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    MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.


    This journal will account my many dreams!!! yay! Anyway, I have had so much amazing synchronistic occurrences around dreams. I have helped myself and a few others through my dreams! I am doing my best to find out how to live my life by my dreams.

    Main entities:

    Asuka: My dream wife. I am purely convinced that she's not another aspect of my mind. She exists separate from me. Lately I have been running into people similar to her in waking life. She's sweet, very kind, and has a strange sense of humor. She has a yellow aura.

    Nomad: The guy that got me into shared dreaming. He doesn't show up in dreams as often... but back in the day we dream shared lots. He got me into the dream lover thing and also has experience with meeting their twinners on the waking plane.

    Raven: My other dream sharing friend. She helps me and asuka a lot. I wish I could recall her more.

    Data: He maintains the shields in my inner world.

    Victor: My dream guide... though he hasn't shown up lately.

    Shawna: A soul that shared a body with a woman named Aeona, Raven's guide Q appointed me guardian of Shawna when she was separated from Aeona.

    Other dream children: Two babies between me and asuka and also two other orphans that now reside in my inner world. We are all like a dream family... Aren't I creepy?

    The dream plane:

    I look at dreams as a separate plane of existence. Our waking realities are dense energy that give the illusion of solidity. Next is the Astral plane that is just outside of our waking perception. The dream plane vibrates at a light frequency and consits of bubbles. Every person when not traveling out of body dream in their inner world. Anyone can shape what they want their inner world to look like, and also use it as a focus point for the law of attraction. You can invited other dream entities to stay in your inner world... but be careful, it may attract demons. Dream sharing can take place inside your inner world or the inner world of someone else. other dream places are bubbles made of less dense energy.

    1. still bad luck staying lucid.

      by , 10-11-2010 at 09:39 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      yeah and WTF is with no comments when my recall goes back up?


      Fighting like a video Game

      I am being led by the hand somewhere. I can't see but i notice the sensation of passing through a doorway and into a hall. My perspective switched to third person view and I see the dream like a 2d video game from the mid nineties. Kaomea, is leading me into a room. I am bounded and blindfolded. She pulls out a hammer and is about to knock me around, she has a dark aura which means she is infected with dark energy. Asuka flies through a portal and manifests DCs, in between me and Kaomea, since i have 3rd person view I play my "guy" with a video game controller.

      I see my self jump up like a spinning top and bounce of all the heads of the Dcs. when I hit them an animated wave flies from them just like In a video game. I kille them all, land and fall over and roll around. On the side I can see Asuka struggling to stop Kaomea from hurting me. But somehow during the struggle Asuka gets infected with the dark energy.

      Missing time

      Semi lucid

      Fa, I decide to gooutside in the middle of the night for a smoke. I have the sense that I am dreaming so I try to fly. i manage to float in the air a bit and then drop. I forget my lucidity and fly to a store to get a midnight drink.

      House wtf.

      I travel to Ontario to see my family there but instead enter my inner world house. I walk around and the place is filled with people. I see Dan and tell him i have the money to pay him back from years ago.

      I decide to go downstairs. The house is huge and impressive. I know I've never seen it before and yet I recognize the place. I look around and find every room from memory is there. I go into the living room area of the basement. There are lots of people seated at a table. The all are sitting at computer consoles. I wait to use one, but then everyone gets up and makes the consoles disappear.

      I go upstairs and havea smoke outside. I go back in and still realize I have the butt in my hand. I go into the kitchen to look for a garbage can but I can't find any.I find Asuka in the kitchen baking cookies. But she looks worn out. It's like those over exaggerated commercial of smokers when their face gets wrinkly. I ask her where the garbage can is. she says she doesn't care anymore about leaving garbage around, just eat a cookie and things will be fine. I shrug and go downstairs. I see a pile of ashes on a part of the ground.

      I sit down on a couch Next to Kao mea, several other people are on the couch as well. We are watching some movie.

      Fa, and I'm on the couch, the lights are out and everyone's asleep. Kaomea is falling asleep and leaning on me. I begin whispering things in her ear but have no idea what i am saying. She starts leaning too heavily on me and pretty soon I feel like she is crushing me. a wave of panic hits me and I try to push her off,but i notice my hand is in her hair. (apperently i was running my hands through her hair earlier). I try to get my hand out but my hand is caught in her hair. I don't want ot hurt her and start screaming. She wakes up and screams as well and I wake up.


      Asuka was healed earlier and me and Raven go after kaomea to heal her as well. she's by a large pool, and jumps in. She turnes into a mermaid and says. "I love swimming naked with men who's souls are old." At first my heart stops but then I realize she was giving me a back-handed compliment because I am the soul of a sage. I jump in after her.

      some weird creepy mermen are luring her into a water abyss. They start making her say mean things to me. I lose control and I begin to battle her. Raven is with us now trying to stop me. She reminds my I am supposed to fight the creepy mermen.

      missing time

      back at the house.

      I go back into the house I was in earlier and find it overun with Dcs. i enter some cafeteria and get my food. I sit down at a table and some guy takes my plate and spits on it. He laughs. I tell him I'll leave him alone for now, but should he ever do that again i'll make him drink my piss in a pixie cup.

