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    A World In My Head!!

    1. New Mutant Show

      by , 02-04-2014 at 03:49 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 1, 2014


      Im leaving for work very early, before the sun is up. Which is not normal. I'm reversing the car when I suddenly remember that someone is parked behind me! Before I could stop I crash into my cousin's car (annette). Sighing, I get out of the car and prepare to wake her up and tell her the bad news.

      But the whole family is already awake, which is weird, and they join me outside. Annette isn't upset. There's virtually no damage. The back of her car was decorated with car-sized necklaces. One necklace broke. That was all.

      She says "Don't worry about it!" And drives off to work before I can.


      New Mutant Show

      I sit down to watch a new anime. The moment I do I'm sucked into, watching the scenes from a 3d. The show is about children who were born with different mutant powers, the agency trying to protect them, and the agency trying to take advantage of them.

      In this scene an older sister introduces her mutant brother to a new friend, another mutant girl that's about his age. The moment they meet they psychically connect and can feel each others energies. Both children also have weird facial structures.

      Later, the bad agency has come to take advantage of the children. The boy is terrified and doesn't know what to do. Worried, I take over the boy's body and act out for him. I clasp my hands together and 'we' teleport. We only teleported from one area of the house to another - his own bedroom. While the teleportation will confuse the bad agents, its only a matter of time before they find him hiding underneath his bed.

      I try to get him to use his other telekinesis powers. Its not working. I try to get him to teleport further away. Still not working.

      Finally, good agents come to the rescue.
      dream fragment
    2. Vacation Day Exploded

      by , 02-16-2012 at 07:05 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 15, 2012

      Synopsis: After a quiet day in a vacation home, the sun explodes and this signifies alien invasion. Slightly abstract hard to remember dream.

      Vacation Day Exploded
      Im driving my family to a natural reserve, the bumpy road is hard on my car and so is the steep hill. After parking Im worried the parks entrance is miles back the other way, but sis finds it just up this little path.

      We were staying a vacation home inside an old-school village with icrecream shops. Mom disappears some where in there, Dad goes off to get pastries, and sis V moans and whines because she has to go to work. I really just wanted to go for a long walk, but no one will walk with me because sis L is too busy doing I dont know what.

      So I just chill in the vacation home with sis L.

      Im looking at the sun through the window blinds. So bright and warm, I tell sis we should go for a walk like right now!. Suddenly the sun burns red-orange and lights up the whole sky with a hot glow. All the time Im still watching through the window blinds. Suddenly, what I thought was the sun, hurls towards the earth and crashes in another window view.

      Im glued to the window watching a huge mushroom cloud rise up from beyond the park. I scream at sis are you seeing this? and I think about running to get my camera. What the hell am I thinking about? I can see a shock wave traveling across the landscape. Me and sis duck and lay flat on the ground, but nothing happens.

      All is quiet now. I get this weird feeling, that this explosion is actually a part of an alien invasion. And we dont want to advertise where we are, so I reach for the remote and turn off the TV. I look over to sis who looks terrified. I whisper We need to be very quiet, no lights, this is an

      No dont say it! She starts to cry. The whole idea of aliens invading really freaks her out. Ironically her eyes kinda looked alien right now. I try to comfort her as she cries softly. Then I wake up.