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    1. Three art assignments

      by , 06-18-2014 at 05:23 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I was in a classroom being led by my high school visual art teacher. She gave us a drawing assignment for our sketchbooks to complete by the end of the week. I flipped through my sketchbook and found that I had not completed the previous two drawing assignments. I felt that I couldn't even start the third assignment until I had completed the previous two so I because drawing frantically with dark pencils and charcoal.

      In the first assignment I needed to draw a Christamas tree and the second assignment had something to do with an outdoor landscape. I cannot remember what the third assignment was.
    2. Oppressive highschool art class

      by , 12-29-2010 at 07:30 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I find myself back in highschool, though it is a highschool I do not recognize. I have only one course, Art, which is an elective, because I graduated with honors years ago but yet for some reason this class is manditory for me. Because the school is so big and space and time are limited the class runs for two hours every second day. I am much older than the other students they treat me with great rudeness and disrespect and often I have to clean up their messes after class it out. I cannot complain or cause any trouble in class because I will be automatically kicked out, so I have to take all the crap and be silent. The teacher of the course seems sympathetic to my situation but she is reluctant to step in and say anything. I assume it is because her job will be threatened if she does so. She looks like my former art therapist but has a different personality in the dream. The overseer of the school is a group of Christian priests and they are all mean and oppressive even though it is supposed to be a secular public high school.

      We are doing sculpture and have the choice of working with coloured modelling clay or real clay and porcelain. I choose porcelain and make many little animals like bears and turtles over many days but at the end of the week I am not allowed to fire them and am asked to destroy them instead. I unhappily agree and not only have to throw out the clay but have to yet again clean up the mess left behind by the other rude, inconsiderate students. I am growing tired of my treatment in the class because all I want to do is make art unhindered and unoppressed.

      For some reason, the next week I am allowed to bring my four cats to class and this seems to please the other students and they are a lot nicer to me. The cats roam freely around the room while we all work. The teacher brings up the fact that the art room is going to be renovated and all of the students are expected to put some time in painting the walls and cupboards. Of course I end up doing most of the work and spend many lunch hours and time after school to make up for the extra work. I cannot remember the reasons why now but I painted half of the room in a baby blue colour and the other half in a light violet colour, which I finished on the last day before the weekend. This angered the priests who run the school and they demanded that I say the weekend to "repaint the room with the appropriate colours" but left without saying what colours I should use.

      I was angry and went home without doing the work because I thought it was unfair. The next monday I went to school with my cats as usual and as we worked on new projects I noticed that everybody was very quiet. The class had not been repainted and a priest in a grey shmock was sitting in the class working on something, though I suspected he was there to keep an eye on either me or someone else. He left half way through the class. When class ended and I went to collect my cats I could only find three of them. I was in a panic and asked the rest of the students if they knew where my lost cat but no one knew anything. I asked the teacher but she avoided anwsering the question by trying to change the subject or by sitting at her desk with her head down doing needlework.

      Eventually I pestered her enough that she told me that the grey cloaked priest took my cat and sold her to someone. At first I thought he was just trying to help because he may have thought it was a stray, but the teacher tells me that it is punishment for not doing as the priests said and staying the weekend to repaint the room. She said I could speak with him the next class. The next class I try to track down the priest who sold my cat, so I can try to find out who he sold it to, but the priest had left the school and apparetnly wasn't ever coming back. I was angry and distraught and tired of all the bullpoop I had to put up in this school and I angrily raged at the teacher and class, as well as, some of the priests who came down to our room unexpectedly (I suppose to gloat over the selling of my cat because they all regarded me with smug smiles on their faces). I yelled and told them all off and stormed out of there filled with hate and frustration.

      Then I woke up.

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    3. Back in geography class

      by , 05-02-2010 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am sitting in the geography classroom of my old highschool, except we are not studying geography. All of the students (none of whom I recognize) are sitting in groups around large tables completing writing assignments or something. The class is quiet except for the scibbling of pencils and the hushed whispers of students talking amongst themselves.

