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    1. Medieval writings and a magic orca

      by , 09-01-2010 at 11:15 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am in my old bedreeom at my parents house sometime in the early 90s. I appear as I did when I was about 14 or 15 or so. It is nighttime and the sun has not quite yet begun to rise. I can hear my mom and dad stirring in thier bedroom down the hall. Because I like to sleep in and afraid that my dad will try to get me at the same time he does (which is something he did throughout my whole teenage life) I get up and quietly close the door to my room.

      Even though I have the intention of going back to sleep I turn the light on for some reason and see that my bed is now covered in many books. Many are on Medieval folklore or literature but there is one book about how to write stories. I sit down on my bed and open it up to a section that is like a 'choose your own adventure' and also has many ideas for names. On the wall running parallel to my bed a vision or hallucination is projected of how my thoughts and imagination are processing the information of the book.

      The dimensions of my room suddenly change and it is much larger than before with a much higher ceiling. An orca whale appears and starts swimming around the air of my room like it was in water. Somehow I know that this orca is magic and also my animal companion.

      Reading more of the book I learn in the dream how to write fantastic stories and when I am done and put the book down I don't even need to use paper or writing implements because I can just project the images from my imagination onto the walls or floor of my bedroom and the images become real. Somehow I know that my magic orca is helping me do this but I don't know how to explain exactly in what ways.

      Because I have so many ideas in my head the scenes change quickly until one catches my eye. At first I cannot tell what it is. Projected on the floor of my bedroom something appears to be moving quickly under the water of a seagrass enclosed, shallow river channel along a Medieval looking countryside. It takes a few moments for me to recognize the creature but I finally realize that it is a beluga whale. My orca companion becomes excited and begins swimming around the room rather exuberantly.

      I take a picture of the beluga scene for my orca companion with my imagination powers and my friend seens happy to float over my shoulder and look at the postcard sized image for a while, though for some reason he seems rather sad all of a sudden. The beluga in the projected scene seems to realize this somehow and starts blowing bubbles.

      One bubble is very big and the orca swims towards it, shrinking insize as he goes, until he is small enough to fit inside of it. As soon as he goes inside of the bubble both the orca and the bubble disappear along with the scene that had been projected on my floor.

      At first I am confused and unable to make the scene reappear. Then I notice that the postcard sized image has changed and now shows both the beluga and the orca swimming happily in the shallow river channel rather than the beluga alone. I somehow know that my orca is now with a friend and this makes me happy.

      The dream ends there.
    2. Dream fragment from mid August 2010

      by , 08-20-2010 at 10:14 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am in my parent's basement and there are hundreds of people there, all holding hands and spiralling around me. It is a physical and visual representation of a new internet fad that is like twitter but consists of short video clips. Someone starts a post on a certain topic and anyone can respond with thier own video clip or something like that.

      The scene changes and I am outside in a park somewhere but the same thing is going on. I am viewing the video twitter clips on a laptop but there are still people holding hands and spinning around me.

      There is a part about someone not being able to post because they are South American and I protest and start a new video twitter about it. Many people get in line behind me to use my computer so they can also post their protests.

      Near the end of the dream some celebrities show up to join in but the only one I can remember is Michael Bolton.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Ryan's party

      by , 05-06-2010 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream starts off in my parent's house. I am about the age of 12 or 13 and home alone with my brother Ryan because my parents have gone out for the night. I am standing in the kitchen looking out the window to the driveway. A black pick up trucks pulls in. Several of my bother's friends get out and come to the door. I don't know why people are showing up to our house and go ask my brother and he says that he is having a party, and that if I go downstairs then I will know what he means.

      I go downstairs to the den in the basement. The door is open to the computer room and I can see a table set up for many people to dine. Throughout the basement there is a stereo system and many wires crisscrossed across the room and hanging from the ceiling. Many of the wires are sparking and crackling. I go back up stairs to tell Ryan about the danger but he is too busy talking to his friends as they sit around the kitchen table. More friends of his arrive.

      I am upset and tell Ryan that he's not supposed to have parties when mom and dad are not home but he tells me off and demands I go to my room. I try to blackmail him by saying that if he doesn't ask his friends to leave that I will tell mom and dad about how he hurt me as a child. He ignores me and goes downstairs with his friends and begins to dine, ignoring the sparking electrical wires. I go down as well to watch but feel helpless and angry.

