because lately when Im lucid DCs disappear. I wanna know what DCs know, so I pop the question

      "Hey, did you know that this is a dream?" "Hey did you know that this is a dream?"

      Some of them look at me strange, some are happy with the news. An older black man with a luisiana accent says "You're right. Look at the details. Everything is so clear."

      He seemed aware, the other DCs gather around him to understand what he means. So I asked him "Are you an expression of my higherself?"

      "No! You are"

      At the time I thought he was saying that he was the dreamer and Im the DC.

      I go back inside and run around the mall, and watch a sex-ed video that was kinda gross because it featured a woman with tiny crabs, literally living inside of her. I run past a room owned by an older women, and the room was called Ayurveda. It was all the way in the back of the mall in a lonely dark corrider. The corrider looked boring so I didnt go inside - I THINK I MISSED AN AWESOME OPPORTUNITY HERE.

      I leap back outside instead, skipping my way across a grassy field into a forest - yeah this is more exciting. But the forest was actually kinda creepy. Everything was eating everything else. Snakes attacking, animals growling and howling. I met a DC there. She seemed aware.

      She told me that this wasn't the forest I'm trying to get to. My forest is peaceful, animals don't eat other animals in my forest and she reminded me of this. She told me its possible for me to go there now.

      "How can I get to my forest?"

      She takes me to the bank of the river and instructed me "Make the water still". The water was filled with rippling waves, so all I have to do is - make it still.

      "Oh I see, you want me to meditate? Ive never done that in a dream before"

      We sat down together by the rivers bank, and I did my first dream open eye meditation. I was nervous doing "nothing" would make my dream melt away. But it remained stable. I noticed the incredible details. But there was also a fuzzyness, like my side vision was fuzzy so I can only focus on whats in front of me. The water was like silver. And not too far from the forests edge was suburbia. I sat there trying to still the water for what felt like minutes - who knows it could have been ten seconds.

      But nothing I did stilled the water.

      So we left the forest and she led me back inside, I guess to see something. As we walked through the mall I tried to memorize every detail of her being. Her short bob hair with strawberry brown stripes, her petite height. We went into a bedroom and I think shes pulling a box out - cant remember.

      I ask out of the blue "Is it true when people die they end up in a dream?" I guess she reminded me of a spirit I saw years ago.

      She looked taken back and sad by my question. "Sort of, but not exactly."

      "What's your name?"

      "Its Tracy"

      She starts to tell me something, but then I felt a "switch", I knew I had woken up and left the dream, and instead was only imagining I was still dreaming - if that makes any sense. Tracy was still trying to tell me something, but now it makes no sense, her appearance becomes unstable.

      "I cant (hear you), I'm waking up! Im waking up!"

      Her face, her hair, it keeps changing, but I dont want to forget.

      "Wait tell me your name again!"


      I wake up. But it turned out to be a false awakening - hypnagogic imagery. Then I woke up for real.

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