      He stands up and is 10 ft tall. He follows me into a hallway where I sit and meditate. The man grabs a huge guitar case and smashes it against my back. It slightly hurts, but not really. his guitar case is broken. I scratched. my back slightly and say "Was there a slight breeze in here? someone should close a door." I stood up and he looked feaked out. I shoved him through a wall leaving a big hole.

      sometime Later I go downstairs and find a hospital like place that is sealed by a big blue door. i walk back up the steps with people in green and blue medical uniforms following me.
    2. another lucid

      by , 10-10-2010 at 08:12 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Waking up

      I wake up in bed. I'm in a large white bedroom with a large window overlooking the sea. It's bright in the dream but there seems to be no definable source of it. Next to me is a woman. She seems really familiar, she's also waking up and smiles at me.
      I go, "huh. what? what is this place where am I?" or something. The woman shushes me. She smiles. I say "I thought weren't going to..." She cuts me off and tells me it's not time to get up yet. She says something about this place we are in exists out of space time. This is the past present and future she tells me. I'm confused. She tells me to just sleep, and that it's going to be ok. i lay my head back down to sleep. The woman is fiddling with a piece of my hair and humming softly as I fall asleep.

      town wtf.

      i'm walking along a street in Olds when some guy in a van drives by. I recognize him, he tells me it's time to go to work.
      I hope in the vehicle and now it's a white car with no roof. There are 3 others in the car that I know. I recognize one as Gino. We drive on the highway towards disbury. When we arrive in Dids the car stops at some farmer's market. I begin questioning why I'm in the car. What work am I supposed to do? Why a farmer's market.

      missing time

      I'm in a large truck being driven by Sho. We are in didsbury still and heading towards the old run down fourplex condo's that bears the nickname "chicken coops". Sho keeps telling me that we have to arrive here and leave before the police come. Apperently he's making a drug run and decided to drag me into it unwillingly.

      We turn into the coops and I tell him that I'm not interested in doing any illegal favors for him, so just let me out please. He says ok and Drives on the lawn. i jump out of his truck which is now a big garbage disposal truck. I am standing on the lawn and see another truck run and hit sho's truck. He ges out of the trucka nd starts running. The other truck chases hima nd runs people down. Sho finds a dead end wall and the truck runs over him. His body isn't crumpled, but the truck keeps rolling back and forth over his body. I am mortified. I hear sirens nearby. Soon an ambulance crew arrives and tries to aid all the people that got run over. The have large scissors and are severing off useless body limbs from the people. sho is clearly dead. I get sicka nd run into one of the fourplexes.

      when i arrive in the fourplex I realize I am at an apartment of some kind. I try to fly to confirm I'm dreaming. I only manage to jump and float a bit. I do the Nose pinch RC, but can't breathe. I'm still positive i'm dreaming, I try to think how I got here. I remember the ride to the town, the farmer's market, and the thing with Sho. But I can't remember waking up from my house. so i must be dreaming.
      I look around my scene a bit. Every time I blink the stairs I am looking at alters. At one point it looks impossible and i feel myself losing the dream.

      I wind up non lucid. Somehow I get into my dad's truck and we start driving towards Olds again. He tells me I should work on my long weekend since we have 3 new houses to coat. i think he's lying because I don't remember us starting any new houses.

      pre dream hypnagogia.

      bunch of mini lucid flashes of seeing my hands, and then some of me holding various objects.

      what is the question?

      I am on facebook chatting with M. I can't remember the conversation much. Our convo boxes are on the left hand side of the page instead of the right. I get an answer to a question that I forgot I asked. I even forgot the question. all I know is that i clearly saw her answer as "Yes." not expecting that, I woke up suddenly.
    3. finally some alright dreams.

      by , 10-08-2010 at 04:28 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Hard to separate these dreams

      Yeah... Started somewhere in a house, may have been mine. I was in a room getting out of bed, and then a white yappy dog came and bit my arm. I was almost lucid and just decided the dog was a messenger so I thought I should not fight the dog. The Dog read my intent and It started dragging me by the arm. I complied and followed the dog as it grew larger. I followed it up some steps and then into a room.

      I felt the room belonged to meggy faye, and then the dog was a woman (asuka). She was indicating something in the closet. I went into meggy's closet and on the board above the hangers I found a heart shaped cheesecake. I wasn't sure whether I should take it. Asuka said I should grab it quick before Meggy comes back. so I grabbed it and ran back downstairs and into my room with Asuka. She had a matching cheescake and we both ate ours very happily.

      Around town WTF

      I was at some AA gathering in Chilliwack. I had to leave the club to find someone. so I walked down the street and found a flat where this Old Timer lived. He had glasses and seemed nice. He was donating a couch or something to the Club so I grabbed it from him and took it to the AA club place. Everyone thanked me for bringing it there. I remember Thelma being there. Then we all played music or something and I left.

      wound up in some car. I was being driven to the house with the young woman. (didn't realize it was asuka at the time. We got on top of a hill with some houses and noticed a bunc of mini Pine trees floating above the car. Became lucid, got out of the car. I suddenly remembered being lucid before this time, but can't recall what happened it. Pondering this I was walking into the house and it was full of DCs, they were dancing adnt ried to get me to dance with them. But I wanted to find my Inner world to see Asuka (not realizing I was already there). so I left the house intending to wind up in my inenr world. then everything started going black. I looked at my hand and looked at it. The dream just fell apart.

      FA, I was getting Sleep paralysis. I was focusing on just getting into another dream lucid. I didn't realize I was already in a dream and could have just got up and walked around.

      False awakening

      Fa, I'm in the same room with the young woman, (Asuka). She's watching a TV show that features my guitar playing in the ending credits. She seems happy my music made it somewhere. I want to be a lone with her, but a bunch of DC's in blue jerseys come in the room and teleport me outside, and start talking to me. I get mad at them for teleporting me away. They apologize and leave. Can't remember what happened after.

      Dogs can talk

      At least in dreams they do. I was walking in someones backyard and ran into two dogs. One was romano. He said something about me wanting me to clean the fleas out of his doghouse or something. I said "ok" and followed him. The other dog kept trying to play with me and was getting in my way to help Romano. I pet him anyway and say, "Hey let me do my chore first then we play". But I woke up before i could help the other dog.


      Had a dream where I was trying to fly. I jumped up but couldn't float for long, So I turned the dream upside down and wound up falling into the sky.... I couldn't fly, but I could do that at least. Nomad is right when saying the more outlandish things are easier to do in dreams instead of simple things. I think doing simple mediocre things in dreams is actually a good discipline.

      Brown entities.