      Dream ends there.

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    4. Rainbow Serpents and the underwater contraption

      by , 12-05-2009 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream starts off with me standing on a wooden board walk along the right side of a river I know to be the Thames river of my home town, even though the environment looks different. The water is dark but there doesn't seem to be anything in the river. Ahead of me I see two large, flying snakes that are technicoloured and moving away from me by spiralling around each other in a corkscrew pattern. I am excited because I believe the snakes to be spirit guides and I start to follow them. (I was reading about spirit guides before I went to sleep. I also recognized the archetypal symbolism of the mystical Rainbow Serpent from Aztec and Aboriginal Austrailian mythology).

      The snakes fly into a large stone well into which the boardwalk and river seems to end. The water flows into a large opening on the side of the well and seems to disappear. When I get to the well I see that there is no water but a wooden spiral stair case leading down. I can see the rainbow snakes, still spiralling around each other, deep in the well where the stairs disappear into darkness. I walk as far down the spiral steps as I can but lose sight of the snakes. There are several other random people walking along the stairs, some going up, some going down. It becomes so dark that I cannot see anything. I can hear the river roaring around me but I cannot see or feel any water. I walk back up the spiral staircase and out of the well. I frustrated that I lost the snakes.

      I start backtracking along the water but this time I am walking on the left side of the river. I stop and take a look at the river as I notice it is now jammed with large sticks and logs. A large metal tube thing has appeared just underneath the surface of the water and it is violently sucking in all of the wooden debris. The end of the metal contraption is attached to the side of the stone well. I cannot see the inside of the metal contraption but with the spead and ferocity at which it is sucking in the sticks and logs.

      I walk for a bit more and come to a grassy hill by the fork of the river. There are two males standing near the waters edge, ready to step in for a quick dip. I try to warn them about the deadly metal contraption but they ignore me. The older of the two boys jumps into the river and tries to swim across, but is unable to because of all the wooden flotsam in the water blocking his way. He ends up being dragged down the river and into the metal contraption. I re-enter the well in an attempt to find out what happened to him but there is still no indication of where the river is flowing even though it disappears into the side of the well.

      I walk down the stairs a bit and pass many people and come across a door that wasn't there before. I open it and go through and find myself in the laundry room in the basement of my parent's house. The young man, whom I thought was surely killed, is sitting on a wooden rocking chair by the back door which is open. I talk to him for a moment (but I cannot remember what was said now) and then follow him out the back door.

      I cannot remember any more of this dream.
    5. The Wolf Pack

      by , 09-26-2009 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am walking through the neighbouring backyards towards my parent's house. As I get closer to my parent's backyard I see that there is a large, suspended wooden and rope bride that goes back into a vast forest behind their house. The forest is like the one that existed there when I was a kid but this one isn't small and continues far out into horizon, what would in reality the rest of the city, now untouched wilderness. The day is bright and warm and their is a clear blue sky. It is close to the end of summer and some of the trees are starting to change colour and drop their leaves.

      At the foot of the bridge is a pack of wolves play fighting with each other. They are not small but seem not quite adults yet. There are about five or six wolves and they are wide varieties of colours. One wolf is almost completely white except for a patch of black on his face and left side. One wolf is completely black. One wolf is kind of brownish grey and the rest were grey and white. I have the sense that there are several species of wovles present, but they run and play together as if they were one pack, one family.

      A few of the wolves take notice of me but do not approach or make any hostile gestures but seem nervous. I think that it is so cool that not only is there an endless forest behind my parent's house but there are wolves living in it. The wolves stop playing and gather into a circle with their heads pointing in. I hear one of them say something in a strange mix of wolf growls and human speech, but the sound wasn't horrible nor hard on the ears. It was almost musical. When he is done talking all the wolves look up at me, then back at themselves, then back at me (which kind of freaks me out a little) before suddenly turning towards the bridge and running along it into the forest.

      Almost at the same time many people arrive with cameras and binoculors, from around front of my parent's house, and ask where they can find a newly released pack of wolves. They are tourists and they want to see the wolves in their new home. I suddenly feel very protective of the wolves and demand that the people get out of my backyard. I feel that they will not be able to survive if tourists are allowed to disturb their privacy all year round. I have the overpowering urge to run down the bridge and try to catch up with the wolf pack. I do not get on the bridge right away but wait until all the tourists are gone. I do not want any one to follow me.

