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    1. Escaping the Military and the Controlled Flood

      by , 08-09-2011 at 02:25 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      The first part of the dream starts off with me in an as my dream incarnate Chun-li and I am in an unknown city. I am walking along an abandoned factory of some sort when I hear a helicopter. I know I have to hide and I duck inside where I meet a young man about my age with a beard and backpack. Even though I know that I am invunerable to physical harm, and have telekenetic powers, I am determined to avoid capture from the military chasing me. I convince the man to hide with me. Our hiding spot is not that great because of holes in the walls and ceiling through which we might be seen. The man finds a stairs down and susgests that we take it. The stairs leads to a series of underground tunnels where suspention bridges span deep holes.

      The military is chasing us on foot now and I have to use Chun-li's psyhic and telekenetuc powers to either avoid or kill pursuing soldiers. I feel bad because I know that these soldiers are not bad but just doing their jobs. I start trying to take prisioners rather than kill and I find out from one captured military commander that a special team in the military chasing us, called Unit 11, is now close. I let the other prisoners free, and even save one soldier from a granade blast by throwing myself on top of him when an agent of Unit 11 throws it in our direction.

      The bearded man with the backpack and I find our way out of the tunnels and into a forest where a nudist colony is camping. There are hundreds of people, most of the naked, just hanging around. They allow my male friend and I into the camp and let us hide there, but we are captured by Unit 11 when they raid the camp and find us in a huge crowd of people because we are the only one's with our cloths on. Thought I cannot remember the details the dream ends with my male friend and I somehow escaping the military and living in the forest camp together (though not as nudists) where the man makes a living writing poetry.

      The second part of the dream has me in my home province of Ontario and I am still my dream incarnate Chun-li and I still have psychic and telekentic powers. I am at the top of a cliff and use my powers to half fly half jump into a body of water. For some reason I think that floding a few of the Great Lakes will improve many cities on the water front and I use my powers to psychically tell people living at a certain level to move to higher ground. I use my telekenic abilities to carve away some cliffs and allow water from higher ground to fill the vally at a rapid rate.

      I fly into one city to see the progress of the water and see that Asian one man is very reluctant to leave is home, and stays even as his wife and son have left, and his neighbours are arguing with hime to leave. At first I try to use my telekenetic powers to pick him up and force him to move, but for some reason the power will not work. I fly down to him and convince him that his home will be remade bigger and better somewhere else if he leaves, and he agrees, but not before I help him move his pet hamster, rat and guinny pig.

      I help many people move to higher ground but not before I have a dream-within-a-dream where I see the water rushing into the cities to fast and washing thousands of people away from their supoosedly safe locations because the water is just too high and moving to fast, creating a kind of inland tsunami. Thankfully I wake up from this dream and help many people continue to find safe places. I use my psychic powers to avoid looting and even open up the financial markets to freer trade with other countries, including a clothing maker who uses nothing else other than alpaca wool. I do not remember any more of this dream.
    2. Superheroes, flooding, and trains.

      by , 05-06-2011 at 04:07 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream starts off in a big city with many tall skyscrapers. I think it may be New York city but I am not sure. I am a little girl of about 5 or 6 years old. I cannot remember the beginning of the dream but it has something to do with Batman, Superman and another superhero that I cannot remember now. They find me in a mysterious temple or something and take me with them back to their base in the big city. I discover while there that, despite having a child'd body and am very old and I do not age physically. I also discover that I can fly and at nighttime I fly above the skyscrapers of the city and look down at everything below.

      One night something happens and the whole city floods. Only the tops of the tallest buildings can be seen and despite that fact that many people probably lost their lives the superheroes are flying around the sky with me and laughing and joking and stuff. They also do not seem to be doing anything to reverse the flood and I wonder to myself why they did nothing to stop it from hapening in the first place.

