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    A World In My Head!!

    1. Let the Flowers Grow

      by , 10-08-2010 at 04:56 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      October 5, 2010

      Synopsis: In the first dream I get a huge headache over money! Later, I'm at a movie theatre and become lucid. I try to fill my dream world with flowers, but a DC has other plans

      I Can't Buy It!
      My sister has conned me into buying school supplies for a friend. I don't mind at first when I think I'm just going to help her buy one item. But then my sister starts adding more items to the list, PROMISING my friend that I'll deliver! I get pissed and tell sis "I never made these promises, and I don't have the money to buy even half the stuff!". But sis doesn't listen, and adds perks to the list, including that I buy her lunch, and a cd for dad.

      My head is reeling with math! The debit card and the merchandise don't add up! I woke up frustrated and upset that I felt too poor to buy anything.

      Let the Flowers Grow
      Me and my sisters are watching a movie. As if I'm still annoyed from the last dream, I sit farther away from the sister trying to empty my bank account. We got bored of the movie and leave before its even over.

      Some how, just standing up and walking out of the theatre room made me lucid. I follow my sisters to the concession stand with a big smile on my face. I'm just having way too much fun admiring the carpet and the walls. I ask them

      "What do you wanna do next?"

      "Eh, nothing, lets go home"

      Booo.....that sounds boring . I ditch my sisters by flying straight out of the wall! My dream had changed into a magical landscape, with curvy rolling hills and a castle. I proclaimed myself the queen of this world.

      I looked at a pretty landscape in front of me, but it wasn't colorful enough. I know! I'll add flowers! I command the dream to add flowers. But nothing happens. I guess I have to do this the harder way.

      I go up to a weird pipe like structure near me. It has little holes punched in. Perfect! I imagine little seedlings rising out from the holes, blossoming into beautiful flowers. It takes some concentration, but deep vermillion leefy plants rise up. They weren't flowers, but they were beautiful.

      The moment I stopped giving them my attention, they would wither.

      Oh well. I continued to try to make my landscape blossom. Most of the DCs were nice to me. Some of them even started attending to my flowers to keep them alive. Now my flowers are bright blues, rich purples, growing in odd places, even from vertical walls.

      But one DC was a real jerk! He would follow me where ever I went and chop my flowers into little pieces

      I try to fly away from him, so he can't find my newest flowers. But he was found me and my new seedlings. Finally I got fed up, I grabbed his axe and try to slice him to bits, like he did to my flowers! The axe cuts through him in three directions!

      DC passerbys looked shocked and horrified!

      But the axe goes right through him, as if he's air. He looks at me sad, as if he's insulted, actually insulted that I would try to hurt him! I try yelling at him instead "Stop following me around! Leave my flowers alone!"

      "Okay, I'll stop following you" but then he seems to explain that that's what he does, that that's what he is. He is that which will chop down my blooms.

      He stopped following me around, but remained and indestructible presence in my dream world. I lost interest in growing my flowers, I didn't want to see anymore chopped up.

      As my dream starts to fade away, I notice mole-people working hard round and about the castle. I felt bad for them, so I call out to them at the last few stable moments of the dream that they could stop working! They hear my voice, but can't see me, and the dream becomes black.

      I wake up. I turn over, and that's when I notice shadows. There were shadows on the ground, silhouettes. The shadows made it look like there were people on my bed. I get really creeped out and quickly end the FA.

      BTW, not sure if this relates or not. But today (10-7-10) I visited my garden in horticulture class. I just recently planted new seedlings. Every single one of them died, I have no idea why. Its really weird. They were planted in three different spots. Three different species. All dead

    2. Lava Rising

      by , 09-28-2010 at 06:01 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      September 25, 2010

      Synopsis: My sister's forced into a movie, and then she wins a prize, a hotel flooded with lava! Non-lucid

      Note: I've been lazy with my journal, trying to get back into it

      Lava Rising
      Me and my sisters watch a movie in the bedroom, with all the lights off. Suddenly theres a knock on the front door, which is kind of freaky because its like 2am! Sister L peeks through the peep hole, and refuses to open the door. We go back to the bedroom, when sister V notices a man outside our window! We try to hide from his view and pretend were asleep.

      After that weird episode, we turn the tv back on. Hey! There's a movie featuring sister V! Film taken from just moments ago as the man spied through the window. My sister seemed pretty fed up that her privacy was violated and no its all over tv!

