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    A World In My Head!!

    1. Dreamers, Friends and Freaks

      by , 02-16-2012 at 10:38 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 12, 2012

      Synopsis: After helping two lost kids I become lucid and meet "dreamers". I chase down dannon, dive into a mucky river, and visit a Moroccan like city

      Note: I had just woken up from a night of random nonsense dreams. So at 7:30 am I refocus on dreamsharing and on the pyramids.

      Lost Children
      I'm walking to work and I pass by two children who looked so sad. Wait a minute, I turn around and realize these two young kids, a boy and a girl no older than eight were walking without their parents in the warehouse district.

      I asked them if their mom was nearby and they told me they were running away. They looked like they had been walking for days. So I took them with me to work and hid them behind the receptionist desk. I'm starting to get this weird feeling. Like I'm dreaming.

      I ignore the feeling and focus on the kids. Boss is already giving me work but instead I look for food and water to give the kids. I had a giant subway sandwich *what I hate subway* and found water under the boss' desk. Damn, I've got to be dreaming!

      My vision is blurring in and out, this only happens in dreams and in dreams where Im close to waking up. I bang on the wall and scream "VISION!" My right eye clears up. I bang on the wall a couple of more times just to feel the pounding sensation and solidify the dream. "LEFT VISION!" My left eye clears up. Well no one is looking at me like I'm a freak so I've go to be dreaming. I levitate just to double check.

      Yay! Lucid, I still give the kids their water and hoggie and then I run out of work - free!

      Part Two: Dreamers Friends and Freaks
      There's so many people downtown! And they all looked like dreamers to me. I realized I didn't know anyone in iosdp well enough to even know who I was looking for. So I remained curious and skeptical that maybe these dreamers were just DCs trying to fool me.

      A large group wanted to go out to eat. But one tall slightly heavy blond says "I don't want to waste my time eating in a dream when I could be doing something more exciting!"

      "Yeah you're right!" So I grow bat wings and start to fly around town, over the park and light-posts. And then I see Dannon down below. I land and talk to him. "Are you the real Dannon?" He tells me something but I don't remember it. Suddenly he transforms into a golden colored lion and makes a mad dash across the city. I was scared he was going to pounce me so I flew away again.

      I fly over a river. Except you can't tell its a river because its so mucky. There's a thick film of slimy green stuff, you can't even see the water below. I float for a second or two debating it but I cant fight my dream instinct. When I see water I've got to jump in. I dive into the mucky water head first.

      I first I regret it, it was scary down here. The water is black, I see something floating, is that a dead body? Then I see something swimming towards me, a dolphin! I pet its large forehead and then I fly out of the nasty water.

      My vision is blurring again. So much I can't really tell where I'm going or who I just walked past. It lasted for several minutes.

      I find a courtyard where a man was teaching something to a group of kids. I don't remember what but it seamed relative to dreaming. I turn into a bat creature again, scare the kids and fly away.

      I find the dreamers and Dannon one more time downtown. The dreamers finally decided they would eat at Pei Wei. Dannon says "I love pei wei!" but he wasn't hungry so he turns into a lion and runs off again

      After a while I enter a desert city with beautiful arabic like buildings. My vision cleared up and I wanted to remember the architectural details so I start shouting "BROWN, RED, OCHRE!" The colors of the details, the doors, the windows. But this city was empty.

      I keep flying but now I don't remember what it was I was looking for. I fly through someones house and out the other end was a beautiful grassy plush field surrounded by forest. But the husband of the house, an old black man, thought I was the spawn of satan with my bat wings and hurled harpoons at me. His aim was horrible so he gets his son out and yells "Get'er!". Scared I flew into the forest, my vision blurs and blurs and blurs until the dream dissolves and I wake up.
    2. Tribal Rites and Swamp Swimming Deers

      by , 02-03-2012 at 06:27 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 2, 2012

      Synopsis: I witness a strange tribal rite of passage that left a child unloved by her parents. Lucid, I jump into a golden swamp with swimming deer and trash.

      Tribal Rites and Swamp Swimming Deers
      Inside a hotel room, me and a reporter get a first look at an ancient tribal rite of passage from Africa. A young female teenager, naked, sits supported on top of a boys back. She slowly dances using only her upper torso while the boy crawls around with his head tucked into his chest. It was a wierd visual effect, making it look like she had six legs. The dim lights helped with the eerieness.

      The dance is over and now the rest of the female teenagers line up to have their bodies inspected by an elder in the tribe. To do so, they strip off their bathing suits. I was talking to the reporter and we both agreed that technically none of the girls were afraid to be naked because this was a nudist tribe, they were only wearing bathing suits because we were in a hotel.

      A mother is so proud of her daughter, its like the kids just graduated. Just when I thought the ritual was over I noticed two girls quickly squat down on command, in front of the elder. They were completed folded over, with their foreheads to their knees and their hands tucked in.

      But somethings wrong, their backs are completely flat, and so is the back of their heads. Its like something squashed them. They were squished into table shaped people. What could do this? Then I realized their backs were being used as the ground for the ritual, and after so many years, their backs flattened. The elder rearranges them like boxes and yells at one of the girls to stand up.

      The reporter was recording the entire event.

      The box-girl wanted to perform the rite of passage herself. But before she can even try she's insulted by her own parents for being too fat and ugly. She frowns and chokes back her tears. At this point the reporter says 'Im sorry, I have to stop, her expression is too sour" and walks out the room. The parents insult the girls hideousness some more, then summons everyone to dinner.

      I was horrified and pissed off! Magically at this point the family went from black to white.

      The family was eating dinner in a private restuarant they rented out. I remember the father screaming at the hungry reporter "Family only!" I had something to say to that man that could make him choke.

      "What are you standing there for, youre family too, come on eat J"

      I didn't say anything and just left myself. I waited for what felt like hours for the family to finish their over priced meal. I snuck in, into the hotel room of the sleeping girls. I found the "ugly" girl, her hair was curly like mine but softer and lighter in color (like mom). She had a frown even while dreaming. I whispered softly to her

      "Not matter what your parents say or think, you will grow up to be the most beautiful"

      Then her frown changed into a smile and she continued to dream sweetly. I felt like my dream mission was done, which made me realize - hey Im dreaming.

      Excited to be lucid I run around looking for something to do. A whole laundry lists of dream tasks pops into mind. Maybe I should do that, maybe this. I found a library. Maybe that can offer me intriguing information about the subconscious, nah that sounds like it'll take forever. So I continue running. Then I find an air hockey table. But playing made my dream abstract. Afraid it'll make my dream unstable, I stopped playing and looked for something more useful.

      Thats when I finally find a door out of the hotel.

      Outside was a swampy marshland, with golden grass growing in the water, and golden water shimmering with the morning sun.

      "THAT!" I was so excited I couldn't even finish my sentance, but I found what my lucid dream was about.

      I noticed deer were swimming in the swamp, with only their heads above the water. So its deeper than it looks. I dive on in! The water feels so real it makes me think for a moment that maybe ive lost my mind and im really awake. Its cold. Its slimy. It smells like a swamp smells, and theres a dead frog floating next to me.