      I found Bonnie W. the best psychic in the universe, in the park. She said she was gonna help me with a problem. She kept saying there were brown entities around me or something. I asked her to clarify what she meant by brown Entities. "keep them away from me". she said and then she changed into a pre - historic bird and flew away.


      something about hanging out with my friend gary from chilliwack.
    4. Lucid but forgot my goals.

      by , 09-09-2010 at 03:19 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)


      I'm in some house or something. Romano is an older man showing me some CD cover with interesting art. I don't recall why he was showing me it.

      sleep paralysis

      I'm walking around on new years eve looking for a bar to go into. I find one and i see in the window some people are dancing. I go in and recognize the one waitress L. After a few minutes the place is empty and I'm talking to the waitress. The bar is now a house or something, and I decide to stay for the night.

      I hit sleep paralysis, and i can feel my whole dream body going numb. I can see swirls of colors on front of me and focus on the center of the swirl. I think of a place i want to go. I think i want to go to J's dream so i focus on the person's name. The swirls stop and I'm looking at a strange room with walls made of blankets depicting clowns. I shift my gaze around and I see that the walls move around a bit and now I'm seeing a hallway at the end of the room. After a while I'm no longer looking at the picture but instead I'm almost inside the room. I can't feel the rest of my dream body.

      FA, I get awoken by my family. They are talking to someone. I see the clock reads 8 and i decide i want to sleep in more but i check the kitchen to see who's there. I enter the room and see my mother talking to them, she's apologizing to my brother's gf for some reason. I look closely at my mother and see she has different eyes than usual.

      FA, I'm in the house again but everything is dark. I find J looking for a light switch it doesn't work. I become lucid. J says "Why is it so dark in here?" I say "I don't know but i think this is a dream" suddenly a pain in my chest wakes me up.


      Flash of being outside on a house ledge. I keep climbing up and jumping down it.

      Asuka gone again

      Realising the previous dreams weren't up on a hill where my house is I go up to my house on the hill to look for asuka. I find her and she says she's leaving and never coming back. I was crying abit and i can't remember much of the conversation.
    5. Meeting a Sorcerer

      by , 09-01-2010 at 05:01 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Notes- i am surrounded by cops. They shoot me in a parking lot. My head rests in Asuka's lap, another blond woman comes to comfort me in the dream, maybe Shawna.

      - I am with Nomad in the middle of a battle. He is swirling around as various rainbow colors and turns into a dog.

