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    A World In My Head!!

    1. Vacation by the Volcanic Flats

      by , 08-13-2010 at 07:01 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      July 28, 2010

      Synopsis: Me and my family stay at a strange hotel, and an even stranger landscape charred by volcanoes. Some abstraction, some vivid.

      Vacation by the Volcanic Flats
      It's a beautiful warm summer night, and me and my sisters have gone for a stroll with mom. My dream already feels like it's been going on for a while now, but I can't remember it until now. We walk through a giant stone tunnel connecting the downtown to the little town were staying at. Lots of other tourists were also enjoying the stroll through the old castle tunnel, lit by the moon.

      The tunnel opens up into a field of grass under an amazing starry sky. We can see our hotel up on a hill. It too looks like an old castle. The hill is rocky, jagged, and black from the volcanic waste it was built on.

      In one weird abstract scene a tiny train almost runs us over. We just hop over the tracks and continue our night time stroll up the hill. The grass gives way to boulders and craters.

      Sis sees some water in one of the craters, thirsty, she bends down to take a drink. "Stop!" I yell "That's poison! That's volcanic water!" After saving my sis we finally climb the steps to the hotel. The door was open. A little red flag goes off in my head, why is the door open? Did someone break in?

      There's no one in the living room, or the kitchen. My sisters check their bedrooms and I check mine. Standing in the doorway I scream "IS ANYONE IN HERE!" Suddenly a cabinet door from the back of my bedroom swings wide open, and then shuts. Scared that my room is haunted, I yell at it - kinda totorro style.

      The next morning it was dad's turn to take us out. We climb down the stone steps when a scene of birds catch our attention. Holy crap the birds are HUGE! They're like dinosaurs! Sis gets too close and the birds snatch her. They quickly drop her back down. The giant birds were battling each other. We run down the spiraling steps before they decide to attack us instead.

      This scene looks like from a zelda video game. The steps were tiny and narrow. If you fell off the ledge you fell several hundred feet before falling into a deep pool of misty - toxic - water. There was an island in the middle of the misty pool, with a simple wooden cabin. We quickly run into the cabin and take refuge from the crazy giant dinosaur birds.

      I love this cabin! There were some other tourists inside, but when we came in we came wanting to own the place. Feeling uncomfortable, the other tourists leave and we lock the front door. This is the kind of cabin I would love to have. It was so warm and adorable! All the doors were gnome like. The hand crafted furniture was for sell and sis has her eye on one of the chairs.

      I remember that this part of the dream was the most vivid. It's hard to describe the front room but I remember it pretty clearly. And the cabin actually FELT warm and stuffy. We hear some noises coming from outside. Damn, people are trying to get in! We quickly try to find any doors or windows we forgot to lock. I woke up shortly after.
    2. I Can Fly! Time to Visit Dannon

      by , 06-19-2010 at 04:43 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      April 29, 2010

      Synopsis: I think I'm dreaming. I test it by trying to fly! Lucid, I remember my dream goal of trying to dream share with Dannon

      I Can Fly! Time To Visit Dannon
      I was thinking about how lately my dreams have been tricking me. I was just minding my own business staring at the wall wondering, what if this is a dream? It doesn't look or feel like a dream.

      But as I walked around and stared at the living room, something felt out of place. I had to be sure! What if I'm dreaming? I get a crazy idea to go outside and try to fly. I run down the steps and stand under the street light. I think about flying but nothing happens. Mom runs outside yelling at me, asking me what I'm doing! It's pretty late and she doesn't like me outside alone after dark, I can't blame her, we do have a lot of car thieves in this neighborhood. But I had to go outside! I had to double check.

      I tell mom "I'm trying to fly". . . "You're trying to fly?" . . . "Yes, in a dream I can fly. What if this is all a dream?" Mom seems star struck, and just looks at the sky wondering the same thing. I walk forward while staring at the sky. This makes me trip when the ground level changes. I land in muddy water and scrape myself pretty badly. Mom runs over, helps me up and yells at me again.

      One side of my head is lecturing me "See, this isn't a dream! You're going to get seriously hurt if you keep this up." But the other side of my head was whispering
      "Why don't your scrapes hurt?". I wasn't in any pain at all!