      Im grossed out but I remind myself its just a dream and im not going to get any diseases. I swim with the swamp deer for a few minutes. The waves grow and grow. The height of the waves covered my view, hiding the human boats on the other side creating them. We were almost run over. Its so hard to swim fast! Giant boxes and random items float our way atop the waves. It felt like the humans were trying to corner the deer. It was working. Scared, the deer swim away to the other end of the swamp where the water was shallow. Theres a fence and more boxes preventing them from fleeing.

      I look at the humans on their boats and im pretty mad at them for ruining my swamp. Then I wake up.

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    3. Lucidity and Total Life in a Moment

      by , 01-28-2012 at 03:58 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 27, 2012

      Synopsis: Lightly lucid, I help the dream characters learn to fly. Later, I witness birth life and death in a single horrifying moment.

      Lucidity and Total Life in a Moment
      I was at school, in a large open format classroom. There isnt a class in session but there's lots of students hanging around. After what felt like a long time, I get the idea that I can fly. I look down at my feet and imagine myself getting lighter, light enough to float. It takes a moment but gravity gives way and I'm airborne!

      Excited I start to dance in the air and fly over the classmates. Some of the students started to fly to. "Its a dream! You can fly!"

      My friend was having trouble, she told me "Its been so long since I've flown in a dream I dont remember how. I feel stuck to the floor"

      So I stand next to her and show her slowly, one foot at a time off the ground. After everyone gets their taste of flight inside school, the professor walks in and starts a different class. So we head to the backroom to continue our lucid exploration.

      "Lets try walking on water"

      The back room was dark, dank, dirty, old and it had a huge sink. So we filled a bucket with water. "Okay, you first". The water was oily and slimy.

      "Hell no" I said "I dont care if its a dream, im not touching that dirty water". So we dump it and try to clean the bucket real quick. But nothing we did worked. The water was still dirty and greasy.

      "Lets try walking on water another time, at this rate I'll wake up"

      I also remember talking to the other students while in that room and I remember saying "We spoke about dreams for hours" which I don't remember "And after flying, all in all it feels like ive been dreaming for five hours"

      We left the back room, I felt I could wake up any time now. I went back into the main classroom which was now empty except for a small group of students.

      The next moment was so vivid and horrifying, I forgot half of the dream.

      A group of students sat around a creature, moaning in agony. His mother was in tears. They held his hand, caressed his head and remained in sympathetic silence.

      He had white fur and blue eyes. He bellowed in pain as he swelled up and mutated and grew some more. I realized he was born just an instant ago.

      "Whats going on? Rapid development?"

      His mother continued to cry as he continued to grow, mutate and age. He cries out "why, why". His eyes were deep. There was anger, as life was stolen from him in an instant and he begins to die, fear as he dies, and gratitude that he lived at all.

      As one creature died another was rapidly born from the mutated mass. But I didn't want to witness what I just witnessed again. I altered the dream and now these rapid development creatures were just mutants, but their life cycles were stabilized. Still they looked in the mirror and asked why.

      I woke up soon after, but that single moment of birth life and death stayed with me the whole day.

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    4. Make the Water Still

      by , 01-19-2012 at 05:33 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 18, 2012

      Synopsis: I ride a tree, become lucid, talk to DCs and meet Tracy who told me how to get to my forest

      Make the Water Still
      In a giant backyard some bad guy mocks me, my sisters and my friend, some guy I don't even know. The bad guy makes my friend climb a tree, and asks me to do the same. I don't mind! Not sure how this is punishment, but I wanted to climb the highest tree.

      So I fly up to the highest tree and sit on its branch and look down on every one below. My friend tries to sit next to me but he just falls off as the tree starts to sway back and forth. Some people below thought it was funny, so they pulled and tugged on my tall tree. But nothing made me move from my tree post.

      I get this idea "im out of here!". And me and my tree ride away. Its covered in fur and its branches reach the ground and become fuzzy feet. Its like a giant cat tree. Through the fields, down an old england ally, and into a mansion. I noticed my cat tree at some point had no legs - I was floating. The cat tree gets smaller and smaller until finally im just holding onto kitty. I give her a kiss and put her down in the fancy bedroom. I guess Im on my own now.

      I run outside and scream "im lucid dreaming!". I was just so happy to be lucid dreaming again. I'm in a courtyard and there's a lot of DCs. Im surprised because lately when Im lucid DCs disappear. I wanna know what DCs know, so I pop the question

      "Hey, did you know that this is a dream?" "Hey did you know that this is a dream?"

      Some of them look at me strange, some are happy with the news. An older black man with a luisiana accent says "You're right. Look at the details. Everything is so clear."

      He seemed aware, the other DCs gather around him to understand what he means. So I asked him "Are you an expression of my higherself?"

      "No! You are"

      At the time I thought he was saying that he was the dreamer and Im the DC.

      I go back inside and run around the mall, and watch a sex-ed video that was kinda gross because it featured a woman with tiny crabs, literally living inside of her. I run past a room owned by an older women, and the room was called Ayurveda. It was all the way in the back of the mall in a lonely dark corrider. The corrider looked boring so I didnt go inside - I THINK I MISSED AN AWESOME OPPORTUNITY HERE.

      I leap back outside instead, skipping my way across a grassy field into a forest - yeah this is more exciting. But the forest was actually kinda creepy. Everything was eating everything else. Snakes attacking, animals growling and howling. I met a DC there. She seemed aware.

      She told me that this wasn't the forest I'm trying to get to. My forest is peaceful, animals don't eat other animals in my forest and she reminded me of this. She told me its possible for me to go there now.

      "How can I get to my forest?"

      She takes me to the bank of the river and instructed me "Make the water still". The water was filled with rippling waves, so all I have to do is - make it still.

      "Oh I see, you want me to meditate? Ive never done that in a dream before"

      We sat down together by the rivers bank, and I did my first dream open eye meditation. I was nervous doing "nothing" would make my dream melt away. But it remained stable. I noticed the incredible details. But there was also a fuzzyness, like my side vision was fuzzy so I can only focus on whats in front of me. The water was like silver. And not too far from the forests edge was suburbia. I sat there trying to still the water for what felt like minutes - who knows it could have been ten seconds.

      But nothing I did stilled the water.

      So we left the forest and she led me back inside, I guess to see something. As we walked through the mall I tried to memorize every detail of her being. Her short bob hair with strawberry brown stripes, her petite height. We went into a bedroom and I think shes pulling a box out - cant remember.

      I ask out of the blue "Is it true when people die they end up in a dream?" I guess she reminded me of a spirit I saw years ago.

      She looked taken back and sad by my question. "Sort of, but not exactly."

      "What's your name?"

      "Its Tracy"

      She starts to tell me something, but then I felt a "switch", I knew I had woken up and left the dream, and instead was only imagining I was still dreaming - if that makes any sense. Tracy was still trying to tell me something, but now it makes no sense, her appearance becomes unstable.

      "I cant (hear you), I'm waking up! Im waking up!"

      Her face, her hair, it keeps changing, but I dont want to forget.