      A letter slips through under our door. Its a threat. Either my sis keeps quiet or they will kill her. They sounded serious! They gave one more option, my sis can keep quiet and accept their prize. Their prize was a new job at some fancy hotel. Well that sounds promising!

      We head over to the fancy hotel, fighting who should get the new job. But just as soon as we get to the hotel, the lowest level splits a part, and lava bursts through. The hot lava slowly climbs its way up through the levels of the hotel. Crap!

      Me and my sisters run for it! Climbing stair case after stair case. I kept looking back at sister V, who was dangerously close to the lava. Can't she run any faster?

      We make it to the top level, which was hard because the staircase was actually just a ramp, a slippery one. Up here there there was an arcade game area that seemed really attractive. But the lava! Some of the people hop into an elevator thats going straight to the roof. But I imagined that elevator, with all the lava underneath it, was an oven.

      My oldest sister L leads the way, and she finds us a staircase leading to the roof. Just on time, the lava is hot on our heels. The staircase to the roof becomes trecherous. Narrowing, gaps, sometimes we had to jump a long distance to reach the next step. It was terrible! We make it to the top, but it's a thick glass roof! We have nothing to break the roof with, and the lava is gaining on us.

      Suddenly strong hands pull me up. Constructions workers on the roof pull us out. Except it's not the roof anymore, it's street level! As if the entire hotel was underground. The men explain that only that hotel erupted with lava, but the rest of the city is fine.

      At this point my older sister gives us all a big hug and a sisterly kiss, happy that were all safe and alive. I also magically had a nonexistent brother. We decide to run for it before whos ever after my sister strikes again. We run into a bad side of town. We pass by a house and by the look of the silhouette in the window, a young girl is dancing seductively for an old man. Sis comments that she's just a dirty whore!

      But then we step into their front yard, where the carcasses of young women were on display as disfigured artworks. He's an abuser and a murderer! Holy crap! Now were really running for it before he sees us. Towards the end of the dream, we camp by a tree and eat what ever we carried with us - peanut butter.

      The end

    3. Flood on my Birthday!

      by , 08-13-2010 at 05:40 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      July 21, 2010

      Synopsis: Yucky school food again. A frightening flood threatens to drown me and my sister. Gotta get ready to evacuate asap!

      I had this dream on my birthday. Just going back in my little journal and trying to log in my entries here.

      Flood on my Birthday!
      What am I waiting for? The lunch line is so long and I just want a bloody salad. The people in front of me are soo slow. I peek over their shoulders and I see the lunch ladies are also serving pasta and bread. Like so many other lunch line dreams, the food is going real fast. But I just want the salad.

      Later I meet up with my family. Me and my sister have moved into our first new apartment in New Jersey, and mom was dropping us off. Our folks say goodbye and drive all the way back south to Texas. It seemed kind of nice at first being so far away from the rest of the family, until I started watching the news.

      A terrifying flood has risen 1000ft!!!! (is that even possible??) And it's coming this way! I look out the window. It's dark outside but I can already see it's flooding pretty bad. It's at least three feet high already. Me and sister are on the fourth floor. We may be way high but the flood is rising fast, and who wants to be trapped in a flooded city?

      We have to leave this damned city!

      I quickly run into my room and toss everything I can think of in my backpack. It's too heavy and I'm pulling out my hairs trying to decide what to leave behind. (I have so many sketchbooks and journals!). I toss my sandals, they're probably useless with this flood.

      Sis is just watching TV casually like nothing is wrong. Hello! 1000ft high flood! Sis yawns and just says "I give up, were going to die. Oh well."

      "I wanna live!"

      I quickly come up with a plan in my head. I'll have to trek in the deep water on foot, probably for miles to reach the next city. But I know the way. I strap my backpack on, I'm ready to leave without my sis - and then there was a knock on the door.

      It's my parents.

      Mom came as soon as she found out about the horrible flood! Wait a minute, how did they drive here when the water was already too high? I look out the window again, and like magic, all the water is gone. Oh that's nice!

      Mom however did not make my dream magically safe with her mommyness.

      Later on everyone was getting settled for sleep. I change into my pjs and head for the kitchen for a glass of water. I walk into the dark living room. When I notice the silhouette of a man next to me, lounging for me!