      There were 12 year old boys hanging around outside, like a gang patrolling the street. They ask me and mom what
      we are doing. Mom blurts out "She's trying to fly!" "She's trying to fly?" They were 12 year olds after all and they seemed pretty dumb. They looked at me as though they were encountering a super hero. "You can fly?" "In dreams I can fly. What if I told you this could be a dream?"

      Now that I had everyone's attention, they all wanted to see me fly! They wanted me to prove to them that this was a dream. There's a small creek nearby and I start with that. I run and jump clear across the creek. I just jumped 20 ft, I have to be dreaming! I start to float, then I fly and loop around the small creek as the troop of boys cheer me on. Everyone seems pretty happy to know that this is just a dream. Me too! I haven't been lucid in a long time.

      I quickly remember my goal before I fell asleep. I fly away into the city. It's dark and dreary. I want to dream-share with Dannon but I really suck at creating portals. I try to make a few short calls in the dream, but my voice is weak and nothing is happening. So instead of trying to create a portal, I decided to fall into Dannon's dream. I fall backwards while keeping that intention in my head.

      When I open my eyes the new dream is just as dark. I can make out something sitting in front of me. It looks goblinish, with glowing eyes and pointy ears. But then I realize it's just a cat! I pet the cat and it purrs sweetly as it lays back down to sleep. Now that the cat is my friend the dream seems to explode to life. I can see everything vividly and in full color. I'm in a living room. I assume it's Dannons because that's who I'm trying to visit. The light is off, but there is a light coming from somewhere illuminating the kitchen.

      I call out Dannon's name, but no one answers. I stumble around the place, past the kitchen, until I find a small room where the light was coming from. Dannon is there, bundled up in a blanket, sitting on a comfy chair with the glow of the TV light on his face. Either he's watching a really good show or he's lost in his own thoughts, because his eyes were glazed over.

      "Dannon!" But he doesn't respond. I wave my hand over his eyes but he doesn't respond. It's like I'm invisible! There's a clock in the room that says 5:30 am. I wonder if that's supposed my time or his, and if his lack of response means he's actually awake. Well, I came all the way over here! I poke his face. He looks startled that something just touched his face, but when he looks around he sees there's a fly buzzing around. So maybe it was the fly.

      The tv was blank, nothing was on. Which disturbs me. I have to get his attention some how. I grab a box of kleenex sitting near him and toss it across the room. At first he seems curious as he gets up to find the source of the noise, but when he realizes his kleenex just flew across the room he looks freaked out.

      Dannons eyes scan the room for some malicious entity invading his space. He looks serious now! Like he's about to do some banishing ritual on me. Well that didn't work. I decide this dream isn't working out. I need to re-try teleporting to Dannon's dream. I think this Dannon might just be a dream character, I tell him goodbye anyways and that I'm going to try again!

      But that's when I wake up
    3. Jaguar

      by , 06-19-2010 at 04:30 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      April 23, 2010

      Synopsis: A couple of short dreams about visiting foreign places. Jaguar worship and monstrous bears.

      In the dream a friend of mine was explaining that EVERYONE who lives here has a jaguar statue. I didn't believe her at first because usually when someone says "everyone", it's an exaggeration.

      But she was right! We drove around the streets. The houses are on hillsides surrounded by big leafy plants. It reminds me of Puerto Rico, but I know this can't be Puerto Rico because I remember that I was visiting a country foreign to me. But it definitely has that mountainous Central American feel. And sure enough every house we drove by had a statue of a jaguar or a black panther. And each house sported their own style. Some statues looked mayan, some mimicked hello kitty, some look like that good fortune chinese cat. But every house had one!

      In the next dream a tourist guide is helping us find our cabins, and again I feel like I'm in a foreign place. We look on our cabin map and it looks like there's a couple of cabins we can choose from. What we didn't know was the cabins are actually caves. We find our first cabin/cave, and the first thing I see is a giant warning sign. The cave next to us has MAN EATING bears and a fast rapid cavernous river inside. Are we really safe in our cabin-cave, so close to the man eating bears?

      Theres no door, just a long cave entrance that winds it's way down to our living quarters. The cabin uses all of the natural walls of the cave and has a giant spiraling passageway leading to rooms. It would be beautiful, if it wasn't also extremely dark. We decided this cave-cabin was too big and dark. We look at our map and locate a smaller one to stay in.

      We only had to take a few steps inside this cave-cabin to find fresh corpses
      . Mangled and ripped apart bodies. The bear was here, actually, the bear is still here.