      "Wait tell me your name again!"


      I wake up. But it turned out to be a false awakening - hypnagogic imagery. Then I woke up for real.

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    5. Storm Chase Me

      by , 01-18-2012 at 06:08 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 2012

      Synopsis: Two tornado dreams, and a vampire I kill

      Note: watched too many episodes of storm chasers

      Storm Chase Me
      Im on a country winding road. At first Im on a bus with a group of friends, until the twister shows up behind us and now were in a pick up on the run. The twister follows us, surrounds us. The two in the back were supposed to be keeping track of its movement, but when I looked behind me they had fallen asleep.

      Who falls asleep while running away from a twister?

      The driver is screaming at me, he can't see where the tornado is. I'm looking at the gps on the phone, but instead of showing me the tornado, theres a spider symbol on the screen. Whats up with this spider? Its, its saying its right in front of me. I look up at the drivers head, theres on a spider on it.

      "stay still theres a spider on your head!"

      I try to flick it off and as I do I feel something bite my left shoulder, waking me up. I fall back asleep and continue to dream of tornados.

      This time I'm outside my apartment, but the neighborhood is completely wrong. Im talking to mom on the cell about my tornado dream, but then I see something on the main road. Its whispy and transparent, but its a tornado.

      I get off the phone and run to sis. I don't feel safe staying in this wimpy apartment, we've gotta move. Sis agrees so we get in the car and try to outrun the tornado growing every moment. But the tornado seems to follow us and leaves us on a mad chase all over the city. At one point we tried to hide in a closet - but it was the janitors closet in the mall and they shoo'd us away.

      We made a giant circle around the city and finally decided to stay in our apartment. We dont actually make it to the apartment, we simply parked and took refuge in the car.

      I waited for the tornado to come, instead it simply fades away.

      Like the spider, a new enemy appeared, a female vampire. The city was dark, and she threatened to kill my sister. After some time I confront her, and told her to stop threatening my sister or I will kill her. But she continues to say shes going to kill my sister.

      Upset, I grab a pair of scizzors, and I warn her again that the only whos going to die is her. She threatens my sister again. So I slash her eye hoping that if I blinded her she can't kill my sister.

      She doesn't even feel any pain. She threatens to kill my sister still. So I chop off her head and her brain oozes out. She's an undead vampire, I've only weakened her. I put her head and oozy brain in a jar. What do I do with it?

      Ive got to bury it far far away from her body so it cant unite. Not my closet, I dont want to think about her head being in there. Finally I find a pool of water and bury it under the mud. I woke up soon after. That was pretty gross.

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    6. Rotting Flooded Waters

      by , 12-14-2010 at 06:47 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      December 2010

      Synopsis: I should be unlazy and actually use my dream journal! A surreal dream involving a flood with rotten water. Later, I find hippies.

      Rotting Flooded Waters
      I'm in my backyard. In real life I don't have one anymore, so this is the backyard of my childhood. There is a little pond next to a small tree, filled with healthy fish.

      It rains and the pond swells and covers the entire backyard, like a swamp. But all the fish are dead, and now the water is filled with rotting things. I stand on top of something to get away from the diseased water.

      Usually the rain water is absorbed by the soil. Thinking back to my horticulture class I say "Theres something wrong with the soil! Its got no drainage." At first I thought it was only my backyard that was flooded. But I took a quick peek over the fence and I could see the entire suburban neighborhood was under water!

      This is bad. One house with rotten water is one thing, but an entire neighborhood? I thought of katrina, and deadly diseases. Well, I guess we gotta leave!

      My family gather outside on the street and discuss where we should go. Lucky us, we live next to a hill that was spared the flood. We can see little houses up there. We pack our things, which was neatly waiting for us outside our home. A random monkey character helps us carry our things.

      When we get to the top of the hill all the houses are super small. And they were all connected to each other. We walk through the common hallway between them. Each little house was more like a tent filled with random items. I guessed that hippies must live here!

      My family starts to go shopping. Even though these weren't shops, it seems the tent people like a good bargain. Later on, old friends invite me to a turkey dinner, and I wonder if the turkey has synthetic hormones.

      Then I wake up!
    7. Surrender to the Storm

      by , 10-14-2010 at 03:54 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      October 13, 2010

      Synopsis: A very symbolic dream of a storm destroying my home. Futile. Surrender.

      Surrender to the Storm

      A hurricane ravages my home town. Already, all the homes around are deep under water. My home, made of cardboard, has been spared from the flood from the little hill its sitting on. I run home, passing by bursting gullies. I think, "I still have time to save my belongings!". But when I got home, my little cardboard home was flopped over and all soggy.

      There was nothing left inside because the winds blew it away. The water is still rising and now I'm in threat of drowning. I leave my home and escape out of the city, treading waist deep.

      My dream fades away, and now I'm in a city. I guess this is my new home now. My family went to some lame movie I didn't want to go see. And my friends went to a death metal rock concert, which wasn't my thing. So I just went for a stroll in the city by myself. Not that it was lonely, it was like the crowded streets of New York.

      Suddenly a burst of lightning erupts and a group of innocent people vaporize! I look up to see one nasty storm over head! If ever a storm could be pissed, well, this is one pissed off looking storm.

      The clouds condense over the tallest building, engulfing the highest floors of the building. There are thousands of people now watching the spectacle. Im worried now because this is the building my friends concert is in! I try to get closer, pushing through the crowd.

      All the windows from the building have been bursted, as if the weight of the dark clouds are crushing the building! Scared now, I scream my friends name! But then I logically decide that the building was evacuated and my friends are safe some where in this massive crowd.

      Nearby I see another building making a mass exodus. Its where my family were watching a movie. I find them, but their confused why they were kicked out. They have no idea how nasty this storm is, vaporizing people with its lightning strikes.

      The dream fades away into a new one. I'm in an apartment complex, I guess this must be my new home. Me and my sister change our shoes, and go for a walk in the light drizzling rain. Which felt nice when you aren't so worried about getting wet.

      For a brief moment I became lucid, but went along with the dream. I was just happy to see that the apartment I'm living in this dream was a new one. Even if the old folks were still around, any change felt good. After having a weird bathroom-dream moment, I woke up.

      Edit: After reviewing my night time notes, there was something I forgot. At some point I'm told that this dream is about the Story of One

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    8. Flood on my Birthday!

      by , 08-13-2010 at 05:40 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      July 21, 2010

      Synopsis: Yucky school food again. A frightening flood threatens to drown me and my sister. Gotta get ready to evacuate asap!

      I had this dream on my birthday. Just going back in my little journal and trying to log in my entries here.

      Flood on my Birthday!
      What am I waiting for? The lunch line is so long and I just want a bloody salad. The people in front of me are soo slow. I peek over their shoulders and I see the lunch ladies are also serving pasta and bread. Like so many other lunch line dreams, the food is going real fast. But I just want the salad.

      Later I meet up with my family. Me and my sister have moved into our first new apartment in New Jersey, and mom was dropping us off. Our folks say goodbye and drive all the way back south to Texas. It seemed kind of nice at first being so far away from the rest of the family, until I started watching the news.