      We eventually return to a fancy skyscraper that has become a refugee camp of sorts. Many floors are occupied by people escaping the water but the very top floor is reserved for superheroes and their families and friends. The hour is late and in the main room their is a party of some sort going on and I am put into a room with other children to sleep. I am on a bed and the rest of the children are on the floor. There is no lock on the door however and many times drunk individuals, including drunk superheroes, come into the room and start arguing or fighting with each other. The noise wakes me up and I ask them to leave, pointing out that their are children trying to sleep. The last time this happens one male superhero (Cyclops or Gambit?) retorts sarcastically "You're not a child!"

      The dream changes in landscape but I am still a small child. It is sunset and I am somewhere I do not recognize. It is a large hilly field, with a red brick building on one side and a forest on the other. On the other side of the red brick building is a river with a train bridge and a watch tower in the center of it. The field is also crisscrossed with traintracks that sometimes randomly change position. I am alone at first but then find my parents. We are close to the train bridge watching the trains. My mother says something about my father inhereting a train baron's fortune soon, because he is next in line. My father doubts this and says the person a head of him in inheritance is young. There are so many traintracks crisscrossed everwhere that it is almost impossible not to stand on any tracks. Trains come almost nonstop so we are constantly moving around from one track to another so we don't get hit.

      Cats start appearing. Some of the cats I recognize from waking life, and other I do not, but almost all are dressed in somesort of clothing and all are on the traintracks, seemingly unaware of the danger of the approching trains, like they cannot see or hear them. I am panicking and trying to save the cats by picking them up off the tracks, just barely missing a huge freight train every time. Every time I pick up a cat it disappears and another cat appears somewhere on the tracks. My parents are indifferent and tell me that I am wasting my time. Finally that cats begin disappearing and the last cat, my first cat Bambi, is saved just and time, and she does not disappear as I hold her in my arms.

      My parents are talking to a man in the watchtower on the bridge and they find out that he works directly for the train baron. My dad starts arguing with the man about the inheritance or something and my mother and I wander off into the traintrack covered field. The trains seem to have stopped for now. I look up in the sky and see the full moon and guess that it is close to midnight.My father eventully catches up to us and I ask my parent's where my brothers are. They do not know what I am taling about. I tell them that I have two older brothers but they claim that I am their only child. I think it is weird they say that because I am sure that I had two older brothers, but their denial neither upsets nor thrills me and I am quite passive and indifferent about the news.

      The trains start coming again from all directions, but this time they glow neon colours and are very bright. Some are even see through, like ghosts. My dad tells me to stand my ground and the trains will not hurt me. I am too scared at first but with one train I jump away at the last second it nicks my hip and upper leg on the right side. I am scared and upset because I feel intense pain in my upper leg and hip and nothing my father says after that can convince me to not fear the glowing trains, whom he insists cannot hurt me. I cannot remember how this dream ends.
    3. The black cat Mennonite farm

      by , 05-23-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream starts off with me as a passenger of a very old fashion car that looks like a vintage Model T without the canopy. The vehicle is severely lop-sided as the front left tire is normal, but the front right axel sports two tiny tires that look like they belong on a wooden pull wagon, not a car. I am in the backseat and the driver of the vehicle is a young woman dressed like a mennonite (in a pale beige dress), minus the bonnet to cover her light brown hair that has been pulled into a tight bun. I have on a grey mennonite dress as well but I think nothing of it in the dream even though I would never be caught dead in a dress in waking life. I know I am looking for something, but I an unable to say what, even when the young mennonite woman offers to help me search. It is for the search of that unknown thing that I have accepted a ride in her oddly designed car.

      It is daytime and clear and we are somewhere deep in Southwestern Ontario's Mennonite country, as I remember it from childhood. It must of just stopped raining because the road is extremely bumpy and filled with deep muddy pits as well as various debris that looks as though it has been deposited in the middle of the road by a mud flow. I cannot remember asking the driver how we will get around all the debris and mud, though I do recall her saying that the old car was "tough and like a tank" and it could drive over, and through, anything. She proves this point when we come across what looks like a crushed silver sedan sticking out a shallow mud pit. The vintage vehicle seems to struggle a few times, especially with it's two tiny front wheels on the right side, but on the fourth or fifth attempt it is sucessfully able to drive over the crushed sedan.

