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    MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.


    This journal will account my many dreams!!! yay! Anyway, I have had so much amazing synchronistic occurrences around dreams. I have helped myself and a few others through my dreams! I am doing my best to find out how to live my life by my dreams.

    Main entities:

    Asuka: My dream wife. I am purely convinced that she's not another aspect of my mind. She exists separate from me. Lately I have been running into people similar to her in waking life. She's sweet, very kind, and has a strange sense of humor. She has a yellow aura.

    Nomad: The guy that got me into shared dreaming. He doesn't show up in dreams as often... but back in the day we dream shared lots. He got me into the dream lover thing and also has experience with meeting their twinners on the waking plane.

    Raven: My other dream sharing friend. She helps me and asuka a lot. I wish I could recall her more.

    Data: He maintains the shields in my inner world.

    Victor: My dream guide... though he hasn't shown up lately.

    Shawna: A soul that shared a body with a woman named Aeona, Raven's guide Q appointed me guardian of Shawna when she was separated from Aeona.

    Other dream children: Two babies between me and asuka and also two other orphans that now reside in my inner world. We are all like a dream family... Aren't I creepy?

    The dream plane:

    I look at dreams as a separate plane of existence. Our waking realities are dense energy that give the illusion of solidity. Next is the Astral plane that is just outside of our waking perception. The dream plane vibrates at a light frequency and consits of bubbles. Every person when not traveling out of body dream in their inner world. Anyone can shape what they want their inner world to look like, and also use it as a focus point for the law of attraction. You can invited other dream entities to stay in your inner world... but be careful, it may attract demons. Dream sharing can take place inside your inner world or the inner world of someone else. other dream places are bubbles made of less dense energy.

    1. Oh well.

      by , 02-24-2020 at 10:29 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      jamie dreams

      First one she is sitting by a swamp on a giant leaf. she seems really down or depressed.

      Second one is a flash of her meeting me at an airport. speaking of which already got my first trip for youtube booked.https://hauntedhillhouse.com/booking-calendar the rob tv.


      Almost lucid. In this one i'm at some elaborate mall or something with my brother. i'm walking down long hallway I think my boots have anti grav. I start flying up and past the people staring at me in the hallway. I get to an open area and forget what happens after.

      i hope i have better jamie dreams this week.
    2. Trying to write down dreams again.

      by , 11-27-2018 at 07:18 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      October dreams.


      A dream from Jamie's perspective, she's driving in a car by didsbury and saying to herself, "I won't talk to Rob unless he sends me another message."

      more Jamie dreams

      I'm outside my house at night walking with Dara. Jamie is behind us and she looks super mad. In another dream I am sitting on a couch with some girl and not sure who and Jamie pries the top of the dream apart and peers in, she has a very dull and disappointed look on her face

      Some days later I dream me and her are in front of some papers and we are planning where to live?

      I'm in some weird shop and some youtuber I hate is there but in this dream we seem to be friends. I become lucid and spend the rest of the dream trying to convince him it's a dream.


      This was a crazy night.

      dream 1: I was hanging with jamie and we seemed to be on okay terms. We were sitting under a water bridge or something when some woman with wings flies up to me. She starts flirting with me and puts something over my head and i just laugh. I get a mirror out and it turns out the girl put a mask on me that makes my face look like my face but plastic. I pull the mask thingy off but it comes off as some mesh leggings. I look over to Jamie who seems to have changed her face to someone unrecognizable. OMG I just realized why she was so mean in the next dreams.

      Dream 2: I'm having an awkward meeting with my dad. We decide to go to some restaurant but all the tables and chairs are in uncomfortable positions.

      FA, In a basement I think Jamie is there and some other people. I'm sitting on a couch and I find a small picture of an evil looking woman with brown hair. I feel a demonic presence attached to this picture. The picture jumps out of my hands and I try to catch it. It lets out a small laugh as I chase it all over the couch then I notice it's left a small trail behind of shit. All over the couch. I frantically try to clean it up and almost throw up. When Done, I look for the picture again.

      FA, in the same basement on a couch. People are there and I ask them If they remember the dream we just had? The one with the demon causing all sorts of trouble? Everyone looks at me like I've gone insane? I look to the couch and Jamie is there staring into my brother's eyes like she is in love and they are whispering something i can't hear. I get up from the couch and say, "Are you two getting into something here?". My brother shakes his head ,"no". He gets ups from the couch and leaves. I notice his friend richard there at the other couch. Jamie says, "Robert don't".

      "You know what pisses me off?" I say. As My brother moves away Jamie falls backwards on the couch. Her mouth a big ,"O", of surprise as in ,"How dare you look at me this way?" And she moves her arms to cover her breasts which I can't see anyway because she's wearing a dress that covers them. but what she doesn't realize is that by falling backwards the bottom of her dress is up, and not only is she not wearing anything underneath, but I can also see everything.

      I ignore that, and keep going. "It's that after all these years you're still not really my friend." Jamie scrunches her forehead, a look, which I've seen before when she's about to disagree with me. My memory fades here.

      next few days:

      Dreams of Jamie taper off, but I remember some fragments.


      Dream of the school we usually dream at. Jamie is sitting there on the curb and she is saying, "You're not going to hit me with that are you?" I look down and I am holding some sort of Disc or plate... "No," I say, "Why would I do that?"

      Then the next day I have a fragment where She is smiling at me and we seem to be on good terms.

      Bjork Dreams

      One where I find Bjork in the gymnasium of the school. She says she wrote a song for me. She plays it and it's good. i wonder If I'll be able to remember the melody. Sadly i don't.

      Other dream was I was flying around a large abandoned city. I heard Bjork singing a melody. I began singing the same melody after she stopped. I flew up to her and she was floating in the air with some man. She asked if it was me who was just singing her song? I forget what answer I give and I just fly off.

      Other non lucids

      In one dream i am at my house? or someone else's. And I go outside and see a Big dragon roaming around. I hide and people I seem to know keep driving by on ATVs Asuka is in one and she said The girls have taken the remaining dybbuk boxes and have put them away safely. I explain that won't get the demons out of Jamie's inner world. She said it's a start.