      A terrifying flood has risen 1000ft!!!! (is that even possible??) And it's coming this way! I look out the window. It's dark outside but I can already see it's flooding pretty bad. It's at least three feet high already. Me and sister are on the fourth floor. We may be way high but the flood is rising fast, and who wants to be trapped in a flooded city?

      We have to leave this damned city!

      I quickly run into my room and toss everything I can think of in my backpack. It's too heavy and I'm pulling out my hairs trying to decide what to leave behind. (I have so many sketchbooks and journals!). I toss my sandals, they're probably useless with this flood.

      Sis is just watching TV casually like nothing is wrong. Hello! 1000ft high flood! Sis yawns and just says "I give up, were going to die. Oh well."

      "I wanna live!"

      I quickly come up with a plan in my head. I'll have to trek in the deep water on foot, probably for miles to reach the next city. But I know the way. I strap my backpack on, I'm ready to leave without my sis - and then there was a knock on the door.

      It's my parents.

      Mom came as soon as she found out about the horrible flood! Wait a minute, how did they drive here when the water was already too high? I look out the window again, and like magic, all the water is gone. Oh that's nice!

      Mom however did not make my dream magically safe with her mommyness.

      Later on everyone was getting settled for sleep. I change into my pjs and head for the kitchen for a glass of water. I walk into the dark living room. When I notice the silhouette of a man next to me, lounging for me!

      I run back into my bedroom terrified, I want to scream but I can't. Sure in dreams there are some frightening monsters and demons you run from. But there is something about monsters that can exist in the real world, rapists, murderers, that invoke a much deeper fear in me!

      I'm so terrified of the invader I want to cry.

      But somehow the invader gets trapped into my closet. My sister opened the closet door just too wide, and he escapes. He was like smoke. And just like that he was gone. I woke up shortly after.

    9. Sisterly Circle - And Ancient Origins

      by , 06-23-2010 at 03:25 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      June 22, 2010

      Synopsis: In the first dream my sister is deathly skinny. In the second: After becoming lucid, I leave the giant band party where it rained beer. Two archeologists find me, and they want my help to unlock the secrets of an ancient culture. But bad guys are after us- I mean me! Wait the bad guys are my sisters? We travel back into my ancient history, where I run into future problems.

      Night Time Notes: I said my dolphin dream mantra! And then I fell asleep.

      My Sister is Sick
      My sis walks in my room, asking me what I think of her new clothes. Does she look pretty? When I look up, I'm horrified. She's so skinny, she's nothing but bones and sagging skin. She poses for me anyways, believing herself to be beautiful. She tries on some more clothes for her new raggedy body.

      "How did you get so skinny?" But really I meant to scream, WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?

      Putting on makeup and smiling she says "I got a liposuction. Do you like it?"

      I don't say anything. I don't even know what to say! Suddenly she gets pale, then gray. She's writhing away. Her hair turns white and starts to fall out. The rest of my family gathers serenely around her.

      "What's happening!"

      "I'm sick. It's okay, I'm just dying" She smiles as if everything is fine. And then I wake up, relieved it was just a dream.

      Sisterly Circle - And Ancient Origins
      Actually, it was a FA. And a new dream starts. Me and my sisters are in a giant spacious building, where a big celebration is about to take place. It was like a giant nerdy band party. Dozens of high school bands, colorguards, and other performance groups were taking turns putting on a show. There's no audience, except the other performers. So we are all just taking turns entertaining each other.

      My sisters got tired and went to the grand foyer of this party hall, where things were lot quieter and civil. I should have joined them because the party room got rowdy fast! The adults in charge make a loud announcement, they're going to make beer rain from the ceiling! The band nerds cheer! Ewwwww! I don't drink and I don't like the way beer smells. I stand by the door way so the little ledge can protect me from the rain of beer.

      I start complaining "This party stinks!" Literally. The announcer apologizes, and tells me that this party is actually being held - for me! So he gives me an opportunity to make things right. A computer screen magically appears in the air displaying soda selections. The announcer suggests "How about you make it rain coke instead?"

      Rain soda? Sounded like fun. But then I thought dumping sticky corn syrup on people was even meaner. Well if this is my party, then I'll be a good host. Instead I tell the announcer to give everyone a free coke! Like magic, soda bottles appear in the air and people are guzzling down. It was orange soda.

      There is one last performance of the night - me and my old colorguard. Were getting ready in the grand foyer. When the window catches my attention. I walk towards it, smiling, realizing, I'm dreaming! I walk through the window. It's night, very dark. Just beyond the grassy yard was a rock wall. It's a dream-wall. I fly along the dream-wall following it where it takes me. There's a small village of make shift tents nearby, of vagabonds and witches. Two witches perform a horrifying ritual on an innocent victim. Dark cloaked people with sunken eyes. And the distant shouts and howls of hobgoblins and werewolves.

      At first I thought this dark town would be the start of a fun dream. But I stuck out like sore thumb, and all the DCs were starting to stare at me. Watching me. Sheesh. Forget this! I fly back where I came from. The dream wall was preventing me from getting too far.

      The sky is more like a curtain draped over than a sky. But I fly towards it anyways. Until there was nothing in my field of vision but a black void with twinkling stars. I kept focusing on going forward and forward and deeper into the black void. At one point I thought for sure I would wake up! But every now and then colors would dance and explode within the black void. Like mini-galaxies forming in front of me. I tried to enter one, but I was 'stuck'.

      I fall backwards into the same dream. A strange crystal like formation appears on the rock wall. I know it's man made because of it's colors - it looks painted. But I can't recognize what culture would have made this. I'm drawn to it. I want to merge with it. So I touch it. That's when I notice two guys were watching me. (and I lose lucidity around this time)

      "Sorry to interrupt you, but we were waiting for you to absorb it's information." They introduce themselves and tell me they are archeologists, and they are trying to piece together the history of some ancient culture. They tell me that I could help them because I have connections with this culture. Okay! I go with them, and we enter a new dreamscape.

      Were exploring an old city. There were these flags that mimicked the shape of the crystal structure, but the colors were all wrong. Too dark. The crystal was painted airy, bright.

      The dream gets weird. There's someone after me and my archeologists friends! I don't know who. But I remember at some point that my sisters were the ones trying to get me!

      We were in an old room. The two men were looking for some information, trying to find something important. I look outside the large window. There are fleshy bodies in the water. What? I take a closer look. Decapitated horses were rotting in a river below us. Their flesh jiggling with the motion of the river. I fly down to take a closer look. A shark jumps out of the water and tries to eat me! He's huge! And monstrous! I fly back to the window.

      The shark tries to jump again, into the bedroom. The archeologists pull out a gun and shoot it. "Look! There's a man over there!" They think he was controlling the shark. "Someone is out to get us." "We have to move."

      Sure we run away, and the dream becomes a chase-dream. But running to a different place wasn't enough. I use my magic to send us some place these bad guys could never find us - the past. The ancient past!

