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    1. May 22nd, 2014

      by , 05-22-2014 at 11:05 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Two parts to this dream.

      In the first part there is something to do with mini go-karts or remote controlled cars in a forest. Also a four room building where people rotate through the rooms or something.

      Second part takes place in a city that's been destroyed, but I do not know by what. People are scrambling for supplies to survive. There is one train that runs through the center of town. I don't know where it goes but it frequently hits people crossing the tracks or people commit suicide by standing in front of it. I don't know where the terminal is because it never stops, even when it hits someone.

      The buildings are mostly destroyed or empty and many people have gathered together in groups for survival, often attacking other groups to steal their supplies. I am on my own and every day I am afraid of being attacked or killed. One day two men armed with electric drills try to attack me but I am able to disarm them and get away. I run into a large building and find a doctor (A Middle Eastern man with white hair and a white goatee) there who is helping anyone he can and has a small shop where he lets people underpay for many things. Most of the food however is gone. His volunteers find crates of Kraft Dinner and Mr. Noodle Ramen and I trade a small green pencil and the promise of being a volunteer later for one of each. I have to argue with a Chinese looking lady at first, who I think is the doctor's whife, who wants to give me a small fist size ball of rice for the small amount of money I have, because she doesn't want to give me the boxes of food.

      I set out from that place with my food hidden inside a garbage bag and forget my shoes and have to go back for them. It is dark and I don't know how I am going to get home in the dark and alone without being robbed or killed. Dream ends after I leave the doctor's store and head out into the darkness of the destroyed city.
    2. Atka and the mountain tribe

      by , 04-29-2010 at 06:52 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This is the second dream I had on April 29th, 2010.

      Dream starts off with me and my friend Becky atop a mountain at night. It is night time and we are in a desolate mountain range as there are only forest covered mountains on either side of us as far as the eye can see in all directions. The full moon is our only illumination. There is an old Victorian style mansion halfway down the mountain so we walk there. Despite the remote location, the mansion is a popular destination for touists and the place is full of people. People come and go in and out of the building almost nonstop even though it is the middle of the night. The thing is though, that the sign advertising the mansion is considered cursed and no one will touch the fallen lettering on the outside of the building, even though everyone wants to see it restored. I think belief in curses is ridiculous so I go over and rehang the fallen lettering. Everyone, including my friend, now believes that I am now somehow cursed and will not come near me. In fact I am forced to leave by being chased off the property and have to wander the mountains alone.

      The dream kind of changes. My physical appearance changes to that of a young man dressed in primitive animal furskins rags and though I am still in the vast mountain range in which this dream started, my friend and the mansion (and all the other people) have disappeared and I am in the post-apocalyptic world that the first dream took place in - except it is a few hundred years later and things have gotten so bad that humans have reverted into primitive warring tribes living off the land. I wander through the vast mountain for ages, hungry and alone until I come across a small tribe of people living in some caves on the side of a particularily steep mountain. They are initially suspicious of me and keep my at bay until I convince them that I am unarmed, lost and hungry. I find out by chatting to a few people that the tribe are Goddess worshippers who have exiled themselves from the rest of the world so that they could practice their faith in peace since most of the other tribes still ascribe to the "archaic" patriarchal Abrahamic religions and still violently war with each other because of it. The chief of this tribe, an elderly lady who looks as old as the mountains themselves, tells me that they have revived the Goddess religion of human pre-history because the fighting between the warlike patriarchal religions are why civillization collapsed and brought about the apocalypse in the first place. They live on the seculded mountain range to avoid persecution.

      After talking to the chieftess I am welcomed to stay with the tribe and encouraged to participate in a competition of strength and skill between the men. The winner will be hailed as the Protector Hero of the tribe and be rewarded with the responsibilty of guarding the tribe's safety, which is a huge honour for them. I protest at first because even though my dream character has changed into someone other than the me of reality, I still think I am female even though I now have a male body. The tribe tease me for as a man it is appalling to them that I back down from a challange, but I have no idea how to explain to them that I have a girl spirit inside my male body. Someone suggests that I am a good candidate for Protector Hero because of my modesty (which is very Goddess-like) and every tribesperson seems to agree except for two. Amidst the men of the tribe a young, muscular man appears and challenges the tribe's eagerness to bless me without the trials of the competition. He seems a few years my elder, but is extremely handsome and my girlspirit instantly develops a crush on him. The other man is a shaman of the tribe who also happens to be the uncle of the challenger. I agree that it is not fair for any titles to be bestowed without testing the strength and skill of all competitors and insist that I am not participating in the challange anyway. The men scoff and say that I cannot refuse as it is the way of their tribe and as a new member I have no choice to comply lest I be expelled to survive on my own. The young man tells me his name is Atka and we set off immediately for the first challenge which is a deer hunt in a nearby forested valley.