      A dream where I can see Data trying to get into Jamie's inner world. I think I am watching on a screen. He comes to a shield he can't get past. He plants explosives at the base and it blows a tunnel underneath. At this point Data is so clear he looks exactly like the TV character. I usually never see him like that. He keeps tunneling with his phaser or something. He keeps saying what he is doing and what he is going to try, but it sounds too technical. At this point I think I'm watching a lost episode of Star trek. Some giant tendril rises from underneath him it looks like it's connected to something from the movie tremors. It begins pulling Data under and he still keeps talking just louder. Eventually his head falls off and everything fades to black.

      Jesus is being creepy again

      i woke up in the middle of the night and thought to myself ,"will I ever see Jamie again?" I fall into a dream vision and see Jesus with a big goofy grin on his face. He is pointing at the gates of heaven where a bright light is obscuring what's behind the gates. "You'll see her there!!!" Jesus booms without moving his mouth.

      What about before then?

      Semi lucid

      Dreamed I was walking somewhere in the wilderness at night. I discovered I could float if I pawed the air a bit. I had to find a washroom So I came across a familiar door that went under a hill. I knew it was a place under construction and late night people might be working so I floated in through the top of the door way which was very tall. Inside was a place with fresh drywall and there was a guy mixing mud loudly so I floated above him. He didn't notice. At the end of the hall was a large room maybe for a kitchen or living room. There was another hallway so I took that one and spotted another worker where i knew the washroom was. I floated above him too and went in the doorway. i did my business in the room. When i left one of the workers spotted me so i flew fast out the entrance door.


      Dreamed I was with some of my co workers in a large room that seemed filled with water. Only we could breathe under it. One girl was still ina sybmarine or something but it was really small. A floated up to her friend and smiled at her.

      Concert surprise

      Dream about some youtuber guy. We were at a music hall or something where a party was going on. We discovered we could do some really crazy dream parkour as the gravity seemed light. He found some markings high up that said if he could follow the parkour course in the hall three times, A well known rock band would show up. I watched him do the parkour sequence 3 times. On the last try he was struggling with it. He managed to do it right and suddenly a band i never heard of showed up and started to play or something.


      Various dreams of martial arts training. In one i'm being trained in a kung fu form by some chinese guy. He claims he is teaching me tiger and Crane, but the sequence i show him is different than what he is teaching. In another dream i am in a simulation where I am training with a wooden sword. A guy goes to stab me with his right sword and take mine and try to stab his right arm to deflect. The trainer says I'm not doing what he showed me. He asks again what should I do when someone swings with his right from that angle? I just say I have to be faster. The trainer shakes his head. In another dream i am practicing the form with a coworker. We go through a sequence and she says she doesn't like that particular pose.


      I kept dreaming of getting messages from Jamie on Facebook, but they were all mean.

      Dream flash about seeing Jamie at a stadium with her own trainer? She looks like an anime girl and has a green bandana. She looks very angry but also determined. I wonder why I am there? Was I training for this? Or were we supposed to dream battle? i never got a conclusion to this.

      Basement 1

      This is after Raven telling me she remembered putting up a shield in someone's inner world. I'm wandering a basement when I run into a woman with long dark hair. She also has dark skin and pulls me into a bedroom. We start kissing. Not sure who this was.

      Basement 2

      I'm in Jamie's basement and I am wandering around. I go into a room where I feel a dark presence. I feel a presence possess me and i feel really dark like when i'm in SP. I go up to some people and ask them if I seem different. No body seems to notice anything but then my voice changes.

      Basement 3

      I'm in the basement but find extra rooms where there's people in there with a long scenario to kill me. I Run into Asuka and data and they both say Jamie is nowhere to be found, but that this place is crawling with Demons, so we decide to leave.

      Basement 4

      I enter the basement again the next day but get trapped and held down by hoodlums. An evil looking woman emerges and gives and evil smile. she says I'll never get back in here again.

      Jesus again

      I'm at the Dream highschool that me and Jamie use as a neutral ground to hang out in dreams. It's only me and her in class and Jesus is the teacher. He hands us a large book and says this is what we are to study for our assignment. I leaf through and there's a bunch of sci-ency and spiritual technobabble. One chapter catches my eye it says something about Jamie being suicidal? I look at Jamie but she's almost leaving the classroom. I stop her and say we should study. She says she knows it all and repeats all the terms in the book back to me except for the last one. She then leaves. Then i think she didn't want to talk about that last subject.

      Jamie tries to contact me

      A dream of talking on a computer screen with jamie. She says she misses the dreams and she can't find me. I say I can't get to her house since her shield went up and I got kicked out by some some woman.

      phone call

      I'm at home and Asuka hands me the phone and says it's from Jamie. I barely hear Jamie when I burst into tears and then I ask her why she hasn't called me in years and why now of all times? then I wake up.


      I am in the Dark Tower World with Jamie we are walking with roland in a huge desert. IT's so windy that Roland is wearing some large archaic goggles to protect his eyes from the dust. I guess we were telling him about our friendship because he suddenly seems perplexed and then almost mad. He barks at us, "Why don't you two just contact one another?" and turns his head away in disapproval. I start to say I did attempt contact but then I woke up.

      The Rose

      I am at the corner of Second and Forty-Sixth in a vacant lot in New York standing over a Rose. IT's The Rose from the Dark Tower novels. Jamie is talking to me either in my head or through an earpiece for some reason we think this can get me back into her inner world. She asks me If I'm at the rose? We seem to making a coordinated effort or something. I am greatly transfixed by the rose. "Yes I am at the rose." I say. "...I'm always at the rose..." Then I wake up. Well I guess I screwed that one up.

      Lucid 1

      I become Lucid in my house when I discover gravity is light. I can't think of any plans so i look into a mirror. I don't try to change my image but the reflection starts smiling at me and looks evil. It fades out shortly after.

