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    MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.


    This journal will account my many dreams!!! yay! Anyway, I have had so much amazing synchronistic occurrences around dreams. I have helped myself and a few others through my dreams! I am doing my best to find out how to live my life by my dreams.

    Main entities:

    Asuka: My dream wife. I am purely convinced that she's not another aspect of my mind. She exists separate from me. Lately I have been running into people similar to her in waking life. She's sweet, very kind, and has a strange sense of humor. She has a yellow aura.

    Nomad: The guy that got me into shared dreaming. He doesn't show up in dreams as often... but back in the day we dream shared lots. He got me into the dream lover thing and also has experience with meeting their twinners on the waking plane.

    Raven: My other dream sharing friend. She helps me and asuka a lot. I wish I could recall her more.

    Data: He maintains the shields in my inner world.

    Victor: My dream guide... though he hasn't shown up lately.

    Shawna: A soul that shared a body with a woman named Aeona, Raven's guide Q appointed me guardian of Shawna when she was separated from Aeona.

    Other dream children: Two babies between me and asuka and also two other orphans that now reside in my inner world. We are all like a dream family... Aren't I creepy?

    The dream plane:

    I look at dreams as a separate plane of existence. Our waking realities are dense energy that give the illusion of solidity. Next is the Astral plane that is just outside of our waking perception. The dream plane vibrates at a light frequency and consits of bubbles. Every person when not traveling out of body dream in their inner world. Anyone can shape what they want their inner world to look like, and also use it as a focus point for the law of attraction. You can invited other dream entities to stay in your inner world... but be careful, it may attract demons. Dream sharing can take place inside your inner world or the inner world of someone else. other dream places are bubbles made of less dense energy.

    1. not many dreams but interresting.

      by , 08-10-2021 at 05:27 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      When "Manifest Dropped on Netflix I binge watched it. I was disheartened when it wasn't renewed for a 4th season. I prayed togod to give me a sign if I would ever see Jamie again. I asked if in some miracle that "Manifest" gets renewed for another season I would take it as a definite sign... Well It happened. https://www.marca.com/en/lifestyle/2...8138b45b2.html

      Jamie dreams

      Might have had one audio dream where she was talking to me. I miss the longer and even slightly more detailed dreams.

      Been drinking too much at night so it's probably killing my recall. I also drove down to the mountain view county area, (Didsbury, Olds, Bowden," my old stomping grounds. Here for a week then maybe i can plan a better sleep schedule or WBTB. Visited old friends J and H. H was big into dreams when we used to hang I finally told her about a potential shared dream I had with her years ago. I had this dream we were outside at night me and Her crew. I was flapping my arms up and started flying. H asked me how I was flying? I said just flap your arms and rise up. And we started flying together. A few days later IWL she ran up to me and said, "Rob, Rob I had this dream I was flapping my arms and it made me fly it was so funny." So I finally told her that and she was really ecstatic. Her and her Bf made me and my brother pot stickers and other snacks, and let us crash. They let me stay in the guest room, where a lot of their guests claimed to have had strange dreams sleeping in that room. But honestly, after so many drinks, I wasn't expecting much. I did have one dream of a bright white room with H in it and she was smiling.

      Honestly that's all. Here's for a better week!
    2. Dreaming with a pendulum.

      by , 12-17-2010 at 01:48 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      new song:

      note: bought a pendulum that chose me. I asked it before bed instructions for getting my recall up and getting a lucid. I followed it tot he letter. It said i should put it under my pillow and it will aid dream recall and here is what happened.


      Dream of hanging with spencer... but only remembered buying her her brand of particularly thin smokes.


      Had a dream that jared came to battle me but I forget what happened.

      Stay out of my dreams justin beiber

      Had a dream me and my cousin pete were outside a house by a stage at night time. Justin beiber was singing and he asked me to film him... So I kept running in front of his camera and making retarded faces and saying "it's justin beiber," in a really retarded voice tone. Gave up and sat with Pete who suggested we should change the song to metallica or megadeth. i agreed and tried fiddling with the Ipod. But alas, couldn't change the damn song. Then a dog came and bit my arm.