      I wonder what place I'll visit next
    4. The Dream Pipes

      by , 06-19-2010 at 06:25 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      March 20, 2010
      Have you seen, the Dream Pipes?

      Synopsis: I dream of a massive pipe-like construction connecting all of the dream worlds.

      The Dream Pipes

      don't remember the beginning of the dream. Only that eventually I walked into a room that looked like a forest. But after looking at this room some more, I realize it's fake and the walls are just painted to look like a sky. One of the walls was like a garage door. It opens up revealing this huge factory complex on the other side. A black man in a bright blue jumper was busy tinkering away with machinery on the other side. The door was closing, but I could see beyond the factory was a rich green forest! With REAL sunlight.

      "Wait! I just want to cross through!"

      He has a real happy voice and says "Okay! You can go through. Watch your step"

      The place was cluttered with, I dunno, things, industrial things. If I knew anything about mechanics I could probably tell you what they were. Just imagine a giant airplane threw up all over the place. In fact, this place was more like a hanger. I'm outside! I can see the rich green forest just beyond this vast courtyard. . but then. . .the scene quickly morphs as I take a step closer. The forest was just an illusion to allure me to what this place really was, the Dream Pipes!

      The Dream Pipes is this huge steel construction floating in space. Giant massive pipes, interconnected, and then funneling out in all directions towards the infinite horizon. I was facing the entrance way, gaping holes sitting along each other in a neat row on the courtyard. It was as busy as an airport. And like an airport a bus load of people would walk in and off the dream pipes. They all seemed to know where and what they were doing. I was the only tard who looked lost. Honestly, I was just taken back by the scene and the scale and scope of these Dream Pipes!

      I was still several yards away from entering any of these steel tunnels leading off into space. Above each one was a digital sign signifying its destination. I tried to carefully read them, to make sure I would go to the right place. But reading was hard in the dream. That or the symbols were just alien to me.

      I get a flashback of the last time I tried to ride the Dream Pipes. It didn't go well! First, you have to select your pipe wisely. There was no turning back, and if you choose the wrong destination, well its the same as getting on the wrong airplane, you're in it for the long ride. But after you choose a pipe, I just remember you are taken to a long glass corridor floating up in the sky. This was like a security check point where they examined you. I just remember I didn't like it, and found the whole process annoying, time consuming and confusing. I remember last time the employees were so useless they didn't even set me up with the right Dream Pipe and I was stuck in limbo.

      And then, there is one Dream Pipe I am terrified of the most. You can think of this Dream Pipe as taking you into the astral. But you've got to fly on your own wings. What the pipe does is shoot you out into empty space towards your destination. There is no actual pipe to guide you. If you don't start flying on the path it sets you on, you can just fall into the dark abyss these Dream Pipes seemed to emerge from. Not to mention you have to fly at the same speed it spits you out in because that destination door isn't staying open forever! So if you can't fly as a speeding bullet, you aren't ready, turn back.

      There was just something indescribable about these Dream Pipes, I felt like, they really do connect all dream worlds. At the time that frightened me!

      When I woke up I didn't remember these Dream Pipes at all!! As far a I am concerned, this is the first time I've ever seen them! But in the dream I 'remembered' them. Oh and, riding the Dream Pipes is a total psychedelic vortex trip!................ZOOOOOOM!!

      There is a Dream Pipe connecting our heads, did you know?
    5. Captain Aint in the House

      by , 06-18-2010 at 07:22 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 31, 2010

      Synopsis: Psycho with gun, turning into a fairy, Spanish school, lucid, trying to dream-share with Captain Sleepalot. Pre Dreamwheel dream. (wheelers, I forgot to share this one )

      Night Time Note: I think it's pretty clear now that all of my lucid dreaming happens only in those two hours before waking. I probably woke up around 6am remembering nothing. I told myself to have a lucid dream, but my mind went completely random. I woke up again around 7:30, and I tried again. I told myself to have a lucid dream, and this time I had a much more stable dream. I don't remember the first half much.

      Captain Aint in the House
      We have all gathered in someones backyard. It was supposed to be a pleasant afternoon. When someone from the group turns out to be a psycho, pulls out a gun and threatens to kill a woman. The woman is frightened and takes a step back.