      Lucid 2

      I become lucid in a movie theater when I float up. I leave the theater and look for someone. I wind up in the projection room and my vision starts to go dark. I keep saying ,"Computer: lights" a few times until I see the light is on finallyI seem very determined to do something. I enter a place with seating tables where people are eating and I spot an old co worker Daniel. I go up to him and tell him it's a dream. He doesn't seem to care much but after I keep talking he looks somewhat interested.

      "If you're wondering who I am," I say, "I might be your subconscious!" But I screw up the word:
      subconscious. I briefly fall back into SP and I am struggling to talk because I can feel my physical jaw is mostly numb. I snap back into the dream. "I'm sorry i meant: subconscious. I can't talk sometimes..." Dan just shrugs. Then I clue into what I need him for: He has to get into Jamie's inner world to take her shields down because I am not allowed. I have to try to convince him. "We are going to use your dreams to build your confidence... With GIRLS!" Dan then perks up a bit and seems more interested and almost smiles, which is strange for him. "For this next mission," I continue," You are going to get to practice with a very SPECIAL girl!" Jamie's voice booms into my head. "Robert... REALLY?" she sounds really annoyed. But Dan agrees. I pull up my watch with a display and see Asuka and Data behind two separate screens. Asuka says, "Im planting a homing device on him now!". Data is at a display with a keyboard and his fingers are moving at blinding speed. He says, "Locking onto him now and Transporting." then I wake up.

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    3. Almost Lucid.

      by , 06-12-2018 at 02:12 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I was walking in a town like the one I grew up in which is chilliwack b.c. I discovered gravity was light and I began flapping my arms. I went up and down a street towards downtown. When I was nearing downtown everything became cartoonish. Suddenly I was flying inside a very large building. It was like downtown outside became inside?

      Happy Birthday Jamie

      Had a dream I ran into her but she was all different. At first she was asking me a real absurd favour... Can't remember what it was. But I had a strong "no," reaction and she dropped it. I then asked if it was her birthday today? And she said she was trying to distance herself from her birthday and she no longer identified with it? At first I thought she was joking but she seemed pretty serious about it. LOL

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    4. Spring Competition Day 8

      by , 04-25-2017 at 01:50 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Flying High Again (Full nld)

      Just remember that I'm flying high above the earth. I can see continents and I can also see names of countries like "Tibet". My mind tries to justify flying so high. I look below and see that I'm on a zipline??? Weird.

      I find a place to land. I somehow drop into some sort of garage or shed. My vision zooms 3rd person and I can see two people are about to come in the shed. First person now and I don't wanna get caught. I see some outside light on the bottom of a wall and somehow crawl under it making myself flat. I get outside just in time! I walk somewhere else but the dream fades.

      Note: WBTB at 5 am.

      No, Not the Bees (Frag)

      Fragment of a girl eating some cake. She starts choking and gives a garbled scream. I ask what's wrong? She keeps gargling and suddenly some bees start flying out of her mouth. I jump back freaking out.


      Slabs? (frag)

      Weird frag about Asuka showing me how dreams are represented in concrete slabs? I was in a black place and a concrete slab would zoom into view and Asuka would be there saying something about dreams. then I'd dream inside what the slab represented. Then Asuka would bring another and I'd be in a different dream. Then another and another. After a while it was no longer Asuka showing me but a man. This happened dozens of times as I tossed and turned in my bed.

      Why (full nld)

      I am walking around in a house that i think belongs to K my cousin. The place seems long abandoned. I'm having dream memories of the day before? That earlier I had my friend from 2011 Jamie over at this place and I was giving her a tour... (gosh I hope it wasn't her eating bee cake from my frag.) So I was walking around the now empty place feeling sad she was gone again, and thinking that her presence was so full when she was around that when she left it was like a deafening silence. I imagined she was still there. "Here's the living room." I said, "And here's the balconey where you can smoke." I walked to a door that led to a little office, "And here's a private office for all your work."

      Eventually I walked to the balconey and jumped off floating down to the ground. It was damp and wet out and I left on a path of dirt.

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    5. more non lucid dreams...

      by , 10-24-2010 at 03:29 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Sex dream... but it was interesting to note, the "hole" I was screwing turned into a portal and led me into an alternate sex dream... so yeah, figure that one out.

      Asuka is a computer nerd.

      fragment of going into a room where Asuka was ignoring me because she was on the computer and looking at something.


      I'm on some weird ship above earth. I'm fighting some cyborg guy... and a clone of him, and thena brown clone of him? I don't know. There was lots of floating around in this fight with anti grav stuff. Much like the one fight from inception. I wish I'd remembered more details on this one.


      first I was walking into some house. I found a guy there and asked him for a ride. I was in toronto or something, and he said "sure". I was with some woman (asuka?) and we were all handed pamphlettes. We got into a taxi drive by the guy.

      Then later We wound up someplace with Haley. Asuka merged with haley and then started taunting me on my current lack of sex life. I remember walking away feeling pretty down on myself.


      A dream about some strange dogs and having them bite my arms.


      I was in a strange place with some people. I flew there and I landed. I told the people that I could fly like superman. They were like ORLY? and then I jumped up but only floated. I began making a buzzing sound with my mouth and then I started to fly better. They seemed pretty impressed.


      I just remember hanging around a bunch of guys, and at one point I asked someone for a smoke and they gave it to me.
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    6. still bad luck staying lucid.

      by , 10-11-2010 at 09:39 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      yeah and WTF is with no comments when my recall goes back up?


      Fighting like a video Game

      I am being led by the hand somewhere. I can't see but i notice the sensation of passing through a doorway and into a hall. My perspective switched to third person view and I see the dream like a 2d video game from the mid nineties. Kaomea, is leading me into a room. I am bounded and blindfolded. She pulls out a hammer and is about to knock me around, she has a dark aura which means she is infected with dark energy. Asuka flies through a portal and manifests DCs, in between me and Kaomea, since i have 3rd person view I play my "guy" with a video game controller.

