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    A World In My Head!!

    1. Walkers and Giants

      by , 01-15-2013 at 05:33 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 14, 2012

      Review: The dream starts out with us hiding from walkers. We literally shrink and find the giants of suburbia scary.

      Walkers and Giants
      It feels like the walking dead. Civilization has collapsed but our community remains strong. We were all hunkered down on a farm, away from the danger. Though I never saw any zombies, as the days would pass more and more people would disappear. Among the community, there were whispers of the plague worsening and that this place isn't safe.

      As a group we made the decision to leave the farm and find a new place to hide in. We found a mansion. Naturally because we assumed we were the only survivors, we didn't think of it as breaking an entry. But that's when we heard the dogs.

      Looking down the hallway I can see the shadows of the mansions owners as they were pampering their dogs. The whole group got silent. Theres people living here! But that wasn't why we were suddenly quiet. It was the dogs. Based on the shadow, these dogs were gigantic. We would be rag dolls in their months! But the owner was proportionate to the dogs, meaning the owners were also abnormal giants.

      "What the fuck is going on?"

      "How can dogs be that big?"

      "Shutup or they'll hear us!"

      No one wanted to disturb the giants who seemed a lot scarier than zombies. So the whole group sneaks back downstairs. We had to get through a door before reaching the ground level. The knob was squeaky.

      "Did you hear that?" It was the owner talking to his dog. Based on the shadows, the owner opened his door and let his massive muts out. The group panics and now we have a mob of people trying to squish themselves through a door. "HURRY, OPEN THE DOOR!"

      "Not that way, not that way! Get away from the door" I knew the owner was going to head straight for the source of the noise, the door! When I heard the giant dogs coming I ran in the opposite direction instead. I quickly ran upstairs and locked myself in a bedroom. One dog followed me. He barks and barks and pushes on the door. I could barely keep it close.

      "Sweety, what are you barking at?" Its a girls voice, the daughter? He has a whole family here? As she opens the bedroom door, I just hang on for dears life on the other side. Hidden from view, she tells her mut "See? There's nothing here silly."

      She closes the door nice and shut. Yes! Go! Go! Shoo! But the dog insists on barking at me. "Hmm..on second thought, maybe I should thoroughly inspect the room."

      Fuck! I look around me frantically. Wait? A window? And its open! I leap out. I land in the backyard. Another giant dog chained up. But there's a normal sized horse. Another member of my group had the same idea. He mounts his stolen horse and rides away. I hop on my stolen horse and ride out in the same direction. On this rare occasion, riding a horse felt realistic.

      I magically knew that the new hideout was just on the other side of the street, passed the mansions private forest. The new hideout was a, cooler? I would have to shrink just to go inside, but sis is waiting for me. I enter the new "cooler" hideout.

      It was very cramped...."Is there space for me?"

      "Its about time you showed up, staying with us this time?"

      I couldn't make more than three steps without bumping into something. So I just chilled out by the door. I couldn't lay down, so I just slept leaning against the wall.

      The next morning we woke up hearing massive footsteps outside our cooler. Its the daughter, she retrieves her horse. I'm freaking out thinking 'She's seen our cooler? Whats next?'. The group abandons the cooler and everyone goes their separate ways.

      Now its just me and sis. Sis kept blabbing on and on and on and I kept telling her "shhhhh....the giants will hear us! Do you wanna be squished??" I decided to go ahead and scope out the private forest of the mansion. Maybe its large enough to hide in plain sight.

      But when I scoped it out I had a horrifying realization. What I thought was a huge forest property was nothing more but a regular front yard with some scattered bushes. It only looked like a forest because for some reason we were so much tinier. Not only that, but through their yard I could see the rest of suburbia!

      These folks aren't giants, they're regular sized people! We were the ones who were different. Being tiny people in suburbia seemed even scarier than giants or zombies! "We have to get out of here!"

      I lead sis through suburbia desperately looking for a safe place to stay for the night. We walked through an intersection with a gas stop and a car almost ran us over! The car comes to a screeching halt.

      "Woah, take a look at these cats. They're weird looking. They're hind legs are straight like people legs."

      "You're right! Are those really..cats?"

      What? I take a look at sis and realize - not only are we tiny, were not even human! "Come on" I lead my cat-monster-sis to some bushes that we can hide in for the rest of the night. The next day suburbia was all abuzz about these tiny monsters that have invaded town. The mansion owners released falcons to track us down. Revealing our location, the humans quickly came with their long sticks, nets and cages.