      Don Juan Describes Initiating an apprenticeship

      I am with don juan. I can't really recall where we had this discussion:
      DJ: Tell me about the man you met.
      Me: Weeks ago I had seen a psychic, Someone who can see spirits. She told me I would go to a place called Pine lake, and that there, I would meet a mentor. I wasn't sure what she meant by mentor, that could be anything, money managing, music or anything else... My last guess was that he would have been that he would be a sorcerer. I had no idea what pine lake was at the time she had told me,but nonetheless my brother invited me there a few days later, That was something which was impossible for me to ignore.
      Dj: You followed that action without question then?
      Me: Yes, That is until I saw him. When I saw him I KNEW he was the man I was supposed to meet, But I wasn't sure. I Hesitated before even talking to him.
      Don juan then hit me on the back. We were now floating over a familiar scene, which looked like a dream representation of the campground, many details and places were out of place, but nonetheless it was the same. I saw myself sitting on a bench at an outside cafeteria, close by were some doors leading into a music hall, on the other side was a short hill leading down towards two baseball diamonds where a couple baseball games were going on. I was seated on the lower seat, and sitting up higher on the bench and resting his feet on the lower seat was a man with long black hair, tied in a ponytail. He was dark skinned, He could have been any number of races. Don juan said that he looked almost like and ancient meso american indian. I corrected Don Juan as to the man's supposed true race. Don Juan said that I myself have read some of that races mythological beliefs and that some of it lined up uncannily with his lineages knowledge. He said either Casteneda had read those beliefs and put forgeries into his books, or that the two races weren't two races, they had an ancestral heritage. He then mentioned that the people of old, before the age of reason, Traveled to every continent on earth and settled in many places, Including entire lineages of sorcerers. We watched the scene some more, Eventually I got up and walked away.
      DJ: Why did you leave him sitting there, when you knew he was the man you were supposed to meet?
      Me: I wasn't sure. It was a flight response, I didn't realize it at the time, but in the back of my mind was "Is this REALLY REAL?"
      Dj: You should not have hesitated to approach him. Such hesitation could mean life or death in an act of sorcery.
      We coninuted watching the scene as it shifted. I was back at the bench by myself watching the man who was inside the entertainment hall. He was walking and and a dog brushed up to him.
      Me: I remember that! Before the dog came I was just thinking he was the one whom I was supposed to meet.
      Dj: That was your omen, and yet, you just sat there. It was an omen for him as well in his own way.
      Then scene shifted again, This time I was walking out of the music hall and the man sat on a farther bench, He was calling to a small black dog that looked like a cross between a black lab and a weiner dog, But the dog ran to me instead and I bent down and petted it.
      DJ: That was his second omen.
      Me: I knew it was for him as well.
      DJ: Then it was an omen for you as well, and yet you still didn't approach him.
      The scene shifted, to me standing close to the stage in the hall watching a band, and the man behind me roughyl 10 feet away. He kept looking at me. My energy body reacted and sprouted wings... but they weren't wings, more like tentacles that came from my back where wings would be.
      DJ: He was seeing you then, You put on a display for him and he caught it, you had him more than intrigued at that point.
      The Scene shifted to a merely empty hall in between bands. I finally approached the man and sat down beside him. As if on cue a black dog approached me, I petted it and said to myself "well, aren't you the messenger?" The man then laughed. and we began a dull conversation. I then meekly told him the story of why I was there. The man looked shocked, and then changed the subject. I excused myself saying I was going to my campsite. He walked with me until we came to the point where the main camping area was, which was downhill. My camp was on the other end behind the baseball diamond. When i continued walking the man looked confused as to my leaving
      DJ: You are much like Carlos used to be when I first began to teach him. All this time the man thought you were a Sorcerer like him, because he thought you could see. He saw all the omens of you being a Nagual, the dogs and your display of control over your own energy body, He even heard you mention why you were there and who you were supposed to meet, and then he knew he was going to be an integral part of that. Much of what was said in your conversation was meaningless, by then the Nagual had taken control of the situation. He thought you could see, he was going to give you a demonstration of what he knew... and then you left. And that baffled him, Much like I was baffled when mescalito took a liking to Carlos... Here was an idiot insisting on an overindulgence in talking to himself, and constantly anylising everything to the point of nausea, and yet mescalito played with carlos like they were childhood friends. That's how baffled that man was, at an idiot over indulging in hesitation, even inspite of the fact that the spirit is screaming Omens and trying to get him to act.
      Again The scene shifted. In the scene i had mustered up the courage to confront the man, I was standing at the other doors to the hall mingling with people, and then looking over at the man a few times, letting him know that I was ready. The man left the building, while I was still talking to him. He then turned around and looked at me for a second until I noticed him. He began walking further as I followed behind him.
      DJ: He was trying to grab your attention with his eyes, he wanted you to follow him for sure this time.
      The man walked down a small hill into a valley where most of the camping took place. He quickened his pace to his campground, sat down by the fire and kept to himself, he seemed to be focusing on something. I followed down the hill a mere seconds after looking for him, I wandered close to his campground only separated by.... nothing. In my memory there was a trailer, but in the scene were was none there. A sleeping dog got up and walked in my direction. It stopped and faced me. It's actions were very deliberate. It gazed at me, I stopped in my tracks, backed up a step or too and looked again. The dodg shiften out of sight and came back again, Then I leaned forward slightly, eyes wide and said a low "WOOOOW!" I then turned and walked away.
      DJ: That's what what he came to do. He knew the spirit had pointed you out to him, but that you needed to be pushed. He sensed that you were unsure of the encounter, so he had to act fast before he left. He had to hook you, and that's what he did. He Used his intent to shift your assemblage point, and then he used his double to inhabit the dog. You've heard of Lonewolf speak of similar things when he talks about using the assemblage point of a coyote, and how a coyote will lend it's body to someone willing to shape shift into it's form. Although, there is no real shape shifting involved, The dog lent itself to that man, just like your dream body lends itself to your awareness, or can lend itself to any other dreamer. You know all this of course, but haven't articulated it yet, but you will.
      Me: Did he hook me like you hooked carlos?
      DJ: ina sense yes he did, But, he wasn't as aware of exactly what he was doing as when I was when I had to hook Carlos. The Nagual has a funny way of making sorcerers dance with one another, All participants are sure they know what they are doing while they are doing it, and yet the nagual guides their every move. In order for that to happen, they have to make themselves available to it. One way is following omens or signs of the spirit, which is what you both did. From that point on, the Nagual was running the show and palying you two baffoons like puppets to do it's will.
      Me: He seemed pretty controlled of his actions to me, and he acted witha precision I have never seen anyone else on earth do.
      DJ: yes, It may appear so, but that only means he has a cleaner connection to the spirit than you. He calls the Nagual or sppirit with different words. He will teach you them someday.
      Me: If he does, we barely have any way to contact one another again.
      DJ: Power Provides. Both of you are hooked into something now which is hard to escape from. Both of you have the intent to meet again. He may deny it to himself right now, in the same way in which you hesitated, but eventually you two will have to meet again, it's inescapable right now.
      Me: Why did you call him a baffoon.
      DJ: He was only a lot better than you at covering up his hesitations and doubts, He's been trained to do this in his spirtual practice, He's a baffoon because he's not 100% sure of himself, just like you are not 100% sure of yourself. I suppose that's why you two are well matched. But still He made himself available to the sppirit and he served as a catalyst for it to descend on you, That's his advantage over you. That is what you may have learn from him someday. If he ever teaches it. The only thing you can do for now is set your intent to meet him again, but Ultimately he decides whether or not you will meet again, He still has the power of choice whether to ignore the spirit or act with it. In a way he is hooked too.
      Me: I am definitely hooked. I can't get my encounter with him out of my mind. and Now I see signs of the Nagual wherever I turn.
      DJ: That's good then, You are oing your part. You should that hope he does as well.
    6. Inception

      by , 08-09-2010 at 02:19 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)


      I remember being in a dream somewhere when i fell through a mirror. I wound up in a kitchen with my dad and he was telling me what a lazy guy i am for not doing dishes. For some reason i fell on the floor and my face was being held against the carpet.

      B the psychic

      i'm in a cave somewhere. B is a strange creature. She has bat wings and her eyes are emanating amber light.

      "Are you B?" I ask.

      "I am her collective consciousness from all of her lifetimes."

      "Wow," I said. "hey i wanted you to help me clarify a few things from our reading. I.."

      "Silence!." She roared as some weird plasma shot out of her eyes. "My waking self has had enough on her plate for one day. leave her alone for a while." She then ignored me. Her mouth opened and little flash cards started spraying out of her mouth, they all flew around and went through a few dozen tiny portals.

      "What are you doing?" I asked.

      "There's too much negativity and pettiness in the world. I'm sending out seeds of positivity and love to everyone's subconscious to balance out the evil in the world. Now no more questions young man.... SHOOO!" one of the cards hits me and throws me through a portal

      Missing time


      I was sitting on the couch with Asuka watching tv. Something about dream ping pong? I saw a white flash and Q appeared.