      I run back into my bedroom terrified, I want to scream but I can't. Sure in dreams there are some frightening monsters and demons you run from. But there is something about monsters that can exist in the real world, rapists, murderers, that invoke a much deeper fear in me!

      I'm so terrified of the invader I want to cry.

      But somehow the invader gets trapped into my closet. My sister opened the closet door just too wide, and he escapes. He was like smoke. And just like that he was gone. I woke up shortly after.

    4. Sisterly Circle - And Ancient Origins

      by , 06-23-2010 at 03:25 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      June 22, 2010

      Synopsis: In the first dream my sister is deathly skinny. In the second: After becoming lucid, I leave the giant band party where it rained beer. Two archeologists find me, and they want my help to unlock the secrets of an ancient culture. But bad guys are after us- I mean me! Wait the bad guys are my sisters? We travel back into my ancient history, where I run into future problems.

      Night Time Notes: I said my dolphin dream mantra! And then I fell asleep.

      My Sister is Sick
      My sis walks in my room, asking me what I think of her new clothes. Does she look pretty? When I look up, I'm horrified. She's so skinny, she's nothing but bones and sagging skin. She poses for me anyways, believing herself to be beautiful. She tries on some more clothes for her new raggedy body.

      "How did you get so skinny?" But really I meant to scream, WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?

      Putting on makeup and smiling she says "I got a liposuction. Do you like it?"

      I don't say anything. I don't even know what to say! Suddenly she gets pale, then gray. She's writhing away. Her hair turns white and starts to fall out. The rest of my family gathers serenely around her.

      "What's happening!"

      "I'm sick. It's okay, I'm just dying" She smiles as if everything is fine. And then I wake up, relieved it was just a dream.

      Sisterly Circle - And Ancient Origins
      Actually, it was a FA. And a new dream starts. Me and my sisters are in a giant spacious building, where a big celebration is about to take place. It was like a giant nerdy band party. Dozens of high school bands, colorguards, and other performance groups were taking turns putting on a show. There's no audience, except the other performers. So we are all just taking turns entertaining each other.

      My sisters got tired and went to the grand foyer of this party hall, where things were lot quieter and civil. I should have joined them because the party room got rowdy fast! The adults in charge make a loud announcement, they're going to make beer rain from the ceiling! The band nerds cheer! Ewwwww! I don't drink and I don't like the way beer smells. I stand by the door way so the little ledge can protect me from the rain of beer.

      I start complaining "This party stinks!" Literally. The announcer apologizes, and tells me that this party is actually being held - for me! So he gives me an opportunity to make things right. A computer screen magically appears in the air displaying soda selections. The announcer suggests "How about you make it rain coke instead?"

      Rain soda? Sounded like fun. But then I thought dumping sticky corn syrup on people was even meaner. Well if this is my party, then I'll be a good host. Instead I tell the announcer to give everyone a free coke! Like magic, soda bottles appear in the air and people are guzzling down. It was orange soda.

      There is one last performance of the night - me and my old colorguard. Were getting ready in the grand foyer. When the window catches my attention. I walk towards it, smiling, realizing, I'm dreaming! I walk through the window. It's night, very dark. Just beyond the grassy yard was a rock wall. It's a dream-wall. I fly along the dream-wall following it where it takes me. There's a small village of make shift tents nearby, of vagabonds and witches. Two witches perform a horrifying ritual on an innocent victim. Dark cloaked people with sunken eyes. And the distant shouts and howls of hobgoblins and werewolves.

      At first I thought this dark town would be the start of a fun dream. But I stuck out like sore thumb, and all the DCs were starting to stare at me. Watching me. Sheesh. Forget this! I fly back where I came from. The dream wall was preventing me from getting too far.

      The sky is more like a curtain draped over than a sky. But I fly towards it anyways. Until there was nothing in my field of vision but a black void with twinkling stars. I kept focusing on going forward and forward and deeper into the black void. At one point I thought for sure I would wake up! But every now and then colors would dance and explode within the black void. Like mini-galaxies forming in front of me. I tried to enter one, but I was 'stuck'.

      I fall backwards into the same dream. A strange crystal like formation appears on the rock wall. I know it's man made because of it's colors - it looks painted. But I can't recognize what culture would have made this. I'm drawn to it. I want to merge with it. So I touch it. That's when I notice two guys were watching me. (and I lose lucidity around this time)

      "Sorry to interrupt you, but we were waiting for you to absorb it's information." They introduce themselves and tell me they are archeologists, and they are trying to piece together the history of some ancient culture. They tell me that I could help them because I have connections with this culture. Okay! I go with them, and we enter a new dreamscape.