      Then a man yells "Put the gun down!". So the psycho shoots him instead. Everyone shouts as he falls to the floor with his chest pooling blood. Another, much larger man approaches the psycho. The psycho holds the gun directly to his head. For some strange reason he doesn't shoot. Even though the larger man was yelling angrily, be aggressive and hostile. Was the psycho actually frightened even though he has a gun? The larger man grabs the psychos hand and apprehends the gun.

      Later on we are inside. Everyone is whispering and acting as if the psycho is controlling us. So I'm supposed to wait here and die? I grab this weird item on the table which represented the psycho. Voodoo?? Me and my sister run out of the place. I tell the item in my hand "We just want to go home!". I toss it into a swampy run off, and me and my sister kept running. We can have a head start at least.

      My sister who was running ahead of me suddenly disappears. I figured, she woke up. I started to fly instead. I flew over a gate and an area of town that was seriously ghetto, and everyone here was Mexican. Where am I? I didn't trust these men, so I quickly fly past them. I fly past a busy street crowd of giants. Or, I'm just the size of a fairy. I think I even remember people saying "hada". I guess I really am in Mexico because I enter a spanish speaking school. Maybe even a catholic one. Because that is one seriously strict teacher. She wouldn't start the class until everyone was seated where they were supposed to be.

      Well uh, there's one extra student, me. I try to hide behind the other students so the teacher doesn't notice that I am of a peculiar size. Plus other students thought that since I was hiding in the back, they can too. I'm starting to get annoyed. I grow larger and larger and larger. Now I'm bigger than a regular person. I fly past the classroom, past the teacher, and merge out of the door. I continue flying around in the campus for a bit, with no destination what so ever. And every time I came to a door I simply flew right through it.

      Wait a minute. As I come flying towards a sunny door I realize I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming! Yes I'm finally lucid! Outside was a gorgeous courtyard in the school. I perch on an old and thick tree. Looking at the sky I holler "I now bring awareness and clarity to my dream!". Satisfied, I look at the patchy ground. I want to see my dream wheel. Since my dream did not provide it for me, I jump down and start doodling in the dirt.

      I couldn't remember how to draw the start, but I at least remembered all the points. So that my mind isn't boggled with too many letters, and we all know how terrible that can go in dreams, I represented each person with only the first letter of their name. I clearly remembered that I was supposed to go visit Captain Sleepalot. Which is great for me, I have such terrible dream memory. I've attracted a crowd of students whose faces were disgusted at my hethen symbol. "Piss off!"

      I stand up, again looking at the sky I focus on Captain Sleepalot. "I now enter Captain Sleepalot's dream". I close my dream eyes and I can feel myself shifting. That thick watery feeling. When I open my eyes I am some where new, but it's not exactly what I expected. It's a very dark dark dark room. My eyes have trouble adjusting. I think I'm on top of boxes. There are people sleeping in this room. I ask them where is Captain Sleepalot. And they answer "He's not here. He's offline.". What's that supposed to mean? He's awake?

      My lucidity fades away and my dream descends into nonsense. I'm in a locker room that all of the Wheelers share. Larther was off in his own world humming as he organized his locker. Portalboat walked in, said hello, and left. Nemo was no where. And finally Captain Sleepalot walks in. Again, I'm not lucid so I think I'm awake. So I tell the Captain my strange dream. And as he fiddles with his locker he explains "Yeah, I was awake". Then I wake up for real.

      Random Highway Dream
      I have one other dream for the morning. I'm driving on the highway, when all of the traffic stops. What's wrong? Then I see a man continue walking on the hallway, with all of the traffic behind him (at this time, we are all carless). That's when I noticed why the traffic stop! The highway bridge was separating itself! It could collapse any moment! So I yell at the man "Stop walking! The bridge is collapsing!". He seems shocked that he didn't notice, and thanks me for saving his life.

      We all turn back. On my way back theres a table resting spot. Though it's right on the highway bridge. It overlooks the beautiful ocean, and it's complete with it's own red umbrella. I put my stuff down to have a seat. The wind is so strong here! If it wasn't for the chair my stuff would have blown away already. A man informs me I have no underwear on, or pants. So I wrap myself with my wind blown blanket, and take a seat. We are served the tiniest cups of soda. More like shots. Even the dressing was served in these tiny cups. The funnest thing in this dream was the realistic powerful wind. I woke up shortly after.

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