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    A World In My Head!!

    1. Trouble in Suburbia!

      by , 07-27-2010 at 04:37 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      July 26, 2010

      Synopsis: Akira characters, role-playing, a scary-house, vampires! And a terrible scheme to make money.

      Trouble in Suburbia!
      I watch Tetsuo and Yama sneak around an average american suburbia, trying to find Kaneda. After a while I enter Tetsuo's body to steal his powers, but I'm still very much female

      Later on, the whole family has hunkered down into one bedroom to sleep. Not sure why. It was very dark and surreal looking. I couldn't sleep, but that was okay because I kept telling myself I have these awesome powers so I don't need to sleep.

      I can see the dark hallway from the bunk bed, but not the front door it leads too. A loud banging startles me, and I sink down into my bed. "What was that?" I know I know, I'm such a chicken! Powers..pfffft

      Dad pokes his head into the bedroom nearly giving me a heart attack. Why did he have to knock on the front door so hard at 4am when he had the key the entire time! My parents have magically transformed into other people I just take as my parents.

      Mom and dad wake every one up, rise and shine, it's time! Time for what? Dad lays out his brilliant plan. Some sort of money scheme I'm not falling for. "All we have to do is put down one million, and we can make thousands!"

      It didn't make a whole lot sense then, and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense now

      "Wait!" I interrupt them "There's a psychic vampire spying on your plans! He's outside right now, I can sense him!"

      I can see with my dream vision a pale sickly looking emo standing gloomily outside our home as the sun rises. (a twilight vampire? ewww!)

      "He's a vampire!"

      My parents quickly fold up their plans and head for breakfast instead. I fly outside. Mortals and their money schemes were soooo boring. Maybe this vampire will be more exciting company. I fly tauntingly over him.

      "Why don't you come up here and fly with me?"

      "What's that supposed to mean?"

      "Well, you're a vampire, and vampires can fly."

      He looks up at me annoyed, black rings around his pale eyes. "I'm not a vampire. And I can't fly!"

      What ever, I think he's lying! I just start to fly around. And the 'vampire' just follows me around, I guess he was lonely. I woke up shortly after.

    2. Faithful Friends of a Dragon

      by , 07-20-2010 at 04:01 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      July 17, 2010

      Synopsis: I'm roleplaying as a male dragon. Bad guys have locked up my friends! But the same bad guys are treating me as a king. Are they trying to pit my friends against me?

      Night Time Note: I'm excited about seeing Inception the next day. So I fall asleep really wanting a fun dream. I also try to keep my thoughts as light and airy as possible as I fall asleep.

      Faithful Friends of a Dragon
      Bad guys are after us, I transform into dragon - though I probably looked more like a gargoyle. I try to fly away (I'm not the violent type, what can I say? ) But my friends can't fly at all!

      Instead we find some pillars. We climb on top the pillars and to our happy surprise the bad guys are dumb. One, they don't know how to climb the pillars, two, even though they could still attack us with their spears they don't! So I dangle my clawed toes over their head mockingly.

      But then my dream completely morphs around me. I'm a much larger dragon now.
      My friends are locked in a prison that faces my pillar. And everyone is referring to me as a guy. The bad guys treat me as some sort of god, but really I'm just as much their prisoner as my friends.

      They try to please me by bringing me an innocent women and forcing her to become my wife. She bows down before me with fear, arms and legs bounded. She asks with a meek voice how she can please me, but I want nothing from her. I don't dismiss her though because I'm worried if I do the bad guys will abuse her. So I keep her near me and try to treat her as a friend.

      I don't know if these people are just confused with reptilian bodies, because I don't remember turning into a guy or wanting a woman

      They keep trying to please me with gifts, food, or whatever. All the while my friends get nothing. With their prisons facing me, watching me get the royal treatment. They're trying to make my friends envy me! Pit them against me!

      I don't do what the bad guys ask of me. Instead I stubbornly perch myself on the pillar and do nothing. Frustrated with me, the bad guys leave me alone for some fresh air. Now was the right time for our escape!

      My 'wife' quickly unlocks my friends from their prison. And to my happy surprise no one is angry at me. Instead they help my dragon butt escape out of the castle. I'm back down to a regular gargoyle size, and I feel myself again. The fastest way out is to fly. I carry my 'wife' and tell the rest of my friends that I'll be back for them.

      We fly away without any of the guards noticing us. Now I just need to find some place to hide my 'wife'. I find a hobbit sized hole in the valley. When I place her down I apologize and hope she doesn't hate me. I also tell her that technically were not married anyways since neither one of us said 'yes' . Now that my 'wife' is just my friend I fly back to the castle.

      But the rest of my friends were way ahead of me and meet me half away! Bad guys chasing them down the valley!

      We've captured the king of the bad guys. He was represented by a mechanical toy. I rip him apart! And spread and bury his pieces all throughout this medieval land, making it near impossible to put him back together again.