      There is a large white farmhouse a head of us in the distance that it sits in a depression in the landscape and is completely surrounded by water. The ground level of the building is no doubt flooded with water. As we drive closer the old vehicle slowly starts to become submerged and I am worried that it will stall, but it is strangely unaffected by the rising water level. The front door of the farmhouse opens as the driver parks the car and gets out. The woman who walks out of the farmhouse looks identical to the driver of the vintage car, only she is a bit taller and more corpulant, and is wearing a pale pink dress. It is obvious to me that they are sisters. The two of them seem completely oblivious to the muddy water that has flooded the entire farm even though it is knee deep.

      They invite me into their home and allow me to look around at my leisure, but ask that I do not venture into the upper floors. While every room on the ground has been flooded, the water is relatively clean and clear, besides the occasional household object floating in it, unlike the murky and muddy water outside. In great contrast to the simplistic ideals of the mennonite lifestyle each room is decorated, even crammed, with old fashioned household items, knick-knacks, trinkets, oddities, toys and even the random out-of-place modern item, (like a brand new Spider Man plushie I found in a linen closet). Many of the rooms look more like a museum than a living space.

      One stange thing I notice is that located in several rooms through the house there are three antique bisque dolls that have been tied together. The first group of three are all identical, dressed in earth tone Victorian fashion, blond curly hair and are tied toegther with what looks like twine. The doll on the far left is missing an eye. They are located in one of the first rooms, which I think is a lounge. The second group of three is located in what looks like a guest bedroom. The dolls are all identical looking with pale blue Victorian dresses, light brown hair and are tied together with a thin peice of red silk. The doll on the far left has a large crack down the middle of her face.

      I find a narrow wooden staircase and sense what I am looking for up there. Before I go up I look through a nearby window and see a vast farmers field that is devoid of water and with large mounds spaced at regular intervals. Whatever is growing in the field is under the large mounds. I hear a faint "meow" and I suddenly realize/remember that I am looking for my cat Zrinyi. I quickly run up to the second floor and find her at the top of the stairs in a yellow cat carrier. There is a room beyond where I find my cat and the heavy wooden door is slightly ajar. I sneak a quick peek and see the last group of three dolls that are tied together. They are in what appears to be an old Victorian style office, sitting on the top shelf of a dark brown book case. The windows of the room have been boarded up and broken lines of light give little illumination to the heavily dusty room. The dolls have black dresses and are tied together with a thick peice of rope. None of the dolls have heads and the one on the far left looks as if it bled when the head was removed, as the white collar of it's dress has been stained red.

      I hear one of the two sisters downstairs and quickly return to the ground level. I leave Zrinyi where she is and plan to return to get her. Now that I have found what I have been looking for, I am filled with a sense of urgency and desperately want to leave the farmhouse, but I suddenly feel like I am trapped and that I am not going to be allowed to leave. The sisters implore me to come and meet their father and brother. Up until this point I was unaware that there was anyone else in the house other than the two sisters since I had been through all the ground floor rooms and seen no one.

      In a room that has suddenly appeared near the rear, right side of the house sits two men dressed in modern clothing on a modern sofa, staring at a large screen t.v with blank, glazed expressions on their faces. The sisters are frantically running back and forth trying to attending to every need and want of these men, and are completey ignored for their efforts. The room is heavy with anxiety and fear towards the two men, who have a dominating and meancing presence. I stand in one corner of the room and watch helplessly as the older of the two men (the father, I assume) starts to yell at the younger of the sisters for something, though I cannot remember what. He starts physically assaulting her and I yell at him to stop but he ignores me. Until I call him a "lazy misogynist," that is, then he turns is rage towards me and I flee from the room, but I am not scared and instead laugh, knowing that I struck a nerve and made the violent man react out of his own insecurity.