      When it is safe I start running along the bridge and it twists and turns through the thick forest. I run for some time but do not seem to get tired no matter how fast or far I run, but running on the bridge is difficult because it sways and rocks quite a bit and I do not want to fall off of it (even though it is suspended, it actually is not that far off the ground). After a while a small clearing appears and the suspended bridge comes to and end at a small wooden stair that leads down to the ground and to a wooden boardwalk that continues on into the forest. My unlimited endurance disappears and it is now very tiring to follow this path. I continue on along the boardwalk anyway and as I walk I pass or am passed by all sorts of people dressed for autumn hiking.

      I suddenly become aware this forest is a national park. The wolves being reintroduced is a big deal or something because it is the first project of it's time (to reintroduce wolves into the wild so far south in Ontario) but the reason why most of my home town has disappeared and been replaced with a forest is not revealed in the dream and I am confused as to why the edge of the national park is literally in my backyard. Why is it so close to the edge of the city? I walk for a while and the boardwalk comes to an end. A well worn path in the earth continues on for a bit before splitting into two directions at the bottom of a steep hill. The path leading right circles around the hill along a marshy lake or pond. The left path is straight up the steep hill and over. I choose the path on the left because there are less people on it and it seems to lead back into the nature reserve. I am still hoping that I can find the wolves, though I start to feel that I am doing exactly what I want to save them from: constant disurbance of their privacy. I come to at what I first thought was a clearing but turned out to be the sudden end of the forest. I walk out into a parking lot for visitors to the national park. The sun is begining to set.

      The parking lot circles around the north park of the park and comes to an octangular tower, beyond which is a soccer field and a rose garden combination. There are many people standing around a fountain in the right side of the field. The fountain is covered with a rose bush that has large, bright red roses on it. The vividness and beauty of the roses seems to contrast the unusually large black thorns hiding underneath the flowers. I walk through the feild and on the other side is a street with houses along it. I see the pack of wolves running up the street towards an overpass that has a large drainage pipe that leads along the ground back into the nature reserve.

      I try to catch up with the wolves but they run into the drainage pipe. The wolf that is white with black patches watches me for a moment, like he is waiting for me to catch up before taking off into the pipe as well. I reach and enter the drainage pipe and find that there is ankle deep water and debris. I cannot see the end of the tunnel but parts of it are lit up by light shining through sewer grates along the top. The dream becomes fuzzy and I do not remember exiting the pipe but somehow I end up in the forest behind my parent's house near the suspended wood and rope bridge.

      I run along it again, and when it reverts to a path through the forest, this time it leads to an field beside a large cliff. On the side of the cliff is a glass display case containing a minature representation of a city which is labelled "Old London" and I know it is refering to my hometown of London, Ontario.

      I cannot remember anymore of this dream.
    6. Stolen dirt bikes, David Suzuki and belly dancing

      by , 09-14-2009 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I cannot exactly remember the beginning of this dream but there was something about some former friends of mine being with me over at my parent's house (though we were still friends apparently in the dream). There were some things about food in the fridge and stuff but there was also some stolen dirt bikes that kept appearing outside of the garage. Also, I kept locking all the doors from the inside of the house but they kept mysteriously unlocking themselves and I was afraid that the person(s) who were dumping the stolen bikes outside would get into the house and steal things from me. I was also afraid that I would be blamed for all of the stolen bikes.

      The dream kind of changes and I am still in my parent's house but I am planning a wedding or something with a handsome young man who happens to be living with me. I am very shy and when I hear the doorbell ring I hide instead of answering the door, fearing that if the person who was outside saw me that they would not leave.

      For some reason I find a goose living in the food closet and she has laid some eggs that are almost ready to hatch. Actually some do hatch but for some reason I do not think the baby geese are ready to be born and I put them back into their broken egg shells which then magically reform into complete eggs.

      Just then a large group of people and arrive at the door and start urging me to join them outside. At first I try not to be seen, but that doesn't work so then I try making many excuses like I'm too busy, I don't have time, I can't handle the stress etc. but the group leader (an adult man with dark curly hair) keeps insisting that I join them on their excursion. They are all going somewhere but they will not tell me where until I agree to go along. I hurriedly shut off the computer and tidy up a few things around the house and follow them.