      His devoted minions find me and attack me. They too were mechanical, but android sized monsters. I rip them apart easily! But their magnetized spine would 'gather' the other pieces to reconstruct themselves. I rip their metal spine into even smaller pieces, scatter them miles away, and bury them deep.

      Satisfied that the mechanical bad guys could never reconstruct themselves, I wake up!

    3. Cat Roleplaying

      by , 07-15-2010 at 05:54 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      July 14, 2010

      Synopsis: I pretend to be a cat trapped in a human's body!

      Cat Roleplaying
      Bad guys are after me, I don't even know why! They find me and accuse me of espionage. I'm in real trouble now and I don't know what to do. My friends come to my aid - and before I can say anything they make up a lie from the top of their heads.

      "You don't understand, she can't be a spy! She's actually a cat in a human body. That's why you saw her sneaking around, because, that's what cats do."

      "A cat?"

      My friends give me a funny look I get it, I get it! I quickly get on all fours and do my best to imitate a cat, trapped in a human body. The bad men aren't amused! They leave, promising to keep a watch on me and if I do one thing un-cat like, it'll be my friends who will pay the price.

      Well that was a smart plan!

      I ended up role-playing as a cat for years I think I was even forgetting how to speak. At first the towns folk were like "I don't think you're really a cat. You're just a person like everyone else!"

      But having pulled off my four legged gig for years, I was a tourist attraction and everyone loved me. I finally ask my friends "Is it safe to stop being a cat?"


      It turns out I really was a spy! And I used my cat prowess to dig out as much info on these bad guys. After sneaking around on all fours in some fancy hotel, I woke up.

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    4. A Jewish Rebellion And Monsters

      by , 06-19-2010 at 05:08 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      May 6, 2010

      Synopsis: First dream. A country is divided by war, and it's my mission to destroy the man made monsters. I join the Underground and find a monster. But this monster makes me abandon my mission

      A Jewish Rebellion - And Monsters!
      I don't remember the first half of the dream, but I do remember that the first half of my dream explains why I'm in this situation! I'm following an angry Jewish mob protesting in the city's streets at night. This could get violent, for both parties concerned. I belonged to neither group, and found both groups to be largely made up of innocent - if not confused and angry - civilians.

      A little boy standing outside his apartment watches the moonlit protest pass by. Oh crap! That boy is from the opposition and I have no idea how irrational this crowd has gone. I quickly hurry the little boy inside before anyone noticed him. I tell him to get his parents and hurry. The boy understood what I meant. I watch over the boy and the family from a birds eye perspective, as they quickly go from one room to another. Locking the door behind him. They continue to go from room to room, deeper and deeper in the apartment building. I could hear noise coming from the other rooms they just left!

      I hurry them along and help them by locking the doors for them. Finally they reach the last door, which led to the Underground. The Underground was hot, noisy, and filled with people. Guards directed newcomers to food, shelter, clean water, or signed them up to become soldiers. Though honestly most people here just want shelter, a place to hide from the scary angry mob.

      There was a problem! There was a large pool about 30 yards long. This is bad news! The first half of my dream explains why open bodies of water is bad. People started creating monsters for their own selfish reasons. The monsters rebelled against their creators and now hide in water. Finding these monsters and their watery hideouts seemed to be what my real mission was about.

      Everyone should know about the monsters by now! I get angry and yell at the leader. "What are you doing with this large body of water?"

      "It's good water that the people could use". But that didn't seem right. No one was using the water. No one actually would even stand close to it.

      "Have you forgotten about the monsters?"

      "No. . . but there's no monsters in the Under-"

      Of course like a movie, a grotesque horrific mutated unsightly thing leaps out of the water. He roars and spots his next victim, which was me. I wasn't prepared! I try to think how I can fight this abomination against nature. But then a women behind me with a deep strong voice says
      "Stand aside"

      She looked like an African Goddess. Perfectly tall, big wild hair, robust feminine body, and strong muscles. She's a black amazon from greek myth! She lands a single punch on the monsters oozing face. The monster is thrown backwards twice the length of the pool, smashes into the wall, breaks the wall, is crushed by the fallen wall, and he doesn't ever get back up.
      <- That's what I looked like!

      I turn around to get a good look at our heroine, but there's TWO of her. Then I realize one is an average perfectly normal, not so super, human. The other, is the monster she created.

      "You created her?"

      "Yes, I did.
      She is a monster."

      It was my mission to track down all the monsters so they could be exterminated, but this was an awkward situation. Sensing my mixed emotions, our monster/heroin/black amazon explains. "Don't worry, my creator created me to protect the people. I enjoy protecting them
      and I always will."

      Well, I'm sold!

      I help the people clean up this old hallway, to make this Underground more livable. But there was one thing they decided not to remove, it was a clock sometime cemented into the ground. No one knows who put it or why. But it's counting down, and there are only 26 hours left!

      I wake up and fall back asleep before I can even jot any of the dream down, which is why I forgot most of it