      I see my self jump up like a spinning top and bounce of all the heads of the Dcs. when I hit them an animated wave flies from them just like In a video game. I kille them all, land and fall over and roll around. On the side I can see Asuka struggling to stop Kaomea from hurting me. But somehow during the struggle Asuka gets infected with the dark energy.

      Missing time

      Semi lucid

      Fa, I decide to gooutside in the middle of the night for a smoke. I have the sense that I am dreaming so I try to fly. i manage to float in the air a bit and then drop. I forget my lucidity and fly to a store to get a midnight drink.

      House wtf.

      I travel to Ontario to see my family there but instead enter my inner world house. I walk around and the place is filled with people. I see Dan and tell him i have the money to pay him back from years ago.

      I decide to go downstairs. The house is huge and impressive. I know I've never seen it before and yet I recognize the place. I look around and find every room from memory is there. I go into the living room area of the basement. There are lots of people seated at a table. The all are sitting at computer consoles. I wait to use one, but then everyone gets up and makes the consoles disappear.

      I go upstairs and havea smoke outside. I go back in and still realize I have the butt in my hand. I go into the kitchen to look for a garbage can but I can't find any.I find Asuka in the kitchen baking cookies. But she looks worn out. It's like those over exaggerated commercial of smokers when their face gets wrinkly. I ask her where the garbage can is. she says she doesn't care anymore about leaving garbage around, just eat a cookie and things will be fine. I shrug and go downstairs. I see a pile of ashes on a part of the ground.

      I sit down on a couch Next to Kao mea, several other people are on the couch as well. We are watching some movie.

      Fa, and I'm on the couch, the lights are out and everyone's asleep. Kaomea is falling asleep and leaning on me. I begin whispering things in her ear but have no idea what i am saying. She starts leaning too heavily on me and pretty soon I feel like she is crushing me. a wave of panic hits me and I try to push her off,but i notice my hand is in her hair. (apperently i was running my hands through her hair earlier). I try to get my hand out but my hand is caught in her hair. I don't want ot hurt her and start screaming. She wakes up and screams as well and I wake up.


      Asuka was healed earlier and me and Raven go after kaomea to heal her as well. she's by a large pool, and jumps in. She turnes into a mermaid and says. "I love swimming naked with men who's souls are old." At first my heart stops but then I realize she was giving me a back-handed compliment because I am the soul of a sage. I jump in after her.

      some weird creepy mermen are luring her into a water abyss. They start making her say mean things to me. I lose control and I begin to battle her. Raven is with us now trying to stop me. She reminds my I am supposed to fight the creepy mermen.

      missing time

      back at the house.

      I go back into the house I was in earlier and find it overun with Dcs. i enter some cafeteria and get my food. I sit down at a table and some guy takes my plate and spits on it. He laughs. I tell him I'll leave him alone for now, but should he ever do that again i'll make him drink my piss in a pixie cup.

      He stands up and is 10 ft tall. He follows me into a hallway where I sit and meditate. The man grabs a huge guitar case and smashes it against my back. It slightly hurts, but not really. his guitar case is broken. I scratched. my back slightly and say "Was there a slight breeze in here? someone should close a door." I stood up and he looked feaked out. I shoved him through a wall leaving a big hole.

      sometime Later I go downstairs and find a hospital like place that is sealed by a big blue door. i walk back up the steps with people in green and blue medical uniforms following me.
    7. 2 short lucids.

      by , 09-12-2010 at 02:25 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)


      I became lucid somewhere outside with a bunch of people. H was there merged with Asuka (seriously what is up with that?). I flapped my arms and flew up and hit my head on a ceiling. H looked up and said "hey how do you do that" I said it's a dream or something and she floated up with me. We flew up somewhere and i grabbed her and kissed her. Asuka was now now wearing a sailor girl outfit. I remember feeling the fabric on her back while we kissed. it felt pretty real. I can't remember what happened after.

      Finding LSD

      I was with my brother somewhere and he pointed to a jacket or something. I unraveled it and found another cloth underneath it. I unwrapped the cloth and found two bags. One bag was a full sheet of blotter LSD, in the other bag were smaller amounts but the pieces were cut out in the shape of animals. I tore off a piece of the blotter sheet and ate it.

      I took the other bag with the smaller stuff with me and put it my pocket and took off. I walked down a hallway for some time and noticed people were following me. I thought they had suspected me of carrying drugs so i found a bathroom and went there. I went into a stall and pulled the baggy out and looked at the shapes of acid paper. I looked and saw there was a window in the stall and the people were walking into the bathroom. I was worried if they had seen me so i flushed the bag down the toilet.

      Pumpkin house

      I was driving with my dad at night time. We were heading to a place i seemed to know how to get too. We went down some sort of rocky road near a mountain. I told my dad when we passed the driveway, but he insisted his way was the right one. Up ahead we hit a road block and had to turn back. We founf the driveway and turned in. The driveway all the way to the house was lit with jacko lanterns on each side. We went in.

      I became lucid going up some stairs. I wanted to make sure my perception was correct so when i got to the top of the stairs I looked back and took a mental note of what they looked like. I turned my head away and looked back to see if it would change. It was still the same, that meant i reached a solid dream place, probably someones house. I was going to incorporate more senses into the dream when I woke up.

      there were other dreams but i forgot them by now.
    8. a couple dreams.

      by , 09-06-2010 at 03:48 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)


      I was with a group of people and decided to take off flying. I was going over an outside landscape that was lush with trees and a certain path. I flew until i came across the same scene that i had seen before. that looked like the one i left my friends on. while i was flying i knew that i had wings, i could feel them sort of.

      Train WTF

      I was on a train going through what appeared to be India. I got off the train and wanted to avoid some people so i hid with a couple others behind some strange trees. I waited for the other people to leave. When they were gone i left and found a bathroom and drank some tap water. It tasted wrong. I wondered if tap water in india was bad for you. I eventually boarded the train again.