      I am sitting alone and not talking to anyone at the far corner of one table in the back of the room, trying to concentrate on my work. The other students at my table are not doing their work and are making rude comments and derogatory statements about other kids in class. A girl who is sitting across from me starts going on about how she thinks very little about people with mental handicaps and mental illness and her voice gets louder and louder as she continues to rant so that soon the whole class can hear her.

      The teacher does not intervene and ignores the disruptive student. Eventually I speak up and refute some of the things she is saying and essentially shut her up by exposing her bigotry. The students all get back to work in silence and the teacher comes over to me and gives me a high five, congratulating me or saying he agress with me or something. The girl across from me just gives me the stink eye.

      For some reason manyt students leave for whatever reason (recess?) and some stay behind (including myself) to start copying a sheet the teacher has put up on the overhead projector. It is a long list of combinations of chocolate types and mixtures of chocolate recipes and stuff. Class resumes when the students who left return and they too start copying the sheet until the teacher suddenly turns off the projector. He says that the students who left should have stayed around so that they could copy the sheet and now they are out of luck. He asks the students who stayed to hand in their copied sheets and that we will recieve extra credit for it.

      For some reason I have copied the sheet twice and feeling bad for the other students at my table, I give them my extra copy so that they can quickly duplicate it. The biggoted girl from before is really appreciative and apologizes for all the things she said. I say it's fine and get up to hand in my sheet.

      I cannot remember any more of this dream.
    4. Pepperoni Pizza!

      by , 08-05-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I was walking through the hallways of what looked like my old high school. The halls and classrooms were filled with students, some I recognize and some I don't. It was the last day of school or something and everyone was just hanging around and socializing. I didn't see any of my friends and just wandered the halls aimlessly.

      For some reason there were pepperoni pizza absolutely everywhere! On desks, in glass display cases, on the floor, in cabinets and closets; just everywhere - and no matter how long the pizza sat wherever it had been placed, it stayed hot and crispy!

      I remember eating a few peices and thinking it was the tastiest, cheesiest, greasiest, most amazing pizza I had ever eaten! It was so good that I really thought it was real in the dream, but I did not become lucid at all. The dream ended as I was enjoying a particularily big and cheesy slice.

      I have never woken up craving pepperoni pizza so badly in my entire life!!
    5. Highschool Fortress

      by , 11-01-2006 at 07:23 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream starts off in the lobby of a building that seems to be a cross between my old two-storey highschool and some sort of castle or fortress. The layout is similar to how I remember it though some of the hallways have unusual maze-like twists or dead ends. Everything seems to be made of white or grey marble on the inside of the building and white brick and silvery metal on the outside. The entire school/castle sits on the edge of a limestone cliff and overlooks a vast, waveless ocean. The atmosphere outside is perpetually clouded over and foggy.

      There are many students and teachers wandering about the halls and everyone is wearing long, flowing gowns and robes that I can only describe as high fantasy fashion (much like Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings). It is the first day of school and I am ascending the main staircase to get to the office on the second floor because I cannot find my schedule and I have no idea where to go (this is something that actually happened to me, but on my first day of college, not highschool). I expect there to be a set of glass doors at the top of the stairs, which would lead to the hall that leads to the office, but instead there is just a large pane of glass which will not budge when I press on it.

      To my left there is a metal door (in reality there is an empty space there, which drops down to the first floor) and when I go through it I find myself in the auditorium. I almost become lucid at this point because I know that this is the incorrect layout of my old highschool, but there is a flash of blue light from behind me that distracts me from my thought process. I turn around and see a little girl run right through the glass pane. She has short dark brown hair, a white frilly dress, a dark red cloak or cape, and she looks to be about 4 or 5 years old. Anyway I follow her and find that I too can now walk through the glass pane, but the little girl has disappeared and I can only see random students and teachers wandering around.