      Uncle Royce super wtf dog nammit

      I was in Ontario driving to work with Royce and Jossie. I was in the back. I looked out the window and I saw Royce's face as gigantic in the sky. It looked like the painting of his face but instead it was pure blood. A pure bloody royce face setting in the sky. I said we should get out of here before it chases us. Royce laughed and said this will get him his revenge on quetzecotl, because in a past life he was quetzi's right hand man and never got his reward. I said he should be carefull because some people think That I am the re incarnation of quetzecotl.

      Jossie wants me to plug some headphones into a jack that's behind me. I try but the cord is too short. I keep plugging it in but everytime she moves forward slightly, it plugs out of the jack. This happenes several times.

      We arrive at a large job house with lava in the basement. Dan is there priming the walls witha paintball gun hooked up to an airles machine. Trevor looks like big bird and is trying not to get his feathers splattered in paint.

      Before I can get to work 3 big dogs come out of nowhere and start biting my arms, (warning me that Asuka is in trouble). Their bites burn my flesh and my arms. Some big guy helps and fight's the dogs off my arms. My dad hands me this weird stuff to heal myself I apply it to the burn marks. The lava is making it really hot and I butt out a smoke onto some tinfoil that I was using to help with the treatment of the burns. My dad keeps asking "Can I leave now?" I say yes.

      Lucid one

      I'm in my inner world house. A dog bites my arm when I become lucid but I forget what happened with the dog. I am sitting in a room with children around, they are asking me when I will bring asuka home? I ignore them because I am poking my fingers through a sheet of paper with no holes. I say, "Isn't that cool?" They roll their eyes and then walk out of the room. I then remembered that I should look for Asuka, I was about to open a portal before I woke up.

      Lucid 2

      I'm in a grassy valley looking for asuka lucid. A small black dog with a red jewel on it's forehead approaches me. I hold out my arm so that it can bite it, but it shakes it's head no. I ask it if it's my pendulum, it barks and nods yes.

      missing time

      Finding Asuka

      I found asuka imprisoned in some weird building. Michael Jackson had her strung up by chains... He was biting ears off of children and then spitting the ears at her. I think I rescue her but forget what happens after.

      basement suites

      I was in my house with my dad. I was coming in from a smoke and wanted to finish it. I walked to the other end where I thought a door might be, but it led to another part of the basement filled with furniture I didn't recognize. I then remembered there was another door and kept walking. I found yet another part of the basement and finally found a door that led outside... but outside there was no space to move around.
      i walked back and saw some family that said they lived there. They said several families lived in separate suites in the same basement, and I had just walked through a couple. The suite on the end where I just had come from... belonged to a family that recently moved out.

      weird house

      Was in some house populated by weird scope creatures that came out of holes in the walls and floor.

      Super long wtf dream.

      Started out... I was at someone's house for dinner and James was with me from red deer. The host was this really creepy guy. he was pissed off that I didn't finish the food from my plate... His vibe reminded me of moppon... but it wasn't him. This was the same house with the scope creatures...

      I was talking to James and saying that I understood the host and I made a joke to which we both laughed and agreed with it. But then the host came a long with a new plate of food and dumped it on me. I was like WTF, and explained that I can't stuff myself silly all the time so it's nothing personal against his cooking.

      Me and james left the place and we were in a city that looked like calgary and chilliwack. It was neear night time and we were walking around and trying to find a main road. James said that the host is known to follow and stalk people he doesn't like. We came to one end of a street and said goodbye... but the way I continued walking only led to condo complexes and not a street. i tunred around and went the other way.

      found myself on a busy street during daytime and was asking people where the main street was. i followed their directions and found a road layered with cafe chair which I was walking on top of. An old lady smiled at me as I walked past her.

      found myself at a weird C train station with futuristic elevators. I saw this asian woman (asuka?) walking into the tube that housed the elevator before the pod came. I saw her almost get squished when the pod came but she thinned herself out to not get hurt. i walked in the pod and made it up to the platform. the asian woman got out and boarded the train with me.