      Were standing in a small hallway that leads to a sandy beach, where the dream-wall used to be. (Second time this week I've dreamed of a beach, and still I didn't even think of going in the water) It's beautiful and sunny. And the beach is full of wild flowers. Up ahead, where the party hall used to be is an ancient temple! But it's not ancient, not in this time period - it's contemporary.

      I recognize the temple, and the creatures standing outside. Their gargoyle like form is something I've transformed into before in dreams. They are dressed in mayan like costumes. They welcome me as any other citizen, but sneer at my two human friends.

      "They're with me. Please let them in."

      We enter the courtyard of the temple, as beautiful as can be. I can see the glowing smiles of my archeologists friends. "Now you can study this ancient culture all you want!" But then they looked afraid, I know what they're thinking. "Don't worry, I can take you back to the future when you're done."

      A woman is escorting us to our dormitories. Everything was going swell until we here a peculiar sound. A cell phone is ringing! Around the corner was a human girl. I can see the glow of her cell phone in her pocket. But she ignores and it pretends it isn't there. She disappears from our view.

      We go inside the bedroom. "Something is wrong!" "This place is a trap!" I don't know how, but they found us! "We have to leave now before they act". How disappointing, I was looking forward to learning about this culture! I fly away, carrying the two men to safety. We hide in the little marketplace just outside the temples walls.

      A tiny flying mechanical disk stuck out like sore thumb against this old village vibe. It must be theirs, like a flying camera trying to find us! We try hard to stay out of it's view. All of this hiding is getting annoying. I decide living in the wilderness is much better.

      I find us a nice wild patch growing near the beach. I settle comfortably down between some giant succulents. But then I have a strange thought...just how ancient is this landscape? I mean...all of it? I turn my head to see that T-Rex was just a few yards away. Oh crap! Within a moment his large face was face to face with me. His beady eyes. The scaly skin. Why hasn't he eaten me yet? He's following my movements like a snake. When I stay still he can't see me. But I can't stand here all day!

      We run for it and hide from T-Rex. This T-Rex didn't growl or roar. He was a quiet stealthy predator. Ancient dinos was one thing. But I can see coming from behind us were the men who have been after us this whole time - except now they look like my sisters. Damn! We quickly sneak away. Trying to find a place that's dino free, and free from my sisters who are after me for some reason.

      We go through room through room through room through room. The day time gives way to night time. The crashing waves of the beach grow darker and darker, becoming a black void outside the window. I take a turn around the corner, running into a narrow hallway, when I run into my sister!

      "Where have you been!"

      She has bright stage make up on, like she's about to perform. I hear a loud crowd, the party. I'm back in the present. My sister looks past the stage curtains and into the other room. She looks confused and frightened.

      "Why are there two of you? You're in the other room and you're right here!"

      "Long story."

      I find my other sisters, the ones who time traveled. We sat down on a table away from the party scene. They don't seem angry at me, they don't even remember finding me in their time travel. I ask him "How long were you gone (time traveled)?" And they answer "A few days" "A few months"

      "Really? I felt like I was gone for a year and a half!"

      And then I wake up!
    10. Hippies Night Out

      by , 06-22-2010 at 05:47 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      June 21, 2010

      Synopsis: Two random dreams I barely remember. In the third I hang out with hippies in the field under the star light. But the night ends on a loud note!

      Night Time Note: I went to bed late, and didn't do my dream mantra

      Two Random Dreams
      More like random notes. Let's see, I scribbled down "jabaneros" "beach flood" "containing" and "family dog". I remember something about some Mexican Cowboys, that I called jabaneros. They were riding on horses. But then the high tide came in - the beach was flooded. And the jabaneros were riding their horses in knee high water. I don't remember the dog?

      In another dream I was watching a comedy. All I remember now, was that I laughed myself awake

      Hippies Night Out
      I'm hanging out with hippies in a field near suburbia. I'm just having a nice time sitting on a blanket, looking at the stars. They're twinkling in a way that isn't normal. It feels like I've been here for hours. But some of the people here weren't all that interested in just enjoying the night sky. Instead they got drunk, wasted, and rowdy. It was past 3am and we decide it's time to pack up. That's when the rowdier members decide to play REALLY LOUD music at the last minute. Like a rock concert.

      They play the music for only about a minute. But really that's more than enough time to wake up the entire sleeping neighborhood! I scream "What are you doing!!" They laugh as they take down their make shift tent. Were going to get in so much trouble thanks to them!

      We all run for it before any cops find us. And to get 'back', we had to climb this rickety iron ladder. It was so rusty, unstable and tiny, I freaked out so much when it was my turn - I woke up.

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    11. Dolphin Day 1 - Psychokinetic Detective

      by , 06-20-2010 at 07:09 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      June 20, 2010 - I'm up to date now!

      Synopsis: First dream random. In the second dream, after trying to shop for dad I get accused of stealing! Third dream. In a war torn world, I remain the faithful student of a buddha, using my powerful psychokinetic gift to help stop the violence. But me and my partner are considered freaks, and the very city we love to protect turns on us! Only my teacher can help me now.

      Night Time Note: Tonight was the first night I did my Dolphin Dream Mantra. But when it came time to visualizing, it was hard to focus on the ocean.

      Dream Recall
      I woke up. I couldn't really remember my dream anymore. But I just wrote what came to my head anyways. I'm making a painting of a dolphin. There is a rich man, evil man, who hired a hitman. Or someone hired a hitman to kill him.

      Father's Day and Thieving at Work
      I'm working alone. Where is everyone else? My sister is here with me to help me pick out some art supplies for my dad. I thought today would be a quiet day at work - but I'm getting swamped by costumers! And, I realize that I'm picking out all the wrong things. These brushes and paints won't do. I need to get the list I've left at home.

      I leave the art supply store with my sister at 3pm. That means I closed the store two hours earlier than normal. I hope my boss doesn't yell at me. I get home and I've got my list. I start flying back to the art supply store. That's when I become slightly lucid and remember - wait - it is Father's Day. Were closed today! So I opened the store and suffered annoying costumers for no reason.

      But I didn't come completely lucid. I still thought I could buy my dad some presents within the dream.

      I get to the store, and all the other employees are here. What's going on? My boss frowns and explains this costumer wants to sue the entire store, for millions! She claims that I STOLED her anatomy art book. Me? What? I didn't steal anything!

      I can hear her mouthing away with the cops. Painting a story that were horrible employees, doped up and drunken, and how I'm the worst one having stole her anatomy art book. Now the millions she's asking for would close this store for good! I tell her frankly - You're a lying bitch!

      This whole dream was getting ridiculous. The cops approach me and
      I tell my side of the story. I did bring an anatomy art book home, because I brought it to work. It's not mine, but it belongs to my dad. They want proof. FINE! I storm out to go get my anatomy art book. Then I wake up. Remembering I wasn't going to buy art supplies for dad anyways. Stupid dream.