      I run towards the narrow wooded stairs where Zrinyi is hidden, but instead I find the older of the two sisters at the bottom of the stairs holding the empty cat carrier. I realize at this point that the farmhouse is no longer flooded with water, but the floors have severe water damage and everything the water touched is now moldy and rotting. The older sister nods her head towards a nearby window and through it I can see the vast field that had the large mounds. It is newly plowed and through it runs hundred of black cats of all shapes and sizes. I think to myself "It's a black cat farm!" and know somehow that the cats had been grown from the field and where what was under the large mounds of dirt. I also realize that it is from my own black cat, Zrinyi, from which the "seeds" for these grown cats had been harvested, though I am not exactly sure how they did it.

      I demand to know where my cat is but the woman in the pink dress just shrugs. She has a tired and worn look on her face. The dream becomes fuzzy at this point and I do not recall exactly how I found my cat, but I do so at some point, and try to flee from the farmhouse. The two sisters try to stop me but they tell me that they do not really want to, but will face further violence from their father if they do not try. I feel bad for the sisters, but I am tired of the entire place and just want to leave. I push them out of my way and storm out the front door which I first came through, with Zrinyi held tightly in my arms.
    4. Flooding and my Telekinesis (lucid)

      by , 11-07-2006 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      There was some sort of gathering at a local school, which sits half way up a steep hill. Thousands of students were packed into the school with sleeping bags and other camping supplies. Apparently we were going to be staying there for some time, though there were no actual classes being held. I was there with a boy and a girl that I do not recognize and we pick a spot to camp out that is in one corner of a large room. I am not sure if the room was the gymnasium.

      At one point I was walking through the halls and I see some former friends of mine in the corner of my eye. Because we do not get alone anymore in waking life, I ignored them in the dream and kept walking. There is food venders down the hall, but the two people who run it cannot even bag a salad without arguing. I become upset because I am hungry and I want some food, but the arguing vendors will not even look at me.

      A bit later in the dream there is something to do with some nuns appearing at the school. Apparently they are have to supervise someone, or something. I cannot remember much of this part of the dream because it is very fuzzy.

      There is a sudden influx of people (both children and adults) from outside. The town at the bottom of the hill suddenly floods. There is water up the the roof tops the the houses and the water continues to rise. As more and more people try to get into the school, it becomes very cramped and chaotic. The little boy who I am with tries to climb a rope up to the balcony seats, to get away from the throng of people, but I unconsciously reach out my hand from across the room and the boy is pulled off the rope by an invisible force and is brought over to where I am sitting.

      It only takes a few hours for the water to recede, but because people's homes are completely destroyed, most end up staying inside the cramped school. The next day everyone wakes up and finds that all of the doors that lead outside have been locked. Panic ensues, as everyone starts to believe that they are going to die. I feel something in my pocket, and when I pull it out, it turns out to be a large silver key. As I gaze upon it, the boy and girl I am with say goodbye and vanish into thin air.

      I use the key to open the gymnasium door, but find that not only has the river flooded again, but the waters are much higher than before and has literally washed the town at the bottom of the hill completely away. I step out of the door and am up to my ankles in water. I have to dodge to the side to avoid being crushed by the hundreds of people rushing out of the school.

      I follow the waters edge for a while and find a large stone golem saving people from being washed away, but only if money if thrown into his mouth. I toss a toonie, but miss. Since I am not drowning or in danger, the golem and I just shrug at each other. I can see some office building further up the hill and I start to walk towards them.

      I walk through I parking lot and suddenly stop. Though everthing feels real, I sense something is amiss and try an RC. I plug my nose and cover my mouth and discover that I am still able to breathe. I attempt th same RC several times before I accept that, yes, I am dreaming.

      Immediately upon attaining lucidity, I see my mom walking towards me. She does not appear as she looks now, rather as she appeared in her hippy 20s (which I have only seen in photographs). She is trying to show me an orange and white shirt she bought for me, but I ignore her and continue on up the hill. I look back and see that my mom's face is sad and I feel bad for hurting her feelings, even if it is only a dream.

      I enter an office building and go up to the roof. From there I use telekinetic powers to lift the entire building off the ground and make it hover above the city, like a giant spacecraft. Some people come rushing to see the spectacle that I am creating and some of them claim that I am the alchemist they are looking for. I ask them what that means, but they will not answer and run away instead.