      Just being in a strange house and i appeared to be living with Jaas and his gf Haley.
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    9. I finally reached one of my main lucid goals.

      by , 07-27-2010 at 02:43 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      wow. ok... so I've been dreaming with Asuka well over 8 months. in dream time that's two and a half years.. In all that time, i have never been lucid and shared a tender moment with her.. until today! So many things stood in our way. My doubts and frustrations, everyone Else who for months on the dream plane who mind controlled her, infected her and gang raped her (whether you were aware of what you did or not but you know who you are). In spite of all your crap, I still reached my goal.... as simple but hard as it was. So guys, instead of trying to be better than everyone... why not instead rise against innumerable odds and find your own moments of love and peace, Defeat your own ego... and DO IT WITHOUT STEPPING ON ANYBODY'S TOES! Try it. I DARE YOU!!! I bet you won't last a month... but prove me wrong... That's my challenge to you.

      Thanks to all those that helped and encouraged me along the way: Waking nomad, Raven knight, Nagual Lonewolf, Cacophony, Q, Shawna, Serenity, Bonnie, Warrior Tiger, Walms, Data, Stone giant, victor, and everyone else whom i forgot... I couldn't have done it without you! This is not the end of my journey but the beginning!

      Jenny is what?

      False Awakening, I'm in some dark room. A woman is sleeping on a bed and i have a mat at the foot of the bed. I think the woman is my cousin. A strange voice says "you should sleep in that bed with her." I can see out the window that a new day is dawning.

      "what?" I say.

      FA, i'm in the same room the woman is gone. I hear a voice saying "she's dead."

      "who's dead?"

      "j... (couldn't hear it) is dead." ( a voice starts crying). I can hear somebody sobbing in the shadows. I tell them to move closer so I can hear them. I feel a presence nearing.

      FA, My brother is sitting on the foot of the bed. He says that Jenny H is dead. I ask him how. I see a poster with her grad picture. In the dream i remember seeing the picture on facebook. The poster said "She had MS Twice and cancer, she never told anyone until it was too late."

      FA, I'm in the same room room. my brother is still crying, he then looks like he's going to throw up... on my sleeping mat. I try to push him to the other side of the mat

      "eww don't puke on me" I toss him across the room, he throws up and then comes near me trying to talk. I can smell his breath. I tell him to get back a few feet.

      Fa, i'm in a different house It is morning now. I go and tell my brother the dream. He shrugs and says "yeah right"

      DEILD FA LUCID chain

      I was lucid somewhere but I forget what happened.

      FA , Get out of bed and RC. It just feels like a dream! i'm walking witha woman at night time in some mini mall.

      "what's your name?" I ask her. She says it's none of my bussiness. That's rude, she's trying to blow me off... good i'll help her re inforcer her preconceived notion of me.

      "Come on just tell me your name" I ask.

      "It's Yvonnegee"

      "cool, do you have a boyfriend?" I say this just to piss her off. She does. I see her eyes go wide, and she looks like she's gonna hit me but everything fades.

      FA, Get out of bed and RC, I'm in a strange bedroom I float up to the ceiling and try to puch through it. Everything fades out.

      I find myself walking along some road in some town. I'm with some guy and we have to take a canadian flag back to his home. I take it and fly off. I become lucid with the flag rolled up in my hands. i look down at the houses below. I want to see Asuka so I try and spot spot a house that looks familiar. I remember that my house is up on some hill. I try to find a hill but everything fades.

      FA, get out of bed and RC. It feels like a dream. My brother enters the room and says that I should stop cheating on Asuka. I tell him that Asuka only exists on the dream plane. In waking life she's not around, so it's ok to get a girlfriend. (this convo doesn't make sense since i don't have a gf in waking life for now). I go to follow him out of the room but everything fades.

      Fa, get out of bed and RC. Now I'm in some indefinable place that is all blue. I think "fuck so many FAs! Maybe I'm dead and have to live in this dream reality for quite a while now... i better try to wake up for real."

      I have a slight Real awakening and notice that It feels real. the room i am in is in olds. I DEILD.

      FA, get out of bed and RC. Back in the strange room. I get out of the room and find i'm in a basement that resembles the one I use to live in in didsbury but a few details are off. The rooms are out of place. I find a closed door and enter it. a woman is sleeping on a bed. I call out to her. The blankets move and I hear my mother's voice call out to me "robert. is that you! it's nice to hear your voice" I am shocked when everything begins to fade.

      FA, in the backseat of a car. It feels like a dream. some guy is in the passenger seat. and the car is being driven by a mechanical man attatched to the steering wheel. I think "this is the car that singer drives me home in during dreams. when she's not dreaming this guy takes her place" I try to fly out the window but everything fades.

      Fa, get out of bed and Rc. Back at the basement. I want the dream to last so i rub my hands together... That just destabalizes the dream.

      Fa, get out of bed and RC. back at the basement. I get into the main area of the basement and find a staircase. It's the same staircase from my friends house from childhood. At the top a bunch of wooden beams are blocking my way up. I fly up to them and try to fit through them. I manage to get free somehow. I find more stairs leading up. I find a ball, pick it up and drop it a few times to incorporate my sense of touch within the dream. Next sense is taste. so I like the carpet.. it tastes nasty. I keep walking instead and find a living room.

      FA, get out of bed and RC. My dad and brother are getting my up for work. tell them it's a dream and follow them for fun anyway. We walk through a door in the wall that leads to a strange store. Some weird guy joins us. I am sensing a strong presence from him. I ask him if he is a dreamer or some other kind of energy. He gives me a strange look and then vanishes.

      I turn around to the entrance of the store. There, standing on a plant pot is two asian woman. one is a regualr asian lady. The other looks like a ten year old asian girl with glasses. The shorter one seems familiar. i walk up to her and ask her " Are you Asuka?"

      Everything starts fading, i manage to hear a "yes" before the dream ends. (It was Kanmuri and asuka!)

      FA, get out of bed and RC. I go upstairs again and enter the living room. I try to find someone in the house. I see a one to two year old child sitting on the couch, she has a black streak in her blond hair. She's flipping the channels. I aks her "Are you Shel?"