      Psychokinetic Detective
      It's the 1940's, it's the second world war. And everyone has a thick New York accent. Me and my partner are detectives. But because of our unique background, we are not well liked. Thanks to my teacher, I'm gifted with psychokinetic powers - all for the name of peace of course. My partner is actually my pupil, as well as a good friend. (reoccurring dream character)

      You can find my mysterious teacher in our equally strange apartment. Everything in our apartment is shimmering, and sparkling, a cross between pearls and slug slime. Bright colors. And glowing bubbles are coming from the bathtub. where of all places, is where I meet my teacher. He's this glowing presence standing in the center of my bubbling bathtub. I only see him once in the dream before heading out on my adventure.

      There's a nasty war going on. Enemy tanks parade the streets. And our idiot government thinks blasting them away with aerial bombs is the best defense. As if the aerial bombs don't destroy our city! A timed series of blasts, earth shaking, the sky lighting up. Some where another part of the city has been blown up.

      I'm flying in a helicopter with my partner and other city cops. Normies, I call them. We're surveying the area.


      In a ghetto part of town, enemy tanks were lining up. I could hear the cops calling in the find, so the soldier boys can drop their damn bombs. I had to do something!! I hold out my palm, and using my powers I move the tanks! The tanks roll over, upside down, rendered useless. I moved some of them too quickly, and you can hear the sound of steel crashing. I hoped I didn't injure the men inside, even if they were our enemies.

      When we land, some of the cops and soldier boys seemed annoyed with what I did. My gift makes them uncomfortable. As we survey on foot, we run into more enemy tanks. And again, before the boys can call in the find, I move the tanks and render them useless. It's not always easy for me, so I'm glad the tanks move slow. The normies are sneering and sizing me up!

      I ask my partner "Did I do the right thing?"

      He smiles warmly and says "Yes. 'Teach would be proud."

      That's right. I had to keep reminding myself who my teacher was. A pacifist, a buddha, my teacher wouldn't want me to use my gift any other way. I had to be careful when moving the tanks not to use too much force.

      Were done patrolling! All the enemy tanks have been destroyed, or rendered useless thanks to me. The government declares the war over! Victory! And the once empty streets are starting to fill with people. But as we walk back to the station we pass by one very tiny overlooked street.

      We ran into one last enemy tank. No big deal, just one tank, and it's a tiny tank too. We'll get rid of it while the city celebrates. But before I could even hold out my palm, the tank races towards us. It was coming so fast - we had to run or be run over! I had no idea a tank could move this fast! Is this the enemy's new secret weapon?

      The cops pull out their guns but they're useless. My partner runs too slow and the tank attacks him. He's down! Damn, I have to do something. I stand in the middle of the street and hold my palm. I know by the time I can focus on moving the tank, the tank will fire. The tank flips overs!! It's energy beam hits me! But it feels like sticky taffy? What is this? My partner gets up and wipes himself clean.

      We recollect ourselves and run around the corner. Checking every street, waiting anxiously for the next dangerously fast tank. Nothing.

      The General comes, I quickly warn him the city is in danger. He drives me to the hospital himself. I assumed it was to make sure this sticky goo didn't infect me with something freaky. But when I get there I realize, this is a nut house! The nurses and clerks look at me with distaste. The cops who escorted me look pleased. They've probably have been waiting for the day for a freak like me to be locked up.

      "What's going on!" I demand as the cops sign me in.

      The General comes in and explains"I'm sorry. But I had to do this. I talked to my boys and they said there was no tank! There is no enemy secret weapon."

      They look at me with those eyes. The eyes you use to size up a crazy man. "No! You're men are lying! They've been waiting to lock me up!"

      They drag my partner in with handcuffs, he looks defeated. I yell "Ask him! Did you see the tank?"

      He looks up with sad eyes "Yes, I did!" And they take him away to a cell.

      I slam my hand on the table. "Dammit General!! There were four people out there. Now me and my partner say we saw a tank. Your boys say they didn't. That's two and two. That's a 50 and 50 chance the tank is and isn't real. You have no choice but to investigate yourself! That tank fired something strange. It would have left a residue. Look for it!"

      The General storms out of the room with the rest of the cops. The clerks tinker away with their paper work. I'm sure they're trying to find me a room. Well, hopefully the General will do the right thing, and realize the city is in danger. Tap-tap-tap.

      I can see the General's head peaking from the back door. I sneak back there and he opens the back door for me. "I know you're not crazy. But the city is in denial. We'll have to work in secret."

      He leads me away. Where once were long streets of the city, are now long corridors and hallways. We've set up in the corner of the hallway. Waiting anxiously for the next dangerous tank. I've left my partner behind, he could use a break. The General and some ladies go through piles of paper work. Looking for clues of an enemy experiment. When they find something unsettling.

      It's a newspaper clipping years ago, about a mad scientist trying to create psychokinetic monsters. The ladies look at me with those eyes. I shake my head "That's propaganda!"

      Something catches my attention. My spider senses are going off! I look down the hallway. "General, something is coming." It's outside. Coming closer and closer. My heart is beginning to race. "What is it?" I look passed the hallway, passed the exit door. It's a mob!

      "A mob of angry people are coming for this building. They have no weapons, only their bear fists and grinding teeth." I can see them on top the hillside coming closer and closer. The General stands up. "Who are they? Can you read their minds? Are they our citizens? Are they the enemy?"

      The General wants to know whether he can open fire on them or not. But I can't allow him to fire either way. "I don't know. Theres too many minds. All I sense is their anger and hatred! They're coming!"

      The exit door bursts open! I jump in front of the angry mob, leading them safely away from the General and the others. I let the mob chase me after hallway and hallway. There's so many of them! I use my powers to knock one man off his feet, trying to slow the mob down. But they trample him to death! Crap! My teacher isn't going to like that.

      I fly! I fly faster and take a sharp turn. Losing the mob. I hide in a room. What should I do? I look outside the window. I know what to do, I have to lead them back outside. The mob has dispersed. Attacking anyone they run into. I fly into a clerks office. She is a black woman with curly hair (reoccurring dream character). She doesn't like me very much.

      "I know I know. This is my mess. I need you to do something. Tell the angry mob that I'm waiting for them outside."

      "And you think they'll just go?"

      "Of course, they're here for me. Go and tell them!"

      She tells her assistant to carry out the task instead. The assistant does as told.

      I fly outside. I need high ground. So I fly to higher roof. And a higher roof. I call to my partner to help me. He flies to me and stands by my side. The first angry mobster comes stumbling out of the building. He flies up to where I am. I had no idea normies could fly! He snarls and hisses like a beast! I focus energy into my hands, when I do, my partner disappears (reoccurring theme).

      He attacks me! I grab his face with my hands, and draw out the evil energy possessing him! "Be free!!" Lol..exorcism. The man is free from the evil within him. He goes limp, and falls to the floor. Two angry mobsters come out. And I have to act even quicker. But the next group was about ten angry mobsters. Crap. Too many. I can't handle them all!

      I fly away and I fly even higher. But they keep up with me. Screaming, taunting me. Without realizing I had flown all the way back to my glowing iridescent apartment. That's it!! I can't handle them, but if there is one person who can heal this angry mob it's my teacher.

      The glowing magical bubbles surround me. The angry mob gets closer and closer, hissing, snarling, cursing. I start to sing a lullaby to lure them in. . . . . "Oh holy room of wonders!"