      "I told you I would be back!" he announced. He snapped his fingers and had a bouquet of flowers which he handed to asuka. She thanked him. He then pulled a tissue paper out of nowhere and began rubbing his eyes with it. "I'm sorry I Abandoned you" he said in a semi sarcastic sob. "Back then I was just a new guide and totally unprepared for the responsibility of guiding someone. But all that has changed now. I know you've recently found out some important information and will make radical changes in your life very soon. It was your guides who approached me actually, They said Me of all the guides you have am the one who you find most easiest to channel. And they begged me to return"

      vvictor's head came through a portal. "We didn't beg you. we simply asked" He said and retracted his head back through the portal. Q made a half laugh and sounded like he was going to say something witty, but then he paused and said something well.

      "Heh... well, The important thing now is that I'm back you help you out. Especially after hearing this news I decided I wouldn't miss out on all the fun" He then sat down on the couch and put his hand on my shoulder. "the first job i have for you is well... a matter of importance to you. You now know there is a waking life Version of Asuka, and you may meet her by next year. And really it's not fair that you know she exists and now she has no idea that you exist". i got up.

      "Hey wait..." I said. "I did have a random thought before bed about using inception to do that... But I discarded it as a silly fantasy and discarded it."

      "Well, it's not such a silly idea after all." he said. Asuka was staring at him. "It's rather fitting the night after you see the movie inception, that we put it's ideas to use."

      "Is that really the right thing to do?" I asked. "It seems rather creepy"

      Q reminded me that me and her are soulmates so anything that would speed up the process of us meeting couldn't be that bad of an idea. He then conjured an image of B the psychic and she said "you two have already met in astral, you have similar rough pasts." Q closed the image and stated that it seems even the psychic seems to agree.

      "I remember the astral thing" I said. "that night I asked asuka before bed if there was a waking version of her, then i had a dream about us floating in some space and I found her and we..." I scratched my head and didn't finish the sentence.

      "yes," Asuka said. "I was only allowed to let you visit her once. but I have done other things too that I know you remember."

      "those dreams of pictures? viewing a school photo and you pointing tot he asian girl in the class?" Asuka nodded yes.

      "Anyway" Q said. "We've not much time right now. The Inception Team is already set up and they are waiting for you to do your part in it." I agreed. Q snapped his fingers.

      I then found myself in a high building, Standing near a team of a few people with guns pointed out windows. I recognized a few from the movie. Dom Cobb, and others. One Was there I recognised as Serenity? what was she doing here?

      "Serenity?" I said. "Why are you here?"

      She said she was Serenity's Twinner from an alternate dimension. In this dimension she works as a dream architect for this inception team. "No offense" I said to the team. "But, after watching that movie I saw how your team didn't know too much about dream control". Cobb went over to me and said that recently they've been improving their technology to implement better dream control. He then pulled out a spray bottle and sprayed my glasses. Everything went blurry for a second and then cleared.

      "This substance" Cobb Explained, "Enables the team to see through walls and other objects. It allows us to detect exactly what we are up against" I Walked towards a far wall. I could indeed see through the wall and down below I saw a few dozen dream characters trying to enter the building. As I was looking cobb said "No offense, but you don't seem very impressive yourself."

      I flew upwards while the team stared at me. I turned into a green Serpent with wings and a cobra head and flew through a window. I blew green fire on the army of DCs. After they were all dead I flew back into the window. Everyone was speechless and had shocked looks on their faces.

      serenity rolled her eyes and handed me a paper. on it was a drawing of a maze house. "We are on the second level of the dream." She said. "your soulmate is alseep in another building on this level. She is safe and is being monitored by another of our team. I Designed the third level. All you have to do is enter the third level and find her. She is surrounded by her subconsious DCs. We turned her against these DCs on this level. Now on the third level, you have to rescue her to implant the idea that You actually exist in the waking world. She may not remember for months but the idea will be implanted for her to begin looking for you. The design is much like her inner world house. only i have re arranged it so that there are no doors. There are portals hidden in each room that should help you navigate the dream. There is a great chance you will forget all of this, so We have set up computer consoles in each room displaying this information. You must hurry and find her as quick as you can because her subconcious will fight back soon to get us out of the dream"

      They layed me down on a bed and injected me with something. I fell asleep.

      Finding her

      I had a FA in some room. There were no walls. I became semi lucid. There was something i must do... I neede to change rooms but I couldn't remember how. I found a computer on the edge of the bed. On the screen i was logged onto MM and looking at a new Entry to Serenity's DJ. I began reading it but it wasn't all clear. something about her having a lucid dream about being in a house and being able to teleport to each room? As I read I got pulled into the the text of the dream and found myself in a similar room.

      There were men DCs around me
      . They seemed to ignore me. I asked them how to get out of this room? They shrugged. I walked around the room a bit wondering what to do. I neared a small garbage can.. I suddenly became dizzy and found myself teleported to another room. It was similar but it was empty. I went back to the space i came from and teleported into the other room. Now the Dcs seemed more agitated that I was back. There was a woman in a corner, she was looking around confused and a bit scared.

      "I know it!" I said. "You're keeping me from finding her." They all turned towards me to try to fight. I teleported to one and punched him a bunch of times. He fell. "too easy" I said and teleported to all the other ones killing them all. with The last guy, I turned into a werewolf and ripped his head off pretty much. The woman was looking at me stunned.

      "I won't kill you." I said. I wasn't exactly sure who she was but i kissed her on instinct. She didn't push me away at all but kissed back. I then began kissing her neck but all of a sudden my vision went black. I was about to wake up. I focused on my physical sensations of kissing more. it seemed to prolong the dream for a minute but I woke up.

      Back at the second level

      I was Back at the building in the second level but I wasn't lucid. The woman appeared out of nowhere. I went towards the walls. I realized I could see through them. I then Remembered something was done to my glasses that enabled me to see through walls.

      "What is going on here?" The woman asked. Someone said she was in a dream and she could wake up by dying or something. The woman didn't like the sound of that so she ran for a door. I followed her, she didn't seem to mind me coming along with her. We went down a strange staircase surrounded by crystal glass windows. We went out onto the street. An army of hundreds of DCs was running for us! She looked shocked a bit. Then she morphed. She was now a red snake with wings and a cobra head. She took off into the sky. I turned into a naga and followed her through a portal.