      I walk down the hall to the office and find that it looks nothing like I remember it. Where the main entrance to the office should be there is a window with no glass and a large ledge. It looks like a concession stand or something. I can see into the office, but there does not appear to be a door to get in or out. There are two men on the other side of the window doing paper work and they both seem out of place. Unlike everyone else in the school who are dressed in flowing robes and are average looking people, the two men in the office are dressed in normal modern clothing and look like trolls or something. One has brown leathery skin and pointy ears and the other has a dark blue scales and large horns sticking out at the top of his head. They both stare and scoff in a condescending manner when I tell them that I have no idea where to go. I kind of "faze out" as the two office workers are finding what I need and I only snap out of my daydream when I notice the papers on the ledge right in front of me. The office workers snicker at me and tell me to hurry along because the bell rang while I was off in la-la-land.

      Before I go anywhere ask them about the head of an animal I can see on a wall behind them. I can not recall what kind of animal it was but I am sure it was a buffalo or a bull or something. It had to be a fresh kill because there was blood running down the wall from where it was mounted. The trolls tell me that they just killed the animal that morning and mounted the head because they did not know what else to do with it. I ask them if I can have it because I am interested in cooking the brains and promise to bring them some if they hand it over. They give me the animal head and I gleefully skip off and boil that animal's brain after draining all the blood and collecting it in a glass vial. I am still in the school but I have lost all interest in going to class because I cannot think of anything else except cooking and eating the brains.

      I return to the office window some time later and offer some of the meat to the troll-like office workers. I tell them that it tastes just like liver or steak (I can no longer remember exactly which one I said) and they accept what portions I offer but say that I had better have more to share. I do not know what they mean but just then a stern-faced, grey-haired old woman appears and demands that I offer her some as well. Apparently she is the principal and she is there to investigate why I am neglecting my classes in preference to cooking animal brains. I give her half of the meat that I have left and she decides to let me off this time because she likes that taste of the food I offer.

      Just then the bell rings, because school is over, and everyone leaves for the day. I hide in a corner and eat my food because I am in no hurry and I think it is strange anyone is trying to leave because there seems to be nothing outside of the school except for the ocean in the back and never-ending fog everywhere else. When I am done eating my brains, I mean, the brains I cooked, I go to the main lobby on the first floor and contemplate going outside into the fog. From behind me there is a flash of blue light and when I turn around I see the little girl in the white dress running down the hall and disappear around a corner. I try to follow but bolts of lightning shoot out of the ground every time I get close and I have to stop or jump out of the way to avoid being hit.

      I lose sight of the little girl and find that I have become lost in the maze-like halls. I see a set of metal doors at the end of one hall and when I go through them I end up in a stairwell that is made of red brick (rather than white brick like the rest of the school). There are steps that seem to lead up to the second floor but I am not interested in going there so I try to exit through the large metal door whence I came. Unfortunately the doors have locked behind me and I have no choice but to go up the stairs. When I am at the top I discover that there are actually two doors and one leads into the second floor hall while the other seems to lead outside. I go out the door that leads outside and find myself on a metal fire escape that overlooks a large courtyard - which in turn overlooks the ocean behind the school. The marble floor of the courtyard is broken up and smashed, with some pieces overlapping, layered or on a dangerous slant. There is only one large slab of marble that is flat and it is near the cliff edge.

      On the flat piece of marble I can see the little girl and she is standing with three other people. There is a gargoyle-like man, a tall slender woman with wings and a little boy dressed in black. The four of them stare out over the water and continue to do so even as I descend the fire escape as far as I can. The last ten steps are twisted, crushed or broken off and I have to jump onto the smashed and jagged marble below. When I am on the ground I have to navigate the broken pieces of marble like a maze. I hear a loud, raspy yell in the direction of the four people, followed by a gurgling sound and soon after a thick black smoke starts billowing into the cloudy sky. I cannot see what is going on because the layers of broken marble are blocking my view.

      When I finally find my way to the flat slab of marble, there is a large bonfire in the center and I can see two arms sticking out of it. The winged woman is still staring out over the ocean and I can now see that her wings are broken and bleeding. The little girl and boy are poking the fire with sticks and I assume that it is the gargoyle like man in the fire because he is no where in sight. I ask the children what they are doing my they ignore me. I walk over to the winged woman and ask what is going on and she glances at me for just a moment then turns back towards ocean. She says that she wants "to go there," but cannot do so because she cannot fly. I look in the direction she is pointing and I see the faint outline of land in the distance. I cannot tell if it is another continent or an island. I try talking to the winged woman again, but she ignores me.

