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    1. Autopilot Train in the Twisted City

      by , 06-03-2011 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      There was a train on a very linerar track that moved automatically on autopilot. It moved through a dark city. Unlike many other dreams of mine that have trains I had a little bit of control over this one. I could not steer it or make the train deviate from its pre-programmed route but I could use the brake to slow the train down or even stop it, which I had to do several times because there always seemed to be people on the track who would not notice the train until it was very close. I managed to never hit anyone by slowing the train down and sounding the loud horn.

      At one section of the route, which seemed to be the edge of the city, the streets were tilted and twisted and very very oddly placed and I had to stop the train to avoid it crashing into a building or something. I got off the train and it continued its automatic route without a pilot. The twisted streets defied gravity and were on steep angles yet all of the buildings stayed in place and looked like they had been built to accommadate the twisted and angled streets.

      There is some more to this dream, something about being on or near a warf by a large bridge that spans a river or something, but I cannot remember any of it.