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    A World In My Head!!

    1. Naruto Style Challenge--Flying Cheaters

      by , 06-21-2012 at 05:46 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      June 21, 2012

      Synopsis: It's a naruto style challenge where teams fight to be number one, but the damn teachers try to tell us flying is against the rules

      Notes: I was attempting to dream share with Cay but never reached lucidity

      Naruto Style Challenge--Flying Cheaters
      Our Naruto style challange was to take down here, at the supermarket!!!

      Our teachers assembled us into teams of two. For this ninja game half the teams were designated as the predators and the other half were our prey.

      My teammate was a young blonde teenager, tall and skiny with delicate oval shaped head. She was quiet and shy and I wondered what ninja skills she had. It's my lucky day, our team is to play as predators. We were allowed to see the information of who we were chasing only once.

      I tried to memorize the faces and names, but my memory is terrible. And as soon as they took away the info cards I totally forgot the names of my target. My teammate luckily did not. Our targets were also female. I got the impression after we hunted our hiding targets we were then to become a four-man-cell.

      So the sucess of our team depends on the sucess of us finding our team!

      Since I couldn't remember who the hell my target was I just attacked who ever was in my way! The super market was an all out war. Hiding ninjas were being caught left and right. Most of us faught like wimpy genin.

      I tried to be cooler and use some fire-bending, but fire is really my worst element. I wanna be the winning team so I got tired of pushing through the mayhem. I've got to find my targets now! I jump over the stocking shelves, sprout some wings and fly over the crowd.

      "Hey that's cheating!"

      "As if!"

      A few others get the same idea and fly over the crowd to find their targets.

      I land at the back at of the super market and I get the strange sense one of my targets is hiding inside of a cereal box? I pick it up and examine all the details of the box. Theres hints of my target all over it. The name of the cereal is a girls name, there's a picture of a face on the back. But I'm not sure if its my target or not!

      My dream gets really abstract examining that box. Things get fuzzy and then stabilize again when all the teams have assembled again at the front of the super market.

      "We'll announce the winners, but before we do a few teams here are disqualified for cheating."

      They call out my first name but the wrong last name.

      "Wait! Do you mean my team, why are we disqualified?"

      "No flying allowed!"

      I fly above the teachers heads "That's a load of bull! Were all monsters here! Why can't we fly?"

      They try to tell me its because were genin so the skill is too advanced for the other teams.

      "Whatever!" I ask everyone who knows how to fly to take the air. At least half the teams do. The teachers and the flightless are even more infuriated. I guess the teachers are too lame to know how to fly. This whole challenge is lame!

      I run free outside alongside my teammate and other ninja.

      "I...I..don't know how to fly."

      I show my teammate how to begin flying. "First make a big jump!"

      She does a wimpy hop. "No! Jump like you mean it! Like this!" I leap like a frog. "Keep practicing jumping until you can do this" I took my legs behind me as I jump. "Then jump again except this time, keep your feet tucked behind you and dont touch the floor. Float!"

      My friend and other genin ninjas practice jumping in the sunny green surburbia. I woke up after that.

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