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    MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.


    This journal will account my many dreams!!! yay! Anyway, I have had so much amazing synchronistic occurrences around dreams. I have helped myself and a few others through my dreams! I am doing my best to find out how to live my life by my dreams.

    Main entities:

    Asuka: My dream wife. I am purely convinced that she's not another aspect of my mind. She exists separate from me. Lately I have been running into people similar to her in waking life. She's sweet, very kind, and has a strange sense of humor. She has a yellow aura.

    Nomad: The guy that got me into shared dreaming. He doesn't show up in dreams as often... but back in the day we dream shared lots. He got me into the dream lover thing and also has experience with meeting their twinners on the waking plane.

    Raven: My other dream sharing friend. She helps me and asuka a lot. I wish I could recall her more.

    Data: He maintains the shields in my inner world.

    Victor: My dream guide... though he hasn't shown up lately.

    Shawna: A soul that shared a body with a woman named Aeona, Raven's guide Q appointed me guardian of Shawna when she was separated from Aeona.

    Other dream children: Two babies between me and asuka and also two other orphans that now reside in my inner world. We are all like a dream family... Aren't I creepy?

    The dream plane:

    I look at dreams as a separate plane of existence. Our waking realities are dense energy that give the illusion of solidity. Next is the Astral plane that is just outside of our waking perception. The dream plane vibrates at a light frequency and consits of bubbles. Every person when not traveling out of body dream in their inner world. Anyone can shape what they want their inner world to look like, and also use it as a focus point for the law of attraction. You can invited other dream entities to stay in your inner world... but be careful, it may attract demons. Dream sharing can take place inside your inner world or the inner world of someone else. other dream places are bubbles made of less dense energy.

    1. A few funny dreams.

      by , 10-15-2010 at 01:51 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I'm in the woods on quite a number of trails. I come across a Cannibal, He is all dirty and has matted brown hair. He is eating off of some dead person. I suddenly have a picture album of him at the scene. I then run into my cousin Kari, she says she is on her way to meet this cannibal. I tell her that he will eat and kill her, but she doesn't believe me even when I show her the picture album.

      Interpretation: This dream forsee that my cousin will have a disease that will eat away at her, maybe cancer or a flesh eating disease. Even if I show her this dream and warning she will probably refuse to accept it.

      Guitar queero

      I'm in some place where I see an asian guy playing a guitar. There are guitars behind him so i inspect them and pick one up. At first it is a full six string guitar. But when I play it, it turns intoa guitar hero guitar. I can still play it and make music with it however... LOL

      Kaomea visits

      I had a dream that she visited me suddenly in waking life. I told her that her coming is absolutely crazy. The is in agreement with that and laughs. We are supposed to go out somewhere but All I find are bagy and torn pairs of pants. I yell at my brother for mixing my laundry with his (again). Kaomea returns from shopping with three pairs of pants. The dream diverges.

      In one dream the pairs of pants fit me. In the other dream the pants are baggy and torn and are for her to wear so that we both can go out looking stupid together.

      Dog WTF

      Asuka and Kaomea merge and turn into a small dog that is multi colored. The dog surprises me in the backyard and licks my face. Then it tries to stick it's tongue in my mouth. i laugh and say That I can't make out with a dog... LOL