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    A World In My Head!!

    1. Car and Driving Dreams

      by , 02-01-2014 at 05:58 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January, 2014

      multiple car dreams, a new reality check, lucid

      From the Theatre
      I'm at the theatre and the show just finished. I walk out with my friend and she heads for the subway, wait, there's a metro in SA? I was so excited about the metro! But I didn't know which was my stop.

      The train is approaching and my friend says "That's my ride. Are you getting on?"

      I wanted to, but then I realized I'm holding keys.

      "No thanks, I have my ride!" I jingle my keys and say goodbye. I walk outside, but I'm downtown and no where near a parking lot. Where the hell did I leave my car? I walk around for awhile but this is just making me really anxious. Where's my car?

      I decide to skip all this silly walking and just close my eyes and WILL my car to appear. I tell myself "when I open my eyes again I'll be at my car!". I knew I could do that but I wasn't quite lucid.

      Like magic I'm at my car. It looks weird and different. But whatever, I get in and start driving home.

      Car Smashed
      Because of some adventure dream I can't remember, my car has been smashed by the bad guy. Something to do with my car flying out a building window.

      But that was then and this is now! I walk out the grocery store with my bags and its started to rain. The rain feels real. The puddles pooling by my feet feel real. I really thought I was awake. But when I get to my car I'm horrified.

      My car is squished. Exactly the way it was from that dream. I'm flipping out! "My dream became real!" My mind was racing! "This means if anything bad happens in a dream, it happens for real?". I didn't want to believe it! I kept walking around my poor squished car.

      Well, at least she drives.

      Reality Check
      I made a left turn. Even though I was in the right lane. Even though a car from the left lane was going straight. Even though the light was red?? What? That makes no sense.

      I'm needing to drive forward but now my car has a mind of its own and turns. What is going on? I park at some random strip mall and it finally dawns on me. This driving makes no sense because I'm dreaming!!!

      Happy to be lucid, I take off my shoes and start to fly! I begin my dream goal, but moment later I black out. My dream goes fuzzy, weird, non-lucid and abstract.

    2. Reality Check- Bathroom

      by , 02-01-2014 at 05:33 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January, 2014

      abstract dream, plague, bathroom rc, missed lucid opportunity

      Reality Check-Bathroom
      There's vomit in the hallway! That's disgusting! The employees start murmuring about a disease outbreak, a horrible stomach flu. Ew! I don't want to catch it!

      I skip work and run outside. Instead of "outside" its a restaurant. Look at all these people eating, and they're all just going to catch this horrible stomach flu. I don't want to be around when that happens!

      So I fly above them instead. Perfect, not only is this fun but now for sure this disease won't get me.

      Next thing I know I'm taking a shower. Wait, there's something weird about this shower, it has a window beneath the shower head. The window looks directly out into a hallway. That's weird! What kind of shower has a window looking out into a hallway? I'm exposed! Everyone can see me!

      But I guessed this is the way my shower has always been...
    3. Sun Sets Over Ocean

      by , 06-19-2010 at 05:57 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      May 20, 2010

      Synopsis: My fail to RC as I dream about lucid dreaming. A very peaceful dream as I watch the sun set.

      Sun Sets Over Ocean
      Water is still showing up in my dreams. I dreamed about lucid dreaming. *I'm so dumb!* I was on the beach trying to observe every little detail for my dream practice. I found giant awesome shells, bright bright colors. I couldn't believe that no one else had grabbed them yet! I mean, the biggest one was as big as my head. I imagined the reason why no one grabbed them was because there is some law protecting the shells here.

      People were happily swimming in the ocean as the sun was setting. And they were starring at me funny because I refused to take a dip. Believing this was reality, I was actually disgusted that people would go in the water! This was the gulf coast after all, there's something slimy and not so nice in the water. But I told myself, that I should dream of the ocean instead *me tard*. This way I can go in the water without fear of catching some disease! (Last time I went to corpus there was a giant sign that read "BACTERIA LEVELS ACCEPTABLE"...what does that mean? That some days it's not?