      We end up walking for a while and come across a house that has recently been completely rebuilt. David Suzuki is standing on the sidewalk telling us about how dangerous and unenvironmental the old house was and then gives us a tour of the new house and points out how efficient the new one is. There are some parts of the old house that have been reused for the new one (including a chain link fence that has stained glass embedded between the wire) and I say something to Dr. Suzuki about how cool it was that some of the art history of the old house was preserved. He nods in agreement. As the group and I are walking away from the house, I notice that windows of neighbouring houses have bullet holes in them.

      The group and I end up at a store selling veils and belly dancing clothing and I look around but don't really take interest in anything. The rest of the group are trying on clothes and belly dancing (even the men) to drumming that eminates from somewhere. I find a long veil that is black in the back and turquoise in the front and is decorated with white and silver gems. I put it on and start dancing slowly to the drumming, which I can still hear in my head as I write this out, (ta da ta dum - repeated over and over again).

      Behind me a friend I have not seen since public school (Carolina from El Salvador) appears and comments that she cannot believe what she is seeing, refering to me dancing.

      The dream ends there.
    7. Phil Guerrero and my brother

      by , 09-13-2009 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Had this dream early this morning (September 13th, 2009).

      I dreamed I was back at my parent's house, watching t.v in the living room. Even though the dream takes place in the present, former host Phil Guerrero was back working for YTV. He was doing some art projects or something which he was promoting on the channel and briefly joked about the recession and times being so tough that he had to back to work.

      One of the projects was a medieval knights tale which Phil said Marvel Comics was interested in. The panels he was presenting were crudely drawn storyboards for either introduction stories for the main characters, of which there were four, or segments of a pilot episode. The last panel Phil showed was very dynamic and had the main characters in a vertical line, with their knightly powers represented in colours that surrounded them as an aura, and with golden wings which sprang from their armor. The colour sequence from top to bottom was yellow, orange, red, and green.

      The program ends and I turn off the t.v and sit in the dark for a while. I get up and go into the kitchen and in the dark (all the lights are off and it is night) I walk into a racing bicycle sitting in the middle of the floor. I recognize the bike as belong to one of my brothers and I begin to search the house because I previously believed I was alone in the house.

      I head towards the bedrooms and see the younger of my older brothers walking out of my old bedroom. I am kind of suspicious but instead of confronting him I just ask if he had just came home from work. He replies that he has been here for a while but I am still under the impression that he is up to no good because I know that he has no business in my bedroom.

      I still don't know how to confront him and I go into mom and dad's bedroom and fall asleep on their bed. The dream ends there.
    8. My birthday, Little Bear and our crazy neighbour

      by , 08-28-2009 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      In this dream I am living back at my mom and dad's house,I am in my old bedroom and it is the morning of my birthday. My dad and brother wake me up like it's the first day of school. Dad says that it is his last day off before he has to go back to work (even though he is retired in real life). For some reasons he says this twice.

      My brother give me some music CDs and three DVD versions of the same movie, which is a back to school comedy. He puts one of the DVDs on and turns the volume up loud to wake me up. They leave and I groggily get up and notice, against one of the walls in my room, neatly wrapped presents are stacked in a big pile to the ceiling.

      I try to turn off the t.v my but instead of shutting it off, the power button only turns the volume up louder. None of the buttons on the t.v seem to work properly and I am tired and frustrated but I eventually figure out to turn off the DVD player instead. Somehow, this fixes the t.v. and I can finally turn it off.

      I crawl back into bed and have a dream with a dream where the cartoon character Little Bear and his father are walking through a forest. They are both carring hunting rifles and dressed in hunting vests and hats. They talk about morality and ethics in mainstream religion (specifically Christianity, I think) but from a "bear's point of view" until they come upon a clearing and see a human male chopping down a large, healthy looking tree. Father Bear shoots the man dead and Little Bear makes a remark about all the blood. Father Bear tells his son (cub?) that the killing was justified on religious grounds because the man was defiling the forest, or something like that.

      I wake up from the dream within a dream finally get out of bed. I look out the window and see the neighbour (with whom my father has a real life feud) tearing up the front lawn with his car. He is driving in big circles and leaving deep muddy marks.

      I get dressed and head outside. The neighbour and his car are gone, but the lawn is still ruined. My dad is outside standing in front of three fold out table upon which are many short sleeved t-shirts. The make and style of the shirts are all the same, but each shirt is a different colour. The entire spectrum of the rainbow is represented. My dad's attention is drawn to the shirts, though he does acknowledge me when I first come outside, but he doesn't seem to notice the sorry state of our front lawn.