      Re united

      Me and the woman were both snakes flying through endless portals and vortices. We coiled around one another and kissed. We remembered ourselves in past lives and alternate dimensions. In one we are unicorns running along a rainbow. In others we are opposite genders, gay and lesbians... weird. We spin really fast and form a tornado around us.

      We land in a familiar dreamscape in the Naga Kingdom. A snake version of Gawn is sitting on a throne. he is smiling ear to ear and hissing at us as we approach him.

      Missing time

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    7. lucid but not long enough

      by , 08-07-2010 at 03:05 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Mountain sex

      Vague dream about running down a steep slope or trail. I was intercepted by Asuka. and the rest I will leave to your imagination.

      No Way

      I went to some strange house. In the entrance way there were some people there. There was some strange conversation about how I don't currently have a GF. and all the DC's were like "WHAT? But your such a handsome guy.".

      Apparently they wanted me to play a concert for them. I looked and found my guitar... but there was no amp to playy for them.

      Later I was in the backyard and a bunch of mindless Asian DCs were in the backyard. I remember one guy bumping into me so I Pushed him. He kind of shook his head and kept walking. He reminded me of those robots in japan, in one video where this guy touched a robot woman's shoulder and she shook her head the same way.

      Backyard Discipline

      I'm sitting on some lawn chairs in my backyard sitting beside the one new boy in my house.Shawna was sitting next to him, she looked about 12 years old. The boy nudged me and said "I like her but she told me she was a lesbian."
      I said "at that age? really? I think she just doesn't like you and made that up. She shouldn't lie like that." The boy looked at her again and then she shot him with an energy blast.

      data grabbed Shawna, and Asuka joined him... The bent her over and began spanking her yelling "Bad girl". The boy looked at me and giggled.


      I Was being shown a photograph of a family portrait. I recognized one of the girls as Chantaral who is the sister of the boy from the previous dream. I said I recognized the girl to whoever was showing me the picture.

      New house

      I went into a house that was supposed to be my friend Darcy's. I walked in and some of the characters seemed to recognize me. The entire place was freshly hung with Drywall. I remember talking with them for a bit.

      My attention turned to a door leading downstairs. I had sudden memoreis of this stairwell and being able to climb something in it. In the memories Yves was there.

      Seeing a movie

      I vaguely remember talking to some girl I knew from high school. We were outside at night time. after we talked i said I had to go see the movie "Inception". I then walked towards a movie plaza... but I got distracted by something. I forget what it was but my memory fades here.

      Strange place

      Third person view watching myself and some other people on a strange platform. There was a man saying there was something important about a phrase with the word "moon" in it. He was telling everyone that they should repeat this phrase a lot. But I forget what it was.


      I became lucid during the middle of some dream. I tried time dilation and did it wrong again. I put my hand on the ground and counted my fingers. I tried to mentally keepp track of every group of five and what it added up to. I got to around fourty. My vision went blank. But sometime later i was somewhere else. Very vague recall here.

      Tranny sitcom

      Some strange woman led me into her bedroom. She began stripping down. I then notice she was wearing a pair of male gonch and had what looked like an erection underneath. I was a bit confused so I asked what it was? I heard a drum roll going off in the background. at the final snare hit she said "It's something I can feel". Then I heard laughter and clapping in the background along with some silly music. I was still very confused as I woke up

      Car WTF

      I was flying on the highway and found some car being driven by teenage boys. There was an exterior car frame. and an interior frame which encased the driver and passengers. I flew into the car and had a FA in the backseat. The driver turned to me and said "I can't believe you suggested butting another car frame over this one it's stupid. " I became lucid and said "How come I always fucking dream about being in a car and I always get blamed for it's problems"

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    8. Finally some dreams to type.

      by , 07-21-2010 at 03:59 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      super WTF Asuka

      Ok... this is weird. I'm sitting on a chair in my house. Above me is a tiny woman floating in the air. She starts twirling and then she spins too hard. I hear a woman's voice say "oh no she's spinning to her death.". The small woman twirls around faster and looks like she is close to death. My perception zooms to 3rd person view, and I see asuka grab the woman from in front of her face. she then says "gotcha"


      I have a FA in my room. Some big guy enters and attacks me. I forget how But I easily kill him. I am easily amazed at how easy it was. I see Raven (some guy from didsbury) behind him with a shoe horn. I think he's going to attack me so i grab the shoehorn from him and start beating him with it. He offers no resistance... the shoehorn is more like a crowbar now. The person just stands and looks at me with blood pouring out his eyes. The look is haunting.


      This Starts off in some Lab where i am helping someone make a pill mixture. The person tells me to mix themmyself. I do and put them in a machine that makes the pills. After i put them in they come out all black and drooping with goup. I obviously made them wrong.... Anyway I ate some of them...

      I left and was walking down the street. I could feel the pills kicking in. I thought they were ritalin or something. For a second I thought had taken too much and would have a speed trip. But I forgot when I neared my house. I can't remember exactly when But I became lucid. i neared my house and saw three rowdy llama dogs. They kind of growled at me, chased each other in a circle and then ran to the back of the house. I started yrelling "Asuka asuka asuka" really fast for some reason.

      I walked up to the front of the house where there were some steps. There was no front door so I went around to the left side walking on the driveway. I came across a 2 step up that led to a platform that led to the side entrance of the house. Ok, this part was exactly like the house I use to live in chilliwack.

      I walked up to the door and opened it. Before me was an entrance way with a place to hang up your coat. Asuka was there. But she didn't even look at me. Usually, she greets me at the door with a smile and a hug. But this time she wouldn't even look at me. She was hanging something up and I asked. "Hi, how are you."

      "fine" she said but still refused to look at me.