      Wound up downtown on a hill near princess island park where I found my brother and some of Jaas's friends. Asuka went up to Haley and walked away with her talking like they were friends. Jared was there and said we were going to a nirvana concert... I never thought that it was impossible since Kurt was long dead. Jared sid we should do LSD for the concert as we walked down the hill with everyone. My memory fades here.
    3. Yay lucid again

      by , 10-30-2010 at 02:51 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      In this dream I was driving two little 3 year old kids to their parent's house. They seemed lost. I remember the little girl sitting on my lap As I was driving. When I got to the place where their parants were I was unsure of how to pick the girl up and put her down without it looking creepy. But somehow i manage to get her into her father's arms safely.


      Something about being at a camp party, can't remember much just walking around a lot.


      I was floating around some city. I came near a bridge and saw some weird megalithic structure coming out of the river. It was huge and brown. didn't know what to make of it so I floated away.

      Fund myself walking on some street in a residential area and spotted Jaas and his gf Haley. I said "hi," to them when I became lucid as I passed but they both gave me a dirty look. I said "fine, if you'll be like that I suppose I'll just fly then."

      I flew upwards anjoying my lucidity. i then decided that I should do nothing and stabilize the dream. I got in the cross legged position in mid air and slowly floated down to the curb while fixating my gaze on the dream. As I landed on the curb it felt pretty stable and solid. I decided to try time dilation so I put my hand on the ground, I focused in between my fingers and began counting. I counted to 10 really ast and decided to slow down. I wanted to stop at 12 and did but by then the dream seemed really intense and then it destabilized.

      tank bus

      some weird dream where I was in a large army house that was being taken over by bad people. I vividly remember jumping and floating down some step. I was trying to get to a big tank bus. I managed to get inside it unnoticed and then started driving it out of the building. My memory fades here.

      Big House

      I was in some tall house that was under construction. I had to go up stair cases to the top level. Then I went back down. I found a treble light on a deck a few stories up and a supervisor told me to go unplug it. I followed the chord up a few floors and in and out a bunch of rooms while also untangling from other chords. This was very long and tedious.. Eventually I found where the plugin was and unplugged the light.

      John M

      Had a dream where i ran into an old friend John M at a house party. I said last time i sen him he was a meth head. Bt now he was healthy with a round face, sunglasses and bleach blonde hair. We talked a lot and caught up on old times.

      My new GF is a slut.

      I was at some house party where a local olds band "Nobody's Shadow" was playing. I had some native gf that was new...We ewnt around the party a lot. At one point I got up and tried to leave the party but the singer of the band persuaded me to stay.

      So I went back to the table with my new gf. and people were telling me stories about how she had a new bf every week. There were twin brothers at the party and apparently she dated both of them. One of them went up to me and wanted to fight. I was like, "Are you serious? She's the slut, you should be slapping her... why pick on the poor new innocent guy like me?". then he said something to me which was mean, and I said something dumb like. 'Well perhaps there's Poo poo in your bed... That was me... sheesh." but nobody cracked up.

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    4. Yay for Recall and Semi Lucidity.

      by , 10-27-2010 at 03:09 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Sandwich wtf

      I'm making something like a pita sandwich... I'm putting sushi in it. I fold the pita part encasing the sushi stuff and... the pita is shaped like a cross, each end is another place you can stuff other things in. but then it occurs to me that I could dream inside one of those pockets and have an entirely fun dream of my own in there.... WTF?!?!?!!?

      More food and WTF

      I was in a place with a few people. Asuka and maybe my brother. We had chopsticks and were eating a pile of... sushi? but later the pile turned into a large ceramic thing that we were painting. I remember painting on a midnight blue and accidentally brushed into a part with wet black paint. I just decided to mix them together.

      At my house

      I briefly remember hanging out with some guy in my inner world house. not sure what we did, but later I was getting into bed and heard the guy looking for a place to sleep.


      A hypnagogic flash of staring at my hand that was holding a smoke.

      open mic fail

      I go with the new guy to some restaurant/bar. We enter the place and I see a stage with a bunch of mics and amps. Asuka is a pretty Korean waitress, she smiles at me. I go up to the stage and unpack my guitar, I find a place to plug in, and i set one of the mics to the amp I am plugged into. The owner comes up to me and says that I can't mic the amp because my playing style sucks and no one wants to hear it.