      Dad starts to talk to me about something but I can no longer remember what and I woke up soon afterwards anyway.
    9. Findind money at parent's house

      by , 04-28-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I dreamed I was sleeping in my parent's bedroom in the middle of the day and was awoken by the sound of someone sipping from a soda can somewhere in the hall. I roll over and see it is my dad and I quickly get up because I am supposed to be cleaning the house, not sleeping. As I get out of the bed piles of clothing and empty boxes appear on it and it looks like someone is in the middle of packing or something. I walk around the bed to the large brown dresser on the other side of the room and open the sock drawer. On the inside is an old radio that is playing electronic music and I turn it off. My dad gets angry that I am going into his dresser and I walk out of the room without responding.

      I go into the backyard and look over the green chainlink fence that overlooks the forest behind the house. Just out of my reach and laying in a pile of sticks and leaves, is an envelope filled with american currency. I do not know how much is there but I figure it is a lot because the wad of cash is quite thick. Suddenly two of my neighbours appear, one to my left and one approaching from the other side of the fence and coming straight towards me. I try to not draw attention to the money (hoping I can pick it up once the unwelcome guests leave) but the person on the other side of the fence beelines for the envelope, picks it up, and throws it into a deep hole that has appeared nearby. I am upset that the money is gone and stare after it into the hole, but it is so deep I cannot see the bottom. I angrily ignore the neighbours, even when they try to talk to me.

      The dream ends there.

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    10. Airport, bar and angry monkeys.

      by , 04-25-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The dream starts off in some sort of airport terminal. Everything is white and shiny and it looks very futuristic. The place is virtually empty, save for a few darkly dressed individuals wandering here and there. I cannot remember why I there but at some point I wander over to a row of arcade games situated against a white brick wall. As I am looking at the machines a robot approaches me. It is designed like an anime style woman in a lavander coloured maid's outfit. The robots face is vapidly blank and the eyes stare straight ahead in a fixed and unnatural way. I think it keeps asking me if I need something but it is malfunctioning because it keeps trying to say the same thing, before stopping suddenly, twitching and buzzing, and attempting to try again. I am disturbed by the machines inability to function, and it's unrealistic, inhuman looking face. I turn from the robot and walk away.

      The scene behind me changes to a dimly lit bar and I can hear the sound of pool balls cracking together, bottles of alcoholic beverages clinking, and I can smell stale cigarette smoke. The din of people talking quietly surrounds me and it is only broken by random outbursts of loud, boisterous laughter. There are still arcade games around but they seems brighter and more flashier in this dimly lit bar than in the bright and sterile airport. I can hear a whurring sound behind me and I turn around to see the same robot I saw in the airport. It it still stuck in place and malfuntioning, though the face and breast plate have been removed, exposing the gears and wires underneath, and it's arms and legs are glowing softly like dim blue florescent lights.

      There is a group of four men dressed in black jackets and sunglasses at one table and they are all looking at me. They look like cops or federal agents and I try to ignore them and walk over to an arcade game but the men get up from their seats and come over to me. One of them asks me to come and look at something and I follow him to the otherside of the bar where it there is better lighting and less people. There is a group of about eight monkeys, some sitting on table tops, some on the floor, one hanging from a ceiling light, and they are all causing trouble. All of the monkeys are completely white, except for a ring of black fur around their faces and black beady eyes. I am not sure exactly what type of monkeys they are, but in the dream they are refered to as gibbons. Several of them have upturned chairs and smashed glasses and lights, and the biggest gibbon of the group has ripped wires out of the wall from a nearby electrical socket.

      The men in black jackets ask me if I can fix this problem and tell me to look out a window near where the gibbons are. When I do so, I am not longer in the dimly lit bar, but looking out of my parent's bedroom window at the monkeys, who in turn are now sitting on a wooden fence in my backyard. It is daytime and sunny and there is a breeze blowing because I can see the tree branches swaying softly. I am home alone but I have a great desire to go outside to the front yard to see if my van is okay. I cannot explain it, but I just know that the gibbons are a threat to my vehicle. Sure enough, when I go out to the driveway, the monkeys are there and attempting to damage my 1986 Wesfalia van. One has successfully pulled a strip of rubber off one side and the others pound and jump on it while screeching angrily.