      Were exploring an old city. There were these flags that mimicked the shape of the crystal structure, but the colors were all wrong. Too dark. The crystal was painted airy, bright.

      The dream gets weird. There's someone after me and my archeologists friends! I don't know who. But I remember at some point that my sisters were the ones trying to get me!

      We were in an old room. The two men were looking for some information, trying to find something important. I look outside the large window. There are fleshy bodies in the water. What? I take a closer look. Decapitated horses were rotting in a river below us. Their flesh jiggling with the motion of the river. I fly down to take a closer look. A shark jumps out of the water and tries to eat me! He's huge! And monstrous! I fly back to the window.

      The shark tries to jump again, into the bedroom. The archeologists pull out a gun and shoot it. "Look! There's a man over there!" They think he was controlling the shark. "Someone is out to get us." "We have to move."

      Sure we run away, and the dream becomes a chase-dream. But running to a different place wasn't enough. I use my magic to send us some place these bad guys could never find us - the past. The ancient past!

      Were standing in a small hallway that leads to a sandy beach, where the dream-wall used to be. (Second time this week I've dreamed of a beach, and still I didn't even think of going in the water) It's beautiful and sunny. And the beach is full of wild flowers. Up ahead, where the party hall used to be is an ancient temple! But it's not ancient, not in this time period - it's contemporary.

      I recognize the temple, and the creatures standing outside. Their gargoyle like form is something I've transformed into before in dreams. They are dressed in mayan like costumes. They welcome me as any other citizen, but sneer at my two human friends.

      "They're with me. Please let them in."

      We enter the courtyard of the temple, as beautiful as can be. I can see the glowing smiles of my archeologists friends. "Now you can study this ancient culture all you want!" But then they looked afraid, I know what they're thinking. "Don't worry, I can take you back to the future when you're done."

      A woman is escorting us to our dormitories. Everything was going swell until we here a peculiar sound. A cell phone is ringing! Around the corner was a human girl. I can see the glow of her cell phone in her pocket. But she ignores and it pretends it isn't there. She disappears from our view.

      We go inside the bedroom. "Something is wrong!" "This place is a trap!" I don't know how, but they found us! "We have to leave now before they act". How disappointing, I was looking forward to learning about this culture! I fly away, carrying the two men to safety. We hide in the little marketplace just outside the temples walls.

      A tiny flying mechanical disk stuck out like sore thumb against this old village vibe. It must be theirs, like a flying camera trying to find us! We try hard to stay out of it's view. All of this hiding is getting annoying. I decide living in the wilderness is much better.

      I find us a nice wild patch growing near the beach. I settle comfortably down between some giant succulents. But then I have a strange thought...just how ancient is this landscape? I mean...all of it? I turn my head to see that T-Rex was just a few yards away. Oh crap! Within a moment his large face was face to face with me. His beady eyes. The scaly skin. Why hasn't he eaten me yet? He's following my movements like a snake. When I stay still he can't see me. But I can't stand here all day!

      We run for it and hide from T-Rex. This T-Rex didn't growl or roar. He was a quiet stealthy predator. Ancient dinos was one thing. But I can see coming from behind us were the men who have been after us this whole time - except now they look like my sisters. Damn! We quickly sneak away. Trying to find a place that's dino free, and free from my sisters who are after me for some reason.

      We go through room through room through room through room. The day time gives way to night time. The crashing waves of the beach grow darker and darker, becoming a black void outside the window. I take a turn around the corner, running into a narrow hallway, when I run into my sister!

      "Where have you been!"

      She has bright stage make up on, like she's about to perform. I hear a loud crowd, the party. I'm back in the present. My sister looks past the stage curtains and into the other room. She looks confused and frightened.

      "Why are there two of you? You're in the other room and you're right here!"

      "Long story."

      I find my other sisters, the ones who time traveled. We sat down on a table away from the party scene. They don't seem angry at me, they don't even remember finding me in their time travel. I ask him "How long were you gone (time traveled)?" And they answer "A few days" "A few months"

      "Really? I felt like I was gone for a year and a half!"

      And then I wake up!