      While the sun sets every day, to us on the beach it's like watching the sun set for the first time. As the sun nearly disappears over the horizon it gets very very dark. I could barely see! I quickly horde my sea shells and some random wooden artwork that drifted ashore. I take a quick look at the horizon to see an orange speck disappear.
      Everything goes completely black. It wasn't like a real sun-set, more like a switch being turned off. It felt completely natural to be in this blackness around me. I could still feel the summer warmth and sense the people around me on the sandy beach. After a while light comes back as the stars starting flickering on. I quickly run back inside like a pack rat with my stolen goods.

      I missed a good swimming opportunity
    4. I Can Fly! Time to Visit Dannon

      by , 06-19-2010 at 04:43 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      April 29, 2010

      Synopsis: I think I'm dreaming. I test it by trying to fly! Lucid, I remember my dream goal of trying to dream share with Dannon

      I Can Fly! Time To Visit Dannon
      I was thinking about how lately my dreams have been tricking me. I was just minding my own business staring at the wall wondering, what if this is a dream? It doesn't look or feel like a dream.

      But as I walked around and stared at the living room, something felt out of place. I had to be sure! What if I'm dreaming? I get a crazy idea to go outside and try to fly. I run down the steps and stand under the street light. I think about flying but nothing happens. Mom runs outside yelling at me, asking me what I'm doing! It's pretty late and she doesn't like me outside alone after dark, I can't blame her, we do have a lot of car thieves in this neighborhood. But I had to go outside! I had to double check.

      I tell mom "I'm trying to fly". . . "You're trying to fly?" . . . "Yes, in a dream I can fly. What if this is all a dream?" Mom seems star struck, and just looks at the sky wondering the same thing. I walk forward while staring at the sky. This makes me trip when the ground level changes. I land in muddy water and scrape myself pretty badly. Mom runs over, helps me up and yells at me again.

      One side of my head is lecturing me "See, this isn't a dream! You're going to get seriously hurt if you keep this up." But the other side of my head was whispering
      "Why don't your scrapes hurt?". I wasn't in any pain at all!

      There were 12 year old boys hanging around outside, like a gang patrolling the street. They ask me and mom what
      we are doing. Mom blurts out "She's trying to fly!" "She's trying to fly?" They were 12 year olds after all and they seemed pretty dumb. They looked at me as though they were encountering a super hero. "You can fly?" "In dreams I can fly. What if I told you this could be a dream?"

      Now that I had everyone's attention, they all wanted to see me fly! They wanted me to prove to them that this was a dream. There's a small creek nearby and I start with that. I run and jump clear across the creek. I just jumped 20 ft, I have to be dreaming! I start to float, then I fly and loop around the small creek as the troop of boys cheer me on. Everyone seems pretty happy to know that this is just a dream. Me too! I haven't been lucid in a long time.

      I quickly remember my goal before I fell asleep. I fly away into the city. It's dark and dreary. I want to dream-share with Dannon but I really suck at creating portals. I try to make a few short calls in the dream, but my voice is weak and nothing is happening. So instead of trying to create a portal, I decided to fall into Dannon's dream. I fall backwards while keeping that intention in my head.

      When I open my eyes the new dream is just as dark. I can make out something sitting in front of me. It looks goblinish, with glowing eyes and pointy ears. But then I realize it's just a cat! I pet the cat and it purrs sweetly as it lays back down to sleep. Now that the cat is my friend the dream seems to explode to life. I can see everything vividly and in full color. I'm in a living room. I assume it's Dannons because that's who I'm trying to visit. The light is off, but there is a light coming from somewhere illuminating the kitchen.

      I call out Dannon's name, but no one answers. I stumble around the place, past the kitchen, until I find a small room where the light was coming from. Dannon is there, bundled up in a blanket, sitting on a comfy chair with the glow of the TV light on his face. Either he's watching a really good show or he's lost in his own thoughts, because his eyes were glazed over.

      "Dannon!" But he doesn't respond. I wave my hand over his eyes but he doesn't respond. It's like I'm invisible! There's a clock in the room that says 5:30 am. I wonder if that's supposed my time or his, and if his lack of response means he's actually awake. Well, I came all the way over here! I poke his face. He looks startled that something just touched his face, but when he looks around he sees there's a fly buzzing around. So maybe it was the fly.

