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    A World In My Head!!

    1. My Friend the Kamui (Kill la kill)

      by , 11-14-2014 at 05:04 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      November 13, 2014

      Multiple dreams, hard to remember them all. Kill la Kill inspired semi-lucid dream.

      My Friend the Kamui

      Me and my friends were running around a neighborhood. I don't remember what we were doing, this part of the dream feels long. But I got the feeling were being bad, pranking the neighbors.

      We bust into someone's house. We assumed no one was home but we were wrong. Two little old ladies were home and take defensive measures against our intrusion. My friend flips out and goes to far!

      I can't remember all the details now, but I'm pretty sure he killed them. We tried to stop him! After all, we were just pranking, we didn't mean any real trouble. It's too late now. He's murdered those innocent women and we were his accomplices.

      The cops are here! My friends scram! Except for the one who murdered. I promise to help him escape the cops. At that moment he transforms into a hoodie. I wear him, he talks to me and grants me powers, kinda like the kamui in Kill La Kill.

      "Hold on!" I fly off as fast as I can. The rest of the dream was a chase dream. Now and then I check on my friend, the hoodie, to make sure he's okay.

      But the dream walls kept closing me in and I grew tired of running. They've got me surrounded. I give up! I take off my hoodie and surrender it to the cops.

      I had a dream after, but now I don't remember it.
    2. Slow Magic

      by , 06-19-2010 at 03:49 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      April 10, 2010

      Synopsis: First I dream of mutant rats attacking people, then I dream of a desert city. Where a greedy rich man has a chlorinated pool large enough to be a chlorinated lake. Then I dream of magic. A young witch with green hair discovers the true nature of her power

      Mutant Rats
      The rats have mutated into something more like grimlims. I'm in an old house, trapped with several other families. It's very dark, maybe the mutant rats ate/cut through our power supply? Me and my sister barricade ourselves in a bedroom. The hallway is long and big, the living room is huge, and the kitchen has two entrances. Meaning, the rats could be coming at you from anywhere!

      I don't know why, but mom insisted in staying in the living room! And my other sister was just loafing around in the bathroom, with the door open. We kept trying to tell them it wasn't safe! But they wouldn't listen, even though the rats had already attacked several people.

      Now, the rats, they did eat people. But the real problem was they couldn't kill you instantly! The mutant rats were hunting as a pack, and it takes about 20 of them to take down a human. And it's a slow painful process filled with lots of bites . The other problem was it only took one bite from a rat for you to get some nasty plague.

      Me and my sister liked holding up in the bedroom, because we could see the corners of the room easier. I watch desperate people trying to escape the property from the window. But there were more mutant rats running outside than in! I couldn't see the rats from the window, only the people screaming as something hidden from my view snatches them by their feet, and drags them away. There was also a large wall about ten feet high surrounding the entire property. I realized past this wall was freedom! I almost became lucid as I thought about jumping out the window.

      But my sister stops me, telling me there's no way we can make it to the wall without the rats attacking us. And even if we did make it too the wall, then what? Do you know how to scale a ten foot brick wall?

      Suddenly a mutant rat jumps at me! I instinctively grab this piece of wood next to me, I think it was supposed to be a ruler, but it's all broken. Even though I'm terrified, without thinking, I kill the mutant rat. The wooden ruler is sticking out of it's throat. My sister changes her mind. If I can kill a mutant rat, then these rats aren't so tough. We need to somehow sneak past the kitchen to get to the front door. The kitchen is the most dangerous, because obviously, rats like kitchens.

      We decide that on our way through the kitchen we can pick up some knives, in case we have to fight out way through before reaching the brick wall.

      My dream fades away into a new one

      I'm flying over a city. But even though I'm flying over a city, it feels more like a 3rd perspective dream where I'm observing the dream rather than taking part of it. As I fly over the city, I compare it to the others next to it. In comparison, this city is disgusting! There isn't a single tree or anything green growing. Concrete, asphalt, steel, pavement, large boring colorless buildings. You could say this city feels cold and uninviting. But it wasn't just cold, it was boiling hot. The streets were sizzling underneath the blazing sun, like a Walmart parking lot.

      Further north in the city lived the richest man, you might as well call his private house a PALACE. Mansion does it no justice, this place was HUGE. It was nice architecture, I'll give him that. But he only had three small children living with him, why does this place need to be so big? He had a pool.

      I wouldn't describe it was a pool though, at 25ft deep, 50ft wide, and wrapping around the entire estates, it was a lake. It even had waves. The pool, in a venice style, was right up against the palace. Dragon water fountain spouts jut out from the palace's walls pouring into the pool. When I looked closer, the dragon spout itself was water! A magical enchantment? The pool was both beautiful and hideous. Hideous when you realized that all of this water, in this asphalt desert, was chlorinated and undrinkable to any living thing.