      "don't ignore me" I said and she brushed past me and went out the door. I walked into my house and saw that it was filled with unfamiliar people and quite a few of them. A short girl walked passed me and I recognised her as Shawna. She didn't look at me either. Standing closest to the door was a man who looked like a ghost, all grey, and he was smiling to myself. He seemed harmless so I ignored him (boy was I wrong). To my left i saw another Asian woman sitting in a dining room at a table. She looked at me but said nothing. I turned right down the hallway. and to my right again was a kitchen. i entered it and I saw two children. A girl and a boy. Right, these were the kids I let stay at my house the night before... what were they still doing here?

      the little girl took my hand and held it. the boy looked at me and smiled.

      "what's your name?" I asked her.

      "Chantaral!" she replied. Strange name.... i've heard of Shantee, or Chantal.... but never Chantaral. Weird. I then remembered something wasn't right with asuka. I was going to look for her. I went back to the hallway where the weird guy was still standing and smiling by the entrance way.

      "hey, guys" I said "this is a DREAM!" I declared. The asian woman was still staring at me.

      The man nodded and said "good". I began to feel the dream destabilize.

      "'scuse me for a moment" I said to the man and put my hand on the ground. Time to use time dilation. I looked at my hand on the ground and it was crooked and started counting. "1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5" i said. Shit I thought I'm counting my fingers instead of counting upwards. But none the less a familiar force was pushing my hand down more that my arm started wavering. I started counting again while trying to visualize time slowing down. I found that hard to do and then the dream fell apart.

      some HH

      I was entering a dream lucid. I was in the middle of a conversation with two people at the dining room table. there was a man I didn't recognize sitting with asuka. I asked the man who he was. He gave a false name. "I'm her teacher/ He's my teacher" they both eerily replied in unison.

      more HH

      I was entering another dream. i saw asuka sitting up in bed with an ugly man beside her. Asuka was holding a flat computer monitor and projecting it towards something. I saw this from the side view
    9. my non lucid lucid!

      by , 06-26-2010 at 04:12 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)


      All i remember is that Lonewolf was in the dream.

      The Scariest Nightmare Ever

      I had a dream that I was actually playing one of them retarded facebook games. No details other than that. I hate facebook games and that is why this is a true nightmare.

      Lucid or not?

      I'm at a loss here... during the whole dream I was kind of convinced this wasn't a dream, and yet another part of me was entirely convinced it was a dream. Therefore i started doing my normal Lucid routine.

      I was in a kitchen, with some people. I was drinking hot chocolate out of a pixie cup. It tasted good. I tasted it more to incorporate the sense of taste into the dream. I then smelled the hot chocolate to incorporate that sense into the dream. I finished the cup after in one swig and slammed the cup down at the table. I looked at my hand and had a hard time splaying my fingers out properly. I placed my hand on the table and stretched my fingers out. I tried to feel the touch of the table.

      I looked at the space between my middle and index finger and began counting slowly. At first I was expecting the dream to stretch out... but nothing out of the ordinary happened. at around 20, A force seemed to place my hand harder on the table. My dream forearm lifted a bit as a seemingly magnetic force seemed to place my elbow in line with my hand. At 30 I stopped. Everything seemed very vivid. I had no idea how long i wanted to be lucid for. With me in the kitchen were two women that looked like my grandmother. Asuka and shawna? whatever they were playing a game with me or something... I looked at the table and saw a pair of glasses on it. The nose bridge was just glass which was part of both lenses. I asked "who's are those?". The shorter grandma took them. My physical body shifted in my sleep and I woke up.


      Very long dream of walking around in a town that seemed to be a part of chilliwack B.C. I was walking to someone's house on a street, when I saw A guy I recognized. I followed him and talked for a bit, when a Pretty blonde woman I seemed to know joined us.

      I invited her over to my house. We go in and we go to my bedroom. We talk for a bit but I forget what it's about. for some reason I go to a living room where theres a folder witha piece of paper on top. The papers says something about me. I go back to the room, and the woman seems hesitant to stay, I think she's afraid i will make a move on her. There was something important i needed to say to her, so I i poured her a glass but my memory fades here.
    10. A lucid

      by , 06-23-2010 at 04:53 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      weird lucid

      My memory starts when the person I know as L who looked like David Rockefeller, showing up in a black limo while I am walking down a generic street.
      He gets out and I can tell he wants to use me in some way to get into my inner world. I run away into someones yard. I jump over a fence, and now I am floating. i touch the ground and continue running, not looking behind me at all. The next fence has an opening in it. Right in the middle of the fence is a square opening, so i dive through it head first. I keep running until I come to another fence with a large square opening, so this time I go feet first floating through it.

      I go into a yard that is familiar and go behind a stone wall. I then jump up onto a small concrete ledge with a stone roof with a mural painted on the ceiling. I gradually become lucid during a period of several seconds. I am staring at the mural. All I see is paintings of Asuka on the murals. I stare at one for a while and notice one of the eyelids begins to come out of the painting. I think "oh great she's hiding in the mural and is coming out to see me!"

      I instinctively put my hand on the mural. I look at it against the part of the dream and begin counting. I count up to ten, I didn't want to go high just in case I wasn't doing it right. I pulled my hand away and I watched as the dream was bending towards me like the corner edges of paper coming together. I watched as it went back to normal.

      I had something in my hand. It was like a metal dog tag with an inscription on it. It was by Walms. It wals talking about time dilation. it read "focus on hand - the dream. Count and then jump". I had a vague image in my head of walms with his hand on the ground and counting. when he was done I see him spring up right into the air.

      missing time


      sex dream I kept waking up from. In the dream i would be in the same bed doing my thing. Then i would wake up and be in the same bed alone. This happened several times.

      strange game

      I remember being in some building where we were participating in some wierd game. We had to go to different tables and do different actions or something. I didn't understand it well so i went outside for a smoke. It was night out and I saw something moving in the shadows to my left.