      The tv was blank, nothing was on. Which disturbs me. I have to get his attention some how. I grab a box of kleenex sitting near him and toss it across the room. At first he seems curious as he gets up to find the source of the noise, but when he realizes his kleenex just flew across the room he looks freaked out.

      Dannons eyes scan the room for some malicious entity invading his space. He looks serious now! Like he's about to do some banishing ritual on me. Well that didn't work. I decide this dream isn't working out. I need to re-try teleporting to Dannon's dream. I think this Dannon might just be a dream character, I tell him goodbye anyways and that I'm going to try again!

      But that's when I wake up
    5. Lucidity Denial!

      by , 06-19-2010 at 04:15 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      April 16, 2010

      Synopsis: My reality checks fail to help me realize I'm dreaming. But after falling out of a window I finally become lucid.

      Lucidity Denial!

      I had a dream about me and my cousins, bugs, birthday parties, cake and deciding whether to eat with plastic utensils or real silverware. I woke up, and I was going to write down the dream in detail. But I just fell asleep instead. (that happens a lot

      I'm outside in a parking lot, and some guy has a really nice futuristic motorcycle. He sees me eyeing at it and he yells at me. "What do you think you're doing! You can't ride my bike!". I back away from his motorcycle, giving him some space, and I just explain I just wanted to look at it. I don't even know how to ride one! I just think Japanese motorcycles are pretty. But then he laughs "Nah I'm just kidding, you can ride it!"

      I'm hesitant but then its clear NOT riding his bike would insult him. Really, he practically bullied me to test ride his sweet bike. I take it for a quick test ride, but only around the parking lot, and only at parking lot speeds! The handling of the motorcycle is a bit weird. The kind of weird that only happens in dreams. I always miss this sign.

      I thank him and go back inside to what should be a store. But it's my bedroom instead. I don't remember all of the events, but it's like I spend the whole morning with my sisters. A very 'normal' morning.

      Suddenly I get this strange feeling. Something feels.....
      wrong.....off. But I can't explain it. I ask my sister if she feels weird, and she just shrugs. I look outside the window, and then I think "What if I'm dreaming?". I look all around me and at the trees and green things growing outside. I shake my head. "No that's impossible!" I tried to recall my day.

      I remember waking up from a dream about my cousins. And I remember.....eating breakfast. Everything seemed normal, even me testing out a strangers motorcycle at the time seemed
      normal. But for some reason, I can't stop myself inching closer and closer to the window. And I just want to jump so badly! One part of my mind is screaming I'm dreaming, the other part is begging my sister to help me stop my insanity before I hurt myself.

      I fall out the window. I'm drifting slowly, and peacefully, to the ground wondering if it's going to hurt. But then the wind carries me up and over the trees and I'm happy to be lucid and flying and dreaming! I soar over the tree tops. But then suddenly I end up in a weird dream landscape.

      Boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of toy dinosaurs in packaging! I didn't like this dream scene. So I grab a box and I try to enter the painted picture on the box. Very briefly I enter a primal world where the dinosaur toys came to life. But the dream was unstable and I woke up. This time for real, I think

      (and if you're reading this, you could be dreaming!)
    6. Dreams That Fool Me

      by , 06-19-2010 at 06:13 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      April 5, 2010

      Synopsis: In two different dreams I question if I am dreaming, but the dream keeps fooling me!

      Night Time Note: I wake up! I remember my first dream of the night. But by the time I grab my pen, roll over to jot down on my pad - I don't understand it. My logical mind didn't understand the dream and I could see the memory of it just fading. I close my eyes and struggle to retain the memory in some way I can understand it. I quickly write with my eyes closed "Know landscape is weird?".

      I vaguely remember talking to someone about a landscape. This person pointed out to me that this landscape is weird. This person seemed to understand that this was a dream!