      Every man is successful in catching a deer for the tribe to eat except me, partly because I have no idea how to hunt with a bow and arrow and the deer I was about to shoot at is quickly shot first by Atka who was hiding in some nearby bushes. I stalk another deer but it too is claimed by quick and hidden Atka. I score a deer finally but I am not strong enough to carry it over my shoulder like all the other men and have to abandon it where it lay. Atka, carrying a deer over each shoulder, jeers at me. He considers me an intruder and a rival - for he was the favoured candidate to become the next Protector Hero of the tribe until I showed up. I am determined to win the next part of the challenge, just so he'll notice me in a good way because my girlspirit is still going gaga over him. I am the only one to return to the camp without a deer. After we have eaten and night has fallen I am sitting alone by the fire, unable to sleep, when Atka's shaman uncle approaches me and tempts me with magical gifts that would supposedly assist me in winning the competition. When I refuse the magical gifts (because the dubious and suspicious offer is way too obviously a trick) he then offers to make the most beautiful woman in the tribe fall in love with me if I throw the challenge. When I too refuse that he becomes enraged and summons some shadowy spirits from the surrounding forest to attack me. I grab my bow and shoot at the shadows, but they are hard to see in the flickering light of the dying fire, and being noncorporal spirits, the arrows go right through them (though somehow they are able to hurt me). I begin shooting arrows in a panic in all directions and the shadowy spirits suddenly retreat as one of my frantic shots strikes the shaman in the chest. He howls in pain then quickly retreats into the night. I am afraid that I will be driven from the tribe for injuring one of their reveared shamans, (and be forever hated by the heartthrob Atka for hurting his uncle) but no one emerges from the caves to investigate the ruckus.

      The next challenge occurs the next day at dawn. The remaining shamans of the group (Atka's uncle is no where to be found, but equally no one save Atka seems to miss him and I am still too scared of being driven from the tribe to confess the events of the night) demand that all participants perform a miraculous event saying that if we are favoured by the Goddess that nothing is impossible. One by one all of the participants fail to do anything special and are eliminated from the competition until only Atka and I are left. I am to go first so I will myself into the shape of a fish and plonk myself into a nearby stream and start swimming around. Atka tries to one up me by transforming himself into an otter, leaping into the same stream and catching me in his teeth. He surfaces and shows off to the men who appaud wildly because not only am I trapped in his mouth as a fish, but I am also trapped in the body of the fish whilst he has a hold of me and he is yet able to revert back to his human form. He tosses me around in the air a few times to make his point before throwing me back into the stream, where I am able to finally revert to normal. The men all have a good laugh at my expense. Point to Atka.

      The next challange consists of Atka and I having to climb down the steep side of the mountain with no protective gear or ropes, pick a rare red flower that grows in the valley below and then returning up the mountain again. It is a race as well as a test of physical endurance. It is midday and the sun glaring down upon the bare mountain side feels like it is going to bake me alive because unlike Atka, I did not strip off my furskin top before beginning the challenge - add this to the extreme physical exertion needed to cling to the rockface I begin sweating like crazy. Though Atka is older and more muscular than I, he is under no stress whatsoever, even though I am ahead at first. Eventually my hands are sweating too much and my body too tired for me to carry on and I silently conceed defeat and start climbing back up the mountain.