      "Is that somebody there?" I asked. I heard a woman's voice and saw the shadow come forward. There was a smaller shadow with her. they moved into the light a bit. they stood in front of me with steps leading down behind them. We were in a conversation I can't recall. I watched as the woman walked, she went from slim to a very obese woman. She asked me if I gave the joint to someone.

      as she asked it, more people came from walking up the steps. there were a few Women and one really short brown guy with a mean look on his face. someone asked "you gave a joint to someone?"

      i said "yea, It was a few inches long but not very big." I showed the thickness of it between my fingers, indicating it was really small. "It was a fucking pinner joint!" I said. Everyone laughed except the small brown guy.


      some vague dream aof walking around in my basement with asuka and other inner world characters.

      Asuka attacked

      yet again. I was in some dark place watching some weird creature put a series of spikes through her and she was screaming. It faded out.


      I am Shawna from junior high. Through her eyes I see myself sitting down and playing guitar. WTF?!?!?

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    11. a lucid.

      by , 06-18-2010 at 05:04 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I have tunnels written down... but no recollection of it. That and four other fragments flashed to mind also with no real memory.

      Lucid in a trashed house.

      All i remember is the sensation I was dreaming at first. Then I sat up in bed in a dark room. i looked at my left hand and had five fingers, pulled it away and back and now i had seven fingers but smaller. I pulled away once more and back again. I had a large finger on one side and about ten others which gradually decreased in size across the spectrum of my hand. I flexed my hand and made a fist. Physically, I felt only five fingers flex, but watched the other fingers flex. It's as if the image i saw of my hand was super imposed over my dream body's physical five fingers. interesting.

      I looked around the room a bit. It was dark, but there were many interesting glow in the dark thingies on the wall. All shining with a bright green. It looked rather cool. The glow in the dark effect was much better than waking life glow in the dark stuff. Anyway, I get out of bed and leave the bedroom. when I open the door all I can see is rubble. From the bottom half of the wall and up is entirely gone... leaving a few scraps. what was a hallway is now a path. I see a door frame that leads to the entrance to the house. I walk towards it but find i am blocked by a wire mesh rubble pile.

      I think. "no way this is my inner world... better get to my real inner world." I turn around and head back to the bedroom door (only the bedroom seemed to stand). but then I have a FA somewhere else.


      FA in the middle of the street. I am talking to my dad who's driving by in a car.

      Grandma WTF

      I am talking to my grandma and she says "Robert it's time for you to move to edmonton and live with my niece."

      Stupid cat

      i'm back at the rubble house sitting in what was a hallway. A black cat comes and sits on my lap. I am about to pet it when it arches it's back like it's going to take a crap. Well not on my lap.. so I pull it up and throw it back to the floor. It gets on my lap again and tries the same thing. I hold it and try to put it somewhere where it can't get to me. it threatens to scratch if I throw it again. so i just hold it to the floor while it does it's thing.

      Synth WTF?!?!?!?

      i'm outside on the same street with the smashed house. some kids are hanging out by some truck. they say they have awesome new instruments for sale. All i see is a bag of liquefied reece's pieces. I depress a part of the bag and suddenly I hear a vivid sound of a synth keyboard. I think it's cool. I tap the bag again and figure out some notes. So i start playing some synth vivaldi. Then the bag breaks and the liquid crap starts leaking everywhere.

      That 70's show

      i'm watching TV. I can see all the actors from That 70's show. Red is sitting in a chair reading a newspaper. He says "these kids and their damn birds" The camera zooms out and the living room is filled with all these bird cages filled with all sorts of birds. The mother's head is severed and is up on a stick that stands by itself. But the head of the mother starts talking and joking with red. I think "this is the only good episode of 'That 70's Show' I have ever seen."
    12. all in a night's day pt 2

      by , 06-12-2010 at 09:12 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Rest of my dreams

      kindergarten jail (Abridged)

      I have to go to court, because someone accused me of child molestation or something. Asuka doesn't believe my innocence, but I tell her to check my dream log, she does and knows it wasn't me.

      Judge: You have the right to an attorney!

      Me: I reserve my right.

      Judge: What?

      I pull out a law book and read a passage about how an attorney's first duty is to the court and NOT his client. Therefore, I don't want one. The accuser looks like Ganon from Zelda: ALTTP. He summons a 3d image of me molesting a child.

      Me: that's not me. I can tell by the person's energy.
      Accuser: outrageous!

      I point at the image with my pinkie. The image changes into L who's molesting the child. I keep pointing at it and i see L is drawing energy from the Child's base chakra. The energy goes into him and then a Reptilian alien draws it out of him. weird.

      Accuser: You are only manufacturing evidence!

      Judge rules That I have to spend a dream year in a prison that's filled with children, If I touch one I spend another dream year there.

      Me: piece of cake.

      I only remember being in a jail with children where we had to do crappy arts and crafts all year long. Asuka visits me there as a young black girl. We build letter blocks together but mine are all crappy. I zoom out of the scene and am back in the courtroom watching the scene on a TV.

      Accuser: he did his year, and was well behaved, but he failed do to build any letter blocks properly!
      Judge: Sustained he served his sentence. he is a free man.

      Back at home

      asuka has disapeared. I'm talking to my guide outside of my house at night time. I remember being really pissed about spending a whole year in jail.

      Rescuing Asuka

      Me and Asuka are running in a town being chased by a black helicopter manned by L. I fly up and try to take it down but he keeps dodging. I get cornered at a gas station. Since I'm not lucid i forget my dream powers.

      I go from under the roof. i fly across the plaza once more and then sit on the ground. I wave my hands up in the air in surrender. L is an old man who looks like he belongs to the illuminati. I ask him "will i go to jail again?" he says "no, you surrendered... can't be punished for that.

      Back in court

      I am standing before the judge between two Asukas. One is fake and one is real.

      Judge: which one do you want to be with?

      L sitting in the audience shoots an astral tentacle into my head and makes me pick the fake one.

      Judge: Asuka now belongs to L.

      He rules in favor of L.