      She says yes witha smile. Then i notice a smaller version of her is sitting beside her. "me and Asuka had another one without me knowing?" i ask.

      "no!" the child replies. "were twins! sort of" she giggles.

      "Cool" I say. the dream fades and as it does i hear the child yell at me "Have some fucking Nesquick!".

      FA, Get out of bed and RC. I go upstairs. in the hallway, everything starts to fade. I place my hand on the ground and look at it. The dream goes back to normal. I enter the living room again. I go into a bedroom that I feel is mine and Asuka's.

      Inside is a walk in closet but the doors are all mirrors. I looka t each mirror and I am a different age in each mirror. In one i am 21, in another i am 16, they all move independantly of themselves. I look at my present self and point at him, he follows exactly. "Who are you?" I ask. I almost expect him to respond... but no... it's a normal reflection. The dream starts to fade again. I can see my hand on the gorund through the blackness. I count to 10 and everything brightens again.

      The mirrors are no longer mirros, but regular glass. I can see all my dream guitars in them. I pick one up and play it. It doesn't sound plugged in but I can kind of hear an almost faint ACDC type of guitar tone. I put it back.

      i enter the living room. A hand comes in front of my vision holding a tim hortons medium double double coffee, i easily drink it in one gulp. The person holding the cup is Asuka. She goes in front of me and hugs me. She has a small resemblance to one of my ex girlfriends Mel.

      "Asuka!" i say. "I'm lucid! and I'm going to remember."

      "I know" she says and kisses me. Suddenly everything is dark. I figure we must have teleported. now she's on top of me and we are having sex... I can't tell if our clothes are still on or not... but it feels pretty naked enough. After a while i Stop her and say "Wait, I just wanted to tell you I love you." A wave of emotion swept through me. I held her tightly and said. "I'm sorry it took so long just to do this. I'm sorry that you suffered so much while staying with me." I actually started crying for a bit. Asuka didn't say a word. Her weight began to feel heavy I started to feel like iw as being crushed. "get off me, your crushing me" i said and she got off. She was still really silent. I wondered if what I said had upset her somehow. The dark room became darker. "Everything's fading to black." I said As I woke up.
    10. some more dreams.

      by , 07-14-2010 at 05:06 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)


      I was in some living room sitting in front of a computer console with some kid. The kid made motions with his/her hand and I heard a violin noise. I moved my hand in front of it and it made another note. The kid tried a few notes but they weren't very melodic. I tried my best to play the violin part of a bach concerto in A minor. I did the opening theme perfectly. The kid looked at me annoyed.


      A lucid flash of looking at my hand!

      Mess hall

      I have a brief memory of stepping into the mess hall on the Star Trek voyager ship. There was a weird table beside me when I entered the place. Someone slid a metal sheet over the table. That is all I remember.


      I was in some dark place flying around with Neelix, from Voyager. He was in a grey suit with his head popping out. I remember his strange hair sticking out as we flew. For a second I thought it may have been a dream but I got distracted in the direction neelix was pointing. We flew there, and neelix pointed out a part where the ceiling was cracked. I pulled at it and it turned out to be loose drywall chunks, i pulled them away and flew up it.

      I was now in a narrow space just enough for me to fly in. I reached a part twhere there was some paper blocking. I tore a hole through. I noticed Neelix popped his head in from below. He asked me If I saw a way up. I got above the paper and pushed the rip down toward him. His head came through the paper and he managed to get through the paper hole entirely. We then kept flying upwards in the passageway.


      I was in some basement that was messy. I was listening to someone speak on headphones... suddenly they didn't work. I found another set of heaphones and they worked fine.


      I was walking with my brother outside. We went over some dirt pile on astreet and came to my house. We sat on the curb of the driveway while we talked. I forget what was said. I saw a firework kind of display, it was the size of a dove bird it was sparkling purple and pink and it flew past us.

      someone was coming out of the side door of the house. I heard a woman's voice say. "No, don't do that please, It will make him mad." A boy with blond hair emerged from the house. He had a firecracker in his hand. He lit it and tried to hand it to me. I said. "throw that thing quick or you'll burn yourself bad. He then pointed the firecracker in my direction and put it close to my face. I became frightened and turned away.
    11. almost lucid... again.

      by , 07-13-2010 at 04:38 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)


      flash of playing some vivaldi on guitar.


      Brief flash of Asuka bringing me to a restaurant to meet some girl... I wonder what that was about.

      almost lucid

      This dream started off... I was walking down a familiar street in chilliwack. I decided to Rc so I tried to fly, not expecting it to work. I flew and i thought "oh yeah I fly all the time... not a dream". I flapped my arms and flew upwards. A wave of tiredness hit me and I fell asleep in mid air.

      I felt myself fall onto a soft bed. I got up and I was in a room. Asuka was there... she looked like my old friend Amanda. I told her that Somehow in waking life... I actually flew and teleported straight into my own house! She didn't seem too excited. She said that P was around and was wanting to fight me or something. She was saying how he was bragging about how he knew all these upper level people, and that it made him powerfull. we began walking into another room and she looked like nomad. I said to her "hey remember that Poet of the Myst guy? he said he wants to fight me." for a while I was afraid I wouldn't be able to fight him well in real life.

      Somehow i teleported to a bar where I was supposed to meet him. I looked at some people in line for drinks. There was this disgusting dark looking creature... it was humanoid but all black... not like african.. but dark black. The person was naked and I could see the person's butthole.... It was disgusting. I moved to another part of the bar. I found some guy I thought might be P. but he just looked at me and said "That bitch got mad at me because i said 'cunt'"

      I laughed and saiud "You can't say Cunt in canada... didn't you know that from that song?" He shrugged and left. But a bunch of Bar dcs surrounded me and started laughing saying that they lovved that song.
    12. Dreams.

      by , 07-12-2010 at 02:32 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)


      I had a dream of flying around with someone. We got onto some rooftops, my friend was goofing off and fell off one of the roofs. I was looking for where he fell when I fell too.

