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    MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.


    This journal will account my many dreams!!! yay! Anyway, I have had so much amazing synchronistic occurrences around dreams. I have helped myself and a few others through my dreams! I am doing my best to find out how to live my life by my dreams.

    Main entities:

    Asuka: My dream wife. I am purely convinced that she's not another aspect of my mind. She exists separate from me. Lately I have been running into people similar to her in waking life. She's sweet, very kind, and has a strange sense of humor. She has a yellow aura.

    Nomad: The guy that got me into shared dreaming. He doesn't show up in dreams as often... but back in the day we dream shared lots. He got me into the dream lover thing and also has experience with meeting their twinners on the waking plane.

    Raven: My other dream sharing friend. She helps me and asuka a lot. I wish I could recall her more.

    Data: He maintains the shields in my inner world.

    Victor: My dream guide... though he hasn't shown up lately.

    Shawna: A soul that shared a body with a woman named Aeona, Raven's guide Q appointed me guardian of Shawna when she was separated from Aeona.

    Other dream children: Two babies between me and asuka and also two other orphans that now reside in my inner world. We are all like a dream family... Aren't I creepy?

    The dream plane:

    I look at dreams as a separate plane of existence. Our waking realities are dense energy that give the illusion of solidity. Next is the Astral plane that is just outside of our waking perception. The dream plane vibrates at a light frequency and consits of bubbles. Every person when not traveling out of body dream in their inner world. Anyone can shape what they want their inner world to look like, and also use it as a focus point for the law of attraction. You can invited other dream entities to stay in your inner world... but be careful, it may attract demons. Dream sharing can take place inside your inner world or the inner world of someone else. other dream places are bubbles made of less dense energy.

    1. a couple lucids. (I think)

      by , 12-07-2020 at 08:28 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Big giant house

      I was in something like mansion. In something like a hallway, I stepped into a bedroom that had a lot of things in it. There was a bed and things all over the place. A keyboard started playing by itself, in just a couple of notes for a few seconds. It did this by itself. I went out of the room and found a long winding staircase. On the main level i walked through a few giant living rooms with old architecture. I found another staircase. But right beside the stairs a panel in the wall was missing. i saw my childhood friend Gary , his brother and a few other people sitting on a couch. I went down a few more steps into the room. Gary seemed annoyed that I was there but some older guy was telling me about the house and that it was haunted.

      I said, "Yeah the keyboard upstairs plays by itself." He agreed with me. Several of us left the room. I went back up to the main level. I saw a winding staircase leading upstairs and I was trying to figure out the actual layout of the place. I found yet another large living room this time with 3 pianos. I was going to play one of them when i woke up.

      House party.

      I was hearing the Dark Tower audio throughout this dream. I'm on Wolves now, Now narrated by some old guy who butchers songs... I was in a living room with Manvi from work. I think she said she was having guests over. Something was spilled all over her table which was in front of a large TV. We both tried desperately to clean it up. After it was clean i sat beside her on the couch to watch TV. i think she was a little nervous because it was me and her. As if the dream responded to her nervousness suddenly her guests were there. There was a guy who was hearing the audiobook audio and asked if it was the Dark Tower. I said yes, and was going to have a conversation with him until i woke up.


      I was trapped in a house with some psycho guy. He had me in some traps like the movie SAW. He had a wife that told me I was a better fuck than her husband.. and i also have false memories of that act... Anyway they leave the room. I become lucid when i float up out of the traps. I fly up and intend a hole in the floor. I lower into another room. and for a while, I keep floating through more holes in more rooms. Kind of like those lucids where you are in a house and you keep finding hidden rooms and basements inside more rooms and basements and it an go on a long as the lucid. Eventually i wanted outside. I wanted to look for Jamie. I saw a house and went inside. My memory got really foggy and sped up. I found jamie, or a DC that looked like her and i remember feeling the desire to sleep with her. Not sure if we did.

      either than that no jamie dreams. not sure if the lucid was her. I hope i get Jamie dreams regularly Like I use to.
    2. Dreams.

      by , 07-07-2018 at 03:09 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Sprry I haven't posted in so long. I still have recall issues and motivation issues. Here are some dreams I recall over the week.


      Just a dream where everything is sped up. There is driving out in the country side, Going to towns like didsbury and olds. Jamie is outside the dream bubble trying to pry herself in. Sometimes it's like she's projected into the dream.

      Jamie again

      A dream where Jamie is driving me around the same area. She keeps taking wrong turns I tell her we're on our way to see my dad an my brother. She violently turns the car around again and says, "Those people are horrible to you! We are NOT going there!" I appreciate she is trying to protect me. But i try and explain I still visit them at least once a year shortly.

      Very short Lucid

      I'm with my brother running outside. I start making ramps like in fortnite This makes me lucid for a while but I just let the dream play out.