      My dream fades away and I have a new one, which starts in a small pool

      Slooow Magic
      The kids playing in the pool were young witches and wizards, all about the age of 12 (when kids are most viscous!). Some of them had no magic of their own, others were naturally gifted. One young girl not only self-proclaims to be the most powerful young witch of all, she also self-proclaims to be the most popular girl at school. Though, I'm not sure if everyone being afraid of you is popularity . There was no doubt however that she was powerful. Her powers were INSTANT. She didn't have to chant. She didn't have to cast spells or use a wand. They were like the crack of lightning, when she willed them, they happened!

      She bullies another girl in her class, who looks a lot like Hermione from HP, except her hair is green. My young green-haired witch, got tired of being made fun of, and grabs her young male friend, and the two of them storm out of the pool party. The two of them have a crazy adventure (that I don't remember) in an old english city. Even though they kept running into trouble, their trouble would always transform into good fortune!

      My green witch kept getting water dumped on her head! Maybe from someone dumping from a window, a car splashing, or what. But it just kept randomly happening. Like, water being dumped on her magically just because she opened a door. She gets annoyed and snaps at her friend "Stop tossing water at me!" He responds meekly "It wasn't me! I swear, I didn't do it! That door did it!"

      It seems kind of silly to think that a door would splash water on you just because you were opening it. She looks at the door and there's a note attached. It reads something like "It's time to dip in the water and get wet! Sloooow Magic is the strongest!"

      My green haired witch smiles slyly as she holds the paper. She understands now why she was born with green hair, she's a nature witch. The power of nature incarnate. She may not have flashy dazzling powers like the dark haired freak (the popular girl). But her slooow magic is strong. Like taking a slow deep breath - good fortune comes her way. My green witch sets off to find a lake to take a dip in - which I felt was some sort of rite of passage for her.

      My dream becomes some random nonsense dream about dogs who can't swim in pools, and then I wake up

    3. The Dream Pipes

      by , 06-19-2010 at 06:25 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      March 20, 2010
      Have you seen, the Dream Pipes?

      Synopsis: I dream of a massive pipe-like construction connecting all of the dream worlds.

      The Dream Pipes

      don't remember the beginning of the dream. Only that eventually I walked into a room that looked like a forest. But after looking at this room some more, I realize it's fake and the walls are just painted to look like a sky. One of the walls was like a garage door. It opens up revealing this huge factory complex on the other side. A black man in a bright blue jumper was busy tinkering away with machinery on the other side. The door was closing, but I could see beyond the factory was a rich green forest! With REAL sunlight.

      "Wait! I just want to cross through!"

      He has a real happy voice and says "Okay! You can go through. Watch your step"

      The place was cluttered with, I dunno, things, industrial things. If I knew anything about mechanics I could probably tell you what they were. Just imagine a giant airplane threw up all over the place. In fact, this place was more like a hanger. I'm outside! I can see the rich green forest just beyond this vast courtyard. . but then. . .the scene quickly morphs as I take a step closer. The forest was just an illusion to allure me to what this place really was, the Dream Pipes!

      The Dream Pipes is this huge steel construction floating in space. Giant massive pipes, interconnected, and then funneling out in all directions towards the infinite horizon. I was facing the entrance way, gaping holes sitting along each other in a neat row on the courtyard. It was as busy as an airport. And like an airport a bus load of people would walk in and off the dream pipes. They all seemed to know where and what they were doing. I was the only tard who looked lost. Honestly, I was just taken back by the scene and the scale and scope of these Dream Pipes!

      I was still several yards away from entering any of these steel tunnels leading off into space. Above each one was a digital sign signifying its destination. I tried to carefully read them, to make sure I would go to the right place. But reading was hard in the dream. That or the symbols were just alien to me.

      I get a flashback of the last time I tried to ride the Dream Pipes. It didn't go well! First, you have to select your pipe wisely. There was no turning back, and if you choose the wrong destination, well its the same as getting on the wrong airplane, you're in it for the long ride. But after you choose a pipe, I just remember you are taken to a long glass corridor floating up in the sky. This was like a security check point where they examined you. I just remember I didn't like it, and found the whole process annoying, time consuming and confusing. I remember last time the employees were so useless they didn't even set me up with the right Dream Pipe and I was stuck in limbo.

      And then, there is one Dream Pipe I am terrified of the most. You can think of this Dream Pipe as taking you into the astral. But you've got to fly on your own wings. What the pipe does is shoot you out into empty space towards your destination. There is no actual pipe to guide you. If you don't start flying on the path it sets you on, you can just fall into the dark abyss these Dream Pipes seemed to emerge from. Not to mention you have to fly at the same speed it spits you out in because that destination door isn't staying open forever! So if you can't fly as a speeding bullet, you aren't ready, turn back.

      There was just something indescribable about these Dream Pipes, I felt like, they really do connect all dream worlds. At the time that frightened me!

      When I woke up I didn't remember these Dream Pipes at all!! As far a I am concerned, this is the first time I've ever seen them! But in the dream I 'remembered' them. Oh and, riding the Dream Pipes is a total psychedelic vortex trip!................ZOOOOOOM!!

      There is a Dream Pipe connecting our heads, did you know?