      Then I wake up

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    12. Sun Sets Over Ocean

      by , 06-19-2010 at 05:57 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      May 20, 2010

      Synopsis: My fail to RC as I dream about lucid dreaming. A very peaceful dream as I watch the sun set.

      Sun Sets Over Ocean
      Water is still showing up in my dreams. I dreamed about lucid dreaming. *I'm so dumb!* I was on the beach trying to observe every little detail for my dream practice. I found giant awesome shells, bright bright colors. I couldn't believe that no one else had grabbed them yet! I mean, the biggest one was as big as my head. I imagined the reason why no one grabbed them was because there is some law protecting the shells here.

      People were happily swimming in the ocean as the sun was setting. And they were starring at me funny because I refused to take a dip. Believing this was reality, I was actually disgusted that people would go in the water! This was the gulf coast after all, there's something slimy and not so nice in the water. But I told myself, that I should dream of the ocean instead *me tard*. This way I can go in the water without fear of catching some disease! (Last time I went to corpus there was a giant sign that read "BACTERIA LEVELS ACCEPTABLE"...what does that mean? That some days it's not?

      While the sun sets every day, to us on the beach it's like watching the sun set for the first time. As the sun nearly disappears over the horizon it gets very very dark. I could barely see! I quickly horde my sea shells and some random wooden artwork that drifted ashore. I take a quick look at the horizon to see an orange speck disappear.
      Everything goes completely black. It wasn't like a real sun-set, more like a switch being turned off. It felt completely natural to be in this blackness around me. I could still feel the summer warmth and sense the people around me on the sandy beach. After a while light comes back as the stars starting flickering on. I quickly run back inside like a pack rat with my stolen goods.

      I missed a good swimming opportunity
    13. The Part of Me That Will Never Forget You

      by , 06-19-2010 at 05:35 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      May 18, 2010

      After so many years I finally learn why I dream of high school, years after I've graduated. Lucid, I tell my DCs that this is a dream, and they dissolve back into me. Later, I dream of a boardwalk with a spectacular scene of water

      The Part of Me That Will Never Forget You

      I'm back in high school, getting ready for a big colorguard competition. This is a familiar sight! I've been here before, years ago. I know I've graduated from high school, I know I shouldn't be here. But I don't realize I'm dreaming yet. My team assembles and we perform over a large audience. I'm freaking out! I only remember half of the routine, what do you expect? It's been years!

      After performance I talk to my captain "Lets go over the routine again". I know she's graduated too, so I'm sure she's having trouble remembering. She agrees! Were all rusty and could use some rehearsing. But right now it's break time. In the down time the team separates into their individual cliques and circle of friends. That's when I walk around and really realize something is completely wrong here.

      This team is composed of EVERYONE who I was in colorguard with. But that can't be right. How could this team have seniors from when I was a freshman, and freshman from when I was a senior? The two age groups never went to high school in the same time period! And why am I here? I start to do the math. When I graduated from high school, when I graduated from college, this is insanity! I'm dreaming!

      I quickly run to my closest team members who were off in their own room. I wanted to show them something amazing. To be honest, I was hoping in some way they weren't just dream characters, that I was some how dreaming with my old high school friends. I interrupt their gossip "This is a dream! Let me show you!". I start to levitate in front of them. At first they look at me as though I'm insane. But then they smile and giggle girlishly.

      "It's a dream!" I grab my friend by the hand so I can show her dream flying for herself. I take a quick turn around the room! But when I look at my hand, it's not my friend I'm holding, but some random object. I look around in the room, and all of my friends have turned to objects.

      I know this, I've seen this before dozens of times in dreams. Suddenly I'm talking to a dream character, half way in our conversation I become lucid, I want to continue the conversation now that I'm lucid, but the dream character transforms into some plain old object. Sometimes I ignore the dream transition, and keep talking to the object. . . . . But then it just feels like I'm talking to myself. . . .

      I'm disappointed that my friends aren't dream characters anymore. I just wanted to fly with them.

      I run into the hallway where the rest of the team was assembled. My captain starts talking about our next performance. I shove my way right between all of them, and I levitate.
      "Ahem. . ." My captain seems annoyed that I'm interrupting her all so important lecture. "Look at my feet!". I dangle my toes wish were freely in the air! The freshmen start shouting "Wow!! That's so cool!" But the older members who've known me longer seem really disturbed. Angry, confused, terrified.

      "Whats going on?" The older members ask

      "This is a dream! Don't you see! It's a dream!"

      I wanted so much to dream with them, to make them all lucid and we could all go on some colorguard dreaming adventure together! They look at each other, and suddenly they seem to understand this dream nature. Maybe more than me.

      My captain asks me "If this is a dream, and you're the dreamer, then who are we?"

      The room gets quiet. The whole team waits for my answer. Quiet faces. Happy faces. Anxious faces. I looked into their eyes. My throat tightens up, I could barely say what I'm going to say.
      "You are the part of me that will never forget you."

      The room lightens up! Everyone seems happy! It didn't matter who, or if they were members I didn't get along with, or superficial cliques. In this tiny fraction of time, we were all here together and happy! I wanted so much to dream with them, to have a dream adventure with them. But then instantly before my eyes, they all turn into dolls and animal plushies. 'They' were 'gone', and I was all alone in an empty band hall. With no one to talk to, or be with, except maybe the only person who I have ever talked to or hanged out with in a high school dream -

      For the first time, I understood why these dreams seem to haunt. It's simple, I'll never forget them. And these dream character are the part of ME that remind that.

      I leave the band hall and fly outside to find a new lucid dream adventure. But I was still sad at the lonely nature of my dream. My dream becomes a black void, and I don't remember after time.

      The Boardwalk
      After what feels like a long time I'm in a new dream. I'm walking along a huge boardwalk. Water takes on a spectacular scene in front of me. It's as if in the middle of the ocean, there's a water fountain the size of an Egyptian pyramid. The water was pouring from this structure. I can't make out the structure, because the water is pouring from the very top, and veiling it. I watch a giant bird land on this watery structure. Then I realize that's no bird but a dinosaur! I watch another spectacular scene, as a massive boat sails right through the water-pyramid. The boat, still submerged under water, sails right under the boardwalk! I run to the other side of the boardwalk to see it as it passes.

      It was moving at such an incredible speed for such a massive ship, the water around it bubbled up and moved out of it's way! A dream character shouts "Did you see how fast that ship was moving? That was unreal!". It was unreal, it defies the laws of physics!

      I woke up shortly after.
    14. A Jewish Rebellion And Monsters

      by , 06-19-2010 at 05:08 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      May 6, 2010

      Synopsis: First dream. A country is divided by war, and it's my mission to destroy the man made monsters. I join the Underground and find a monster. But this monster makes me abandon my mission

      A Jewish Rebellion - And Monsters!
      I don't remember the first half of the dream, but I do remember that the first half of my dream explains why I'm in this situation! I'm following an angry Jewish mob protesting in the city's streets at night. This could get violent, for both parties concerned. I belonged to neither group, and found both groups to be largely made up of innocent - if not confused and angry - civilians.