      I get pissed off and make a giant speech about how I have confidence in myself and that I know people like what I have to play. I've been to open mics before and people really liked it. some people clap at my silly speech and I pack up and leave the place a bit flustered. As I'm walking down the street i feel someone's finger touch my collar bone part on my right shoulder, and she digs her finger under the collar bone which makes me stop. I look behind me and see Asuka (don't realize it's her.). She's smiling but I give her a short look in pain and raise my right hand to my shoulder and pushing her finger out. 'I'm sorry," she says. I wake up fast.

      Cutting my astral chords.

      (private entry)

      vex wtf

      I'm seeing a barrage of images of parts of a person's face. I can tell by how the person isn't smiling and the eyes are closed that it's Vex. I focus harder to see the face and I want to know if it's the same face I've recognized from dreams. In one image her eyes are closed but then they look really weird and finally open. I recognize the face completely and feel that I know this person as Vex. I see her face slide by a few more times.

      Mortal Mist Classroom

      Raven came over and we started looking at my computer. We were both non lucid, we knew there was a goal, but we didn't remember what it was. so instead we were just browsing the lucid dreaming forums that we frequent. Her jaw drops and a smile goes across her face. She's pointing at the mortal mist forum and says to me. "Haley just started a dream journal at Mortal Mist!"

      i'm like: Orly? and she's like: yeah rly. I then feel myself get pulled into the computer screen and find myself in a college classroom representation of the MM forum! I walk up the aisle of desks over to the dream journal section and see a bunch of people sitting at their deks and writing. I spot a japanese girl with a mushroomead haircut... The Waking life version of Asuka! what's she doing there?

      Then I see haley get up from a desk and she looks at me. I become lucid and realize i seem to get lucid a lot when I see Haley in a dream. That's why she shows up... it has nothing to do with me or her, it's her energy and for some reason it makes me lucid! I forget all that and walk up to her, she seems to have been expecting me.

      We walk to the top of the classroom and enter "my office". We enter a small computer area. I tell her "sorry about the creepy dream stuff," and she says it's ok. Then she asks me how I am supposed to help her with her Psychology assignment. I walk over to a desk with two of my computers and sit down. I say to her "is this assignment for deaming or waking?" she says both but she isn't sure. Now she's a taller man with a thin face, he has light brown hair pulled into a ponytail. He/She now sits at a computer desk with a smaller single computer. i am thinking. "This is a dream and she wants me to do her homework? is she serious?"

      I try to make my computer work but the mouse is just weird. The thing looks like Apple tried to make a calculator but failed... so in a last fail effort they made their failure of a calculator into a computer mouse. I was trying to find out how to use this thing to make the computer work so that I could help Haley... but I woke up.

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    5. a few fragments.

      by , 10-26-2010 at 05:13 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Kaomea 1

      A brief fragment of rescuing kaomea from a prison cell. little details remembered.

      Kaomea 2

      Kaomea was ungrateful with my help, was yelling and taunting me about something.... can't remember what.

      Asuka haley

      A brief dream where i went to looking for haley to make sure she was healed properly. I spotted asuka in her when she smiled at me. Still not sure why asuka does that.

      Soul relations

      My guides explain that Asuka has become my soul keeper which means she will be able to let me know when the right woman comes along for me. Kaomea, Though not a soul mate, is called a soul lover. Soul lovers heal one another's souls. However because of recent events my guides tell me to say "no" to her.

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    6. Deep Dream

      by , 10-25-2010 at 01:35 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Craziness (abridged)

      I'm with kaomea in the healing glen. We are talking about stuff and making a connection... I think. Raven flies through a portal and we begin healing spells. We pull out asuka from her who is also infected, and then loads of dream demons start flying out of her dream body. Lonewolf's head appears from a portal, He is a wolf man. He gobbles up most of the dream demons and laughs and then disapears back. We pull out one more dream body from Kaomea... Haley?