      I pick up a large branch that has fallen from a tree in the yard and take a swing at the nearest gibbon. The branch is heavy and too large for me to handle with any decent dexterity and the creature easily dodges the sluggish maneuver. It jumps down onto the grass, runs in a few angry circles before charging me. I anticipate it's attack and swing again, this time making contact and knocking it back across the lawn. The monkey lays motionless, face down in the grass, but I have not killed it because I can still see it breathing. The rest of the gibbons, who had stopped destroying my van to watch the fight, become enraged and all attack me at once. I remember bracing myself and swing the branch but I cannot rememeber the end of this dream.
    11. Three dreams - February 25th, 2008

      by , 02-25-2008 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      1) This dream took place in the front yard of my parent's house. The entire yard was covered by a thinck layer of snow and slithering through the snow was a giant python that could hear me running around on the surface. The giant snake kept lashing out at where it could hear me moving around and trying to pull me under. There was some relation of the giant snake to one of my brothers but I cannot remember what now.

      2) Second dream took place in a wintery scene as well, but not one that I recognize. I was following a soldier armed with an AK47. He was escorting me through the area because I was looking for something and was determined not to leave until I found it. I cannot remember why I nneded an army escort. We came across a lake and along the shore I found my cat Zrinyi half frozen to death on the water's edge. I picked her up and put her inside my jacket to keep her warm and told the army dude that I was ready to go now. We started walking away back the way we came. I cannot remember any more of this dream.

      3) Third dream starts of in a small grocery store or something. I am wandering around, not really interested in buying anything. I walk towards the check out and notice an opening to a much larger grocery store to the left. I go in it and everything is labelled "Food Basics." I eventually wander out of the big grocery and outside, where a long wooded boardwalk follows a beach/ocean shoreline to a bunch of buildings in the distance. The sun is beginning to set and it is starting to grow cold. I start towards the buildings and I pass a group of young pre-teen boys on the boardwalk, who start throwing rocks, debris and insults at me. I try to ignore them and keep walking. There are other people on the boardwalk but I cannot see any details and everyone is cast in shadow.

      The bunch of buildings are three storeys and are college campus apartments. It is never revealed in the dream for what I am attending college though I think that it is summer holidays or something. I share one with four people and we are constantly fighting over space. I do not remember any details of my roommates but there was two young men and two young women. All three of us young women shared the second floor while one of the boys lived in the spacious third floor and the other slept on the couch on the first floor. All the the amenities of our apartment was on the first floor. I cannot remember why exactly but the young man living in the third floor offered to switch rooms so I could have his room. I accepted but this made the other women extremely jealous and they completely turned against me and did everything they could to turn the guys against me.

      At some point I leave the apartment to go to the grocery store and as I am walking I come across the group of boys who threw things at me earlier. They threaten to throw large rocks and what looks like hunks of concrete at me but instead I challenge them to see who can throw the farthest and they agree. I suddenly have a vision of one of the boys (in a hat) accidently throwing a hunk of concrete and severely hurting one of his friends (in a blue shirt) by hitting him in the face. Just as the hat boy is about to throw his projectile I grab his blue shirt friend by the collar and pull him out of the way. Sure enough hat boy lets go of the hunk of concrete too early and it lands where blue shirt boy was just standing. There is a bit more to this dream but I cannot remember any of it.
    12. Don't be seen naked

      by , 02-11-2008 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I had a dream where I was sleeping in my bedroom in the nude. I thought it was nighttime and I went upstairs (my room is in the basement) without putting on a robe because I knew I was home alone. When I got to the top of the stairs everything was bright and I realized it was daytime. I thought I would give it a go anyway and started to quickly walk into the kitchen, but through the half closed blinds I could see a postcarrier walking up the driveway. I jumped back to where he couldn't see but I was determined to get the the bathroom at the far end of the house without having to retreive my robe. The funny thing is that there is a bathroom right at the top of the stairs but in the dream going to that one didn't even cross my mind. I went into the living room and croutched down and went around the kitchen by going through the dining room and into the sunroom. I made it to the bathroom without being seen though by the time I got there the postcarrier had long moved onto the next house.