      As I pass Atka, he strikes out with a hearty fist and knocks my block off, and knocks me right off the block. I am pretty sure I am falling to my death and though I am not scared I resign myself to my fate. I don't feel any anger towards Atka, though I do ponder the contradiction between the peacefullness of the tribe and his overly aggressive competitiveness. It is a long drop but when I hit the bottom I kind of bounce off something soft and coushy. I have landed on the rare red flower that I am supposed to retrieve except I have a new dilemma now because the flower is absolutely massive, being the size of a VW Microbus. I lay on my rose bed and contemplate for a moment what to do next (and enjoy the cool breeze while I catch my breath). Atka is still a ways up the mountain so I know I have time. Remembering how I transformed into the fish I climb off the giant rose and will myself to grow in size so that I am as tall as the mountains. I mearly have to pluck the rose from the ground (which is now the size of the nail on my pinkyfinger) and place it on the mountain ledge where the tribe is waiting.

      Atka is not yet completely down the mountain but he decides to copy me and lets himself fall off. Before he is able to grow himself large and copy my feat I am able to revert back to my normal size and land on the ledge where the rose is, which also shrinks to a normal rose size. The tribe welcomes my return and Atka begrudgingly follows shortly after. This round to me, but we are not done yet as there is one more challenge apparently. Before it can be explained Atka's uncle returns and accuses me of asking him to help me cheat as well as trying to kill him the night before. I don't have any proof that reality is the reverse and figure that the tribe will take the word of a respected shaman over the word of an outsider anyway. I also don't have proof that Atka punched me in the face and knocked me off the mountainside and my girlspirit is heartbroken because of what he did. I meet the accusations with bitter silence because I am angry, frustrated and despondant. Just as I expect, the tribe asks me to leave when I cannot refute the allegations. Still clinging the rose I retreived at the bottom of the mountain I am escorted by the men of the tribe to a path that leads away from the tribal camp and told never to return.

      Atka looks on without saying anything, his facial expression stern and unreadable. My girlspirt surges up one more time and I shyly offer him the rose, not sure how he'll respond to what looks like a guy offering him a flower. After a brief and almost akward silence, he accepts the gift and even smiles at me. Suddenly the mountain begins to shake violently and everyone is thrown to the ground. The shaking stops after a few moments and I stand and put my head literaly into a cloud. The mountain has doubled in size and now towers over all others in the entire mountain range. Everyone starts jumping up and down and cheers. Apparently I just passed the final challenge by allowing my heart to reugn over my mind, and thus elevated the entire tribe to Nirvana or something. It is revealed that the whole tribe knows about Atka and his uncle attacking me and the test was about forgiveness or something, which I did in the end and magically I am transformed back into a woman. The end of the dream becomes distorted and fragmented and I cannot remember anymore.
    3. Post-apocalyptic future grocery store

      by , 04-29-2010 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This is the first of two dreams that I had on April 29th, 2010.

      It starts off with me in the dream as I appear in real life trying to renovate a section of a strip mall into a grocery store. It's like the future or something because resources are scarce and everyone lives in abject poverty. I want to say it almost like a post-apocalyptic world just with extreme poverty rather than world wide devastation. In this world there are no major services available and trying to open a grocery store is considered ludicris because of the scarcity of resources.

      The building I want to work in is old and because of the abstract layout of the building, the floorplan of my grocery store is triangular in shape, with the front doors being at one of the triangle's tips (making it very narrow). I am ordered by the building's landlord to complete my renovations without removing or altering a set of public bathrooms right at the entrance. I am told that no one will want to shop at my grocery store because of the akward narrow entrance in which customers will have to pass public bathroom on the way in.

      After renovations are finally complete I then have trouble trying to stock the store with foodstuffs because food is scarce. Yet somehow I am not only able to fill my shelves with food, I even have a refrigerated section where I can stock thinks like milk and butter - which the populace hasn't had available to them since the major catastrophy that led to the world resource shortage. I am also able to install a coffee kiosk to help attract customers and offer a free cup of to any customer making a purchase. There is a small part here about a conflict with an emplyee who keeps leaving stock carts full of foodstuff in the middle of the store without putting them on the shelves.

      Despite many criticms of my project the opening of the grocery store is a success and my next problem is keeping foodstuffs in stock for customers since so many people keep coming everyday to buy food. I am quickly becoming rich and I am able to hire other people to do all the work for me while I revel in the success of my business. I now spend my time greeting and socializing with customers rather than working the till or stocking. I am soon wealthy enough to expand the store so that it includes a section selling clothing and housewares and stuff.

