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    A World In My Head!!

    1. Fire Fight

      by , 02-10-2012 at 11:37 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 9, 2010

      Synopsis: It's an all out gang war in a huge house and I try to fight back with fire. Later, me and my dream husband escape but we leave our kitten daughter behind. Slightly abstract dream bordering lucidity with dream control.

      Fire Fight
      The dream started out nice with a large group of people just hanging out in a huge house. But then a pecking order started and that turned into a gang war leaving half the house torn apart. The other gang was hostile. We turned to fire to defend ourselves.

      Being an old house we found these brass and iron antique items. I'm not sure what they were, a mix between a rod and a candelabra. Either way, they lit on fire nice. We got oil, paper, sticks, whatever we could to start the spark.

      But the other gang was winning. They cornered us to a single room. At first the kids thought they were safe. But I knew we were just rats in a cage in here and there was a second door to the room that no one was guarding. I grabbed our iron fire stick and thought using sticks and paper to make fire was way too slow. So I tried to fire-bend instead.

      It worked! But I'm not good at this fire bending stuff and I'm having trouble making it grow. The bad gang bursts through the side door. I try to create a wall of fire but its not working so well. Its like I'm only imagining there's a wall of fire but my imagination isn't manifesting in the dream. Still it held them back long enough for my gang to escape.

      The dream transforms. I'm in an All-Generic-Building. It looks like a cross of a suburb smushed inside a warehouse with gardens inside of stair rails. Me and my imaginary dream husband are trying to escape from an enemy I don't even know. There's a concrete ravine in our way, on the other side is the exit door. At the time I was carrying my daughter, a black kitten. I put her down and fly my my husband across the ravine.

      The bad guys were right behind us, so we hid underneath a table. My poor kitten cries from the otherside. Then I woke up.

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