      That's all I can remember.
    13. There's a bug in the basement.

      by , 12-19-2007 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am in the basement of my parent's house playing videogames while sitting on the futon. I see a small brown bug scurry out from underneath the old vinyl stereo and crawl underneath the futon on which I am sitting. I move the furniture and discover that it is a cockroach. I am disgusted and a bit creeped out, but try to catch it anyway. After a while I yell upstairs to my dad for help, but he shouts back that he is on the phone and doesn't have the time to help me. I indignantly think that he has the time to yell at me on the phone before going back to trying to trap the wretched roach, who is a fast little pest.

      I pick up a small, round, plastic container and try to trap the bug, but it has somehow gotten bigger and it will not fit inside the container. Somehow, while attempting to get into the laundry room, the cockroach flips upside down and is trapped on it's back, giving me the time I need to find a something bigger to put it in. I find a larger container, but when I place it over the bug, some of it's legs are sticking out of the edges, as it seems to have grown bigger yet again. I have to hold the container down because the bug is strong enough to try and push it off. I need both hands to keep it trapped but it seems like I am losing the battle as the bug grows even bigger right in front of my eyes. Though it is still on its back the bug gets even stronger even and I start to panic and I feel helpless losing the battle with the disgusting cockroach.

      The dream ends there thankfully.
    14. Break-in.

      by , 08-11-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I'm at home and it is night time. All the lights are out and I am in the kitchen standing by the front door in my night clothes. I can hear people walking around the house and I am sure they are going to try and break-in. I am scared because I am home alone. A flashlight beam shines in the kitchen window and I hide in the hall space between the front door and garage door. When the flashlight beam disappears, I quickly glance around the hall wall and look out the kitchen window. I cannot see the intruders, but I hear their footfalls going around the house towards the back. In the front yard I can see a white Aveo. The vehicle is nowhere near the driveway and has been backed up onto the lawn and almost into the garden. Though it is dark, I can see that the car has torn up the lawn pretty badly and there are deep mud tracks gouged into the grass.

      I turn my attention to the backdoor and dash through the house to make sure it is locked. I can hear the intruders walk up onto the wooded porch and approach the door. I crouch down as far as I can and hope that they will not see me with their flashlight beam. The door handle rattles once and my body tenses and my adrenaline rushes. I feel light-headed and like I have butterflies in my stomach. The intruders slowly walk off the porch and I can hear them head back towards the front of the house. I run as fast as I can to the front hall and go into the garage. There is a crowbar on the seat of my dad's boat and I grab it for protection. I go back into the kitchen hall and wait for the intruder's next move, but I can no longer hear their movements. I am afraid that they may have heard me open the garage door and are planning to attack me.
    15. Vincent Valentine and a False Awakening

      by , 09-19-2006 at 08:29 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The dream starts off in a with Vincent Valentine (a character from the Final Fantasy 7 franchise) walking down a road in a dark forest at night. There are few buildings here and there but they seem abandoned. There seems to be no other people and there is only one car (a black 70s trans-am), parked on the side of the road. Vincent gets into the car and drives for a while. The dream becomes a bit fuzzy here and there is something to do with trying to find two children who are lost in the forest, but I cannot remember most of the details. Eventually Vincent arrives at a small town just outside of the forest, where he disappears from the dream and the town begins to resemble my neighbourhood.

      Everything in the dream, up till this point, was viewed in a third-person perspective but now I am in the dream and everything is from my perspective. Or perhaps this is a completely different dream, but to me they seemed to run right into each other.

      I have a false awakening and sit up in bed because there is a very loud sound that roars somewhere directly above, followed by an explosion that rocks the entire house. The loud noise that woke me up sounded like a commercial airliner and sure enough when I look out my bedroom window (through the billowing smoke and flames) I can see the remains of a giant aircraft that has crashed just metres from my house. I am terrified at this point because I think everything is real due to the false awakening that I have not yet realized has occured.

      The smoke and the fire spread very quickly and the walls and various stuff in my bedroom catch fire. I run upstairs (my bedroom is in the basement) and frantically look for the fire extingusher in the hall closet, but I notice some people standing in my driveway. I run outside and the people turn out to be volunteer firefighters. I tell them that my bedroom is on fire and one lady from the group rushes past me and down the stairs. Even though I am panicking I try to follow her with the intention of helping extingush the fire but when I get to the top of the stairs I can see that the entire basement is engulfed in flames and the lady is nowhere in sight.

      The dream ended there and I wake up for real, sweaty, shaken, but relieved that it is all a dream. I did various RCs to make sure I was really awake!

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