      I am standing in one of the new aisles inspecting its setup. The shelf is full of pencils and notpads and other stationary. An employee nearby is stocking tall and narrow opalescent coloured vases and fake plants. I go over to inspect his work when he is done and find myself attracted to one of the vases. They are stacked inside one another and when I pull the top one out, its outer lip expands and becomes wider by itself - reminisent of a flower suddenly blooming - like the plastic it is made of automatically collapses when stacked so as to save storage space. I was unaware that such technology existed and I am entralled with stacking and unstacking the vases, content to watch them bloom and collapse in size for hours on end.

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    4. Post-apocalyptic goth future

      by , 04-22-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream takes place in a bleak future where humanity has destroyed itself and all the existing styles are dark and gothic.

      It starts off in an abandoned house or barn with an oversized exterior through which an elevated train track runs through. The ledges around the house and near the ceilings are covered in bird feces and garbage and the whole place smells terrible, despite that it has several gaps in the walls and is quite drafty. I am looking around for shelter for the night. The gothic monsters and mutants created by the last nuclear fallout come out and prey on the surviving pockets of humanity when darkness falls. I am alone and scared and there is a strange tingling sensation on the back of my neck, though nothing is there when I rub that area. The sensation seems to increase at random intervals before suddenly fading throughout the entire dream and causes quite a distraction at times.

      Some of the details of the dream are hard to remember for the next few parts but I end up at some point on top of the train bridge when a group of people arrive at the oversized building. I think I scramble up there because I am not sure at first if the group are monsters or humans but thankfully they turn out to be the latter. At some point after the group arrives I grab onto one of the ledges near the ceiling and get my hands covered in bird poo. I think I was trying to get off the bridge but I slipped and flailed my arms for leverage and ended up grabbing the disgusting ledge, but the details are fuzzy. When I do get down to the ground and find my way to what's left of the building's kitchen I am surprised to find the the water is not only still running, but appears okay enough to drink.

      A man from the group arrives comes over to me and engages me in conversation. I do not recognize him from anywhere but his voice is soothing and I feel drawn to him because his presence seems vaguely farmiliar. He has short red hair and a goatee to match, violet coloured eyes and is dressed in a completely black suit. He is one of my dream characters whom I call Walter. He is oddly well dressed compared to the others in his group and myself as his clothes are clean and pressed while everyone else is wearing layers of dirty and ragged peices of clothing, mostly whatever they could get there hands on. Most fashions appear stereotypically gothic or Victorian in style. Even though I know his name to be Walter, he is refered to as Mr. Black by everyone in this dream, inclusing myself.

      After I have cleaned up, Mr. Black and I rejoin the group, though they do not welcome me as warmly as my new companion did. They seems distrusting and hostile and while I cannot place it, there is something about their general behaviour that unsettles me, though I cannot put the feeling into words nor do I feel comfortable stating my concern to my new friend lest I upset him. In what is left of a living room or a lounge, and underneath the train bridge, there is a relatively closed off room with a black fire marble fireplace which seems in fairly good condition compared to the rest of the building. A fire is started and the group huddles in a circle. Several people in the group, including an old woman with a hand-woven pink shawl, close their eyes and begin to chant in a language I do not understand. The atmosphere around us changes from quiet and creepy to downright hostile and demonic. The back of my neck begins to tingle again. I desperately want to get away from these people because my instincts are telling me that something is wrong.

      I try to stand and flee but Walter grabs my arm and pulls me back down beside him. He hands me a blue crystal goblet and tells me to place it in the fire. When I do so the room fills with a blue aura seems to paralyze those who are chanting, some of who who were trying to stand. The chanting people open their eyes, which begin glowing an evil red, and the old woman in the pink shawl begins to hover. The people who are not chanting or turning into demons scatter in a panic. Outside of the building the screams and moans of monsters can be heard and it sounds as if they are drawing closer. The people who run outside in terror no doubt meet a terrible fate at the hands of the waiting creatures.