      A bunch of "bad guys" appear. They want me to join them so they can use my powers, but I telekinetically kick their butts and bend them to to my will. They promise to be my loyal lackeys if I spare them from harm, but I am bored of them and kill them with my powers anyway. I fly my building/spacecraft over to the top of a neighbouring building, where I can see some sort of party going on. I invite anyone who is interested to join me on my flying building, but no one seems interested.

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    5. Flooding, the sun and the little grey house (lucid)

      by , 09-04-2006 at 08:04 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      My third Lucid dream experience since joining Dreamviews.

      The dream starts and I am in a stairwell with red walls, standing on a metal staircase, and there is water gushing in from somewhere below. I ascended the stairs until I came to a door. When I go through it I found myself on a fire escape about five or six storeys above the ground, which is covered in brown, rushing water. The town around me was flooded as far as the eye could see.

      I jumped from the balconey to the roof of a builing about 30 feet away and it was at this point that I realized I was dreaming. The dream changed then and I found myself on a gravel road somewhere out in the country. I could see dark forest behind me and a single mid-sized mountain ahead of me. I started running towards the mountain but the sun began to set and it was getting dark. I knew I was in a dream so I attempted some dream control; I pointed at the sun and drew a line with my figure towards the center of the sky. The sun followed the path of my finger and it was noon again, as I seemed to have moved time backwards. This is only the second time I have ever been successful at trying to control something in my dreams, and like the first experience, it involved moving the flow of time backwards.

      I contined towards the mountain and saw that there were several houses at the base and on the slope. Some of the houses looked abandoned while others looked brand new. The first house that I went up to was dilapatated and when I pushed open the door I could see huge cobwebs all throughout the inside. I went to the next house and there where lights on, but no one answered the door. I passed several other houses until I came to a little grey one where I could hear the voices of a man and a woman on the inside, yet they fell silent and did not answer the door when I knocked. I remember thinking that if anyone answered the door that I would try to use my dream control to kill them for fun, but just at this moment an alarm clock went off in real life and woke me up.

      I find it funny that I could move the sun with my dream control, but did not think about forcing the door down at the little grey house.
    6. The Mall Musuem Adventure

      by , 07-10-2006 at 12:37 PM (Visions in the Dark)

      The dream takes place in some sort of two-story shopping center. The walls and floors, stairs, railings and benchs were all carved out of white marble. The upper floors had ritzy expensive stores, while the lower floors had cheaper, generic stores.

      At the beginning there was some young man skateboarding on the lower floor of the mall. I don't reall his name but he looked like Link from Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but dressed in modern clothing. His boarding escapades led him into the basement of the mall where he ended up in some sort of electrical/janitorial room. I cannot remember now what he did there, but I do remember that he ran into some Canadian television stars that I recognize but cannot recall the names of at this time.

      Eventually the young man returned to the first floor of the mall and as he was trying to grind on some stairs, the lower level of the mall started to flood very rapidly. People in the mall were panicking and screaming and many of them were washed away by the rushing water, but the young man managed to get up to the second floor and to saftey.

      The young man's skateboard disappeared and the mall suddenly changed. There were suddenly no people and though it still looked like a mall, the window displays and stores were now more like a museum. The lights went out and the only illumination came through the skylights in the roof. The water on the first floor disappeared. Three people appeared and ran into the skateboarder. The group of three was led by a black woman who had psychic powers and could detect magic in items. The other two people were a young white woman and a middle aged black man.

      I cannot remember the purpose now, but the four characters had to explore the place and find some magical items. They could not leave the shopping center/museum until they had done so. The dream gets a bit fuzzy, but as the four explored and found the magic items (several magic rocks or peices of jewelry) the brighter the building became, as if finding an item had turned the electricity back on.

      When they had found all of the items, the group of people found a stairs leading the the first floor and into a room that was very much like a standard museum display. They became excited and went in and found a door from which they could exit the shopping center/museum. The dream ends as soon as they get outside into the sunlight.