      Trying to fly

      In this dream I was going to try flying for a reality check. But for somereason I don't remember the outcome.


      I was in some abstract house looking for some underground caverns. i had a map that indicated there was a large mass of caves almost like and underground continent. On the map it started in the sonoran desert and was big enough to cover mexico and the top of south america. I kept jumping into small rooms that were being built expecting to find tunnels. Someone was with me and said that i would never find them.

      Not the bees again

      Back at the same strange house where swarms of bees were all around. I kept running through them and not getting stung.


      I had a dream that Serenity was about the size of my thumb. She was on a table and I was looking at her, she was waving at me going "help me, help me!". Just then some guy came along and started reciting poetry. As he did this Serenity grew in size until her normal height.

      I then looked at the guy who helped her transformation and it was john lennon. (the spitting image.)

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    13. dreams over the past few nights

      by , 06-15-2010 at 04:05 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Ugly Fat Bald Guy

      I'm walking with my brother in some strange town. He tells me he is going to look for his friend. for some reason I enter a store. After looking through it for a bit I find an empty lot outside that's fenced off but it had a gate on one end. Standing before me is a familiar fat bald guy. I'm non lucid so his appearance terrifies me! he says "ahh you've come for a good beating I see. Don't try to run you'll never escape!" He pulls out a chain and starts twirling it around. I run for the exit and bit he blocks me path. I tell him that I give up. and He says we have to go inside for the beating. He goes ahead of me through the door

      "PSYCH!" I yell and rin for the fence. The dream slows down as I leave the gate. but through the gate is a wooden fence? I hide there so he doesn't see me. He looks around a bit and goes back in the store. I know the only way out is through the store. I sneak back in. I can hear the man ranting to his friends about how great he is. I run with my trunk forward through the aisles so they don't see me. On my way out the front door, the mans girlfriend spots me, she smiles but doesn't say anything to the man.

      After I leave I find my brother. He's with shannon and another younger gilr emiting a purple aura. I tell him I'll hang with him. He protests at first, but i tell him some creepy guy is prowling around, and if he attacks us we'll hav more people to Defend ourselves.

      False Awakening

      FA, Get out of bed and my dad is standing there... or is it my guide? anyway we talk about something but the dream is so vague i can't remember.

      going to meet Mzzkc

      I'm in my guides car and we are driving around calgary at night time. I know I've dreamed many times in this place. I remember lots of winding roads. Eventually he drops me off at a place that Mzzkc is at. It's in a plaza, and it's a one floor office building.

      I go inside and see my friend Rusty in side with two other people. They are setting up for something. There's a woman at a table (asuka). she tells me it's a $20 fee to enter. I pull out money and she tells me to put it in the cash register, which is a giant round orange wax candle with a flame in the center. I remember thinking it was weird, but i put the money in it anyway.

      Note: Mzzck also had a dream this night about being in an office building.

      Crazy shite

      I'm on my computer and I'm looking at an old song that nomad once made about dreamsharing. there's an orange light bulb lever i have to puch in order to play it though. After I am done I go into the kitchen. Asuka looks like my mom. and she's acting crazy... insulting me and what not. My, guide is there so I ask him what's going on. He says that this isn't real and I should definitely call for help.

      Asuka announces she will kill herself. with a manical grin she pulls out a bare razor blade for an olfa knife. She cuts her left wrist, first across the tracks and then down the tracks. She holds her left arm up to me. I can see a thin line where it cut, then blood starts to come from it. She then laughs manically.

      Raven's house

      I am standing outside a nice looking house thta belongs to Raven knight. all i remember is being jealous since my house didn't look as nice...

      note: Walms also found raven at a strange house that night

      I'm walking around the old chilliwack highschool. Actually it's a cross between that highschool and my elementary school. I discover a door that leads up. I walk into an extra part of the the school that's being built: an upper level. I'm on a ledge now and I see some men in a higher up part putting on drywall. I jump up and float a bit. I think "weird I didn't know i could do this in waking life... I usually do this in dreams"

      I then fly up by the men working and land on a higher ledge. all the workers stop and am Amazed that i can fly. They say to do more. i flap my arms like wings and it takes me up. I then try to use another set of wings on my back... they worked in dreams so they might in waking life? anyway my memory gets foggy after this.


      i am walking in a house labyrinth. Actually running through it. A woman is behind me, we go down many hallways and find many hiding places.

      New forum

      I'm with asuka in a dark classroom. The room represents a forum for dreamers. I sit with her on a couch. She is saying something like, half of the people here know that I'm her boyfriend. I say that it shouldn't be a problem, people will less likely bother her at this place since they know that. I then put my arm around her and we talk some more.

      Later i go to my computer and log into DV. i have a long message from nomad sent to me and other forum people. He's talking about the new forum and how a bunch of members decided to go. he is also inviting everyone to come along.

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      non-lucid , nightmare , false awakening , memorable
    14. all in a night's day pt 2

      by , 06-12-2010 at 09:12 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Rest of my dreams

      kindergarten jail (Abridged)

      I have to go to court, because someone accused me of child molestation or something. Asuka doesn't believe my innocence, but I tell her to check my dream log, she does and knows it wasn't me.

      Judge: You have the right to an attorney!

      Me: I reserve my right.

      Judge: What?

      I pull out a law book and read a passage about how an attorney's first duty is to the court and NOT his client. Therefore, I don't want one. The accuser looks like Ganon from Zelda: ALTTP. He summons a 3d image of me molesting a child.

      Me: that's not me. I can tell by the person's energy.
      Accuser: outrageous!

      I point at the image with my pinkie. The image changes into L who's molesting the child. I keep pointing at it and i see L is drawing energy from the Child's base chakra. The energy goes into him and then a Reptilian alien draws it out of him. weird.

      Accuser: You are only manufacturing evidence!

      Judge rules That I have to spend a dream year in a prison that's filled with children, If I touch one I spend another dream year there.

      Me: piece of cake.