      I turn back to the children and see them scrapping meat off the arms in the fire and eating it. I go over and ask them why they are eating the gargoyle man but just then the arms in the fire seem to come to life and pull themselves out. The arms are not much more than charred bones now but they still drag themselves along the ground and try to grab at the feet of the children and I. The little girl does not seem fazed and she just side steps the attack, but the little boy freaks out, runs to the edge of the cliff and throws himself into the ocean. I avoid the skeletal arms and try to go after the boy, but he is much faster than me and lunges over the cliff before I can reach him. The winged woman is completely unaffected by the commotion and continues to stare at the land across the ocean like nothing is happening.

      The little girl turns to me and says that all of this is my fault because I am "not supposed to talk about it." She then does something to the skeletal arms (though I cannot remember what) and the attack is stopped. The little girl then picks up the arms and tosses them into some marble debris to her left. She then walks to the edge of the cliff where the little boy went over and just stares down over the cliff. The winged woman suddenly jumps from the edge and begin frantically flapping her broken and bleeding wings in an attempt to fly. She screams as her wings shred and tear apart and she falls into the ocean. As soon as she hits the water she disappears and does not resurface. I was fearful that the little girl would end up in the water too, but she had started laughing when the winged woman fell and continued to do so even as I went over to her. I do not recall anymore as the dream seemed to end there.
    6. Hunting the Magic Girl

      by , 06-13-2006 at 11:23 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream took place in a high school (though not one I recognize) where many students were gathered together in the gymnasium. All the DCs in this dream were unrecognizable to me. I had a slightly different appearance then I do in waking life, as I usually do in my dreams, (thinner, shorter hair etc.)

      I cannot remember now exactly why the students had gathered but some were "setting up camp," so to speak, as if they expected to stay there for a long while. Some other students, myself included, had the ability to float or fly and we were attempting to get up to the gymnasium's rafters were we could perch and have more room for ourselves.

      Some things happened that I cannot now remember and the dream sort of changed. I am not sure if it is a completely different dream but it seemed to me that they just ran into each other. I had the same appearance and the atmosphere was similar, though the location changed to something that resembled a cross between my primary school's tarmac yard and a forest.

      Most of the students had dissapeared and now there was only a small group of girls and boys. I recognized them from the previous part of the dream as the students who could float or fly, though now we could no longer do so. Some of us had magic abilities, while others had "anti-magic" abilities. I don't know how to explain the anti-magic abilities other than that those who had that kind of power could dispell or destroy any of the abilities of the magic users. I was an anti-magic user.

      There was this powerful magic using girl who was causing all sorts of chaos, though I cannot remember in which ways, but it became my responsibility to track her down and dispell her powers. She was not named in the dream so I will refer to her as the Magic Girl. For some reason no one else was willing to stop her disruptive and destructive magic and I had to go alone. I chased the Magic Girl through a foresty area and back to the tarmac/forest area and into a nearby brick building. The inside turned out to be very similar to the gymnasium from the first part of the dream.

      She cast some powerful spells that had various negative effects on me, but I managed to dispelled them before they killed me. In an act of desperation, the Magic Girl turned herself into a pencil and created duplicate pencils that filled the room to confuse me. I could not dispell this power so I recruited some of the other anti-magic users to help me in breaking the pencils in half to draw out the Magic Girl.

      One of the DCs suggested it would be a unusual looking pencil but that would not help us much as most of the pencils looked different from each other anyway. It took a while but eventually I happened upon the pencil in which the Magic Girl had hid herself. When I broke it, rather than peices of lead falling out, I pulled out a long glowing strand of black hair. The DCs and I stared at it silently for a moment before it disintergrated in my hand and the remaining dust particles were swept away in some invisible, unfeelable wind.