      Haley is a witch with bat wings, she's also infected with dark energy. She flies through a portal and I follow. We fly through loads of portals and dreamscapes, her form keeps changing from bat to a dark butterfly. She's singing nursery rhymes in a creepy voice... We enter a final portal and then the dream explodes.

      In one dream haley is a little girl sitting in a corner and singing to herself... there's loud banging all around her. She cries but when I approach she has a demonic look like the girl from the ring. i open a portal and shoot and astral tentacle from my hand and drag her through the portal to the healing cave.

      In another dream She goes to a place that looks like heaven. Her bf jaaz is sitting on a cloud with a guitar and rapping beatles lyrics. He sees her and blows a tornado at her. While she's caught I shoot a tentacle and drag her through the portal.

      In yet another dream we are at a party where her bf's band is playing. She starts ripping heads off al the fans and telling jaaz that his music sucks. I swing through a portal like spiderman, grab her with a tentacle and go back to the cave.

      there were other scenarios, but i can't recall them all.

      I arrive back in the healing glen. Raven is still there healing Asuka/kaomea. she says "wow that was fast. you only left a split second ago..." Raven has cat eyes and licks her chops with a cat toungue.

      "are you ok raven?" i ask.

      "yeah... I think you're from an alternate dimension."

      "oh, well heal this girl because I'm going to wake up soon and try to forget this whole mess."

      "okay," the alternate raven says and she smiles.
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    7. more non lucid dreams...

      by , 10-24-2010 at 03:29 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Sex dream... but it was interesting to note, the "hole" I was screwing turned into a portal and led me into an alternate sex dream... so yeah, figure that one out.

      Asuka is a computer nerd.

      fragment of going into a room where Asuka was ignoring me because she was on the computer and looking at something.


      I'm on some weird ship above earth. I'm fighting some cyborg guy... and a clone of him, and thena brown clone of him? I don't know. There was lots of floating around in this fight with anti grav stuff. Much like the one fight from inception. I wish I'd remembered more details on this one.


      first I was walking into some house. I found a guy there and asked him for a ride. I was in toronto or something, and he said "sure". I was with some woman (asuka?) and we were all handed pamphlettes. We got into a taxi drive by the guy.

      Then later We wound up someplace with Haley. Asuka merged with haley and then started taunting me on my current lack of sex life. I remember walking away feeling pretty down on myself.


      A dream about some strange dogs and having them bite my arms.


      I was in a strange place with some people. I flew there and I landed. I told the people that I could fly like superman. They were like ORLY? and then I jumped up but only floated. I began making a buzzing sound with my mouth and then I started to fly better. They seemed pretty impressed.


      I just remember hanging around a bunch of guys, and at one point I asked someone for a smoke and they gave it to me.
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    8. 2 lucids!

      by , 08-25-2010 at 01:00 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Why so Angry?

      I Gradually became lucid somewhere. It started off I was flying around and I was trying to land. There were people below i was talking to. One guy saw me try to land a few times and not quite making it. He said flying looked dangerous. I was flying over some barren landscape. I somehow managed to land in some torn up building.

      Becoming even more lucid i began to touch everything to sustain the dream. After a while of this I decided to look for Asuka. I kept thinking "Asuka" in my head and trying to open a portal. I walked through the doorway of the torn up building. I found myself on a street. I came to a four way stop and saw Asuka walking towards me. I think I said "hi" and then she turned towards a tall brown house. I didn't recognize the house and asked if it was ours. She said yes.

      I went in the house and went downstairs Asuka was with me. I asked her if she is aware of my waking thoughts? She said no. I pondered how that's possible because so many times I've only thought of things me and her can do and then the next night i dream that very thing. Her answer kind of disturbed me. She didn't seem to be paying much attention to me. I then asked her if she dreams at all when she sleeps. She didn't answer.

      For some reason her non response angered me. I said "OK it was a stupid question to ask." A wave of anger hit me again and I grabbed a door and ripped it off it's hinges and then I slammed it against an outside corner. Asuka ran up to me with her eyes wide. I was surprised by my own reaction and immediately began to apologies when I woke up.