      I only remember being in a jail with children where we had to do crappy arts and crafts all year long. Asuka visits me there as a young black girl. We build letter blocks together but mine are all crappy. I zoom out of the scene and am back in the courtroom watching the scene on a TV.

      Accuser: he did his year, and was well behaved, but he failed do to build any letter blocks properly!
      Judge: Sustained he served his sentence. he is a free man.

      Back at home

      asuka has disapeared. I'm talking to my guide outside of my house at night time. I remember being really pissed about spending a whole year in jail.

      Rescuing Asuka

      Me and Asuka are running in a town being chased by a black helicopter manned by L. I fly up and try to take it down but he keeps dodging. I get cornered at a gas station. Since I'm not lucid i forget my dream powers.

      I go from under the roof. i fly across the plaza once more and then sit on the ground. I wave my hands up in the air in surrender. L is an old man who looks like he belongs to the illuminati. I ask him "will i go to jail again?" he says "no, you surrendered... can't be punished for that.

      Back in court

      I am standing before the judge between two Asukas. One is fake and one is real.

      Judge: which one do you want to be with?

      L sitting in the audience shoots an astral tentacle into my head and makes me pick the fake one.

      Judge: Asuka now belongs to L.

      He rules in favor of L.
    15. Man of Shred's New Dreams

      by , 06-10-2010 at 04:30 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I guess I can throw flying out for a reality check...


      I'm walking down a street with Asuka. I think she tells me to do a reality check. I say, "well, if I can fly, i must be dreaming... but I can't right now see." Then I jump and flap my arms like a bird. I'm about to hit the ground when I start floating up. I say "Shit, Actually I do this quite often... no way that this is a dream."

      DV weirdness.

      I'm in some building that represents the forum of Dreamviews. There Naiya is spinning a tv screen around and around. Spinning it like a coin. she looks at me and shouts, "for being a dream guide at DV you sure are a lousy one."

      Cory at club Nexus

      I'm sitting at club Nexus with Raven and Nomad. I say to nomad "Why is your version of my attacking you dream so different? sometimes I still wonder wether you make dreams up."

      "All dreams are 'made up'" Nomad burps. "I think I just have way too many multi dimensional dreams."

      "Forgot about that." I said. "hey shit it's my friend from junior high... what's he doing here?" I spot cory from junior high. I walk up to him, He has earphones around his neck. I say, "Hey mang. how's it going"

      "Robert?" he said. "Hey you made it to one of my DJ shows. Glad you could come." I give him the rock.

      "well hey man, what's up? Let's catch up!"

      "sure, my table is over there. let's chill out for a bit" I follow him to another table where some girl is standing. His GF?

      We sit and chat for a bit. i forget what is said but some huge guy starts hitting on his GF. Cory, turns into a monkey and starts kicking the guy's ass. He hits him over the head with a metal banana and then shoves it up the guys ass. Then he does a weird backflip kick and sends the guy flying through a wall.

      "nice," I say.


      I'm on some highway At night time. My dad drives by and tells me he is going home. My brother flies in from behind me. he says "You have got to see this." My brother rips open the trunk of my dad's car, and inside is some weird thing. like a strange mask. i am generally creeped out and run down the street.

      Bus station

      I get off a Greyhound bus during a rest break and enter the convenince store. I'm with some weird guy from the bus. anyway I go find the washroom. I get into a stall and the guy just follows me into the stall. I ask him what the hell he is doing.

      After some things happened which I can't remember. I go outside to get back on the bus. But I see the door is closed. The bus driver is standing by the door. He tells me there will be a a 5 hour lay over here. I shrug and go back into the store.

      Serial killer

      I am standing in a room, watching from 3rd person perspective. A man sits down in a chair for a haircut or something. The hairdresser is a man. When the guy in the chair isn't looking, The hairdresser takes a cloth and puts it over the guys mouth. The man in the chair is now dreary. The hairdresser ties the man up in the chair and starts ridiculing him.

      The killer then pulls a huge winding spike down from the ceiling. There's a crank which he begins turning which spins the spike. I watch as the spike gets ever so slowly driving into the dreary man in the chair. I watch it go through him slowly as he screams and blood pours everywhere. Now i am standing in the scene. I can feel the spike going through me now and it's painful. I run out of the room. And see my grandmother watching television.
      She says "your favorite show is on" and switches the channel. It's now the same scene where the killer is slowly putting the spike into the man. My grandma smiles, walks behind the tv screen and disappears.

      flying again.

      I escape from a Templar prison. I fly up and become a green winged serpent. I have a hideout in the Arizona desert and decide to fly there. suddenly it starts hailing and the sky gets dark.

      To fit the mood, now i'm a gargoyle with black wings. I roar, and look for a place to shelter myself. I see nothing but endless black rooftops in the darkness. One place catches my eye. Ifly over the roof and see a garage in the backyard with some lights on. I go down there and see a bunch of weird light boxes outside the garage door. I find a shadowy spot and hide there. A girl close to my age emerges from the garage. I stay hidden in the shadows as she goes over by a truck hood. She places something on it.
      she then says "Oh I see you there! come out please." I emerge from the shadows and kiss her without hesitation. She pushes me away. but keeps talking as if nothing happened.

      She then takes my hand and shows me that I am holding a photo of her. She says, "See I really think we were supposed to meet, I haven't seen this picture in ages, I lost it years ago, and here you are before me with the picture in your hand." She seems like an old friend even though I have no memory of her. We walk down the alleyway a bit There is no rain or hale, just night time out.

      We walk until we reach a convenience store. Now it's daytime. She says "there's someone you are supposed to meet, come in." But i am smoking and can't smoke inside. I rush and hurry to finish my smoke. I look at my reflection in the store window. I have the face of Carlos Castaneda from chris's pictures of him. I am wearing a light blue bandanna. But the bandanna is in the middle of my face and the knot is right on my nose. I do my best to adjust it.

      "Hey come on" The girl yells from inside the store.


      vague dream about making love to the girl from the previous dream.

      There were other dreams that I have forgotten... i must be a Nazi with my notes from now on.

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