      Mr. Black finally stands up and pushes me behind him. He suddenly has a long silver sword with which he stabs the nearest demonic chanter through the heart. The demon screams in an inhuman high-pitched way before burning up in a blue flame and becoming a pile of black ash. This is repeated several times before all of them are dead. I am scared at first but my fear quickly disapates because I feel safe in the presence of Walter, whom I know is a skilled warrior. Despite the fact that it is still dark outside Mr. Black tells me to follow him and he climbs on top the the train bridge and heads outside.

      We walk in the foggy dark for a long time, the noises of mutants all around us in the dark, until dim yellow lights appear ahead of us and the track suddenly dips down to a cobblestone street. Despite being at ground level there are no monsters around to harass us.

      There are buildings on either side of the street but they appear unihabited and in complete darkness. The details of this part of the dream are a bit fuzzy but we have to get to a trolley car or something, before some other people do, while avoiding more of the demonic chanters that appear at random. The back of my neck begins to tingle again and it is very intense, though there is nothing touching that area of my body and I am becoming annoyed at the sensation. The is something about going underground and wandering through large grey tunnels, but the details are fuzzy. We end up coming out of a water drainage pipe into what appears to be the remnants of a city square, with a crumbling fountain and running into a group of people or monster we were trying to avoid.

      Some how we end up back at the oversized building from the start of the dream when day arrives and there is something about magic and a ritual being performed by another group of people who have arrived there. It is being overseen by a young man with short whitish blond hair who has a rude and condensending attitude. I choose not to participate and instead go into what's left of the kitchen where a bloody Cabage Patch doll's head is trying to crawl it's way out of the sink under it's own violation.

      I wake up in a cold sweat. When I do wake up, the back of my neck is tingling like it was in the dream, though there is no apparent cause for it since there was nothing touching that part of my body. It was weird.
    5. The Swordmaster's Apprentice

      by , 01-15-2007 at 04:22 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This is one of those long, detailed, epic-like dreams that my subconscious seems to produce every now and then.

      The dream takes place in a post-apocalypic world where small populations of people often battle each other over limited resources. Technology has been reduced to horse-drawn carriages and flint-lock pistols. There is a man who lives away from the fighting and he works in a forge underneath a damaged bridge by a wide river. The Swordmaster, as he is called, made swords (duh!) and armour. He had a reputation of being a ruthless fighter and a loner, and had no known friends or relatives. He sold his creations to whomever could pay, choosing not to take sides in the frequent battles.

      The dream starts with a young girl (about eight years old?), with black hair and green eyes, wandering into his forge (I think her name was Jeyna, or something like that). The Swordmaster tries to scare her away, but she seems unafraid of him and interested in the swords that are on display. I cannot recall the conversation they had, but the Swordmaster eventually bribes her into leaving by giving her a delicately crafted knife for free. The dream takes on a kind of montage effect and shows Jeyna returning in secret several times to watch the swordmaker at work with great fascination.

      The dream skips a few years. Jeyna flees to the forge because her hometown has been destroyed and with nowhere else to go, she begs the Swordmaster to take her in and teach her how to make swords. He challenges her to a deal and though she is able to deflect a few blows, Jeyna is utterly outmatched by the Swordmaster. However, he is impressed with her skill and determination and agrees to take her on as an apprentice, but warns of his sudden moods and ill temper. Between teaching her how to use the forge, the Swordmaster also teaches Jeyna some swordfighting skills.

      The dream skips a few more years to when Jeyna is a young woman. Despite his cold, emotionless demenor, the Swordmaster has grown quite attatched to Jeyna and become very protective of her, though he tries not to show it. While working in the forge one day, and while the Swordmaster is out, the forge is raided by bandits looking for supplies. Jeyna tries to defend the place but the bandits are armed with long-range weapons like bows and spears and she is captured. The bandits are about to kill Jeyna when a group of soldiers on horseback and wielding flintlock guns and rifles show up and chase the bandits away. The captain of the soldiers tries to recruit Jeyna, telling her of how much of the population has come together to live in peace, but says that she can only join if she can use a gun. The soldiers then ride off in pursuit of the bandits.

      After the soldiers leave and the Swordmaster returns and Jeyna has filled him in on what happened, the Swordmaster gives his apprentice directions to a trustworthy and neutral gunsmith that lives a few kilometres south of the forge. Before she leaves, the Swordmaster gives to Jeyna his strongest and most cherished sword. It is a rapier with a white and gold handle and the Swordmaster says that the sword is the best made in the world. Though curious as to why he is passing on the sword to her, Jeyna takes it without question and sets out across no-man's land alone.