      A little boy standing outside his apartment watches the moonlit protest pass by. Oh crap! That boy is from the opposition and I have no idea how irrational this crowd has gone. I quickly hurry the little boy inside before anyone noticed him. I tell him to get his parents and hurry. The boy understood what I meant. I watch over the boy and the family from a birds eye perspective, as they quickly go from one room to another. Locking the door behind him. They continue to go from room to room, deeper and deeper in the apartment building. I could hear noise coming from the other rooms they just left!

      I hurry them along and help them by locking the doors for them. Finally they reach the last door, which led to the Underground. The Underground was hot, noisy, and filled with people. Guards directed newcomers to food, shelter, clean water, or signed them up to become soldiers. Though honestly most people here just want shelter, a place to hide from the scary angry mob.

      There was a problem! There was a large pool about 30 yards long. This is bad news! The first half of my dream explains why open bodies of water is bad. People started creating monsters for their own selfish reasons. The monsters rebelled against their creators and now hide in water. Finding these monsters and their watery hideouts seemed to be what my real mission was about.

      Everyone should know about the monsters by now! I get angry and yell at the leader. "What are you doing with this large body of water?"

      "It's good water that the people could use". But that didn't seem right. No one was using the water. No one actually would even stand close to it.

      "Have you forgotten about the monsters?"

      "No. . . but there's no monsters in the Under-"

      Of course like a movie, a grotesque horrific mutated unsightly thing leaps out of the water. He roars and spots his next victim, which was me. I wasn't prepared! I try to think how I can fight this abomination against nature. But then a women behind me with a deep strong voice says
      "Stand aside"

      She looked like an African Goddess. Perfectly tall, big wild hair, robust feminine body, and strong muscles. She's a black amazon from greek myth! She lands a single punch on the monsters oozing face. The monster is thrown backwards twice the length of the pool, smashes into the wall, breaks the wall, is crushed by the fallen wall, and he doesn't ever get back up.
      <- That's what I looked like!

      I turn around to get a good look at our heroine, but there's TWO of her. Then I realize one is an average perfectly normal, not so super, human. The other, is the monster she created.

      "You created her?"

      "Yes, I did.
      She is a monster."

      It was my mission to track down all the monsters so they could be exterminated, but this was an awkward situation. Sensing my mixed emotions, our monster/heroin/black amazon explains. "Don't worry, my creator created me to protect the people. I enjoy protecting them
      and I always will."

      Well, I'm sold!

      I help the people clean up this old hallway, to make this Underground more livable. But there was one thing they decided not to remove, it was a clock sometime cemented into the ground. No one knows who put it or why. But it's counting down, and there are only 26 hours left!

      I wake up and fall back asleep before I can even jot any of the dream down, which is why I forgot most of it
    15. I Can Fly! Time to Visit Dannon

      by , 06-19-2010 at 04:43 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      April 29, 2010

      Synopsis: I think I'm dreaming. I test it by trying to fly! Lucid, I remember my dream goal of trying to dream share with Dannon

      I Can Fly! Time To Visit Dannon
      I was thinking about how lately my dreams have been tricking me. I was just minding my own business staring at the wall wondering, what if this is a dream? It doesn't look or feel like a dream.

      But as I walked around and stared at the living room, something felt out of place. I had to be sure! What if I'm dreaming? I get a crazy idea to go outside and try to fly. I run down the steps and stand under the street light. I think about flying but nothing happens. Mom runs outside yelling at me, asking me what I'm doing! It's pretty late and she doesn't like me outside alone after dark, I can't blame her, we do have a lot of car thieves in this neighborhood. But I had to go outside! I had to double check.

      I tell mom "I'm trying to fly". . . "You're trying to fly?" . . . "Yes, in a dream I can fly. What if this is all a dream?" Mom seems star struck, and just looks at the sky wondering the same thing. I walk forward while staring at the sky. This makes me trip when the ground level changes. I land in muddy water and scrape myself pretty badly. Mom runs over, helps me up and yells at me again.

      One side of my head is lecturing me "See, this isn't a dream! You're going to get seriously hurt if you keep this up." But the other side of my head was whispering
      "Why don't your scrapes hurt?". I wasn't in any pain at all!

      There were 12 year old boys hanging around outside, like a gang patrolling the street. They ask me and mom what
      we are doing. Mom blurts out "She's trying to fly!" "She's trying to fly?" They were 12 year olds after all and they seemed pretty dumb. They looked at me as though they were encountering a super hero. "You can fly?" "In dreams I can fly. What if I told you this could be a dream?"

      Now that I had everyone's attention, they all wanted to see me fly! They wanted me to prove to them that this was a dream. There's a small creek nearby and I start with that. I run and jump clear across the creek. I just jumped 20 ft, I have to be dreaming! I start to float, then I fly and loop around the small creek as the troop of boys cheer me on. Everyone seems pretty happy to know that this is just a dream. Me too! I haven't been lucid in a long time.

      I quickly remember my goal before I fell asleep. I fly away into the city. It's dark and dreary. I want to dream-share with Dannon but I really suck at creating portals. I try to make a few short calls in the dream, but my voice is weak and nothing is happening. So instead of trying to create a portal, I decided to fall into Dannon's dream. I fall backwards while keeping that intention in my head.

      When I open my eyes the new dream is just as dark. I can make out something sitting in front of me. It looks goblinish, with glowing eyes and pointy ears. But then I realize it's just a cat! I pet the cat and it purrs sweetly as it lays back down to sleep. Now that the cat is my friend the dream seems to explode to life. I can see everything vividly and in full color. I'm in a living room. I assume it's Dannons because that's who I'm trying to visit. The light is off, but there is a light coming from somewhere illuminating the kitchen.

      I call out Dannon's name, but no one answers. I stumble around the place, past the kitchen, until I find a small room where the light was coming from. Dannon is there, bundled up in a blanket, sitting on a comfy chair with the glow of the TV light on his face. Either he's watching a really good show or he's lost in his own thoughts, because his eyes were glazed over.

      "Dannon!" But he doesn't respond. I wave my hand over his eyes but he doesn't respond. It's like I'm invisible! There's a clock in the room that says 5:30 am. I wonder if that's supposed my time or his, and if his lack of response means he's actually awake. Well, I came all the way over here! I poke his face. He looks startled that something just touched his face, but when he looks around he sees there's a fly buzzing around. So maybe it was the fly.

      The tv was blank, nothing was on. Which disturbs me. I have to get his attention some how. I grab a box of kleenex sitting near him and toss it across the room. At first he seems curious as he gets up to find the source of the noise, but when he realizes his kleenex just flew across the room he looks freaked out.

      Dannons eyes scan the room for some malicious entity invading his space. He looks serious now! Like he's about to do some banishing ritual on me. Well that didn't work. I decide this dream isn't working out. I need to re-try teleporting to Dannon's dream. I think this Dannon might just be a dream character, I tell him goodbye anyways and that I'm going to try again!

      But that's when I wake up
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