      I thought about the others. How could we ever reach them or hear from them again?

      Me and sis evaded the humans and ran into a real forest. We lived there for sometime, just the two of us. Then, some humans who were walking along our creek find us and threaten to skin us like animals. I get pissed off, tired of it all, and transform into a normal sized gargoyle. But before I could show those humans what a real monster looks like - I woke up.

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    2. Tribal Rites and Swamp Swimming Deers

      by , 02-03-2012 at 06:27 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 2, 2012

      Synopsis: I witness a strange tribal rite of passage that left a child unloved by her parents. Lucid, I jump into a golden swamp with swimming deer and trash.

      Tribal Rites and Swamp Swimming Deers
      Inside a hotel room, me and a reporter get a first look at an ancient tribal rite of passage from Africa. A young female teenager, naked, sits supported on top of a boys back. She slowly dances using only her upper torso while the boy crawls around with his head tucked into his chest. It was a wierd visual effect, making it look like she had six legs. The dim lights helped with the eerieness.

      The dance is over and now the rest of the female teenagers line up to have their bodies inspected by an elder in the tribe. To do so, they strip off their bathing suits. I was talking to the reporter and we both agreed that technically none of the girls were afraid to be naked because this was a nudist tribe, they were only wearing bathing suits because we were in a hotel.

      A mother is so proud of her daughter, its like the kids just graduated. Just when I thought the ritual was over I noticed two girls quickly squat down on command, in front of the elder. They were completed folded over, with their foreheads to their knees and their hands tucked in.

      But somethings wrong, their backs are completely flat, and so is the back of their heads. Its like something squashed them. They were squished into table shaped people. What could do this? Then I realized their backs were being used as the ground for the ritual, and after so many years, their backs flattened. The elder rearranges them like boxes and yells at one of the girls to stand up.

      The reporter was recording the entire event.

      The box-girl wanted to perform the rite of passage herself. But before she can even try she's insulted by her own parents for being too fat and ugly. She frowns and chokes back her tears. At this point the reporter says 'Im sorry, I have to stop, her expression is too sour" and walks out the room. The parents insult the girls hideousness some more, then summons everyone to dinner.

      I was horrified and pissed off! Magically at this point the family went from black to white.

      The family was eating dinner in a private restuarant they rented out. I remember the father screaming at the hungry reporter "Family only!" I had something to say to that man that could make him choke.

      "What are you standing there for, youre family too, come on eat J"

      I didn't say anything and just left myself. I waited for what felt like hours for the family to finish their over priced meal. I snuck in, into the hotel room of the sleeping girls. I found the "ugly" girl, her hair was curly like mine but softer and lighter in color (like mom). She had a frown even while dreaming. I whispered softly to her

      "Not matter what your parents say or think, you will grow up to be the most beautiful"

      Then her frown changed into a smile and she continued to dream sweetly. I felt like my dream mission was done, which made me realize - hey Im dreaming.

      Excited to be lucid I run around looking for something to do. A whole laundry lists of dream tasks pops into mind. Maybe I should do that, maybe this. I found a library. Maybe that can offer me intriguing information about the subconscious, nah that sounds like it'll take forever. So I continue running. Then I find an air hockey table. But playing made my dream abstract. Afraid it'll make my dream unstable, I stopped playing and looked for something more useful.

      Thats when I finally find a door out of the hotel.

      Outside was a swampy marshland, with golden grass growing in the water, and golden water shimmering with the morning sun.

      "THAT!" I was so excited I couldn't even finish my sentance, but I found what my lucid dream was about.

      I noticed deer were swimming in the swamp, with only their heads above the water. So its deeper than it looks. I dive on in! The water feels so real it makes me think for a moment that maybe ive lost my mind and im really awake. Its cold. Its slimy. It smells like a swamp smells, and theres a dead frog floating next to me.

      Im grossed out but I remind myself its just a dream and im not going to get any diseases. I swim with the swamp deer for a few minutes. The waves grow and grow. The height of the waves covered my view, hiding the human boats on the other side creating them. We were almost run over. Its so hard to swim fast! Giant boxes and random items float our way atop the waves. It felt like the humans were trying to corner the deer. It was working. Scared, the deer swim away to the other end of the swamp where the water was shallow. Theres a fence and more boxes preventing them from fleeing.

      I look at the humans on their boats and im pretty mad at them for ruining my swamp. Then I wake up.

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