      The Gunsmith's shop is unmarked and located right between two colonies of people that often fight each other and Jeyna has to find it without being seen or caught. When she does find the place, the Gunsmith, a fat, bald man with a thick curling mustach, scoffs at her request for a gun. He claims that she cannot afford his creations and that he only shares his weaponry with soldiers, not children. Jeyna tries everything from threatening him to begging and the Gunsmith just gruffly laughs at all of her attempts. Finally, Jeyna gives up and goes outside, loudly cursing the Swordmaster under her breath. As she starts to walk away, the Gunsmith runs (or waddles, being fat) outside and chides her for not mentioning the Swordmaster before, as they are old friends. The Gunsmith gives Jeyna his best weapon for free and tells her that she is welcome back anytime to learn how to use the weapon. He also says that she and the Swordmaster to come and visit some time.

      When Jeyna returns to the forge, the hour is very late and the Swordmaster is no where to be found. It is only after a couple of days that Jeyna becomes worried, though she is afraid to leave to forge unguarded. Jeyna continues to work the forge until she runs out of resources, which the Swordmaster had always provided before. Only when all of the goods had been sold and there was nothing left of value in the forge or shop, did Jeyna contemplate leaving. She was torn between searching for the Swordmaster, or trying to find the group of soldiers who had tried to recruit her. The Gunsmith suddenly shows up for a visit and while he can provide her with the location of the soldiers, he has no idea where the Swordmaster would be.

      The dream gets fuzzy here. There is something about Jeyna searching along the riverbank and running into some of the bandits who raided the forge before. They are unarmed and with their children, bathing and washing their clothes at the water's egde. There is a lengthy conversation about something before Jeyna leaves and returns to the forge. As she is going back she sees two people fighing in the wasteland in the distance and when she gets closer it turns out to be the Swordmaster and the Gunsmith. They are in hand to hand combat and both are battered and bruised. Jeyna runs between the two and tries to seperate them, but the Swordmaster pulls her sword from it's scabbard and violently cuts down the Gunsmith. Jeyna stands in shocked silence while the Swordmaster wipes the sword clean and walks away from the bloody scene. He does not return to the forge and disappears again.

      Jeyna does not return to the forge and goes to join the soldiers instead. The dream becomes fuzzy and I cannot remember any more.
    6. Chun-li, Walter and Brent.

      by , 07-17-2006 at 10:29 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The young oriental woman in a white dress is called Chun-li; the muscular man with red hair and a goatee who dresses in black is named Walter. The young blond-haired man who wears white and blue clothing and rides a motorcycle is Trevor.

      The dream starts off with the two men in the street in front of some old decripid apartment buildings. The entire city is very slum like in some post-apocalyptic word and there are no trees or park areas anywhere. I cannot remeber why now, but there was a gun battle going on and Walter and Trevor were trying to get into the apartment building without getting shot or captured. The people who were shooting at the two men were never seen in the dream so i do not know what they looked like.

      The two men were able to make it through the doors of the apartment building and found the lobby empty, except for the young oriental woman who was lying unconscious on the floor. Walter picked up Chun-li and threw her over his shoulder in a fireman's carry. Trevor said that he would create a diversion so that Walter could escape with Chun-li. The two men agreed to meet up outside of the city.

      The dream skips to a lightly forested area miles away from the city. I do not know if this is how the dream is supposed to be or if I have just forgotten the escape sequence. Anyway, Walter lays Chun-li down on a large blanket under a big tree and then proceeds to hide the vehicle in which they escaped. Chun-li wakes up and asks what happened, apparently not remembering how or why she ended up unconscious on the apartment lobby floor. Walter doesn't have any answers for her and just says that Trevor will meet them soon.

      Night falls and both Walter and Chun-li are worried about Trevor, but neither of them want to go back into the city to find him. They dip there feet in a nearby pond and talk about various things to pass the time and eventually they fall asleep under the big tree. The two of them wake up when they hear a vehicle approaching, grab their guns and prepare to fight, but it turns out to be Trevor, who apologizes for being late.