      Dreams That Fool Me
      In the next dream....I was at school again. This time I had worked hours on a lengthy project. My teacher sneers at it, muttered something disrespectful and walked away. I felt deflated! I could never please this teacher
      . As the class starts to critique I'm lost thinking in my head "What if this was all a dream?". I put my hand on the wall, and I pressed up against it just to feel how solid it was. And I kept sighing, "If only it was a dream! That would be so sweet. I hate this class!" I shake my head instead and tell myself, I'm only wishing that it is a dream. I woke up shortly after deciding it was all real.

      You bet I woke up annoyed!

      I had another dream that also fooled me. As I walked home I magically had two Kitties! Kitty number one runs indoors, but Kitty number two is running around outside. I try to chase her down to bring her inside where it's nice and safe, but I lose her. Oh well, I least I still have Kitty number one. It goes completely over my head that there should only be..ONE Kitty.

      Something is very strange. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I know something is very strange. I question if I am dreaming. I turn on the light switch. At first it did nothing. Then after a long time, the light finally turned on. I knew that switches worked strange in dreams, but I told myself this is normal because we've got some bad electrical wiring that really does cause a delay. This is a difficult reality check for me. (In the
      waking I have to try several times to turn on the bathroom light.)

      I go to my room, but I feel even weirder in here. Claustrophobic! I also have trouble seeing, it's so foggy in my room. I feel really uncomfortable and go back to the living room. I tell myself I'm just being paranoid since I'm home alone.

      I'm writing in my journal, and again I question if this is a dream, because something feels wrong. I recheck what I wrote, but it's perfectly normal. I can read it just fine and I can reread it again! I tell myself, if this really was a dream it wouldn't be possible. Writing is weird in dreams right? But I kept holding the pen in my hand and examining it, something was odd but I couldn't figure out why.

      Mom comes home and tells me she saw Kitty outside. But it goes over my head. Instead I start complaining that I can't see in my room. She checks out my room and confirms she can't get the lights to work at all. She described my room as being 'foggy'. To hear someone else call my room foggy, something in my silly head starts to click!
      I must be dreaming!

      Just as I become lucid I wake up. I'm disorientated, I don't recognize this room at all.
      Where am I? I try to recall if I'm spending the night some where, but I don't remember visiting anyone last night. My gay uncle comes in the room and I become fixated on his bright green fingernails! It's the color I've been trying to become in my dreams.

      I wake up shortly after, annoyed the FA fooled me. But remembering something is better than remembering nothing.
    7. Adventure I can't Reach

      by , 06-18-2010 at 07:08 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 28, 2010

      I dreamed of a magical landscape I couldn't reach. Then I had a realistic dream of work that fooled me.

      Night Time Note: I went to sleep at least an hour earlier than usual. I made the intention to enter Captain Sleepalots dream. I focused on the image of the dream wheel. But for what? My neighbors and sis wouldn't let me sleep. And even though I implanted in my head dream wheel before sleeping, it was miserable hours later before I actually could fall asleep. Maybe some where after 4am.

      Adventure I Can't Reach
      My first dream of the night was pleasant and weird. I was in a sun lit house, a beautiful old mansion. The kind of dream house where just right outside my door was an adventurous land. But I was struggling to be a part of this adventurous land. I remember flying around for a bit. But I always had to return home. Not to mention I really needed to use the restroom. Which was true in real life. I had a false awakening where I double check that I didn't use the bed, and then I wake up for real - nice and dry.

      I had a dream again with some guys, but I can't remember who or what is taking place. It doesn't feel like much happened. Maybe we just spoke.

      Realistic Work Dream
      My morning dream was yet again another work dream. This time it was all too real. Real enough to fool me. Sure it got to the point where I wondered if this could be a dream. But I never did a reality check to prove it to myself, instead I took it for reality. Which really sucked to think that this could all be real!

      It was sunday, it was almost 5pm. We were crowded with costumers, some didn't even know what they wanted, others had lists. When the time got close, I locked the door, thought technically it was only about 4:58 pm. What ever. I probably turned the lights on and off at least two times to grab everyone's attention that, yes, we are closing. It felt so real though. Maybe some of the imagery was mixed with this last sunday, which was in real life very busy around this time?

      We finally kick everyone out after what feels like a stressful ordeal. And I wake up shortly after. It takes me a while to recall the dream that I almost took for reality.

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