      Some dream where I run into my old friend from chilliwack, Gary. We are in some random house, can't tell if it's his or mine. I am trying to tell him I just had a binch of dreams with him in it, but he's shrugging them off.


      I was in some clubhouse where all these strange old men were. One tall guy with a really fake wig starts yelling at me about something. He is scary I yell at him back but can't remember what about.


      Just a dream of walking in a tall grass field in the summer time. There are all these flowers a bit like sunflowers around.

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    3. Yawn

      by , 05-29-2017 at 12:53 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I REALLY wish I could dream about something else at this point... Dreams 2 nights ago.

      The Fury of Asuka

      Asuka was showing me a video of something that she did to Bjork. Asuka was explaining that Bjork needs to respect our space and stop trolling me with drama in the dream state. Couldn't remember any lately... but. Asuka is doing some sort of parody of Isobel, and Bjork is inside the dream music video. The backing track is all metal, Asuka changes the lyrics to troll and scare her. One version of Asuka is singing while another is just staring and they zoom in and out of focus of eachother. Bjork looks pissed that someone is doing a parody of her music. She eventually starts trying to escape the dream but fails when multiple Asukas surround her. I was only shown a snippet of what really went on, which was apparently a long series of nightmares according to what she was telling me. If anyone has read my early dreams of Asuka, you know she can be quite a dream troll.


      I was exploring some caverns with waterfalls in them with a group of people

      Me and some kids are exploring them. I find a hidden path which leads to a waterfall similar to the one in the entrance. I go back to the kids and they can't find the secret passage I found and are not convinced when I tell them that there's another way through. They end up convincing me to leave.


      The girl from my previous dream brings me to a house that belongs to my childhood friend Gary. We go into his kitchen and he sits down. He seems not to be acknowledging my presence there at all. I remember my brother telling me that he was being snooty towards him lately because he thought we would be a bad influence on his life. He then surprises me by offering me pizza. I'm not hungry so I decline, and I notices stacks and stacks of empty pizza boxes all over the kitchen.

      Then I realize I have no pants on and I'm in my underwear.


      A limo pulls up outside Gary's house and offers me a ride. I get in and Bjork is inside (I also am vaguely aware that I have no pants on for this entire dream which makes it funny). She looks like 70 years old, Emaciated, and shrivelled like a prune. She can barely speak when I ask her what happened to her. She mouths: Asuka. and gives me a look like she expects me to do something about it. I try to explain that Asuka was just defending me, she is my wife after all, and if she thinks something has to be done about something that she's probably right. I remind Bjork that she had promised to keep her distance which she never did. and go on like that a while.

      At some point I go to look out the window to RC. But I get distracted when my arm brushes up against bjork when I go to put my hand on the window. We pull up to my house and I tell her she better leave before Asuka spots her.

      I go inside and go to my room and put on some pants. I think of something else to tell Bjork so I run outside and her limo is gone.

      Last night: no recall... I went and got drunk at karaoke.

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    4. more dreams

      by , 12-24-2010 at 05:01 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Hogwarts express

      I'm waiting at a table with harry and hermoine. The hogwarts Train is just sitting there and waiting. I keep seeing my mom pass by and each time she gives me a strange look. She looks like she did the first time we sent her to the hospital.


      I'm at Gary's house waiting for him to arrive. I enter the living room and see his mother watching TV. On the screen she's watching someone play guitar... It sounds so good that i actually have to turn away in shame! His mother spots me and asks me what I'm doing here. I say waiting for Gary. She says to wait outside.

      I go outside and like clockwork Gary arrives with some friends. One person looks like Cho Chen from harry potter... But then I realize it's a crossdresser... must be halloween or something... Anyway Cho pulls out a uitar and summons a guitar hero game and starts jamming on the guitar. He's playing a jason becker model signature guitar. Again the playing is too good that I have to turn away.

      making food

      I'm making a weird sort of omellete thinging on a long grill. I am pouring some strange sauce on it when my bro's gf jen comes by and complains that I'm putting too much sauce on it. I then fold the egg omelette in half concealing the sauce.


      I remember lying in bed when asuka joins me to cuddle witha big smile on her face.

      Strange house.

      i'm in a house with haley and some other people. We are on a sort of landing leading to downstairs. I hear some people downstairs and they are thrashing. The floor boards we are standingon begin jumping from the thrashing. Then we go downstairs to investigate.


      This may have been a continuation of the previous dream. I am downstairs in the same house. In haleys place is now hermoine, and now harry is also with us. We chase someone and find something but I can't remember.

      Later we jump out of a building and all float slowly down to the ground. We re all holding onto one another. I remember this part from a a harry potter book i read in dreams. In the book part Hermoine says something like that she feels a close connection to the rest of us.. a feeling very miuch like siblings. But she's not saying it this time. So instead I say it. I say Harry is like a brother and that Hermoine is like my sister. She blushes and smiles at me... WTF?!?!?!?!?