      FA, And i have a long and hard thinking session about the dream. Why wasn't Asuka answering me? Why was she ignoring me? how come she didn't seem to care that I was lucid? I concluded that it's a possibility that it may not have been her.

      Lucid again

      I remember becoming lucid in front of some weird foggy guy but that's all I remember.

      I remember being on facebook asking a kid if he wanted to play starcraft. Suddenly he was much older and said that he lived in calgary.


      I remember a non lucid where I was following asuka. She had blond hair. I remember walking up beside her and grabbing hands. We held hands while we continued walking wherever,


      I remember being at a table watching Haley and her one friend.
    9. Shortly Lucid again

      by , 08-16-2010 at 03:55 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      WTF Truck

      I'm in a truck like my dad's in the passenger seat It's driving by itself. I see it heading towards a rock face where a bunch of bombs are exploding? I kick my left leg and hit the break. I get into the driver's seat and suddenly my dad's there. He starts ranting about how I shouldn't be driving and I almost totaled the car. I said I saved the truck from totaling itself and that he should thank me, besides isn't he happy I am learning to drive for once. He said it doesn't't matter and that I'm a worthless piece of shit. He then indicates that he wants me on the street because he can't stand dealing with me at home.

      H wtf

      H and Asuka are merged. She's holding a tray with jello cups? they are red. And there is discussion about how this is going to make her famous.


      I'm at a restaurant with Asuka. She orders me a large serving of Escargot? anyway it's extra cheesy so I start stuffing myself.


      While walking down a hallway I become lucid. I turn an head downstairs and See an area reminiscent of one of the places i lived in in Didsbury. I see Jen (my brothers gf" Sitting on the floor. I ask her if she has seen Asuka? (sometimes characters know if asuka has been around). She laughed and asked who that was. She asked if she was my dream girlfriend or something. I said yes, and that this is a dream. I also hear some music playing. I try to bring the focus on the music more but it fades.

      I search two downstairs rooms. In the first one. Some men have a ladder and are fixing something electrical on the ceiling, but it's not the light. I ask what they are doing? They say something technical but it makes no sense. I leave and check the other room but it's empty. I briefly look in the other room as I pass. Now there are no men or ladder. Jen is no longer in the living room area as well. I call out to Asuka As I walk up the steps. I say aloud that I am lucid and if there's anything she wants to tell me, now is the time to say it. I walk upstairs thinking the dream feels almost as real as waking life. As if on cue, I wake up for real... DAMN

      Old Dreams?

      I'm walking down a street in chilliwack. I have memories of going into a building in an older dream and going into a flea market of some kind. anyway As I walk down the street I can hear myself playing a vivaldi violin concerto on guitar. I don't like the sound of it. But when it ends and older lady DC walks up to me and says "That was brilliant!"
    10. a couple dreams

      by , 08-03-2010 at 04:09 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)


      Something about Commander Chakotay from Voyager having a strange growth on his neck.

      Classroom fun

      I was in some weird classroom in the shape of a hallway. All the desks were on the side of the hallway. The teacher was handing out papers. she handed a pile where each person took one and then passed it on. I was sitting at the end with someone. After a while we noticed we didn't get our papers. So i walked down the row of desks to figure out who didn't pass on the paper. I found some guy who looked stoned with papers all over his desk. It didn't look like he knew what he was doing, or that he even cared. He didn't mind that i took them and started handing them out to the rest of the class. Haley approached me.. or was it Asuka? were they merged?. anyway she said "I want one now" with a big smile on her face. I said to wait until she gets her turn. She tackled me to the floor and started laughing "I want mine now" she kept repeating. We were both laughing as we knocked over a desk.


      I am walking down an alleyway with someone. I can see the stars in the sky and can clearly see the planet mars in the sky. It is like a bright star. I notice two planes are hovering near one another as if they Pilots are talking to one another. Then i see the planes fly off.

      Me and the person go to someone's house to visit them. It's some guy with a ery large TV screen. All I remember is that on the TV screen he was chatting with Raven Knight on skype.