      I am guessing that Chun-li, Walter and Trevor make up some sort of personal archetypes or something because they have appeared together in my dreams several times.
    7. The Little Girl and the Valley

      by , 05-04-2006 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      It took place in a destroyed and/or abandoned cityscape. Imagine the post-Katrina devasation of New Orleans for an idea of what the cityscape in this dream looked like (minus the flooding), though it was not New Orleans or any city that I recognize in waking life. There was no electricity, running water or law authority in charge. Most building were abandoned or destroyed and most people who were still there travelled around in "packs" to survive.

      The dream starts off with me travelling with a group of teenagers. I cannot remember any specific details about them except that there were more girls then boys and they were all younger than I (they were all about 14 or 15 years old where I was about 18 or 19). I did not really talk to any of them and they all seemed to just let me tag along because I made myself useful. We were going around and breaking into random houses looking for food or anything else we could use for survival.

      In one house that we broke into we found a young girl of about six or seven years old in the livingroom. There was no one else in the house other than the girl. She had long black hair and was dressed in modern fashion. The female teens started talking to the little girl while I searched the house. The teen boys went to wait out in front of the house. After searching the other rooms in the house, I returned to the livingroom and was horrifyied to find the teen girls taking off their tops and playing with their breasts while encouraging the young girl to do the same.

      I was disgusted and angry and I stormed out of the house and into the back yard. There I found that the back yard dipped directly into a deep, lush valley at a very steep angle. There were a few small concrete steps that led from the back door of the house to the egde of the valley (which was more like a cliff with lots of grass and flowers growing on it), and I stood on the last step and had a strong desire to jump. I wanted to fly away but I could not. The sky above the valley was clear and brilliant blue, and there was a soft refrshing breeze blowing. It was very unlike out front where the devastated city seemed eternally overcast and the air dead.

      Then it finally clicked in my head to go back into the house and stop what was going on between the teens and the little girl. I went back in and found that some of the teen girls were searching the house for survival stuff while others sat around the livingroom, talking to each other and ignoring the little girl. The little girl was now dressed in an white, Victorian-style nightgown, right next to a noose that hung down from the ceiling in the center of the livingroom.

      The little girl said something profound to me (but I cannot remember what now, unfortunately), which stunned me into silence and inaction and she placed the noose around her neck and hung herself. When I came out of my shock the "pack" of teen girls was leaving but I hardly acknowledged them as I was struggling to get the little girl down from the noose and resusitate (sp?) her.

      It took a while but I got the little girl down and revived her. Something else happened at this point but I cannot now remember. Right afterwards I picked up the little girl, who now had a large, pale yellow towel or blanket wrapped around her (over her nightgown), out into the back yard. I put her down on at the top of the concrete steps and she cast off the towel/blanket and told me that the lush valley was magic. Certain people could fly there, she claimed, then she walked down to the last step and drifted away into the valley's distance.

      I watched her fly away with a mix of joy and jealously until I could no longer distinguish her form from the horizon. I went back through the house and into the street out front, but the group of teens I had been with were long gone and I was now alone and lost in the devastated city.

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    8. Projectile poop

      by , 01-01-1987 at 07:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream is a little embarassing to post because it is disgusting and extremely bizarre. I was 6 when I first dreamed it and it reappeared occassionally until my early teen years.

      The dream takes place in a post-apocalyptic like world and there is garbage and debris everywhere. Everything is destroyed or abandoned and the world seems devoid of people save for me. In the dream I am about 5 or 6 years old and am usually wearing a blue or white dress.

      I wandered the desolate streets looking for someone, anyone, because I was afraid and very alone. When I did see someone, I would run up to them and without looking at me or saying a word he or she would turn around, drop their pants and projectile crap at me. Most of the people in the dream I can not recognize in waking life but one person I do know appeared repeatedly when I had this dream and that was one of my older brothers.

      It did not matter where I ran, or who I ran into, I recieved the same treatment from anybody and everybody in the dream: they'd turn around, drop their pants and projectile poop at me. Even when I tried to run away, I would turn around and there would be more people there to block my path and do the same. There was no one in the dream I could go to, or talk to, and I remember feeling very alone and hopeless.

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